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Who We Are

About Us
It is important to give a wake-up call to
society about the dangers of vaping. It is
our responsibility to warn the public and
help end the cycle of addiction.

The marketing strategies of companies is

directed towards youth as they are enticed
by the delicious flavors.


The Appeal to Underage Users

Large corporations have specifically
marketed and catered their harmful
products to younger people. WHY YOUTH
 The customization of vaping products VAPING
gives the user opportunities for self-
expression and ownership. MUST END
 Advertisements highlight the varying
range of flavors that can be sweet and
fruity, which is appealing to the youth.

 Vaping products can be easily

concealed or hidden; many times, the
user can utilize their device without the
By Kimberly Cohen
knowledge of the people around them. MUST END
The gateway effect suggests that the use
of electronic cigarettes will result in
subsequent smoking in non-smoking
youth. Additionally, the apprehensions
against vaping stem from the highly
addictive substance, nicotine, which can
become increasingly difficult to quit with
prolonged usage.

There are many parallels between the

“Recent figures suggest that rise and fall of both traditional and
electronic cigarettes, and it shows how
adolescent use of e-cigarettes they share negative health impacts and
addiction from users.
has surpassed the use of
Vaping has become a social trend for youth Photo: https://www.henryford.com/blog/2018/04/the-
despite knowledge of adverse health
tobacco cigarettes” (Yule 1). health-risks-of-e-cigarettes-vs-traditional-cigarettes


Following the Same Path as Tobacco? What You Can Do to Help
It has been difficult to pass regulation Reach out to your local legislators to
The Dangerous Health against vaping products due to the increase the age restriction for e-
Effects correlation with quitting traditional cigarette products to 21. Warn friends
cigarettes. Tobacco usage was once a and family about the dangers of
widespread phenomenon, but was vaping and the harmful toxins that are
Developing Brains
brought down by regulations against emitted from these products. Help to
Electronic cigarettes produce harmful eliminate youth vaping by stopping
usage on radio and television. They both
chemicals. Vaping is a particularly vaping in public places or allowing
produce harmful toxins, yet vaping has
dangerous concern for youth because
not received as harsh regulation from access to youth.
adolescent brains are still developing, and
the FDA.
nicotine can cause irreversible damage to