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Comparison Contrast

Media - They are both shares the

- Media literacy uses forms of
communication and
Literacy common
goal of
produces ways of
communication. It is about
Vs. ability
to access,
use, media content.
Information evaluate, and create - Information literacy is using,
media messages, managing, gathering, and
Literacy information, or content verifying information. It is
using information
about library science.

- Although digital and

media literacy both draw - Tech. Literacy (Digital) is
on the same core skill of
the ability to use
critical thinking, the fact
information and
Media that most digital media
are networked and communication
Literacy interactive raises technologies to find,
additional issues and evaluate, create, and
Vs. requires additional habits communicate information,
and skills: media literacy
Tech. Literacy generally focuses on
requiring both cognitive
and technical skills.
(Digital) teaching youth to be
critically engaged - Media Literacy is the ability
consumers of media, to access, analyze,
while digital literacy is evaluate and create
more about enabling media in a variety of forms.
youth to participate in
digital media in wise, safe
and ethical ways.
- Technology literacy -
which would be an
individual's ability to use
technology and
Information associated resources.
Literacy - They are using filters - Information literacy is an
and agents to individual's ability to define
Vs. manage incoming his or her information need,
Tech. Literacy information. find the information using a
variety of sources, retrieve
the information, evaluate
the information, and put
the information to use.