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Blackburn RC 1000 Research Project—Peer Review Guidelines

1. If it is in written-form, is the project formatted using MLA convention (i.e., double spaced, 12 pt. font, Works Cited page, etc.)? If it is not a written text, is it still academic and research driven? Yes, it is not formatted due to it being a documentary, but it is academic and research driven

2. Does the project meet the required length and integrate the required number of sources with in-text quotes and parenthetical citations? Yes

3. Does the author introduce the argument and the rhetorical situation/contexts—social, political, historical, cultural—for this project? Yes, social/cultural/historical

4. What is the purposeof this text? What does the author hope to achieve? (Provide a brief summary of the project and the author’s main points.) To explain how college students tend to gain weight (Freshman 15) when first coming to college and how to avoid this happening to the audience.

5. What is the writer’s attitude/tonetoward the subject? Excited to help, motivated

6. What authorities does the writer rely on or appealto in order to make her/his argument? USDA, Authors, and his own research

7. Who is its intended audience, and how do you know?

Incoming Freshman or current Freshman because they would be the only ones who would need this information

8. Ethos: Explain the character and background of the author and how that influence the text’s overall effectiveness. Is this person credible and trustworthy? Why? What is this person’s bias? What do you know about him or her that would influence your interpretation of the text?

The narrator appeals by being realtable, making him seem trustworthy. He doesn’t seem biased but provides statistics with his own research and proves his points in helping several people who may need it.

9. Pathos: Describe the emotional appeals within the text and how they

influence the

text’s overall effectiveness. What emotions do the author appeal to? How? Are these emotional appeals effective? If so, for whom?

He puts us in the mood of how we feel when we smell good food that we like, such as the smell of the dining hall and the Chic-fil-a. He appeals to our senses for when we are hungry.

10. Logos: Describe the logical appeals within the text and how they influence


text’s overall effectiveness. What logic, reason, facts, statistics are presented? What evidence is used to convince the audience? What facts are used in the argument? What and whose logic? He uses statistics from the USDA and even his own research by interviewing fellow students at Appalachain State University and asking them questions pertaining to their diet and possible weight gain

11. Do you see logical fallaciesin play? Hasty Generalization. (We all have that feeling)

12. Do you see enthymemes in play, and do they function as rhetorically useful or disruptive? That we need to avoid the Freshman 15. It is useful because most people want to lead healthy lives.

13. What do you suggest for the author in terms of strengthening the project? Maybe make it more of an argument