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Q. Question Actual Answer Candidate Answer Marks

1 Increase in percentage Decrease the relative Decrease the relative 1

of air voids will strength of concrete strength of concrete

2 Which type of vibration c) Can be done by c) Can be done by both 1

is used for compaction both internal & internal & external
of concrete external vibration vibration

3 Proper proportioning d) Above all d) Above all 1

of concrete ensures

4 Honey combing in d) Above all factor d) Above all factor may be 1

structure is caused due may be the reason the reason

5 Minimum curing b) 10 days b) 10 days 1

period of moist curing
as per IS456 for OPC
under dry and hot
wether condition is

6 The temperature b) 4 o celcius c) 10 o celcius 0

below which the early
strength of concrte is
greatly retarde

7 Workablity of concrte c) Grading of the d) Above all 0

is directly proportional aggregates

8 Strength of concrte b) increase in fineness b) increase in fineness of 1

increases with of cement cement

9 Concreting shall be a) 400mm a) 400mm 1

done in layers not
Q. Question Actual Answer Candidate Answer Marks

10 The effect of adding b) 1 and 4 c) 2 and 3 0

calcium chloride in
concrete is 1) To
increase shrinkage 2)
To decrease shrinkage
3) To increase setting
time 4) to decrease
setting time The
correct options is

11 Which one of the b) Not more than 4 hr b) Not more than 4 hr 1

following permissible reflected under ASTM reflected under ASTM C
limit & applicable C 309, clause no. 10.3 309, clause no. 10.3
standards hold correct
for curing compound

12 What should be the b) 1.5 R c) 3 R 0

Distance between the
two insertion of needle
vibrator used while
compacting concrete:-