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Core Value Enterprise in going to launch a Computer Product, namely a new branded SSD

(Solid State Drive) storage device in all popular configuration. This is a survey questionnaire
prepared to get an idea about public opinions and for the purpose of market research.

1. What type of Computer do you use?

☐ Desktop

☐ Laptop

☐ Tablet

☐ Other: __________________________ (Please Mention)

2. What is the Processor manufacturer of your computer?

☐ Intel


☐ Other: __________________________ (Please Mention)

☐ I’m not sure

3. How many logical cores does your computer have?

☐ 2 or less

☐ Between 2-4

☐ More than 4

4. How much RAM is your computer equipped with?

☐ 2GB or less

☐ Between 2-4GB

☐ Between 4-8GB

☐ More than 8GB

5. Does your current computer utilize a Solid State Drive (SSD) for its storage?
☐ Yes

☐ No

☐ I’m not sure

6. Have you ever operated a computer that is equipped with a SSD?

☐ Yes

☐ No

☐ I’m not sure

7. If you do not have an SSD, did you have an option to purchase an SSD and
choose not to because? (check all that apply)
☐ SSD was not an option

☐ SSD Option was too expensive

☐ SSD size was too small

☐ Other

☐ Not applicable

8. What is the storage size on your computer?

☐ Less than 240GB

☐ Between 240-500GB

☐ Between 500-1000GB

☐ More than 1000GB

☐ I Don't Know

9. Do you have any concerns regarding using an SSD? (check all that apply)
☐ Capacity (Storage is too small)

☐ Endurance (SSD Lifespan concerning)

☐ Performance (Not as fast as I expect)

☐ SSDs are too Expensive

☐ Other

☐ None

10. For what purpose do you mostly use your computer for? (Check all that apply)
☐ Office Works/ Programming

☐ Simulation/ Rendering

☐ Image/ Video/ Music Production

☐ Media Consumption

☐ Gaming

☐ Other: __________________________ (Please Mention)

11. Do you use a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device or external Devices to
backup or offload files from your PC? (Check all that apply)
☐ I use a NAS device

☐ I use an External Hard Drive

☐ I use a Pen Drive

☐ I do not backup my data

12. Do you use cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive)?

☐ Yes

☐ No

13. If You use cloud storage, how much cloud storage do you have available (in GB)?
☐ Less than/ Between 1-5GB

☐ Between 5-15GB

☐ Between 15-50GB

☐ More than 50GB

☐ I don’t use cloud storage

14. If you’d purchase a SSD, what are your preferences? (Check any Three)
☐ Low cost

☐ Great performance/ Speed

☐ Reliability/ Longevity

☐ Warranty

☐ Energy consumption

☐ Build quality

15. Which of the following do you prefer in a new computer?

☐ Slower storage but more space (Hard Disk Drive or HDD)

☐ Faster storage but less space (Solid State Drive or SSD)

☐ Both (Combination of multiple SSD & HDDs)

☐ I’m not sure

16. What’s the Warranty period you’re happy with?

☐ 6 Months

☐ 1 Year

☐ 2 Years or more

17. How would you like to install your new SSD into your computer?
☐ Myself

☐ By the help of a friend/ relative

☐ Computer technician

☐ Someone else

18. Where are you currently staying?

☐ In Dhaka

☐ Outside of Dhaka

☐ Other
19. If you do, how do you like to purchase your new SSD?
☐ From a retail store directly

☐ Online purchase with Home delivery

☐ Other: __________________________ (Please Mention)

20. Please write down in brief any benefits that you seek in general for any computer
hardware product.
Your Answer:




21. (Optional Question) We would like to ask you for your contact information and in
the event we have further questions regarding your responses. To entice you, you
will be entered in for a raffle for a brand new 128 GB Internal SSD. The raffle will
be held December 16, 2019 and you will be notified, via an SMS, if you are the
winner. Thank you for your participation.

Name: _________________________________________
Mobile No: _____________________________________
Email: _________________________________________