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Bryan Lassiter

Reflective Paper Assignment

EDT 180 iCourse

During, the semester there where three of the objectives that meant the most to me and where the

ones that I have used the most outside of EDT180 and in my other classes. The first would be the

creating and sharing of Google based documents, I had never done this at any of the other

Universities that I have attended and learning how to create, share, and edit documents as a

group was very helpful to me. I used this knowledge in one of my History classes where I had to

work with a group to work on a paper as well as a Museum exhibit, using shared google

documents allowed the group to add each persons part to the other all project in real time and

made it so we all could see what the other group members had done so we did not repeat

information numerous times in the paper that we submitted.

The second objective that I found the most interesting was the programming concepts that we

learned using the block programming. I found this interesting because, my wife programs for her

job and I have never really had a learning base in programming so whenever she would talk

about basic concepts, I would need her to explain them to me. The way the programming was

presented also made it easy to learn and also entertaining it was not just staring at a computer

screen and looking at blank command line while trying to program something, the website we

used made the learning visual and thus easier to follow along and you were given visual

feedback. The only thing I will say that I did not enjoy was the fact that the games we played in

the programming segment where more targeted towards younger kids and I think it would have

been more interesting to be able to view the actual command line that we were writing instead of

telling a character to move forwards or backwards.

Bryan Lassiter
Reflective Paper Assignment
EDT 180 iCourse

Lastly, the objective that I found the most interesting and the one that I thought the most about

was the Social and ethical issues related to increased use of technology in education, business,

and society. It goes without saying that our society is moving more towards technology based in

almost every aspect, be it with communication to each other, learning, business, etc I found it

interesting thinking about how does moving away from more traditional forms of education for

example towards technology based such as having students submit class work on a google

application instead of just handing it into the teacher in the classroom. I think doing it this way

will have a positive impact on the environment with the decrease need for paper there will be

more trees that survive due to the fact they won’t be cut down to create paper, there will also be

less paper waste due to moving towards a more technology based system. However, with moving

towards a new technology based world I think that this will cause teachers, businesses and any

other person to think they need to be available almost 24/7 there are already some companies that

require that over their employees because of technology and I think we risk our privacy with that

and also the ability to turn off from work and truly relax.

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