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Date 15th October 2019

Recommendation Letter:

To whomsoever it may concern,

I write this strong recommendation for Dev Verma in my capacity as Dev’s maths
teacher in high school. My main responsibility is to prepare students for the most
challenging IB Math HL subject. I would describe him as an energetic and enthusiastic
student who is focused and deeply involved in all aspects of the course. He is also a
self- learner, who takes initiative on his own and strives to work hard on it.

Dev truly loves Math and physics. We had numerous amount of discussions about some
interesting topics in Maths and Physics. Some of the topics we discussed are outside
and beyond the level of a grade 12 student, like linear algebra, Quaternions and Navier-
stokes equations. This shows that he is interested in researching and learning beyond
the course. He always likes open ended research topics in the classroom. I always
remember an incident in the classroom, where he was trying to connect complex
numbers using transformations and rotational symmetry.

Blessed with an analytical mind, he has the inquisitiveness of a mathematician and is

among the intelligent students capable of solving complex or unseen problems through
logical reasoning. He is very meticulous and accurate in his work, this is reflected in
his submissions that are always methodical and neat.

In the classroom, he is an active student and his participation is both qualitative and
enriching. His strong quantitative skills and sound conceptual base are complemented
by a methodical approach to problem solving. He was admitted into the New York
Academy of Sciences through their “Junior Academy” program in 2017. Recently in
2019, he was also selected in the New York Academy of Science’ STEM U Mentoring
program. This is definitely an achievement that I personally feel that he should be proud

Dev is a diligent worker and continues to challenge himself with problems beyond
prescribed textbooks. I appreciate his interjections in class as he raises well-thought
out questions. Often his observations help bring greater clarity to concepts. His sample
IA in grade 11 is based on a complicated topic of Navier-Stokes equations and how to
model fluid dynamics.

What makes Dev stands apart from the rest is his helpful and social nature and
contribution to community development. As his CAS supervisor, I have seen him
spending quality amount of time in school hours in community projects where he
teaches math and information technology to school support staff who have attended
government schools or no school at all and also to the teachers teaching
underprivileged students.
I have watched Dev grow into a compassionate and mature individual, participating
in diverse activities, yet consistent in his academic performance. I believe that he has
tremendous potential as a student and wholeheartedly recommend him for admission
to your undergraduate program..

I highly recommend Dev Verma for admission to your undergraduate program.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions at

Thank you.

Nagarjuna Varnajoshyula,
IB DP and MYP Mathematics Teacher,
Extended Essay Examiner,
Pathways School, Noida.