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Vindaloo VoIP Launched Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution Development



Vindaloo VoIP made an announcement to offer multi tenant IP PBX solution development
services in Asterisk or FreeSWITCH to its customers.


On this occasion, the spokesperson of Vindaloo VoIP announced that the company will provide
multi tenant IP PBX solution development services to its customers. This multi tenant IP PBX
solution can be used by any enterprises or multinational companies to take advantage of the
centralized feature rich and private telecommunication system. Also, this solution can offer
many other benefits. Continuing sharing the information on this launch, the spokesperson of the
company further shared that this multi tenant IP PBX solution can also be used to run a business
as a hosted PBX service provider.

As per the shared details, the company has a team of experts who hold years of experience in
Asterisk development and FreeSWITCH development. Thus, the company will offer the multi
tenant IP PBX solution development service in both of these VoIP development technologies.
The customer can choose any one of these VoIP development technologies to get their multi
tenant IP PBX software development.

The company will provide custom multi tenant IP PBX solution development, in which, the
customer can choose the number of features he or she wants to have in his multi tenant IP PBX
system. Some of the key features available in one of the best multi tenant IP PBX solutions are
listed below:

• Dashboard
• GUI based admin panel
• GUI based user panel
• Tenant support
• Roles and Permissions
• Phonebook
• Call recording and playback
• Download call recording files
• Call queuing
• Call forwarding
• Call waiting
• Call transfer

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• Multiple call routing rules
• Forward on busy
• Forward on no answer
• Forward on unavailable
• Find me follow me
• Conferencing
• Hunt groups
• Ring group
• Group pickup
• Call parking
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
• Inbound calling
• Outbound calling
• Internal calling
• Extension support
• Time stamp based call routing
• Voicemail
• Blacklist
• Whitelist
• Do not Disturb
• Provisioning
• Remote office support
• Call Detail Reports (CDRs)
• Custom reports
• Graphical reports
• And more

As per the shared detail, the Vindaloo VoIP offers the multi tenant IP PBX solution development
service with all these features. The spokesperson of the company also shared that their
customer can choose to go with the fixed cost development model or he / she can hire a
dedicated VoIP development expert who would work on building a custom multi tenant IP PBX

About Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd

It is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India based IT company. The company offers development services
for web applications, VoIP solutions and mobile applications in various technologies. The
company also offers hire developer models to its customers. In the VoIP industry, the company
offers development of all types of VoIP solutions and now the company has added multi tenant
IP PBX solution development services in its offering list of the VoIP solution development. The
company has a webpage describing more about this service,

+1 702 200 8967 info@vindaloovoip.com