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1.) Why is it important to study the history of science and technology?

Simplicity in Science and Technology’s Complexity

As what every student has learned, studying history is essential to understand the past.
But with science and technology’s history, the past is not as simple as it may seem. Like an open
pandora’s box, humans strived for the big things, finding themselves living with the complexity
the world has become. If studying the history of science and technology could enable answers to
big questions, can there truly be simplicity in science and technology’s complexity?

As time ticks by, scientific and technological innovations have started its very own story
of The Creation. The more people discover, the more complex the world has become, but this
comes with a risk. From Rutherford discovery of an atom’s nucleus, Szilard has discovered the
atomic power behind splitting atoms, thus leading to the invention of the destructive Atomic
Bomb. The world has become a tangled mess of discoveries and inventions, but unbeknownst to
some, everything is connected. In order to learn anything, untangling complexities, people must
learn first of science and technology’s history.

As what Einstein had said, things should be as simple as possible but no simpler. People
should embrace complexity where they must but find simplicity where they can. In order to
simplify things in this complex world, brains working to strive for it is needed. Although mistakes
were already done in the past, history may not be repeated if everyone learn from it.