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I. Multiple Choice (Music)
Choose the item that will best complete the sentence or answer the question. Write only the letter of your choice in the
blank. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

1. A Japanese drum that comes in various sizes and is used to play a variety of musical genres is ______.
a. Odaiko b. Taiko c. Tsuridaiko d. Tsuzumi
2. A fluck string instrument that is is similar to that of guitar is _______.
a. Biwa b. Koto c. Shamisen d. Tsuzumi
3. A double reed Japanese flute used as one of two main melodic instruments.
a. Hichiriki b. Nokan c.Shakuhachi d. Sho
4. A short necked fretted lute, often used in narrative storytelling.
a. Biwa b. Koto c. Shamisen d. Tsuzumi
5. The most famous Japanese flute made from bamboo which was imported from China for gagaku.
a. Hichiriki b. Nokan c.Shakuhachi d. Sho
6. A wind instrument that is also called as takebue.
a. Ryuteki b. Shakuhachi c.Shinobue d. Sho
7. The smaller hourglass shape drum is called ________.
a. Biwa b. Kotsuzumi c. otsuzuni d. Tsuzumi
8. A large hanging barrel drum is called ________.
a. Odaiko b. Taiko c. Tsuridaiko d. Tsuzumi
9. Which of the following words is considered as a Japanese Big Drum?
A. Tsuzumi B. Tsuridaiko C. Odaiko D. Taiko
10. It is an hourglass-shaped Japanese drum.
A. Tsuzumi B. Shakaduchi C. Odaiko D. Biwa
11. A 13- string zither about two meters long and made of Paulownia wood is _____
a. Koto b. Shamisen c.Shinobue d. Sho
12. A free reed musical instrument that was introduced from China is ________.
a. Ryuteki b. Shakuhachi c.Shinobue d. Sho
13. . A percussion instrument that is commonly known as “big drum” is ________.
a. Odaiko b. Taiko c. Tsuridaiko d. Tsuzumi
14. A parallel bamboo flute that is used in noh is _______.
a. Hichiriki b. Nokan c.Shakuhachi d. Sho

15. East Asian temples and houses have sweeping roofs because they believe that it will protect them from the elements
of ________?
a. creditors b. Sunlight c. Thieves d. Water, Wind and Fire
16. Which of the following is not a subject or a theme of Chinese painting?
A. Landscapes B. Animals C. Human Figures D. Scenes from everyday
17. Which of the following is regarded as the highest form of Chinese painting?
A. Minhwa B. Yin-Yang C. Landscape D. Animals
18. He invented paper in the first century (AD).
A. Cai Lun B. Cai Tze C. Lao Tsu D. Xai Lin
19. What is the most favourite subject in Korean Painting?
a. Bamboo and Birds c. Mountain and Water
b. Human images d. Temples
20. The art of writing in China, Japan and Korea is called _______.
a. Calligraphy b. designing c. Lettering d. Photography
21. A classical dance drama is called _________?
a.Caligraphy b. Kabuki c. Origami d. Origano
22. A traditional Japanese art of paper folding is called ________.
a.Caligraphy b. Kabuki c. Origami d. Origano
23. It is best known and most popular style of Japanese art which means “picture of the floating world”?
A. Anime B. Mangga C. Ukiyo-e D. Kabuki
24. Which of the following is a usual theme of Japanese painting?
A. Flowers and Birds B. Bamboo C. Scenes from everyday life D. Animals
25. In Korea, decorative knot work is known as __________?
a. Knot Tying b. Hanamusubi c. Maedeup d. Zhongguo
26. A color of face painting that is red indicates devotion, courage, bravery is called______?
a. Guan Ju b.Huang Pang c. Zhang Fei d. Zhu Wen

27. Basketball was invented in December 1891 by the Canadian clergyman educator and physician named
a. Alexander Cartwright c. Walter Hakanson
b. James Naismith d. William Morgan
28. It allows you to move around the court while you are in possession of the ball.
a. dribbling b. passing c. rebounding d. shooting
29. The most practiced skill in the game wherein the players spend a good deal of their practice time.
a. dribbling b. passing c. rebounding d. Shooting
30. How many players in each team played during the invention of the game basketball.
a. 5 players each team b. 7 players each team c. 9 players each team
d. 11 players each team
31. A skill that maximizes the involvement of all players in setting up a play to earn succesful shots is called ________.
a. dribbling b. passing c. rebounding d. shooting
32. It is a basic skill in basketball where a player attempts to put the ball inside the ring to score.
A. Rebounding B. Passing C. Dribbling D. Shooting
33. It is volleyball equipment found at the center-line separating the two sides of the court.
A. Net B. Antenna C. Pole D. Whistle
34. It is a volleyball skill that prevents a spiker from scoring.
A. Dig B. Toss C. Block D. Screen


Test II : Identify the concept described in each item. Choose from the words inside the box below.
Marriage fidelity family pregnancy lactation Caesarean section

Breastfeeding parenthood courtship infatuation engagement Normal delivery

35. The period of milk production initiated by the prolactin hormone in the mammary gland.
36. The ideal and traditional form of feeding an infant.
37. The period when new cell during fertilization grows and develops into woman’s uterus.
38. The smallest integral unit of society.
39. The legal union of man and woman, as husband and wife.
40. The intense emotion that one feels for another person but does not last long.
41. A period in a person’s relationship when one tells his intense feeling/desire to another person.
42. Characteristic of being faithful, loyal, true to a relationship or to parents.
43. The period when couples are ready to embrace their responsibilities to care for their children bringing
them quality life.
44. Period in a couple’s relationship before getting married.
Test III. Modified True or False. Write True if the statement is correct. Write the correct answer replacing the
underlined word if the statement is wrong.

45. Wealth is an ingredient of happy marriage where couples do not keep secrets that may cause quarrel.
46. Marriage of persons below 18 years old is null/void.
47. Smoking and drinking liquor is healthy during pregnancy.
48. Listening to music gives a pregnant woman as well as the baby in her womb relaxation.
49. The placenta is an organ that grows in the mothers uterus during pregnancy and allows nutrients, gases
and waste to be exchanged between mother and fetus.
50. The reproductive process wherein ½ of the chromosomes from the father and ½ of the chromosomes
from the mother combine together to form a zygote is called implantation.

** Goodluck**