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Written Analysis and Communication Individual Report

Term 2

Prof. Aditya Deshbandhu

We Googled You

Submitted by:
Henry Ankit Barla - 2019PGPH007
Situation Analysis:

Fred Westen, CEO of Hathaway Jones, a luxury apparel retailer was talking to this wife
regarding a newspaper article, when he got a call from his friend, John Brewster. John was
Fred’s roommate when both were studying at Andover.
Currently John was working as a stringer for several US newspapers in Shanghai. After both
of them exchanged pleasantries and finished catching up, John started talking about his
daughter Mimi. John told Fred to meet her and consider her for Hathaway Jones expansion in
China. Fred said that he was looking forward to meeting her.
Despite having sales worth $5 billion, Hathaway Jones was in trouble. Fred was hired to
remedy this problem. He managed to solve this issue by outsourcing to Mexican supplier
some of the lower tier brands. Another issue that Hathaway Jones faced was that of young
consumers wanting affordable clothing with more flair. Fred’s solution to this problem was to
expand Hathaway Jones into the Chinese market due to this growth potential
For the expansion, he considered to interview Mimi and hire her for the job. During the
interview Mimi left quite an impact on Fred by stating that the Chinese wanted to balance
intense materialism with spirituality. Although Fred said noncommittedly that he would
arrange for a few more interviews for Mimi she had ensured that she would be considered for
the expansion plans of Hathaway Jones.
After Mimi’s interview, Virginia Flanders, Vice president HR was Googling Mimi as she did
for all new hires. She found some disconcerting news about Mimi. She found a news article
about Mimi’s involvement in a student protest. Apart from this, she also found about the
protest that Mimi participated outside the Chinese consulate in San Francisco. Virginia told
Fred about her concerns and now Fred must decide whether to hire Mimi or not.

Fred Westen: CEO, Hathaway Jones
Mimi Brewster: John Brewster’s daughter, currently employed in Elanor Gaston
Virginia Flanders: Vice president, Human Resources, Hathaway Jones

Problem Statement:

The problem that Fred is faced with whether to hire Mimi. If she is hired whether she should
be a part of the team that is in charge of Hathaway Jones expansion in China.

Fred can use the following solutions:

1. Don’t hire Mimi
2. Hire Mimi and make her a part of the team responsible for Hathaway Jones expansion
in China
3. Conduct another round of interviews and decide whether to hire Mimi
4. Hire Mimi but don’t make her a part of the team responsible for Hathaway Jones
expansion in China

Criterion for evaluation of solutions:

The following criterion can be used for evaluating the solutions:

1. Chances of expansion getting hampered
2. Public image of the company
3. Benefits to competitors

Evaluation of options:

1. Don’t hire Mimi: This option is the safest option that Fred has. The image of the
company along with the increase in the chances of success for the expansion into
China increases. The main problem with this option is that competitors may hire
Mimi. Along with this Mimi may go for a legal course of action for rejecting her as
there is no law from denying someone a job on the basis of their political affiliation,
religion, social media posts etc.
2. Hire Mimi and make her part of the China expansion team: This is the worst
option that Fred can choose. For a short-term gain, Fred will be sacrificing diplomatic
ties with another country. Due to this, the plans of expansion will be lost.
3. Conduct another round of interviews and decide whether to hire Mimi: This is a
good option. The interviewer’s evaluation will be taken, and a better and informed
decision could be arrived at. The chances Mimi being of the opinion that she was
rejected on the basis of her digital history will also be less.
4. Hire Mimi but don’t make her part of the China expansion team: This is the best
option that Fred has. He will be able to capture the fast-growing market of China as
well as hire the best talent for the organization as well. Although Mimi may feel
disappointed about the fact that she may not be a part of the Chinese expansion team.

As per the solutions stated above, Fred should make the decision of hiring Mimi but not make
her a part of the China expansion team. This will not hamper the company’s expansion plan.
Along with this the best talent will be acquired as well.

Action plan:

In order to implement the recommended solution, Fred should listen to Virginia about the
article about Mimi’s involvement in the student protest. He should call her and ask her for an
explanation about the same. He should also think about the betterment of the company. He
should also weigh the pros and cons of keeping Mimi on the China expansion team.