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} Dellorto Motoreycle Carburetor Tuning Guides Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guide Po age of 2 —— = z = =| casaiiearcacon ae DELIERT0 cxncunsron A GUIDE To THE CHOICE, SETTING AND USE OF TAPERED NEEDLE MOTORCYCLE CARBURETORS + NCTONS OFTHE Gatun 2 esaunes 24 ctr ag and ical prs 22 Operation mnes 23 nan angle 24 En omecons 25 Aven 28 Concent 3 OPERATION, SELECTION OF CORRECT PARTS, TUNING AND USE 24 Theseus S41 Seecton ote cone Catt see 22 fusleunionten 321. Sectonctneneede vase 322 Seteconet te tt 23 stan om cot 33.1 Independent stag cet 332 _Sduton stare emublon bean ster 22 Te fear smgr sting device 24 tesatina 343. Senng ie ie wth ote sist se 242 Sting tw io wh anak ating ew 243 Seton tte cnet size fie it 25 otason stem 36 Eula 3.61 Ful sytem uss sod on wo- Soke enines 362 Fallevote yem ous sod on ur stoke oghes 363 Sateen tne tel va cw) 364 Sacto fe pred eee 8/14/2002 hetp://www.ducatimeccanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto. html Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guides Page 2 of 2 265 Selection of he caret size mai jet 37 Aecoleraton mechanism 3.74 Dlaphragm accelerator ump 387.2 Selection of comect pump cam and pump jt 3:73 Pston type accelerator pump 4 MULTL-CYLINDER ENGINES 44 lo tuning and scjustment 5 FACTORS WHICH CAN ALSO AFFECT THE CARBURATION ‘541 Changes of fuel 5.2 Changes in atmosphere pressure and ar temperature bitp:// www ducatimeceanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto.html 8/14/2002 Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guide Page 1 of 1 Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guide ‘atimeczanica con - nome ‘FUNCTIONS OF THE Carburetor ‘Tre main Carourstr function ae: To form a proper omegeneous intarmable mist of fel an at “To supply the engine wih vening amounts ofthis mixture ‘The fue ie mbt is formed trough vapoursing and by uniformly sraying fuel ino the artream cr at east by atemising into very smal droplets. ‘Atomizaton tokes place in ths way: Iau fue rom the atcmiser nozzle meets the fow of air which cates 1 broken into very ine ropes, ote combustion chamber, Wie have spoken of "proper" iature because fe mur strengh, defined as the amount of ir weight xo win Nal uit of welght must have a precise value je must be wiPtn te Ents of ammnabiy 89 ‘hatte miu canbe easy ignited bythe spark in the combustion chamber. ‘nfemmmataty mits for commercial petal are: 7:1 (ch imitie. 7 kgs of alr and 1 Kg of pet), down to 20:1 ean hit ie. 20 kas of ar and 1 Kg of petro, ‘To obtain optimum combustion between these intammabit kms, vlue vary cose tothe so-called Siolsomele vale is needed a abou! 14.5 - 15.0 of ao 1 kg of peo. {A stolciometric mitre rato is ane which eneures complete combustion of fel wth only the formation of ‘walor and earbon die. ‘The stoeomotre mitre rato depends onthe kind a ue used, 50 the fulis changes, thi fue rato vill also change (see SECTIONS. “The selection ofthe feta ratio therefore very important bo for engine performance ana for exhaust cemicsion levels. ‘The tote vaive (usualy aft opiston-ype gate valve, aso caled a se) i the main part by when the engine Is tied othe enane power ouput is varied by conreting the amount of miture beng drawn into the cjincer During bench tests engine fs usu run nto gear In wo characteristic conditons: fl theote and part ‘prot. “The ful hottest simulates condtons fora vehicle ona progressive clmb wih the tote wide open, Inthe bench est. this conten is reproduced by running the engine vith te tte fully open; rom tis ‘maxim rorsepower condone enghe & braked at various speeds and ihe spect power and ‘consumption figures are taken, “Tne part throttle fest sirates the conatons fr vehicle ana level road al varying speeds ‘On the test bench his condton i simulated by running the engine again om the mexinum engine power Candlons, ut progresshely closing the vote valve ofthe Carburetor ‘Al various speeds, specie pomer and consumption fous ae taken again INDEX NEXT http://www.ducatimeccanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto_i.html 8/14/2002 Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guide Page 1 of 4 Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guide eS aalimeccenies com ame 2FEATURES 2.4 Carburetor diagr and prinelpal parts 1 -airintake 2. ote valve 5- tapered needle 4 gomser snd nett 5: man jt 8 sarong device 7 van 8 Ide speed adjusting sorew 3 idle micure ajusing-screw 40- saner ot 11 se jet 12 fost chamber vent 13 tue inet banjo union 14 needle vale’ 18-foat 18. oal chamber fig. 2.2 Operating ranges. Scheme of phases while running “Theotile vee opening fig. 2 Figure 2chowe the section of a venur according to the operting periods regulated by the trot valve opening. in every pees of operation, fs pestle to vary and select te optimum Sting, Inthe ie tage, the ide cru and idle eduetmentis eet withthe mixture screw and ile pees screw. In tho"B" progression phase uel micure ceiver rom the dle oles steady replaces by mixture delivery fom the prosression hole. crewing emulsion mitre from the ile ccul and in ths range, choosing the cores ie [et anc Throtestce cutaway i necessary. Th tote valve cutaway sigh affects te carburation up about hal voll, http://www.ducatimeccanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto_2.html 8/14/2002 Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guide Page 2 of 4 Inthe" high-speed period, mixure delivery fom the tle creult and kam the progression hole is replaced by mitre fom ‘he main creul ane selection of bot he atomiser and the tapered nosdhe should Ban be mate nthe "D”porcd ofa hte and, with al the cut ofthe ear priods operating corecty, the size ofthe main ts now Snaty seiecied 23 instalation angles ‘The tapered.neede-typo Carburetors wih concent, ental feat chambers have @ horizontal ma bate an can be ‘moar up te 3 maximum Incnaton of 40 degree fom the horizontal (igure 3). For applications on motocross and tals engines, et, tos clin shoud be 30 degrees or ss, fig. 24 Engine connections ‘The Carburtoris usualy connected fo the engine wi one of he flowing: Mate clamp thing {he male clamp connection used forte Nexbe fing of the Carburetor ‘othe engine is usvaly recommended on motorectes fr ‘motocross, tal, ete ot fited io engives which run fo hgh pm oF those ‘hich produce sirorg uration, http://www ducatimeccanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto_2.html 8/14/2002 Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guide Page 3 of 4 Femate clamp & Flange fixing the female clip connection and the flange connection, with rigid ‘ing fo the engine, ae usable on read motores o ed 1 erghes which do not generate very song vibrations. fg. Note ‘nat wih the female clamp fixing and the flange connecton, 3s you can fee in igute 8 anc 8, tne alco the need fo prowise bom efecive Fat instlation ard perect toh seat fia. 2.6 Alrintakes Dinerent air intake arrangements are posse for each type of Carburetor: ‘http://www.ducatimeccanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto_2.html 8/14/2002 Dellorto Motoreycle Carburetor Tuning Guide Page 4 of 4 © Open airintates ‘© Trumpats of various shapes and lengths (© Acleoners ane fiter-stencars ‘As fares the lensbs of he rumpe is concemed, remember that short trumps ef usualy used on Carburetor for o- ‘lroke engines an longer ones on Carburetor sour stroke engines. Fer porcularrecuements, such a8 on come racing enalnes, Corburetr wi alrintakee having a special shape are velabie og PHBE H and Pia Hodes ‘Gn motarycis wih sample exctoaners oF ar ther-slencers, ts extremely important to check othe ecieny ofthe fer fad for perc! sealing ofthe filler box to prevent damage tothe engine and to the Carburetor ‘ny change nthe ther edencot may prodves a Change in ho Souraion snd consequent Wesh adjustnent and turing of tho Carourtor may then become necessary. Remember also tot replecing fe iter or sence wah a tumpel usual resus in en increase in the emount of sr drawn into the engine and caneaquenty there should aSo be 9 stable merease n te sizeof the main jot Me. 26 Construction materials The Carburetor bodies ae iocasin aluminium or amak loys For spocal welght-conscous requirements there are some smallvolume Carburter sin elektron magnesium alloy. ‘Au he seting pots such as the jets, stomisers, neecie-vahe seats, etc are made of bras. BACK inpex NEXT http://www. ducatimeccanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto_2.html 8/14/2002 Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guide Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guide Page 1 of 2 ‘csimeccenca Som Fame 2.4 The venturi eect Inthe Carburetor the venta is the part which lows the conversion of some of he Knelic energy of the air pasting through Inte pressure ensiay Usa the choke ie shaped ke abe with 2 converging-Svergng vert section inthe restricted section or throat, the air pressure becomes kr, causing an infu of kel upwards through the jets ang onices, in tapered needle type Carburetor, tare no real choke and ithas become customary to cal the main intake barrel the choke “The tote slides ite in the maln barrel and fuels delivered by the variove creuts during the cflerent operating periods, Wis very important thatthe Carbuteorsupples a fuet-ar ‘mire uhieh romaine constant during the changes in Hote ‘opening anc under tne aerent load condkans ofthe ‘motoreyele engine ‘Passage of ue fom the float chamber tothe main barrels. ‘rouge about by the pressure eferance exiting between the fat eiamber and in he bal lse ths fuel movernent kes place becausothe foal chamber Isl atmospheric pressure Wie, o8 previously mentone, be pressures lower inthe Choke (igure 7). 2.4.4 Section ofthe correct Carburetor choke size In the taperee-necal typo Carburtor the choke size te the cameter ofthe section Iemediaily upsteam or tiownstream of he thotie vara and is sees Gest on themamerlate together withthe adel type of Carburetor eg PHBE 3605 signifies 38 mm venturi Carourter ‘An nia selection ofthe optimum choke size can be ‘mace ah Bw help ofthe graph in gure 8, where @ ‘ange of poesble Carouetr sis relation othe Snielpstec power eutut per eyinder ofthe engine i suggested, For example, fore two-yinder 60 HP engine 10/2¢30 HP per cyinder, Ue suggested size range is between 82 and Sm 2 lagersize Carburotor genera allows more power at figh fm ie. a igher maura speed. However, senaly fing jue a largo Carburetor may not bring about he ‘dese nerease in power ouout 0 fis often only {ole tom sever addional engine modesto, ech designed te imorove come einer aspect ofthe Inttp://www.ducatimeccanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto_3_1.html 8/14/2002 Dellorto Motoreyele Carburetor Tuning Guide ittp://www.ducatimeccanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto_3_1.html Page 2 of 2 engine's porfeemance, smaller Carouretor wit give better pickup and {herofore in cotacting a choke size, you should aways tolance your power and eccetereton requirments. usualy in conversions an increase in the Carburetor ‘Sze also requis an incense inthe main et sze of About 10% foreach Imm fesease fn the choke size, ‘wit changing the oer seting pans. ‘on 2 motiied engine, whenever you requis a ‘Carburstor ager than the orginal is preferable to use ‘one which bas akeady Boon setup for s ela engine feven engine heving the samme operaton (woo: fur ‘Soke, 3 sinar power output and sma yiner