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Segreen Business Park in San Felice Segrate, Italy by Lombardini22

March 24th, 2015 by Sumit Singhal


Article source: Lombardini22

Segreen in a nutshell

Segreen Business Park is a flexible, liquid and a living Place. People enjoy the workplace. In Segreen
people can work in an efficient offce and walk and in the green path, Take a coffee and a sunny break.
Embrace change, look to the future.
Welcome to Segreen.

Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

 Architects: Lombardini22
 Project: Segreen Business Park
 Location: Via San Bovio 3, 20090 San Felice Segrate MI, Italy
 Type of building: Business Park, office buildings
 Total project area (sqm): 38.000
 Total site area (sqrn): 44.395
 Refurbished area (sqrn): 27.000 – 35% material reused for new buildings
 Outdoor Space: 24.400 sqm
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

 Living square: 3.000 sqm

 5 star service and facilities 2.421 sqm
 Cafeteria and Restaurant: 1.400 sqm
 Office space: 24.849 sqm – efficiency 87%
 Original construction date: 17-07-1969
 Refurbishment start date: 02-04-2009
 Refurbishment completion date: 15-05-2014
 Award and Certification
o Finalist Mipim Award 2015
o Rebuild Award 2013
o LEED PLATINUM certification (on going) Y building
o LEED GOLD certification X building
o REurope Golden Brick Award 2010
o Best Sustainable Project 2010
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Short Presentation

High quality Design dedicate to a small urban place surrounded by greenery. Designed to the highest
global standards, Segreen Business Park is the result of an analysis of the most advanced way of
contemporary working thought for leading international companies.
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

A complex of three main office buildings dialogues among them with transparent and permeable links
and a pedestrian square as a meeting interaction and leisure place. A 5-Star Service Building is dedicated
to people services. Segreen is designed with great attention to environmental and sustainability issues:
CENED and LEED certification was obtained and it is the best sustainable project according Rebuild
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Conceived by following the highest international standards, it contains 24.840sm of flexible and efficient
office spaces and has the quality of a small urban area surrounded by a green park near the city of
Milan. The complex of three main buildings creates a central pedestrian plaza appropriate for all hours
of the day, a place for entertainment, meetings, activities and casual social interaction.
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22
The main buildings interact with each other through transparent and permeable connections that open
onto the “piazza”, with spaces of great height and quality. An adjacent building of 2.421sm will be
dedicated to the food court and other amenities as part of the 5-Star Services centre.
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

An integral part of the project is the work process analysis of successful international companies,
accustomed to compete in the labour market to attract talented people. Knowledge workers used to
working throughout the day, in a continuous information flow that doesn’t distinguish work hours from
leisure ones. Their best place to work is able to accommodate quality in every moment of a working
day, in a continuous rotation of concentration, interaction and relaxation.

Image Courtesy © Lombardini22


The area was built on a single lot with 4 buildings and a garage: the 3M Headquarter. The intervention
has re qualified the buildings and the total project area in functional and aesthetic level. The project has
definite new and flexible office space that can be used both for individual users to multiple users with
minimal unit allocable identified from a single half-plane.

Dismantling complete facades and demolition partial basement between C and D buildings, in the
basement of E and total D building, as to make available a SLU portion which will be redistributed,
maintaining the total value.
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Most Innovative Aspect

Segreen is designed and managed for create a strong Sense of Place that make it unique and
recognizable through its ability to interact with people, generating a sense of belonging and emotional
attachment in these people.

The Segreen distinctive traits create in order to play a part in people’s lives and experiences are urban
quality combined with the artistic value intrinsic to architectural design; freedom to move around the
space provided and the greenery, to constantly invent various different pathways, the space for events
and party and the Tenant Event Management Experience; a square to encourage random encounters,
spontaneous sharing and the creation of both interpersonal and business relations. The quality of life
and work/life balance promoted by sustainable solutions and healthy spaces focused on well-being that
are flexible and full of people-oriented services and amenities.
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Segreen Business Park is taking on the responsibility – and challenge – of creating a property system
more “for people” than for business. A place to be lived in even after work, which also encourages new
ways of working.
Sergreen Art Workplace is an exhibition of the Art Call on going for select the artistic work that will be
realized for enrich the location. Segreen Business Park’s aim is: to gradually incorporate works of art
custom-designed for this real estate complex, both indoors and outdoors.

Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Most Notable Architectural Aspect

Workspaces are comfortable, dynamic and pleasant. Large glass windows allow transparency and
permeability, hence helping to bring the outdoors into the offices.

The “piazza” directly interacts with the surrounding green space and creates pleasing pedestrian paths.
The green is carefully integrated with the urban furniture and lighting systems create paths and accents.
Buildings vary in height and size, giving rhythm and dynamism to the complex: their individual character
allows for integration with the companies brand, a balance of visibility and consistency with the overall
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Most Notable Features Technical Facilities

Structured to meet both people’s and companies’ needs, Segreen’s 5–Star Service™ provides a
centralised reception facility, building management/concierge services, a high-quality refreshment
service, a shared conference hall and much more. It also helps people go about their personal business,
assisting them in solving either big or small individual or family management issues with the aid of a
kindergarten inside the Business Park, shuttle systems connecting Segreen to Segrate Station, and a
whole range of services that will gradually evolve in accordance with the tenant’s needs

Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Technical Specifications

X Building Right and Left:

Ground floor + 4 floors for office

Basement for deposit

Y Building Right:

Ground floor + 3 floors for office

Basement for office and deposit

Y Building Left:

Ground floor + 5 floors for office

Basement for office and deposit

Z Bulding:
Ground floor with restaurant and auditorium
Basement with Control Room and Children Garden

Image Courtesy © Lombardini22


Offices: 24.840 sqm

5-Star Service™: 2.421 sqm
Parking: 656 (327 covered, 329 uncovered)
Clear net internal height: 280 cm
Floor plate depth: min 19mt, max 21mt
Maximum occupancy: 2.455 people (Y Right=561, Y Left=1.075, X=819),
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Maximum floor occupancy:

X Building: 148 people (71 Right + 77 Left)

Y Building: 223 people (97 Right + 126 Left)
X Building: permanent load = 275 kg/sqm; live load = 200 km/sqm.
Y Building: permanent load = 195 kg/sqm; live load = 200 kg/sqm.
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22


The glazing module is based on a 1.5 metre grid with operable windows at every other module. This
provides a flexibility so that any potential closed office will have an operable window.
Facades use double-glazing and thermally broken aluminium frames.
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Thermal properties of the façade:

K value 1,5 W/sqm K for the studied facade
Glass value 1,1 W/sqm K
Solar Factor for the glazing 45%
Light Transmittant 70%

Thermal and acoustic criteria

Heating ventilation and air conditioning:

20°C ± 1 for -5°C outside.
45% ± 5–relative humidity.

26°C ± 1 for 34°C outside.
50% ± 5 – relative humidity.

Tenant office space air change: 11 litres/ second/ person (40m3/h). Air Filtration: EU7.
Complete air turnover every 2.5 Vol/hr.

Dynamic solar shading via automatic external curtains on south facades.

Static solar shading via fixed external protection of vertical glasses on east/west facades.

An acoustic study has been performed and the complex is designed per the city regulations for outdoor
noise abatement (42db).
The complex is designed to achieve a Class B rating for Energy Compliance based on Lombardia Regional

Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Heating and air conditioning

Ceiling Mounted 4 pipes fan-coil units recessed in the suspended ceilings for office areas. Air handling
units with hot and cold coils on the roof of each building equipped with heat recovery system.
The X-Y building will be equipped just with borehole water heat pumps.

Borehole water/air condensated heat pumps provide hot and chilled water to the complex at the same
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Electrical services

High voltage (15kV) supplied building plants from Main.

Provision for transformer rooms in each building.
Direct low voltage power supply from Mains in each building for tenant use.
Ready to use underfloor cable trays for power and data distribution to workstations. Tenant power
provision 40w/sqm.
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22


Building Lighting control system: remote and local control of common areas lighting circuits.
DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) dimmerable ballast equipped lighting fixtures in the office
areas, in addition to light sensors, provide easy customization of the work space and energy saving.

Diffused Day lighting

Emergency lighting: UPS backed up and integrated battery fixtures with centralized automatic control

Average lighting levels:

Offices: 400 lux
Meeting Rooms: 400 lux
Parking: 50 lux
Corridors and stairs: 200 lux
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Emergency power

Space allowance for future installation of a tenant’s generator.

ICT (Information And Communication Technology)
Double main distribution and frame room for services providers.

Fire detection

Fully addressable fire detection system meeting Italian standards UNI 9795 and EN 54.
Emergency Public Addressing Systems meeting European standards EN 60849.
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22


Y Building:
Number of cars: 5
Number of stops: 7
Max. load: 1,600kg

Floors served: 4 lifts from the basement to the 5th floor and 1 elevator from the basement to the 6th
floor for maintenance access

Capacity: max 12 people

Passenger lifts access and keyboards will be compliant to disabled requirements

X Building
Number of cars: 4
Number of stops: 6
Max. load: 900kg

Floors served: 3 lifts from the basement to the 4th floor and 1 elevator from the basement to the top
floor for maintenance activities in cover

Capacity: max. 12 persons

Passenger lifts access and keyboards will be compliant to disabled requirements Access Control and
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22

Cctv system providing access control

Video-Interphone System at Business Park entrance and car parking

Entryphone video system at the service and pedestrian entrances to individual buildings.
Card reader controlled access system predisposition at each floor.

Interior offices’ finishes

Suspended metal ceiling with bandraster at every 1.5–meters for ultimate flexibility and recessed

Accessible medium grade raised floor tiles 60x60cm, ready for the tenant finishes (clear height under
floor: 14 cm for Y-Z Building and 17 cm for x Building), in calcium sulphate, 60 x 60 cm and customizable
Painted walls and columns.
Floor to ceiling glazing.
Image Courtesy © Lombardini22
“It is a great feeling to have designed a complex constituting a best-practice model for all developers
and tenants interested in enhancing their own property portfolio, directly taking care of all the
architectural and plant-engineering design and coordinating the structural engineering”.

Marco Amosso
Head of Building Architecture
L22 Project Architect