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Prologue: The Experiment.

The Experiment

There were few planets in the universe with more technological advancements than that of the planet Krypton. Technology wise, they were what other planets aspired to be. They were light years away from many of their fellow planets around the universe. In the twenty eight galaxies, many planets excelled but few were of a superior breed than that of Krypton. It was an amazing world that rose far and beyond that of many all across the galaxies, an advanced race that was before it is time.

It was an advanced race that only the past several generations showed signs of strain. And signs of weakness, both of which was not something that was acceptable to the long term health for a planet. The legacy of Krypton hinged in the balance.

Will they be remembered when they were dead?

Dru-Zod was a member of a very proud and old Kryptonian family with a huge background of successful military leaders. When a Zod lead an army, chances are that victory was increased a hundred fold and enemies shook before the might of this brilliant leader. Whilst this man was not the first person to hold the moniker of General Zod, he was the best person to hold the moniker, in his opinion. He led the Kryptonian army to many successful campaigns and rolled over his competition. Both from threats on the planet and from external forces, there was one thing they all had in common.

All would kneel before Zod.

Despite years of distinguished service, Zod lacked one thing and that was a son to carry on his legacy for years to come. Despite his superior nature the Kryptonian army leader understood that nothing would last forever. And his life would be one of those things, he was middle aged by this point and not getting any younger. Therefore, desperation was something that simmered in the eyes of Zod if he would have his heir.

His first try with a son happened during his early years and he was overjoyed when his son was born. It was the happiest day in his life.

However, complications occurred, that spun Zod's entire life upside down.

His first wife and his son died in the destruction of Kandor, which caused Zod's stomach to twist and turn at the thought of it. For the longest time, he dedicated himself to leading the Kandorian army and training new recruits. A smile crossed his face when he thought of the successful campaigns he waged and the enemies that he left in his

His second wife Ursa bared him a daughter, named Faora, named after his lover, who had been killed in a terrorist attack. It took him months, but Zod tracked down the killer of his wife and son. Zod made him suffer made him beg for mercy. Mercy was not given, not with Zod, thus the murderer was killed after a drawn out death.

Still one did always remember their first love and he named his daughter after her in honor. Faora was dedicated and loyal to his cause but her birth caused some damage to Ursa's reproductive organs and thus she was not able to conceive another.

Zod hatched a scheme to bring forth a son, using a perfect vessel, so his legacy would live on. It took

him almost eight years to accomplish this, he had been working on it since the birth of his daughter and the news that Ursa damaged her organs in the birth was given by her physician. Kryptonian births given the natural way could have complications but the children would be powerful and strong. It was a slow process, he wanted it to be actually perfect.

The first prototype was a dud, the second prototype based on the first would be savage and feral, the perfect destroyer. Zod kept that around for future use, even though he hardly assumed that there would be such a use. One would never know when something like that would be useful.

Humans had a saying that the third time was the charm and Zod had it in his fingers, the glowing purple crystal. It contained his legacy, the legacy that would live on even after Krypton perished and withered, dying on a vine. The legacy of Zod would thrive on a new world.

Those reports that the core of Krypton was unstable, Zod paid a lot of attention to them. That's why he determined that his legacy could not live on this planet. Especially given a lot of people on this world were not worth saving. He did not even bother to try, figuring that they were being punished by their collective ignorance and weakness.

He only elected to save his bloodline, for better or for worse that was what would be saved. The crystal would be transported to Earth to be hidden at a strategic location. Once that strategic location was accessed by someone who had certain qualities worthy of a bearer of his DNA, then it would inject them with the material, also transforming their body into the perfect vessel.

Being a general, Zod did not have the exact science of it down but he studied enough of Jor-El's notes to make sure it worked. Ursa was busy raising his daughter, molding her into the perfect companion for their son for the time which they arrived on Earth. Zod heard of a prophecy that a new Krypton would rise from the ashes of the old one with two people leading the way.

Who better to lead the way than his bloodline?

Zod held the crystal carefully, this was years of hard work in the making and the crystal thumped a little bit.

"Is it ready?"

Zod turned around, a smile crossing his face. He looked far more dangerous than anyone could have realized. If Zod gave this look to someone on the battlefield, they would piss their pants and raise a white flag. "It's ready."

"Then our legacy will be complete."

Zod did not respond but his eyes told the story, cold and pure fury, he worked on this little project. It all started when Jor-El arrogantly refused to use the cloning process to resurrect his dead son. Granted, the more Zod thought of it, the more merit he suspected it had. It could have side effects that were quite dangerous.

The Kandorians who gave their blood, including Zod's younger self, Alura, Lara, and Jor-El, all of those years ago as a failsafe would have their genetic material secured in the orb. All of them were extremely young, early to mid-twenties when this was given. The orb was currently in the possession of Jor-El and he seemed unwilling to release the exact location of the orb, otherwise Zod would also send that along with his daughter when it was time.

He stepped towards the portal, and opened it up. A journey which would take three years by ship to Earth would only take a matter of minutes through the portal. Zod stepped on through, a twisted grin

appearing on his face when he continued to walk forward to a set of caves that were underground.

He placed the crystal carefully in a slot in the cave. The right person who came across it, they would know and they would grab onto it.

His work was done and now it was time to return to Krypton.

He had no idea how long the crystal would linger, years, decades, centuries, but it did not matter. Once Krypton met its final end, Faora would be sent along and would wait for her brother to be ready. Then his training would begin.

The House of Zod would never die.

Lily Potter found her work to be extremely interesting. As an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries, she accessed so many different and interesting forms of magic, many of which were not even taught at Hogwarts or indeed any other magical schools in the world. Charms, Potions, Transfiguration; magic was interesting and far beyond one little corner, secluded in the shadows in Britain.

She felt that she had much more to offer to the world that that to be shoehorned into a little hidden corner of the globe, a culture that was two hundred years behind development with the rest of the world. It still had facets about its culture that fascinated but also parts that frustrated her.

Her superior in the Department of Mysteries picked up a reading of a strange source of energy in a set of caves in the middle of Kansas. She stepped forward, feeling the cool winds whipping against her face. The red haired girl stepped forward, nineteen years of age, and ready to explore the unknown when she walked forward. Her green eyes blazed with intensity before she popped into the caves.

Currently she stayed in Smallville, Kansas, with her cousin Martha and her new husband, and after she explored the caves, it would be back home to then. It was surprising that Martha married a farmer with the ambitions and the potential that she had. Then again, Lily was not one to talk about taste in men, given who she married. James did have his great parts but there was something about him that was underwhelming.

Lily lit her wand when she moved forward and the light glowed to see everything around, soaking in the sounds of nature all around her. The paintings around the wall were interesting, depicting a legend that she could barely be able to understand. The cave paintings on the wall contained symbols that were etched on them, and they were interesting to try and translate. She tried a few translation spells but she realized that there was no written language that they could be translated into.

'Interesting,' Lily thought to herself, green eyes flashing, she loved puzzling together a mystery.

Lily stood there, dressed in a green jacket that matched her eyes, a black blouse that stretched over her ample bosom, D-Cup breasts, and a pair of blue jeans that wrapped snugly around her legs. She wore a black pair of high heeled boots and held her wand, when she continued to keep the lightning spells. The red hair whipped around her face when she saw a glowing purple light.

A smile crossed her face, now Lily was intrigued and a bit suspicious. The young witch took a step forward.

The light continued to beckon her, it was almost like it called for her.

Lily hesitated for a moment; she knew enough about magic that anything that beckoned a person

forward was most likely not good. Hesitation flooded in her face and her eyes. She stood, on the edge of a discovery that might be a breakthrough, although she had no clue at this point what that discovery was going to be. She tapped her foot on the edge of the ground and puzzled the situation over in her mind.

'Well, I won't know unless I take the plunge,' Lily thought and she edged forward, feeling reckless, although she would deny feeling such a thing. Daring would be the more accurate term.

She saw it, clear as day, a crystal poking out of the wall. There were two schools of thought that went through Lily's head.

The logical one was to turn around and leave it alone, because she had no idea what the crystal was and no idea what it would do it her should she touched. It looked like nothing that she ever saw in her studies and her experiences. Being one of the youngest Unspeakables in history, she experienced a lot and her parents also collected a lot of oddities over the years, what they assumed to be those artifacts left behind from alien visitors. Her eyes narrowed a little bit, considering the thought for a moment and retracted her hand but then put it back. Her hand extended out slightly.

The other thought that pulsed through her mind was that she never knew what truly rested on the other side until she took the plunge. Lily's fingers brushed against the crystal. It was a tentative touch at first, almost as if she expected some kind of trap to go off. It was highly plausible from where she was standing and she waited for the bomb to go off.

By some miracle nothing came, so Lily grabbed her fingers onto the crystal and tugged it from the wall.

The crystal was an interesting design, purple, glowing, pulsing in her hand. Lily craned an ear to hear the harmonic vibrations coming from the crystal and she instinctively held it up to her. Her eyes widened when she looked at it, she may have stumbled upon some technology or magic that was unknown to any human eyes.

The crystal heated up in her hand and caused Lily to yelp in pain when it burned into her hand. Despite the searing sensation, she was not able to remove the crystal from her hand.

Had Lily been able to see herself and had not been distracted by the pain that coursed through her body, she would have seen a purple light envelope her body. Her heart thumped a little bit against her chest, beating strongly against her rib cage. She rocked back and forth on her feet when she felt it glow in her.

The crystal crumbled in her hands like it was nothing.

Lily saw the dust particles blow away and felt something different about her. She felt stronger for some reason, like she could take on anything. She floated a few inches off of the ground, unknowingly for a moment until she smiled.

Flight was not something that was strange for her; she propelled herself with flight when she was a child. It drove Petunia nuts and Lily thought about the memories with a bittersweet sadness. She did not think about Petunia that much after the two had the big blow up after their parents were killed by Voldemort's Death Eaters.

That was in the past.

Lily stared at her hand.

'Curious,' Lily thought to herself, biting down on her lip as she analyzed it.

A small "Z" burned into her hand, it was a mark that one would not recognize without having a real

eye for detail. Lily had that eye for detail, almost to the point of being obsessive compulsive; it was scary how many details she noticed that people took for granted. The red haired woman took a step forward from the caves and searched around.

There was nothing out of the ordinary, at least nothing she could see.

The full ramifications of her visit were not going realized until the events of nine months later.

Lily returned to her relations in Kansas, before she would be heading home. Well it was mostly Martha; her husband had gone into town to pick some things up.

"So how are things between you and James?" Martha asked in a conversational voice. She stood,

around Lily's age, a year older than her, with the same shade of red hair although her eyes were blue

as opposed to Lily's vibrant green orbs.

"Things are going fine between me and James," Lily responded, although she did hope to curb some

of her husband's more immature behavior. He tended to act like he was still in Hogwarts and that

was not the type of life she wanted to be with for long. "How about you and Jonathan?"

Martha paused and pondered before she responded to her. "We're doing as well as one could expect given the circumstances. They say the first year of marriage is always the hardest."

Lily could tell that Martha was not telling her the full extent of her issues.

As it turned out, Martha did not have any problems with her husband, a man ten years her senior, although there were many things about the life she married into that was challenging. Her father did not approve that much of the marriage and given that him and Jonathan had some very hostile words, that was not surprising at all.

There were the money issues, the bad year of crops, and the fact that they were behind on bills, all of them presented certain challenges but Martha hoped to weather the storm. She breathed in.

"So, is your husband around?" Lily asked as she watched Martha.

"No, he's not," Martha responded, trying to keep herself optimistic. Jonathan always did many farm chores late into the night when most people were in bed and got up to begin when he got out of bed. There was nothing to worry about, at least not yet.

Martha looked in the mirror, hoping this farm life was not going to age her. Although if she or Lily were anything like their grandmother, they would look fairly attractive and young, half their age for a very long time, even if Lily would always have that help.

"The war is getting bad over there, I take it," Martha responded as she watched Lily.

"Bad, a new disappearance every other day," Lily responded in a fretful voice, closing her eyes to really think about the situation. "It's almost enough to make you….I don't know."

She would have liked to get away from there.

"You could have gotten away from there if you wanted to," Martha responded but she shook her head.

"James wouldn't think of it, it wouldn't be the Gryffindor thing to do," Lily told her cousin and

Martha turned around.

'Perhaps not, but it might be the smart thing to do,' Martha thought but she sat around, drinking coffee with Lily, as the night grew on.

Lily thought about the cave and what happened but decided not to bring it up to Martha. If there were any ramifications, she could deal with it.

"So no luck on the children front?" Lily asked as she watched Martha.

"No, not for any lack of trying," Martha responded, although her options with Jonathan tended to be rather limited due to the fact that he came from a traditional family. Bless the man but his sexual imagination tended to be one that was very narrow. "You?"

"The curse had more damaging side effects than I thought," Lily responded, sighing.

"Well it's not like the answer to my problem is going to drop from the sky," Martha responded in a half joking manner, although it would be nice.

The night grew long with them.

This would be the last time Lily would see Martha, at least for the foreseeable future, as a new Ministry regulation prevented travel for magicals outside the country. All that did was box them in with Voldemort where he could have his way with them.

Harry was born and Lily noticed several interesting, perhaps peculiar things about her son. And given that magical children tended to have some peculiar behaviors when compared to their Muggle compartments, what Harry was going through was quite noticeable.

The first one was that he started to crawl at three months old, which was an amazing development. Then he started to walk at six months old, which was also amazing. Lily read some books and knew that magical children progressed at an accelerated rate during their younger years but this was amazing.

Now Harry was eleven months old, nearly twelve months old, but one could mistake him for preschool age if they did not know him. Lily actually smiled; potty training was actually a breeze, which was a relief. That was one of the things that she dreaded more than anything but it was not too bad.

"Mum, why is Dad always gone?" Harry asked to her, looking at her with inquiring eyes.

He was dressed in Gryffindor colors, with his already messy black hair and green eyes looking up at her.

That was another thing Lily noticed when she looked at Harry, his vocabulary seemed to be unusually strong for someone his age. Funnily enough, he never showed this level of developmental around James when he was around. It almost made Lily question if she was imagining things, so she stopped bringing up to James after the third time she was made a fool.

"Harry, I don't know, your father will be back soon," Lily responded when she looked at Harry.

Harry shrugged before he got back to his book. He never really played like other children, at least not all that much. He seemed to be more interesting in reading and drawing, although he did like to build with blocks. Lily cherished that activity with her son, as she feared that these days with him

could eventually come to an end.

The Daily Prophet got more depressing to reach every single day, there were more deaths and more carnage. Lily's hands shook when she read about it, it was people that she knew more and it terrified her.

Then these strange dreams she had been having, the ones she refused to admit that she had with anyone. They haunted her dreams and she saw this woman when she was awake. Whispers that Harry was a gift and Lily was only the vessel to bring him into this world. These statements were cryptic and stated that Harry would be strong, powerful, beyond all measure.

That was a point that Lily did not disagree with at all. Her son was special and that was not something that she was saying as a mother. He would be capable of great things; she would do her best to make sure of that.

James turned up at this point to break Lily out of her musings. His voice sounded frantic and more serious than Lily ever heard him.

"Lily….I just got back from speaking with Dumbledore, he's got some news."

"A prophecy?"

Lily stated these words to Dumbledore, they rolled off her tongue with a certain amount of disdain. Harry was in the other room taking a nap, which Lily was glad for. She could not hope for better luck with Harry being out of the way when this bombshell dropped.

Sitting next to Lily and Dumbledore was of course James Potter. Then there was Sirius Black, James's best friend and Harry's godfather. Then there was Rose Evans, Lily's younger sister, currently in her fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Rose appeared equally skeptical with this statement and Sirius had his doubts.

"Yes, it can refer to one of two boys," Dumbledore answered when he looked at Lily with a twinkle of his eye.

"Wording is important, Albus," Lily stated warningly, she studied the matter in the Department of Mysteries after all. "It does not refer to which dark lord or which seventh month, the prophecy is vague and there's no chance that it refers to Voldemort. It might refer to a dark lord not yet born or not even of this planet."

"Lily does have a point," Sirius stated as he offered Dumbledore a questioning gaze.

Dumbledore could not refute this point but he had his reasons. "Lord Voldemort has heard the Prophecy from a spy; he was able to escape before he was properly detained. Whilst the prophecy might not refer to Voldemort as intended, now that he knows, he will stop at nothing to make sure this prophecy from happening."

'And he will do something to make it apply to him,' Lily thought to herself and she resisted the urge to throw her hands into the air. 'Great, wonderful.'

"Who is the other boy?" Sirius asked, getting straight to a certain point.

Dumbledore paused for a moment, before he stated the answer. "The son of Frank and Alice Longbottom, young Neville, could be the other boy to fit the terms of the prophecy."

Lily felt guilty for even thinking about this, but she hoped that Voldemort would go after the Longbottoms and leave her family alone.

Another voice whispered that someone this powerful, it could only refer to Harry. Harry was different than the rest of them and would go on for greater things, things that they could not even understand.

"You need to go into hiding."

"Yeah, but if Voldemort wants to find us, I doubt that there's any amount of hiding that we can do," James stated while offered Dumbledore a bit of skepticism but the aged wizard smiled.

"The Fidelius Charm is the most logical way to protect you and your family."

Lily chimed in when James seemed confused. "It's a powerful charm to hide a place from prying eyes, with the secret being locked into that of the secret keeper. They are the only ones to divulge the location. They could be standing across the road from us right now and they wouldn't see the house, even if they press nose first into it. It gives off a perception as well that the dwelling does not exist even if the person lands head on with it."

"Correct, in an essence, I believe that this charm will allow you to hide, at least until we are able to bring Lord Voldemort to justice," Dumbledore answered as he gave Lily a nod.

Lily was not fooled by this demeanor, they were no closer to defeating Voldemort then they were from elimination corruption in the government whether if bit magical or Muggle. The red haired Charms and Potions prodigy thought the matter over, James looked as if he bought what Dumbledore was selling and Lily hoped that she could trust him to protect him from harm.

'If he leads my son to harm, he won't live much longer.'

Again, that voice was a bit harsh, Lily had to admit but it had plenty of merit.

"I believe that the Secret Keeper should be someone who you would trust without any hesitation with your secret," Dumbledore responded with a twinkle in his eye.

Rose was the one that piped up at the next moment. "I'll do it

the year and Hogwarts is supposed to be the safest place on Earth."


mean, I'll be at school for most of

Dumbledore shook his head at that statement. "As much as I appreciate your willingness to help out, Miss Evans, I'm afraid that is not possible. You see the Secret Keeper spell is strongest when one is of the age of consent. While none of us would argue against you being a prodigal witch in your own right, there are certain matters that would keep you from being the right person for the job."

Rose scowled, which brought Lily some amusement or would have, had the situation not been so serious. She cleared her throat and focused on Rose for a brief moment, and offered a look that indicated that it was okay. Rose appeared like she would beg to differ but that was beside the point. The point was that Lily knew that Dumbledore was not pulling random charm information out of his wrinkly old arse. The Fidelius Charm worked best when the person who held the Secret was a fully qualified witch or wizard.

"I believe it may be prudent if

the Potters. "Of course, it may work out well for a short time but I shall warn you that being that our connection does not go strong, it may not lead to that level of trust. With all charms there is a chance that they could be broken by a skilled hand, with or without the help of the Secret Keeper."

I'm the Secret Keeper," Dumbledore answered whilst he looked at


Again, this was something that Lily was not in denial about. The red haired witch took a moment to determine everything that was being said, mulling it over in her mind. She bit down on her lip and threw her head back. This was not going to be the easiest thing in the world to do.

"Okay, if not you Headmaster, how about Sirius?"

Sirius raised an eyebrow. "Me?"

Lily had to roll her eyes. "Of course, do you know any other people named Sirius?"

"I don't know," Sirius offered, to be honest, he was stalling for time. Putting the lives of his friends in the palm of his hand, that was a tall order. There was no greater responsibility.

"You would be the best man for the job, Padfoot," James offered when he looked at him. "I trust you with my life, the life of Lily, and the life of Harry."

'His trust better not be misplaced.'

Dumbledore saw the cringing that Lily underwent and frowned. "Are you quite alright, Lily?"


that Dumbledore would buy this line from her. Granted, it was based on the truth, she was worried about a lot of what happened. The red haired witch shook her head a little bit, when she pulled herself back out of her thoughts. "I'll be fine."


stress of the war and the worry that the worst is going to happen," Lily offered, hoping

"Don't despair, it happens to the best of us," Dumbledore answered before he turned to Sirius. "So "

how about it

"I'll do it," Sirius responded when he looked at James and Lily with smiles on his face.

"I can't think of anyone better for the job," Rose chimed in but she was not happy that she did not get the job.

"I believe it will be prudent for myself and young Miss Evans to leave, for it is unwise for more people to be inside the dwelling them the home residents and the Secret Keeper when the Fidelius Charm is being performed. Unless, you feel like you need help with performing the charm Lily, and are unable to handle it."

Lily's face twisted into a grimace before she stated the following response in an overly polite and calm voice. "I'll be fine Headmaster."

Lily tossed and turned one night when she felt sweat roll down her face.

'Our family's legacy flows strongly through him.'

'He will bring force a great change.'

'Our race will be preserved.'

Lily wondered what was happening to her and her mind kept flashing back to the cave and the crystal. She saw it flashing through her mind, the "Z" that burned in her hand and she saw it flashing on the walls. A humming and chanting echoed through her mind, she tried to block it out of her mind, when a figure with short brown hair arrived.

"You have done well in bringing him to this world. Once I figure out how to become the dominant

part of this vessel, I will take over from here. No son of mine is going to be some tool for a prophecy to save a doomed race."

"Harry is my son, I carried him," Lily answered with fierce determination.

"You'd have no son."

"You would be weak without my help."

"His birth would have destroyed you."

"Har-Zod will bring order to the chaos."

Lily tossed and turned on this night, but there was no James for he snuck out for the night because he was going stir crazy. She loved her husband but there was times where he annoyed her like nothing else. This was one of those times.

The more Lily thought about it, the more she realized that there was a chance that her son might not live to see another day. Little did Dumbledore know that she and James also had twin daughters but they were born premature. The good news is that they would become healthy thanks to the magic of magic. The bad news was that Lily would be separated from her baby girls until the Christmas holidays and that was if she was lucky. Her green eyes burned with distress and she wanted to live long enough to see them.

There was a change in the secret keeper, to throw Voldemort off the trail.

She trusted Wormtail.

What she did not trust was the ability for him to show strength in the face of sudden pain. The young witch grabbed her face, before she threw her head back. There was clarity that came with what was happening.

'You do the right thing.'

The echo in the back of her head was one of those things that Lily vowed to live with and it was strange how infrequently it occurred. There were some days where the echo was present and clear and there were other days where the echo left her, never one peeping up. The young witch felt the pressure pouring on her with the echo reminding her that the crystal was the reason for Harry's being. It was true, Lily almost gave up the hope of having children after a Slytherin hit her with a curse during her seventh year. It nearly damaged her reproductive organs.

Lily never found out who did it, he or she was a coward, they struck her from behind. James did have his share of fans being an heir for an old pureblood family. There were many money hungry witches that would be after his money and other parts of him. Her green eyes flashed with remembrance when she thought about that. She turned around and knew that it was likely one of those jealous parties that struck her from behind.

The crystal healed her.

And this ritual would ensure that even her death would not be something that would stop her from protecting her son. It would give him the strength that he needed to be powerful, no matter where he was. Although, Lily felt confidence swell that her son would be strong despite her intervention or lack there of. He was born to be strong and bred to be great, he was built for greatness and that greatness would swell to a certain amount of strength.

A smile flickered on her face when she thought about the things that her son would accomplish

through his strength. The ritual would carefully add to his natural strength and prove that he would

be protected no matter where he would live. And if those inside the dwelling harmed him any

conceivable way, the consequences would be there's to suffer. Whilst the protection would wear off when he reached his age of his majority, his natural strength and powers would pick up the strength. Although what those natural strength and powers was, Lily had no idea but she had an inkling they were amazing.

She just did what the voices in her head told her to.

Lily blinked and smirked, she realized how insane that made her sound.

She was sad that the Fidelius Charm hid the house and she got to miss out on the Halloween holiday. It was one of her favorite holidays since she was young and she always enjoyed the costumes. Yet, she realized that her family's safety was far more important.

"Harry, everything's going to be okay," Lily whispered to her son, hugging him in closely, when she blinked a little bit. A smile crossed her face when she turned her head around a little bit and thought about everything.

Somehow, she thought that Harry understood.

James was asleep.

Lily thought that was for the best, given that he would not understand the necessity of what was

going to be done. She would take every step to make sure that her son was going to be the best that

he could be and there was going to be no way that he was going to be any less than his best. She

turned around and hummed a little bit, before the glowing light engulfed her and Harry. That was only phase one of the ritual, there was much more to come.

James slept, ignorant to what Lily did.

Less than a week later, Halloween arrived and so far it seemed to be a nice night there was no reason

to expect anything out of the ordinary that was going to happen. That was a statement that one would

make but that statement would be a mistake. Time stood still for them almost, with Lily thinking that they would have an early night. After the stress, the weird dreams, and the fear that everything was going on around them would cause their lives to come crashing, she suspected that much would happen.


Lily stood up; she grabbed Harry, and ran up the stairs, when she found that the windows and the doors were blocked. Her heart thumped against her chest while her pace quickened, nearly falling but managed to keep her balance, practically flying up the stairs.

'Your trust was misplaced.'

Lily realized the echo in her head was right in her own way, not that she was going to admit it. She held her son in her arms, hearing the crash of broken wood, splintered wood. The crashing of glass could be heard from behind her just as she picked up steam. She continued to pick up the pace, her knees knocking together when she made her way up the stairs. The blood flowed through her heart and she blew the doors open in Harry's room.

There was a flash of green light from downstairs and Lily knew what happened.

Footsteps thumped up the stairs.

She knew he was coming.

Harry remained alert and quiet, almost like he knew he was coming. Although Lily suspected that because of his intelligence, there was no "almost" about it. He had a pretty good idea what was happening around him at all times. She looked around and saw the barriers Voldemort put up. There was going to be no way out, no Portkey, no Floo, they could not even jump out of the window and onto a broomstick if she so desired.

Lily sealed the door shut when her eyes closed and she breathed heavily. Sweat rolled down her cheeks when she heard his footsteps get closer. It was amazing how less than a minute turned into hours and hours of wait in the theater of the mind. The young witch took a moment to arch her neck to the side and wait for him to arrive.

The door creaked before it swung open and he stood there in all of his glory. Black robes hung around his body, with a hood pulled up over his chalk white face. Lily saw a pair of soulless, slit like red eyes, without a nose. His long fingers fingered, with yellow finger nails. He was pale and disgusting, with his slimy skin. He was more serpent than man and he walked forward, facing off against Lily Potter. He offered one booming declaration.


Lily knew what was needed for the sacrifice to work.

"Take me, please don't take Harry, take me instead."

Annoyance crossed the face of Voldemort.

"Stand aside you silly girl."

No, I won't, I won't let you have my son!"

Voldemort refused to say anything more, in fact annoyance crossed his eyes. He only mildly entertained Snape's suggestion that he would spare Lily. Now that he was here and before Lily, he had no reason to spare the woman. In fact, it was another Mudblood, useless, and a worthless mother trying to protect her child. His mother never offered him the same courtesy; she gave up and died, allowing him to linger at the orphanage.

His sympathy was lacking.


The green light shot out of Voldemort's wand and connected with the chest of Lily. She flopped to the ground and the rune on Harry's head, shaped like a lightning bolt, lit up. Voldemort barely paid any attention to the child, seeing the mother descent to the ground. She was down and on the ground, apparently never to move again. At least Voldemort did not see any signs of life, but little did he know was that something happened.

Lily sacrificed the presence in her head to save her son but she retained the gifts and abilities that she got from it. It had the result of throwing her into a catatonic state that was a half of an inch between life and death. She would hover in that state indefinitely until she was revived.

Voldemort ignored this and he turned around to face the child that was supposed to defeat him.

'Weak, this thing is supposed to defeat me.'

Harry turned when he looked at this man, his mother was on the ground not moving. This man was the cause of it, and his eyes narrowed, when he crossed his hands. The fifteen month year old looked up at him, anger filling his young body.

"You hurt her," Harry stated in a firm voice.

Voldemort stopped and stared. "Do not despair, child, for you will join her next. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

The moment Voldemort sent the killing curse at Harry, a jet of red light erupted from Harry's eyes. It was like fire when it struck Voldemort. The impact of the two lights connecting caused an explosion and a piece of Voldemort's soul to detach, hooking onto the still settling rune store.

Lily remained unharmed on the floor.

Sirius Black arrived moments after it happened; it was too late, much too late for him to do anything.

He never felt a stronger combination of pain and guilt in his life, coupled with anger. This was one of the worst days of his life. He passed James on the floor and he laid motionless. Struck down by the Killing Curse, there was no way he could have blocked it. Although Sirius was confident that James put up a great fight. He was a survivor, the type of person who did not lay down for anyone ever and that's what the Black heir thought.

With trepidation, Sirius made his way up the stairs, his knees knocking together when he walked up. He feared the worst, with Lily and Harry. They were dead; there was no question about it. The dark mark was not over the house but still perhaps Voldemort had other places to be. That was the most obvious answer to that question. The eyes of Sirius Black strained when he pulled himself up the stairs.

One step at a time he walked.

He opened the door and he saw a pile of robes on the floor. It smelled like something was burning and there were ashes on the floor where he stood. A smoldering wand was at his feet.

Sirius's heart stopped; there was Lily on the floor.

He stopped and stared, not believing his eyes.

Lily was not completely dead; in fact, she was lying on the floor in a stasis. Sirius realized what Lily did immediately; she borrowed one of the books on blood magic that he borrowed from his mother and never got around to returning. After all, because Sirius was not a huge fan of dark magic, it did not mean that he was not going to be well informed of it. Dark magic was interesting as it was a broad spectrum.

Sirius waited, he needed to get Lily out of there, if her body was found in that state, who knows what might happen. He looked at Lily, his eyes drifting towards the door. He was surprised that Dumbledore's people were not around him.

He transfigured an old pile of clothes into a mangled body that resembled Lily. It was nothing fancy, Sirius admitted that but he had the job done. He knew that Lily would be safe in Castle Peverell, where Harry could return and do what he needed to do to revive her upon his fourteenth birthday. The type of blood magic was imprecise.

He heard the unmistakable footsteps of Hagrid and knew that he had to take care of Wormtail in the morning, after he wrote a letter.

Dear Rose,

This is charmed so only your eyes could read. There is a chance that I might be dead or worse after you receive this letter.

Voldemort has attacked Lily and James. Harry has survived, James is dead, and Lily's body is in a safe place, until Harry can revive her.

Wormtail betrayed us, after all what happened, I can't believe he betrayed us. We switched, after you and Dumbledore left. Here's my memory attached but I doubt that will convince anyone of anything in the Ministry. It's just to give you peace of mind.

I'm going after him.

Do what you have to do regarding your education but by the time you read this, Harry will be at his aunt and uncle's. I'm sorry.


The handwriting was shaky and the prose was scatterbrained. Rose Evans read the letter, her hand shaking. She would be seventeen years old in fifteen months and would be unable to take custody of Harry until that time.

He would be at Vernon and Petunia's by that point and Rose shuddered to think what would happen to him until then.

Little did she know that Harry was sent to the Dursleys and kept there, cut off from the rest of the world .While Dumbledore had what he perceived to be the best intentions in the world by keeping Harry there with the ancient blood magic invoked, it was not without a price. Those who wished to keep Harry Potter ignorant and in the dark used Ministry law to enforce him staying there much to the chagrin of both his aunt and his godmother, along with his distant cousins in Kansas, both on his mother's side and his father's, both who petitioned for custody but were shut down.

Sirius Black was sent to Azkaban prison and never given a trial.

However, Harry Potter might be at the Dursleys but he was far from helpless.

To Be Continued.

Next Update: 7/4/13.

Ten Years at the Asylum

So it is July 4 th ….somewhere in the world. That means it's time for the update.

I should put this out, that the original Ascension is gone forever, so please don't ask me about it.

Prologue Part Two: Ten Years in the Asylum.

Harry Potter was nothing like his relatives and each and every day, he thanked every single deity that ever existed or will exist for that fact. He was tall, handsome, and well-read for his age, not to mention he actually felt he had something to contribute to the world at large. The useless lumps could not even think if their life depended on it. His cousin Dudley was the worst of it, for he had the misfortune of acquiring the combined worst parts of the DNA of both his aunt and uncle.

Harry also pitied Dudley, or he would, for if it not were the fact he was an imbecile. And he seemed to get dumber every year. How that was possible, Harry only guessed, he might never know. Dudley was a scientific curiosity, as he devolved by each passing year. He wondered why.

It was ten long years since he was dropped off at the Dursleys. Harry remembered each and every moment with picture perfect clarity. There was this psychopath who killed his mother that much he remembered. His father, well Harry did not have much to do with him when he was a baby. Sure his father obviously loved him but he spent a lot of his time gallivanting with his friends, Harry recalled that memory with picture perfect accuracy. He had more memories of his mother than he did his father in his mind.

And more returned when Harry's mind grew stronger and he increased his mental processes. He found a day where he could not curl up with a good book to be a disappointment. The wizard read every book in the Surrey Library by the age of eight and went to London for his tenth birthday to read every book in there library. He retained every bit of information with pinpoint accuracy and was able to speed-read at inhumane levels.

He shook the cobwebs loose from his head when he thought about everything that happened.

From the moment he arrived at Number Four Privet Drive, he could tell he was loathed by his aunt and uncle. The reason why, Harry was not quite sure, although there were a few theories Harry put out there for consumption. He had a feeling that jealousy had a lot to do with what the Dursleys felt but he could not quite put his finger on why.

Every moment Harry was here, he excelled beyond the levels of that buffoon Dudley. Naturally, the Dursleys tried to hold him down. This did not end well for him, which Harry recalled for when he was five years old. He remembered that he was almost always brighter than his peers and refused to dumb himself down. His IQ was inhumane but as always he thought that there was room for improvement.


Five year old Harry Potter rolled his eyes; he would think that his uncle would have the brain cells to learn his name. Then again, it might be giving him too much credit.

"What is the meaning of this?" Vernon asked, when he practically snarled at Harry.

"I got the top grade in the class on the last test," Harry answered in a voice that was both calm and


"Dudley failed the test," Vernon responded, his eyes beady. "I think you switched papers with him."

Harry wondered if his uncle could really be that stupid but then again, asking that question made him wonder about his own sanity. The young child clasped his hand together when he stared down his Uncle, their eyes meeting when the two locked eye to eye.

"I'm excelling in all of my tests," Harry responded, wondering if he should dial back his vocabulary a bit so Vernon could get the point.

"You better not show up Dudley ever again," Vernon stated through gritted teeth when he looked purple in a face.

Harry hoped his uncle would not get a heart attack; it would be a pity if he did.

"I'm going to do my best; it's not my fault that your son is an imbecile."

Vernon raised a fist but Harry blocked his hand, with super reflexes and strength. He was surprised at his own strength but did not question it.

"How dare you


Vernon pulled back and his fingers were purple from the force that Harry exerted. There was no telling what anyone who could do that was capable of. If Vernon Dursley was a smart man, he would turn around now and leave well enough alone, so he did not get injured.

Vernon Dursley was not a smart man. He tried to attack Harry.

Vernon Dursley found himself thrown through a wall, where he landed with a solid crash. Harry did not quite figure out how he did it, only that he did it and that was good enough for him.

Harry Potter loathed people that picked on those weaker than they were. Of course, one could argue that was a sign of true weakness themselves. Harry only defended himself and believe him, he could defend himself. He was not some weak and spineless little boy who allowed people to roll over him just because they were bigger than him. Not that he was that smaller than Dudley, well Dudley was wider and Harry was taller. Harry could pass as a thirteen or fourteen year old at least if no one was the wiser.

He stood tall for his age, nearly five and a half feet tall, with subtle muscles on his arms, and black hair that was messy. Harry thought about straightening his hair but it was too much work and it annoyed the ever living piss out the Dursleys. So he decided to keep his hair messy. His eyes were green, like glowing emeralds, and showed intensity that one could get lost in.

After the episode when he was five years ago, there was a bit of a ceasefire between the Dursleys and Harry, although the undercurrent of hostility remained between them. Vernon spent nearly two months in the hospital, being knocked into a coma. Harry was not sure what kind of spin doctoring that Petunia did but he knew that he got moved into the smallest bedroom faster than a speeding bullet. Obviously, no one would believe that a five year old would knock out a full grown man.

Harry enjoyed being in that bedroom, he stayed out the way of the Dursleys and they stayed out of his way; which was for the best. It was an existence that lent itself to a cold war like environment but he thought that keeping away from Vernon and Petunia was the best thing for all of them. He did all of the household chores and the cooking, being allowed to cook whatever he wanted. That was for

the best, given that Petunia's cooking was mediocre at best.

Dudley was a strong candidate

for a Darwin award in Harry's opinion. He was not the sharpest knife in the drawer and he thought he was the most dangerous. He had his little gang of idiots that followed him around. Harry felt appalled that he had to share the oxygen that these troglodytes did and they got dumber every year. How that was possible, Harry had no idea whatsoever.

Vernon and Petunia left him alone, Dudley on the other hand


He managed to get into a private school on his own merits at the age of seven that set Vernon off a little bit, although he caved in and reluctantly conceded that Harry would go. Plus it indicated that Harry would only be home six weeks out of the year, which made Vernon all too happy to give him the encouraging nod and prod Harry out the door.

Harry was one that worked to his own pace and was glad that he went to a school that encouraged different levels of learning. It was amusing when Harry thought about it.

Over time it ceased to be a challenge as Harry kept breaking new barriers.

"Mr. Potter, I must say that I'm impressed with your marks, never has a student achieved such a high standard of education."

The old woman sat across from him, dressed conservatively, with thick glasses that allowed her to peer over them towards the now ten year old Harry Potter.

"I do think that there is not that much more for us to teach you in the future," the headmistress stated while she looked across from Harry at her desk.

"Then, I have everything that I want out of this place," Harry responded as he looked back at the woman.

"I never thought that I'd have to say this to a student but you have completed classes at a remarkable pace," the headmistress stated, almost in awe before she decided to close her eyes and keep herself in "

check. "The scary part is that you're only ten years old. I must admit that I was skeptical

"Many are skeptical but seeing is in fact believing," Harry responded with a self assured, but not quite arrogant, smirk. "I do thank you for the time I've spent here and the quality of your staff. I hope future students only get as half as I've got out of them."

"Let's hope so," the headmistress agreed as she wondered if she should be asking this to a ten year old. Even if it was one that looked and acted much older than his age. "So, tell me, what are your plans for this fall?"

Harry pondered that over but only for a second. "I always had some kind of backup plan in mind in case I finished here. I thought that it would be another year or two down the line but I have all my credits and there is nothing else for me to do at this school."

Harry thought about going on a journey to figure out what his special abilities were although he did not doubt that a ten year old going unsupervised was going to fly. A smile crossed his face, a shadow of one. Perhaps he could find out the missing puzzle piece. He had dreams of flashes of light, a crystal, a cave, and a burning "Z" surely all of them tied together, somehow.

"Oxford or Cambridge, I think that's the real question," Harry stated to the Headmistress, thoughtfully. "Although it may be a bit soon to go down that road."

'But never too soon to think about it,' Harry thought to himself, his fingers drumming on the desk.

"You will break many records," the woman stated across from him. "I do have a granddaughter around your age that has similar ambitions although I do think that in many ways you have surpassed her."

"Well, competition makes us strong and causes our brains to seek out further knowledge," Harry responded in a light tone of voice.

He thought about it, he always enjoyed having someone who challenged his intellect standing beside him, although that was quite rare. It was too much to hope for children his age not being childish. He had brief moments of challenge in school but they were fleeting and none of them lasted the distance. He knew that he was about to take the next step of his life and it would be quite fascinating.

Back in the present, Harry Potter thought that there was something different about him, although whether it was the good kind of different or the bad kind of different, that was a matter that was up for debate. He could do things that many would not dream of. The Dursleys knew what was up but neither Vernon nor Petunia fessed up with what they knew. The child prodigy found this annoying but decided that the journey would be worth it to find out.

He took a keen interest in military history and strategies, reading various books on the subject. Most of them were second hand but Harry acquired enough money by doing various odd jobs around the neighborhood. The Dursleys must not know about this for they would try and have it from them. Books could be easily hidden, nice clothes could not be. Although Harry tried to make Dudley's cast offs somewhat presentable but he could not work miracles.

He was able to jump higher, run faster, and last much longer in gym class without collapsing when their drill instructor like teacher pushed them to the limits. "Sarge" was what the students called her, at least Harry assumed it was a her. That's what the official word from the school board was, but Harry was not about to verify. He or she was a nasty cuss and actually that was somewhat appreciated by Harry.

Dudley hated her or him for it, imagine that.

Harry remained on his walk, he was checking out some new discovery of the plants that were at this science museum. The young man developed an interest in nature and the beauty of it as well, although it was shame that people were notoriously short sighted.

He arrived through the double doors, sticking near the shadows, careful not to overplay his hand. He saw another girl, within a few years of his age, maybe about fourteen or fifteen years old, standing beside him. She had red hair that reached down past her shoulders in curls and a pair of green eyes that could be seen behind her glasses. She wore a green t-shirt and blue jeans, with sandals. She was slightly taller than Harry, although not by much. He suspected she was taller than most girls her age.

The teenager stated when she looked at the plants with a smile on her face. She was in the apex of her interest. "Fascinating."

Harry looked at her, and smiled. "I know it is."

"Most people wouldn't share that opinion," the girl stated when she looked at Harry, a bit of

frustration and a tiny bit of anger going through her eyes. "I

never mind."

"Never mind what?" Harry asked when he looked at the older girl, who took a moment to collect her thoughts.

"It's stupid


"Nothing is stupid if you believe in it," Harry responded as he turned towards her. "Those who deny that….well they are the fools."

The young woman decided to throw all caution to the wind. "Well there are more and more trees

being cut down every year and

people don't think about that, they seem to think that there are an infinite number of trees there. And "

when they start cutting


wouldn't be a problem if we could keep up with the demand. But

down endangered species, it's


"Calm down and take a breath," Harry responded and the teenager nodded, taking a deep breath before she sank down on her heels. It was no use getting exasperated.

"Well, plants like this, they're rare for a reason," she responded, her green eyes filled with sadness and despair when she tossed her hair back a little bit. "People keep killing them and they don't think "

what they need to do to replace them. You might think it's stupid but

"It's not, trust me," Harry chimed in as he looked into her eyes, with a reassuring expression on his face.

She looked on the verge of getting upset.

"Okay, I've just heard my fair share of snide comments when I try to get people to sign petitions to shut this hack and slash operations down," the redhead stated in a calm and tranquil voice before she closed her eyes and thought about it. "And that's not even counting what they throw up in the air chemical wise."

Harry felt her pain, while he knew that it would be stupid to put plants before people, poisoning the environment in such a way was going to kill people away. The average temperatures increased with each passing year and it was only going to get worse. Both sides of this debate looked bad given the heavy handed way they went at things, always to push an agenda, but Harry was not concerned about how other people looked, he was concerned about doing what he could to build a better future.

"I know, one day, someone's going to do something about it, hopefully it won't be too late," Harry stated, when he looked at her. "Maybe it will be me."

Harry was always one to reach for the stars.

The redhead hoped that he was right. "I'll


what I can to help."

She stopped and offered a shifty smile. "You know, I've been talking to you for about five minutes and I haven't told you my name."

"Nor you with mine," Harry stated as he offered her to continue.

"Pamela Isley, I'm going to be a Sophomore at Gotham City High next year, I'm over here for a holiday with friends," Pamela stated whilst she focused her gaze on the young man before her "They want to go to the beach or something but I figured I'd stop over here and take a look at these endangered plants. I hope that next time there won't be even more in this exhibit."

"Hopefully they can find a way to preserve and replicate," Harry stated before he added. "Harry



not sure where I'm going this fall, I'm looking into my options, university beckons."

"You must be, what, fourteen, fifteen years old?" Pamela asked as she looked at him, eyebrow raised.

Although he did seem like he was much more mature, so perhaps he was rather young looking for his age, Pamela reasoned.

Harry wondered if he should tell the truth. "I'm actually going on eleven."

This was a statement that caused her eyes to widen and a question of disbelief to cross her face.

"I don't believe you," Pamela answered as she looked at him, skeptical at this belief. "Most eleven

year old boys are snotty little twerps and most of the girls as well group."


offense to people in your age

Harry chuckled when he looked at her. "None taken and point well taken."

"I mean, it's just that…no offense to you meant, but people your age don't act so enlightened," Pamela responded as she chose her next few words rather carefully. "They are among the type that….well they are among the type that tend to think with their posteriors more than their heads."

"Jeez, Pamela, say what you really mean," Harry responded, although he smiled. "Smart, beautiful, enlightened, really, that's a good combination. I wonder if I can keep you."

"No, I'm sure that my parents would want me back in time," Pamela stated, although a blush appeared on her cheeks. She'd be a liar if she was not seriously considering his offer.

"Well, fine, but we'll come back to this in a few years, once your parents might be less inclined to keep you," Harry responded as he leaned forward and teased her hand with a brief kiss to it.

This caused her mind to go into overdrive but she shook her head.

Pamela watched Harry, he was quite the interesting puzzle piece. "So, I'm in town for a few more days, so maybe the two of us can get together and hang out, continue this conversation."

"That would be excellent" Harry responded, feeling good about having someone on his intellectual level to talk to would do him good. Pam did seem to be rather withdrawn in many ways but he could tell that she had a good head on her shoulders and they barely scratched the surface in the time that they were together.

Days had passed since that initial meeting, with Harry and Pamela parting ways and exchanging contact information, so they could write or talk each other. Written correspondence was preferred although it would be pretty slow all things considered. Still, Harry knew that having Vernon, Petunia, or worse Dudley answering the phone would be an appalling situation. He wanted to keep anyone he was friendly with away from that lot as much as possible.

'Ah, back to the asylum,' Harry thought when pushed open the doors of Number Four Privet Drive

and turned a moment looking around, a little bit. 'I can't lie a more permanent basis.'


be glad when I'm out of this place on

Harry was not even inside the house for a few minutes when the mail arrived.

"Dudley, get the mail!"

"Make Potter get it, he's home."

"Boy, get the mail!"

'Fat arse,' Harry thought but he decided that since he was approximately three feet away from the

door step, he would get the mail. He scooped up the mail in his hand and saw a few bills, a postcard from Aunt Marge.

Oh yes good old Aunt Marge, Harry had to admit that he was not sure who was uglier out of the two between Vernon and Marge or who was manlier rather. It was a toss up. It was funny how Marge resembled her favorite companion, a bulldog. Although the ten, nearly eleven year old, prodigy felt bad about comparing bulldogs to Marge. The poor animals didn't need to be insulted as such.

Yet there was something else.

There was a letter.

A letter for Harry, it rested in his hand, when he held it. It had a crest, with a badger, an eagle, a

snake, and a lion, with a "H" in the middle. It was addressed to his bedroom and he quickly stowed it away.

"There you go Uncle Vernon," Harry stated in a completely polite and respectful voice.

Vernon took the mail without a word of "thank you". Then again, Harry did not expect the baboon

to have manners. Actually he shook his head, he saw baboons at the zoo that looked more dignified

than Vernon Dursley or his offspring acted. He passed Aunt Petunia, who barely acknowledged his presence. It was just as well, he did not acknowledge hers.

Harry walked down the streets. The neighbors did not pay too much attention to them. It was amazing how the Dursleys spread rumors about him being lazy and a juvenile delinquent to try and discredit him. It did the reverse, destroying what little credibility the Dursleys had. The neighbors regarded him with tension due to the fact that he was a bit too smart for his own good but they could not deny his hard working ability with his academic achievements showing up in the paper.

He stopped and slowly opened the letter, reading it.

Dear Mr. Potter.

We are pleased to announce that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You will find enclosed a book and supply list. We will await your owl no later than July 31st 1991.


Professor Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress.

Harry stared at this letter.

'Await my owl,' Harry thought when he mouthed the words when they went over in his head.



supposed to go back inside and get the family owl because everyone has one of those,


As if on cue, Harry saw an owl fly and drop down to the branches across the way. Suspicion flicked through his eyes. Its sudden appearance was too much to be a coincidence. Harry looked at the bird, following its progress with his eyes.

"I suppose this Hogwarts place sent you," Harry stated, feeling stupid for even engaging into

conversation with an animal, even though he knew this particular breed of owls to be highly


The owl hooted in response and almost nodded his head. Come to think of it, these owls were specially bred, they had to be, and perhaps for the purpose of carrying mail.

"I trust if I'm to post a letter, you will take it to this Hogwarts place," Harry offered, staring down the owl who hooted once again.

Magic would be a logical explanation with what Harry was able to do, he was not going to lie. Providing of course that was not a prank which he found the likelihood to be quite high. Although it would explain the nearly medieval reactions that the Dursleys had to some incidents that he did in the past. And the fact that he was able to hurl Vernon through the wall at super strength, yep that explained that.

Harry decided to write a response, although he would need more information before he decided to make an about face with everything. He had several scholarships to several good schools that he was considering and this school offered him nothing but a letter with vague promises about a mystical art.

Dear Professor McGonagall,

I find your letter to be quite fascinating and it would offer explanations to certain incidents that happened during my life. Although I do require more proof than a mere letter. If you can provide that proof, then I will give your school the proper amount of consideration. Providing you give me the proof but you should know that I am sitting on several impressive offers from some of the top schools in the country. So I do hope that what you have to say is worth my while.

Respectfully Yours,

Harry Potter.

Feelings of impending dread reached Minerva McGonagall, she received Harry Potter's letter mere minutes ago, dropped everything she was doing, and made her way to Number Four Privet Drive. She had a bad feeling about this place and given the tone of Harry Potter's letter, he did not know where his parents came from. Which meant Petunia demeaned the sacrifice James and Lily made and brushed it underneath the rug.

Minerva McGonagall could have passed as a woman in her mid to late thirties, even if she was much older. The magical aging process was quite interesting as it was accelerated prior to the age of consent before going a third as fast or even a fourth depending on the power of the witch or wizard in question.

McGonagall had her dark hair tied back in a bun as was her standard look. She had blue eyes behind a pair of glasses and a face that was always in a stern look. She found the stern look to be the most effective when dealing with problematic students, and she had her share of students over the years that could be troublemakers. Granted, Minerva did get into trouble a few times during her Hogwarts years but only when the situation warranted. There was a time where smiles were needed and there was a time to be serious.

She slipped off from Hogwarts before Dumbledore or anyone else could find out that there was an issue. She knew for a fact that he intended to send Hagrid to fetch young Mr. Potter. Bless his heart, but Minerva somehow doubted that Hagrid would be able to handle this situation. Minerva read between the lines and decided that it was time for her to take action.

She would have heat with Dumbledore later but she would eat that heat. She fought with him tooth and nail about the Snape thing for years before she caved in. Minerva thought that it would be easy to fire back at the Slytherins but that would be playing into Snape's hand as a tragic martyr. The Gryffindors took out their frustrations on most of the Slytherin house because of this and it was a circle of vengeance where there seemed to be no end in sight.

Quite frankly, the only reason why the house system was kept up was because it was tradition. And for Quidditch, one could not forget Quidditch. Minerva could not forget that Snape's Slytherins destroyed her Gryffindors for the fifth year in a row this past season, especially with the fact Snape made snide comments about what happened.

Of course, talking about sports was not important what was important was the action that Minerva was about to accomplish. She raised a hand and threw everything off to the side before she knocked on the door three times in succession.

She waited and watched for the door open. Minerva could wait and the door opened to reveal Petunia Dursley standing on the other end. She was just as Minerva remembered.

"May I help you?" Petunia asked in one of those polite tones of voices that rang false and Minerva was not fooled at for a second. Minerva's eyes narrowed slightly before she stared down this woman.

"Mr. Potter received his letter," Minerva stated and it was at these words Petunia turned the color of rancid milk. "It was a curious response, it is almost as if you did not tell him of his heritage despite the fact that Dumbledore told you to do so."

Petunia stepped back when she nearly fell over and Vernon, who was home from work, walked over.


beady little eyes.


the devil are you doing here?" Vernon asked as he looked at Minerva through his

"I am here because Mr. Potter wrote back a letter, he seemed to not believe that Hogwarts existed, despite you were to tell him about the school when he turned seven years of age," Minerva responded when her eyes flashed. "At least that's what Dumbledore made me believe but you were to inform him of his magical abilities."

Vernon cringed at the "m-word" like it was the "n-word" but he knew better than to say anything right now. His skin flushed over when he thought about everything. His heart thumped a little bit, when he thought about it.

"The boy isn't going," Vernon started; he tried to salvage this and to make himself believe that he had control of his own house.

"I believe that you have little say in the matter, given our laws," Minerva stated, while she most times respected the rights of the parents and guardians, there was a time where she had to make an exception to the rule. She kept a pair of eyes on Vernon ,staring at him with beady fury.

"What is this?"

Harry showed up and stood tall. Minerva frowned at the rags he wore, she was under the impression that the Dursleys were well off and even if they were not well off, they were supposed to get a bit of gold every month which would provide Harry's essentials.

"You wrote to me, Mr. Potter," Minerva stated, keeping her tone cool and professional. "I represent "

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I believe

"This meeting is a waste of time," Vernon stated nastily before he looked at Harry. "We've allowed you to go to that school because we hoped that it would stamp this foolishness out of you."

"Stamp this foolishness?" Minerva responded as she turned towards Vernon slowly and he gulped a little bit, realizing that he said too much.

"My uncle seems to think that all imagination should die," Harry answered helpfully when he looked at Vernon.

'Because he's inadequate and has nothing of his own going for him,' he added to himself mentally. 'Really sad that he has to project his short comings onto me.'

"So I trust you don't know what happened to your parents," Minerva stated, trying to keep her cool.

"The Dursleys told me they were layabout drunks and heroin addicts who got themselves killed in a car crash," Harry stated in a casual voice before he threw his hands back and waited for the shit storm that was about to happen.

Minerva mentally counted to ten, even though there was a subtle hint in the back of her mind that she should start in and begin to run down the Dursleys. They demeaned the heroic sacrifice that James

and Lily Potter made, because of their

that had to be it. Or perhaps because their own lives

were miserable but she turned around to face the Dursleys.


"A car crash," Minerva stated in an icy cold voice.

Vernon's temper rose up. "What should we have told him?"

"The truth for one thing would be a good start," Minerva stated in her sternest tone whilst she burned a hole through Vernon with a stern gaze. "James and Lily Potter sacrificed themselves so ignorant people like you didn't have to be hunted down like animals. "

"What is this nonsense?" Vernon asked when he stated through gritted teeth.

"You know, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Dumbledore explained it to you in a letter," Minerva stated and now Harry was curious.

"Who must not be named?" Harry asked but Minerva was not quite done with ripping into the Dursleys.

"All you had to do was tell the truth and treat him like you would treat a child. You didn't have to spend one bit of your money on him even. Yet, you decide to hide the truth from him."

Vernon decided to step forward. "I don't know what lies he told you in that letter but I can assure you that I'll take care of it. And I'll have you know that as his legal guardian, I have a right to tell him what to do. He's lucky he's gotten the free reign he has. He's cheated to upstage our Dudley and he violently attacked me when I punished him with his freakishness."

"Defensive magic, it could be triggered when the young wizard or witch feels threatened," Minerva stated whilst she looked at Vernon through clenched teeth.

"Lies, he attacked me," Vernon stated when the purple vein bulged through his head, when he "

clutched his fists and breathed in and out heavily. "And I think

"If you thought much, you would have done something better with your life," Harry stated in an undertone when Vernon lunged forward.

Vernon tried to attack Harry Potter. Harry thought that he could use another corrective lesson but McGonagall was quicker on the draw. She jabbed her wand towards him and caused him to fall back with a bang, landing on the ground.

Vernon the man was replaced by a walrus on the ground. He flapped on the ground, his eyes still nasty. Petunia's eyes widened and she looked like she was on the verge of hyperventilating.

"You were warned what would happen if you mistreated Harry," Minerva stated crisply before she looked at Petunia's facial features. "I can tell that the protections in this house are doing their job as they should. Your looks on the outside are resembling the animals that you are acting like on the inside."

Petunia gasped at the implications but she heard the fair amount of jibes that she looked like a horse in the face. And she had a long neck, so she also resembled a giraffe in many ways. Dudley looked more piggish but she refused to hear any words against her precious baby boy.

Minerva's eyes blinked when she focused on Harry, before she transfigured the coffee table into a roaring lion that caused Petunia to back up a little bit in fear. She had her few seconds of enjoyment before she transfigured it back into a coffee table.

"I trust you have the proof that you have," Minerva stated when she looked at him.

"Yes, Professor McGonagall, you made a believer out of me," Harry answered whilst he looked at her, with a smile crossing his face.

"If you have anything that you need, then pick it up, otherwise follow me," Minerva responded when she waved at Harry who followed her.

Minerva stopped and turned back around to look at Petunia.

"Your husband will return back to what passes as normal for him in three hours."

She turned back around before she walked out the door with Harry. "This way Mr. Potter."

Harry followed her, knowing that he'd get more information that he did and he could figure out where he could go next. This Hogwarts could give him something to do with his time because he figured that an eleven year old going to university might be a problem. So he would see what McGonagall had to offer, even if he wished to keep his options open.

To Be Continued in the Next Chapter "Summer Before The First Year."

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Summer Before Year One

Summer Before First Year.

Harry was pleasantly surprised with how quickly that he got out of the Dursleys. Which was a good thing for sure, as with each passing year, it was getting harder and harder to stomach them. Even if their encounters were almost limited, Harry still found it rather hard to fathom that he shared the same oxygen as them. Still he did wonder where they were going.

McGonagall managed to collect her thoughts and also hold back the rant that she was about ready to spit out. She warned Dumbledore that something like this was very likely to happen but he decided that in his infinite wisdom not to listen to her. It was only a small miracle that the blood protections around the home, they worked somehow. The Transfiguration teacher wondered what Lily did to make them work. She figured that they were not based off of the love that the Dursleys had because there was none.

"Diagon Alley is the first stop on our list, touch this and it will take you there," Minerva stated, thankfully when she got the letter, she was able to call in a favor from Amelia Bones in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. "This is what we call a Portkey, it is a magical device that will transport you from one location to another in a matter of seconds. It is used for those of us who do not Apparate, which is the preferred magical form of travel."

Harry kept that in mind.

"So essentially Apparation is much like teleportation," Harry stated whilst he looked at McGonagall. "So essentially magical users punch a hole through time and space and travel in between atomic particles to land at a location. Or do they essentially fly at hyper speed and end up in a location in a way that offers an illusion of appearing and disappearing at will."

Minerva took a moment to mull that over her head. It was an oddly scientific explanation for what the mechanics of apparation were but fairly accurate all things considered.

"I believe that some amount of concentration is also required," Harry stated after another thought. "Otherwise, you will be ripped apart in the space which you are traveled."

"That would be correct, we refer to it as splinching," Minerva stated whilst she nodded her head. "That's a nasty business, that is why people are not recommended to apparate until their magic has fully developed at seventeen years of age. Of course some do mature quicker than others but a rigorous training process is required."

Harry figured at much, he had an inkling that splinching was not something that he thought he wanted to go through. He walked with Minerva towards the pub in the middle of London.

Minerva took a moment to count her lucky stars that the pub was not crowded; it would be much easier to get their business done. She needed to send a letter to someone as it pertained by Mr. Potter's living arrangements during the summer but she figured that could wait for the moment. A trip to Gringotts was first on the list and she snatched Mr. Potter's key from Dumbledore's desk drawer in the morning. There was no reason for him to hold onto it any longer after all.

Thankfully, Harry's scar was not recognized and Minerva thought that was quite fortunate. He would not have had that famous identifying mark if Hagrid had not gotten drunk and told a crowded pub about the scar.

Harry had many questions but he decided on just the one. "How long is a Hogwarts education?"

He wondered how much this would fit into the plans he had. He suspected that since he had these powers, he would train them up but he doubted that a hidden magical school would do him much good for his ambitions in the real world.

Minerva responded to this inquiry in a crisp voice. "Seven years is the traditional education."

"Seven years, mmm?" Harry asked, not quite sure if he wanted to spend that much time on an education at a secluded place, he decided to ask another question. "Is there any type of honors program?"

Minerva was floored but she knew that there were a few precedents for an accelerated Hogwarts education. "We offer an alternative where you can take a year within a four month window, but I must warn you that this process is rigorous. You will need to do three times the work than the normal student. We do not allow you to take more than two years during one school year even if you take that path and examinations are only given during the Christmas holidays and at the end of the school year."

"So I could be done with my first year by Christmas and be done with my second year by the end of the school year," Harry offered and Minerva nodded her head in affirmation.

"Yes, but it only gets tougher from there, with your fifth through seven years being the most grueling," Minerva remarked as she thought about it. "During your fifth year, you sit your Ordinary Wizarding Level exams, which will determine the advanced classes you will take. During your seventh year, you take your Nastily Exhausing Wizarding Tests which is a key step in determining your employment although that is far from the only qualification."

'OWLs, and NEWTs….do they realize how that makes these people sound?' Harry thought but he kept his face stoic even if he was bursting to shake his head. 'No sense of self awareness, at all.'

Minerva sighed when she thought about the number of Muggle Born students that excelled in their NEWTs and were locked into their jobs. Some half blood students as well but only a few rose above the crop. Lily Evans was one of the few due to the fact that she smartly made the right connections through Horace Slughorn and got a job as an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries fairly soon after she finished her NEWTs.

Harry took a moment to look at the list that he read it.

"Your parents left you a small fortune that should be allowed for you to go through your through your Hogwarts years," Minerva stated whilst she looked at Harry before she added. "And you will receive a second vault for achieving your Ordinary Wizarding Level exams and a third vault that you will have when you obtain your Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test exams. It is a Potter Family tradition"

Harry thought that it was an incentive to stay in school and he listened intently when McGonagall explained to him the various monetary systems of the world and how they compared to the Muggle World. He soaked in the information, boring, but practical.

"And I will return to your key now," McGonagall stated before she handed Harry his key and Harry took it. "I know that you will hold onto it."

"I will," Harry answered, he had money of his own in the past but it was very rare. Most of it was scrapped together by doing chores around the neighborhood.

"I wish to inquire about my vaults and what the contents are in them," Harry stated as he looked at the goblin at the desk. "Do you have any method of verification for my identity?"

Harry could tell that he was in the midst of a proud race of warriors that refused to back down no matter what. There was a part of Harry that really respected that. His eyes locked on the goblins, not backing down from their stare and they did not back down from them. There was an intense battle of iron wills with neither backing down.

"We do have this method, use this knife to cut your finger," the goblin answered as he held the knife and Harry cut his finger, allowing the blood to drip down. "It's magically reinforced to cut through the toughest skin."

Harry found his skin heal over after his blood splashed down on a piece of paper. It splattered and spilled on the paper, before it glowed before him. It hummed a little bit, before he flipped his finger over, looking at it. His finger was nicked a little bit but it healed almost immediately.

"Well Mr. Potter, you are who you say you are but I trust you've read the sign and understood the consequences of you lying," the goblin stated through beady eyes, many humans throughout the centuries did not realize that by passing those doors, they entered into a legally binding contract with the goblins that would have harsh consequences. "You will be escorted to a conference room; there are sensitive matters that we will be discussing."

Minerva knew that it was not her place to pry. "I must contact someone; I will meet you back here in thirty minutes, Mr. Potter. I trust that will be sufficient time."

"It will be," the goblin responded as his eyes looked at him.

Harry held himself up tall and proud as the goblins walked towards him. The goblins knew of their role to protect Harry Potter because given that he had the potential to be one of the most important clients that they ever encountered, so they were protecting their money.

Harry saw two goblins sitting in the conference room. One of them was a goblin who looked like the others. He had the same leathery skin and the same nasty eyes and expression. He inclined his head with a nod.

The second party was a female goblin; she had long dark hair that covered her greenish skin. She had violet eyes and a thick set of lips, with a curved body that was covered in robes. She was taller than the normal goblin although she was much shorter than the normal human.

"Lord Ragnok and his daughter Princess Sersi, of the goblin nation," the lead guard stated before the pair bowed.

"It is an honor," Harry answered before he extended a hand forward and Ragnok nodded.

"The pleasure is all mine, Potters have trusted Gringotts with their gold and it was their investments that allowed us in part to help fund this bank," Ragnok stated as he kept his eyes on the youngest Potter. "They were correct to put their faith in the right place. I have personally been put in charge of the Potter Family accounts but the death of my oldest brother has placed me next in line for the throne of the goblin nation."

Harry inclined his head.

"It has allowed my oldest daughter to move up to the role of account manager of the Potter Family Holdings," Ragnok stated before his eyes turned towards his daughter. "I will still be working with her but after the four year grace period is up, she will be moved over to the full time account


"It would be an honor to work with you, Harry Potter," Sersi stated, trying to keep her emotions professional and stoic. Like most teenagers, she was quite taken with Harry Potter and she was barely older than sixteen or seventeen by human terms. The fact he looked like he did made it a struggle to keep her hormones in check. Yet she remained professional. "I hope that I will serve you well as your account manager."

"It will be an honor to be served by the daughter of one of the most prominent goblins," Harry stated, whilst he knew very little about goblins, it would be prudent to learn.

"Your business holdings, Mr. Potter," Sersi stated as she slid him several folders for his consumption. "Including information about the companies that your mother invested in, both in the Wizarding World and the Muggle World. Also the Potter family has had their share of investments in both worlds."

Harry took a look at everything and flipped through what he read before him. He noticed several companies that he invested in and they were all doing rather well, something he endeavored to keep doing.

"All of the money has been funneled into a vault which you will be able to access upon the completion of your Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests," Ragnok stated as he looked back at Harry, carefully gauging his reaction. "If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask."

"What is this Castle Peverell?" Harry asked them.

Sersi, anxious to show her merit, chimed in. "It is one of the oldest dwellings in Great Britain, and legend has it that it has popped up one day out of nowhere, with architecture that has not been seen by anyone of magic or mundane."

"So since I own it, I will be able to enter it, correct?" Harry asked but Sersi turned towards him, biting her lip nervously.

Ragnok answered for his daughter. "It's not that simple, the castle is locked until you hit the age of fourteen years old. All of your other properties will be able to be accessed until that."

Harry had six or seven properties, a few in this country and a couple in the United States, including a fairly large house in Kansas, which was something that he wanted to look into more closely.

"No more questions at this time," Harry stated, he had to have a chance to look over these documents later.

Sersi handed Harry a mirror. "If you have any more questions, you can use this mirror to contact me. Say my name and I'll be there."

Harry kept that in mind and they went over a few more minor details as he mentally plotted. There was so much to take in and to do.


"So, I'm famous, if what the goblins hinted to me is true," Harry remarked to McGonagall after they

met up once again. "The question is


am I famous for?"

McGonagall wished that she had not been put in the role. "Your fame is for something that you may not remember. For years, there was a powerful dark wizard, his name was V-V-voldemort. But most

called him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You-Know-Who for they could not speak his name."

"Seems foolishness to be afraid of the name when they should have feared the person behind the name," Harry stated as he looked at her through slightly narrowed eyes. "Then again, they could have potentially increased the fear by fearing the name."

"Perhaps," Minerva agreed, the more she thought about it, the more she thought that statement had some merit. Of course, such behavior was conditioned due to being around him. "But regardless, he murdered many. Some of his followers, they were worse for they followed him without question but they did not need much prodding to get the blood on his hands."

Harry figured that happened, it sounded like a cult leader.

"So the story goes that when he arrived at your house, he killed your father and then your mother but something caused his body to be destroyed when he tried to kill you," Minerva stated as she paused and took a moment to consider Harry, closing her eyes. Lily and James were two of her favorite students and later dear friends, so she took their deaths rather hard. "There are many theories as to how you survived, some of them quite far fetched. The clearest one was that your mother performed

some kind of charm, using her death as a sacrifice. It protected you. The backlash of the killing curse

caused the house to explode and cave in. Your father's body was recovered but your mother's we found it, mangled some time later."


Minerva again remembered how hard it was to deal with the deaths of the Potters.

"I will explain more to you about this at a later time if you wish to know but you are famous for the fact you lived, hence the moniker, the Boy-Who-Lived," Minerva stated as she looked at Harry.

Harry could not resist, it was too easy. "So You-Know-Who, He-Must-Not-Be-Named, the Boy- Who-Lived, this world surely does love its hyphens."

"One could say that," Minerva agreed, not quite thinking about it that way but now that Harry mentioned it, she could not very well unthink it.

Harry went through his shopping in no time, he picked up his books, along with a few extra things, his school supplies, and all of his clothes. He decided not to bore himself by recalling the details, he did spend a fair bit of gold but it was a worthy investment. He did not want to enter that world ignorant after all.

Given his earliest impressions, there was far than enough ignorance in that world to go around without him contributing to the epidemic.

"There is two final stops that must be made," McGonagall stated as she turned towards Harry and focused on him. "The first stop is to get a pet. While I am partial to cats, I will not deny that an owl is the practical of the three pets. Toads are considered to be useful in their own way if you look at it from a certain perspective but they went out of fashion except for older witches and wizard."

Harry nodded, he did wonder what the practical uses of a toad would be. The younger crowd would most certainly not look at toads. It did not take long before the pet was purchased; she was a snowy owl with brown eyes. Whilst Harry was not certain of a name, he would figure that out later.

Now there was one more important thing on his list.

"Your wand awaits, Mr. Potter," Minerva stated whilst she waited for him to speak.

"So a wand is essential for performing all magic," Harry stated, trying to fish for the explanation about the nature of wands.

"A wand makes it easier to focus untrained magic but most if not all elect to hang onto their wand after they conclude their magical education," Minerva explained whilst she wondered what Harry was driving at. He did ask a lot of interesting questions that most first years would not ask, being overwhelmed by magic and its majesty.

"So they grow used to a wand because that is what they have been trained with for seven years?" Harry asked.

"Yes, one could say that and knowing how to perform magic without a wand could be a useful tool but not one that many people have the time nor the patience to practice," McGonagall stated, the truth was she knew a decent amount of magic without her wand but not as much as she would liked. She made the error of trying to learn after the wand usage was ingrained into her mind for seven years, so she had to untrain herself, which was an extremely long and laborious process. After seven years, it seemed odd to try to perform magic without a wand.

Harry thought that it would be worth his time to learn his spells with and without the wand .He was not sure if he liked a flimsy piece of wood being the only defense between him and a potential powerful enemy. There was something about that struck him as potentially troublesome.

He walked into a dusty shop that must have been here since the Alley was set up and potentially not cleaned as well. Harry felt a small watering in his eyes.

"Harry Potter," the old man breathed, with Harry wondering if he had been here about as long as the dust settled. "I must say it has been a long time, but I've been expecting you."

'No, not foreboding in the slightest," Harry thought to himself but he remained quiet and stoic.

"I do recall when your mother was in here buying her very first wand," the old man stated whilst he

surveyed Harry. "It was charms work."


I do recall, Ten and a fourth inches, made of willow, excellent for

The old man, Ollivander Harry guessed, given the name on the sign, paused for what he suspected was dramatic effect.

"Your father on the other hand, he preferred a wand that was eleven inches long, made out of mahogany and it moved towards Transfiguration. But we all have our specialties and it's the wand the wand that chooses the wizard."

"It seems to me that you think that wands are sentient," Harry offered crisply, not sure if he was too fond of having some object that chose him. It almost indicated possession and Harry would be ruled by no one.

"Some have believed that wands have a mind of its own , yes," Ollivander agreed with a swift nod of his head before his attention shifted. "Minerva McGonagall, I recall you as well, it seems as if it was yesterday. Your wand was Nine and a half inches long, made of Fir, with a Dragon Heartstring core. Ideal for powerful magic, especially Transfiguration, it still treats you well."

"Quite," Minerva stated as the tape measure floated on its own accord, measuring Harry.

"Which is your wand arm, Mr. Potter?" the old man inquired.

"I'm Ambidextrous," Harry responded in a flat voice and the old man smiled.

The wand fitting process began and it was a long time. Harry tested wand after wand with what seemed like hours on end. Some of the wands blew up in his hands. Ollivander's excitement grew as more and more wands were burned through.

"A powerful and tricky customer," Ollivander remarked as he gazed over him. If there was something that he liked, it was a challenge. "Let's try this one, eleven inches long, made of holly, with a Phoenix core feather. Yes, this might do the trick."

Harry had the most stirring feeling that Ollivander figured out this wand was the one long before he walked into the shop. The old man had a flair for all things dramatic, that's what Harry figured from how he acted so far.

Yet he grabbed the wand between his fingers and felt a warmth spread to his fingertips. He blinked a little bit, when he shot sparks from it and nodded.

"Yes, I thought that this would be the one," Ollivander stated as he blinked and turned his head. "But that's curious, much curious."

Harry was not going to let this go.

"What, may I ask, is curious?"

"The Phoenix that gave its feather, well it gave you one more and the brother wand that scar."

well it gave you

Harry paused for some time before he turned towards Ollivander and stared at him with widened eyes. He tried to figure out how to process what he heard but it was a statement which there was only one logical answer.

"I see," Harry stated calmly, letting out his breath and McGonagall did not say anything, which made things a lot easier.

To be honest, he was not feeling the entire wand thing, because he hated being dependent on anything, especially a flimsy piece of wood that could be broken. While he grudgingly admitted that this one was more closely matched then the others, he still wasn't feeling it.

"Yes, He-Who-Must-Named did great things. Awful yes, but great."

Harry thought that someone with such notoriety would be capable of greatness, although the type of greatness that was twisted. Now the young wizard vowed to learn as much he could about this enemy. The way everyone talked about him, it was like he was dead, but yet his specter loomed over everyone like a beacon.

Harry wordlessly paid for his wand, the seven Galleons. Given what he calculated about the monetary conversions, wands were not cheap. Which was a rather interesting price given how essential. He suspected Ollivander was wealthy with the number of wands he sold per year.

"Come Mr. Potter, the day grows short and we need to discuss your living arrangements for the rest of the summer," Minerva stated as she looked at Harry and he turned to her. "Given what occurred, it may not be prudent for you to return to the Dursleys."

"Hopefully never," Harry offered as he looked at the woman, who offered a sad sigh.

"Circumstances dictate so but it is a legal mess that I will allow our guest the happy pleasure of explaining," Minerva stated before she led Harry back towards the Leaky Cauldron, his purchases

packed up, along with his new owl and wand.

Andromeda Tonks waited at the Leaky Cauldron, she knew that in a short time, Minerva would return with Harry Potter. She was surprised to get a Floo Call, she was on a rare vacation and when she was asked to keep an eye on Harry, she jumped at the chance. The last time she saw him, he was really young, barely even a year old if truth be told. That was before Lily and James went into hiding to protect themselves from Lord Voldemort.

Andromeda was named Harry's godmother, although thanks to the law passed on the Ministry books, if there were any relatives alive of an orphan, then they would get sent to those relatives, and said relatives would have to be in the country of Britain. Knowing how potentially spiteful Petunia was, Andromeda tried to use every connection she could at the Ministry to make an exception but Lucius Malfoy threw his weight around. He wanted to make Harry ignorant of his heritage so he could sneak in and get a hold of the Black Family fortunes later on.

It was a long last several years. It all started about a year before the fall of Voldemort, when Andromeda's husband, Ted, died at the hands of Death Eaters. He was a rookie Auror, very much in over his head. Yet, he wanted to be a hero, even though he could not be much of one. Her daughter was left orphaned at six years old. And now she wanted to become an Auror to honor her father.

"Andromeda, sorry we've run a bit late, Harry took a bit longer to get his wand."

Andromeda snapped her eyes around and saw Harry standing beside Minerva, and giving her an appraising look.

"It's quite alright, Minerva," Andromeda responded before she jumped to her feet. "Harry, you might not remember me, but my name is Andromeda Tonks, I was appointed as godmother by your parents."

"And why didn't you take me in?" Harry asked, deciding that there was something that he needed to know. He was not going to yell and scream, because making accusations to someone before knowing all of the facts was not something that he or any other sensible person would do. There was always a potential to have a reason.

"Fair enough question," Andromeda stated as she looked at Harry before explaining it to him. "The Ministry has a law where all orphans are sent to their closest relations. Your relations happen to be the Dursleys. I tried to get custody but I ran into red tape and the Ministry stonewalling me at every turn. And I'm pretty good at what I do."

Harry waited for more information and Andromeda gave it to him.

"I'm what one might consider to be a lawyer or a solicitor in the Muggle world, although the official term is Magical Law Councilor," Andromeda responded before she offered a brief hint of a smile towards Harry. "Although the term lawyer would roll off the tongue much more clearly."

"Of course," Harry responded as she watched him.

"I also hold the Potter seat in the Wizengamot, your mother made arrangements to make sure it was in the hands of someone trustworthy, your father didn't much care for that type of business so he left the decisions regarding the Potter family seat in the hands of Lily," Andromeda explained as she watched Harry. "She made a will that explained that you would be provided for, but it had been contested by many people in the Ministry given a Muggleborn made it. And they wished to keep you at the Dursleys to keep you ignorant of your heritage and rights, so they could take advantage of you

and claim your assets."

"Of course they would," Harry responded, he was beginning to piece together that the magical world was a fairly political place.

Andromeda remained silent. "And Dumbledore, while not maliciously working against you, did nothing to help the case at the Dursleys and all of the red tape that had been laid out by the previous minister, not to mention several prominent purebloods who wished to keep you segregated, fearing that they would lose their status."

"Why wouldn't Dumbledore help?" Harry asked, a questioning expression filling his eyes.

"Dumbledore is the type that doesn't like to upset the status quo, plus he felt that you needed to go to your relatives, because your mother invoked an ancient magic that will protect you," Andromeda stated, looking rather thoughtful. "The ancient magic, from what I've been able to determine, will protect you at any costs. And if those inside the dwelling do anything against you, they will reflect their inner personalities more and more."

'That does explain why Dudley has been turning into a pig more and more by each passing year,' Harry thought to himself in amusement but that was beside the point.

"My daughter is out for a few days, she's going on holidays with her friends before her NEWT year, but she'll be coming back in the next few days," Andromeda added when she looked towards Harry. "It doesn't matter; we have plenty of rooms in the house. As your godmother, I have many things that I'll need to teach you because of my duties but that will wait until you get settled in."

"It has been a long day, and I will see you at Hogwarts, Mr. Potter," Minerva responded, knowing by now she was missed. Although given Fudge seemed to lack the ability to tie his own shoelaces without supervision, Dumbledore might be tied up for a fairly long time.

"Of course, Professor McGonagall, have a safe journey," Harry responded to her.

"You as well, Mr. Potter," Minerva responded when she watched Harry go forward into the Floo with Andromeda.

Harry settled down after a long night's sleep and bath, although he had a lot to think about. As what he did when he slept, he drafted a letter, and he figured that given that he had a new pen pal, he would write a letter to.

He saw his new owl, Hedwig as he dubbed her. She hooted, eating the mouse she had caught on her first hunting spree. The name Hedwig had meaning for two reasons.

The first reason was that Hedwig was the name of a military officer in a war novel that Harry read when he was younger. This Hedwig was female and fierce, although judging by his owl, that was a fitting moniker. And other was a name where he picked up in the History of Magic, of a fierce magic user who commanded the Ministry of Magic during one of its greatest periods.

He thought that the name would do his owl well but he had a letter to draft, that much was for certain.

Dear Pamela,

I'm sure you're shocked about the owl but don't worry, she won't bite. Unless you provoke her, but I don't think you will.

So I'm sure you're wondering, what's with the owl? Well as it turns out, my advanced mental maturation may have been explained by something that I overlooked. I have magical gifts. Technically I'm not supposed to tell much about them but given that the laws may be different in America, I figured I'd clue you in on this fact. Plus, I'm sure the Ministry has better things to do than intercept other people's mail.

At least I hope they do. Although what I've been able to learn about them, not the most favorable.

This school, it has a class on magical plants, so I'm sure you want to hear details about that.

I hope you're well, just letting you know that I haven't forgotten.


Harry Potter.

"I'd recommend you read these three books on magical traditions and laws," Andromeda stated with a firm glance directed towards arry. "If nothing else, you will understand what your rights are so you do not get suckered in by those who will wish to take advantage of you."

"Understand," Harry responded as he looked over the three thick tomes before him. Of course, to him, that was light bedtime reading.

"I will also teach you the basics of Potions making, this is taught to all purebloods," Andromeda responded. "Slughorn offered a rudimentary class for the Muggle raised on the basics but this class was discontinued after he retired. Snape prefers to teach in in his way."

"Surely the basics would be something that would be required and encouraged," Harry responded as he faced her.

"I would agree but Snape doesn't and it's his class," Andromeda responded in a sour voice but she shook off those thoughts. "He will bombard some first year with questions every year that are common knowledge to pureblood raised but not to the Muggle raised. Given the fact that he shared a distaste for your father, those questions will be visited upon you."

"Why did Snape dislike my father?" Harry asked, wanting to know this fact. The more he knew about Snape, the least he liked about him and he barely knew the man himself.

Andromeda decided for the truth. "Snape was friends with your mother but it deviated to a stalker like obsession after a time. She chose James over him and that started the vendetta, not that there was much prodding. I do not claim that your father was an innocent party in the situation but Snape is not some tragic martyr that needs a hug. We believe that he cursed your mother out of spite, to ruin any chances of having children with James but fortunately as you see, we were mistaken."

Harry turned his head a little bit and thought about that. A desire to tear Snape on ribbons on sheer principle and make him suffer slowly was rather enticing.

"Snape is dangerous and he will delve into your thoughts so that is why I will be teaching you Occlumency to keep him at bay," Andromeda continued before she held the book in front of Harry. "It is your right as the last surviving member of an old pureblood line to know."

The Potters were an old line, the oldest, having practically helped found the Ministry with the Blacks, the Boneses, the Gaunts, and several others. There were other lines like the Malfoys that moved in quickly once they immigrated over from France and integrated in.

"First, you only need to create a false barrier, where it will give your enemy the illusion that you are thinking thoughts for them to pull," Andromeda explained to him. "The worst thing you can do when you try and block an enemy is clear your mind. You need to create false thoughts, which misdirect your enemy. Useless fluff that your enemy will sift through until they give up and exert an attack that will leave their mind open. A strong mind can keep up many thought processes at once."

Andromeda explained this and Harry prepared for his first of many lessons.

The real lesson would come after his eleventh birthday as Harry found out.

Harry's eleventh birthday passed into the ether and he noticed the changes that he was going through. There was something happening with his body, and he knew that Andromeda would have some answers. He waited for her to show up in the library with her promising him said answers about what he was going through although he did have a shrewd suspicion given the books that were read.

Andromeda pushed open the swinging doors, entering the library and she walked up towards Harry with a purpose. The young wizard took a good long look at her. Her silky black hair fell down past her shoulders. Her dark eyes were deep and meaningful with a certain amount of passion etched into them. Harry saw the black robes that she wore, going around her curved body. He started noticing women in a sexual manner a while back but it really hit him hard. Her robes flipped slowly, to see a hint of her legs, long and sensual, with stockings on them, with high heel boots on her feet.

She turned around for a moment and Harry caught a look at her curved ass, his eyes flooded over with desire, when he felt an uncomfortable constriction in his pants. Andromeda set down across from him, putting a hand on his thigh.

"Harry, when you arrived here a few days ago, I told you we had much to talk about," Andromeda stated when she looked at her godson who felt her soft hand on his bare leg. He twitched a little bit more at her touch.

"I was hoping that you'd know

Harry stated when he tried to keep the blood flowing normal even though he thought he was losing this particular battle a little bit.


I seem much more mature than most boys around my age,"

Andromeda smiled as she saw the bulge in her pants.

"There are many differences between magic users and non-magic users, other than the obvious," Andromeda stated when she took a moment to look at Harry, taking him in. "We mature in a different way than our Muggle counterparts."

"How so?" Harry asked, curiosity brimming to him.

Andromeda offered Harry a bright smile, before she brushed her hand against him a little bit more. "Well nine out of ten magic users, an eleven year old can pass as a fourteen or fifteen year old in the Muggle World. That is when they go through the first boost of their magic, where they start to feel certain urges. If they suffer a back up, they could suffer some permanent form of physical or even mental damage. It is the responsibility of the godmother, aunt, or mother to work these urges out of them within three days of their eleventh birthday."

The forty five year old woman paused before she focused on Harry. The truth was ever since her husband died almost twelve years ago, she did not even think about having a sexual encounter with another man. This was part of the reason that Minerva wrote to her, so she could take in Harry for the summer and to help him with this build up.

Most of the times the mother did it, unless of course she was either not alive or unwilling to even entertain the thought; Narcissa being one of the cases that was unwilling. She had Draco's godmother do it, with a copious amount of gold shoved in Violet Parkinson's vault in exchange for doing this unfortunate evil.

"These urges are of a sexual nature, but they are perfectly natural," Andromeda stated as she locked her eyes on Harry. "It is not forbidden to sleep with blood relations either. It is necessary, for sometimes a mother, a godmother, an aunt, or even an older sister will need to help the budding young wizard work through their first period of maturity."

Harry saw her and felt his raging boner when he imagined ripping off her robes and having his way with her. Screaming his name when he plowed in her, these thoughts made him rather pleased.

"Wizards have had collectives of many witches, which is needed and encouraged, as there are

seventy five percent witches in our world and twenty five percent wizards," Andromeda stated as she

moved her hand on a little bit on Harry's leg towards his thigh. "It may be slightly different

those numbers are important. The second maturity, comes at the age of fourteen where you would be what a seventeen or eighteen year old might look like in the Muggle world. And that's when you can bond with people, I'll explain that more when we're done. Then at seventeen, you become of age, and then the aging process will be slowed to either a half, a third, or a fourth as quickly, depending on your power."


Harry nodded, understanding it, when Andromeda ran moved her hands up to his face.

"But enough information, I think that more action is required," Andromeda stated in a husky voice as she ran her hand up and down his legs, she felt that since he was in the moment, his magic was calling out for her. That meant he was a powerful wizard, if he could project like that. "I will guide "

you with what you do if I

Harry pulled Andromeda up to her feet; he was surprisingly strong and wrapped his arms around her. His lips found hers in a searing and passionate kiss. Andromeda felt his lips meet hers and her hands roamed his body. His hands were all over her legs, her breasts, her buttocks, you named it, and Harry hand his hands all over it.

Andromeda found herself pushed against the wall and Harry's lips kissed her hard on the mouth, working on the inside of her with his tongue. His mind instinctively worked on her mouth and he felt his hands all over her smooth skin, it really caused him to tingle with excitement.

Harry pulled away, before the two of them across the hall and reached Andromeda's bedroom.

"I'm ready for a more practical lesson," Harry stated and Andromeda pounced on him at these words, wrapping her arms and legs around him, and kissing him madly. She worked his shirt over his head and sent his hair spinning into disarray when she pushed him back on the bed.

Andromeda took a while to admire his muscles, a lot of purebloods, they did not work out but not Harry. She ran her hands down his body, teasing his stomach with her fingers, moving down him, before she pulled his shorts off.

"You're gifted," Andromeda stated in a breathy voice when she squeezed his package.

"I think you have far too many clothes on for this to work," Harry stated with a mischievious in an eye and Andromeda backed off.

She slowly swayed her body, untying her robes, before she slipped her robes off of her body. She

exposed more and more lovely flesh, until she dropped the robes to the ground. Harry watched her with desire, her mature body stood before him. She wore a black lacy bra that barely contained mature breasts; she had a smooth and taut stomach, and lacy panties that had a damp spot on it. They curved around her sexy ass, and her legs were covered with stockings. She kicked her high heel shoes off, to see her lovely legs.

"I think I better take care of this, master," Andromeda stated in a breathy voice.

Harry did not know where the term "master" came from but he felt his cock twitch because of it.

Smut/Lemon Begins.

Andromeda tugged his boxer shorts down to reveal his throbbing phallus. She watched it bounce out and she caught it it in her hand, slowly caressing it up and down. She saw he was about seven to eight inches, although he would be much larger when he hit his physical maturity.

It was not the size that mattered it was what someone did with it, although Andromeda made damn sure to make sure that Harry would do something great with his size.

"Do you like what I'm doing master?" Andromeda asked whilst she stroked his cock up and down.

"Yes, I like it a lot," Harry breathed as she pumped his cock with her hand.

She smiled, before she stroked him and slowly kneeled before him. "Just wait, because if you liked that, you're going to love this."

Andromeda dove down between Harry's legs and gave his nutsac a little lick, dragging her tongue against it. That caused Harry to twitch in pleasure, he never thought he could feel anything better than this.

"Damn it, keep doing that," Harry stated after she licked him around his balls, and he reached forward, and instinctively snapped her bra off her.

Andromeda's luscious breasts bounced out, firm and round as many women much younger than her. Her nipples stood out, erect and ready. She continued to caress and lick at his cock.

Harry felt these sensations and decided to grope her breasts, exploring them in his hands. This caused a slight moan to erupt from her mouth when she rolled back. He explored them with great confident, running his hands over them, rolling his palms over her nipples.

Andromeda licked her tongue up and down his cock, feeling every throb, every twitch, and it grew more in her hand. She must have it down her throat and have him spewing his first load down her throat.

"Damn," Harry breathed after Andromeda stuck his cock in her mouth, her tight mouth wrapped around his member. Her lips placed around him as she bobbed up and down on him, rocking back and forth on his cock went deep into her throat.

'She's so good, so hot,' Harry breathed to himself, when he grabbed her hair in his hands and pushed her down, so her lips pressed against the base of his cock as she took the entire piece of meat down her throat. He felt his sexual awakening increase when Andromeda rocked back and forth, going down on him like a pro.

Andromeda kept her tempo steady, she wanted this first time that Harry received oral sex to be a memorable one. She could not wait to see what else he had to offer and with the fury he explored her

breasts, she could not believe it.

She pumped his cock into her mouth for many more minutes, looking up at him.

Harry felt his balls size up at the sensation of her mouth wrapped around his flesh pole, along with Andromeda's hand squeezing and cupping his balls in her hand. She went down on him, making lewd popping sounds with her mouth. The woman rocked back and forth, taking him deep into her throat, and his cock sank down her throat, with her muscles working him over.

His balls tightened and he sprayed a hot load of his cum down Andromeda's throat when she worked him over. He pumped into her mouth over and over again.


and Harry peeled her panties off of her legs.


me, please," Andromeda stated, when she slid back on the bed without warning

Harry looked at her smooth sex appraising, with juicy lips that beckoned out for his cock. He could hardly hold himself back, he must be inside that pinnacle of womanhood now but he could tell that he had to taste her first.

Andromeda breathed heavily when his hands were on her thighs, and then his right hand moved up, teasing her. She felt a coursing pleasure move through her body and her heart beat more heavily.

His mouth found her and sucked on her clit, which caused her to throw her head back and moan. He stimulated her in such a way that she never thought possible, but the fun began, when he licked and sucked on her. His tongue buried itself deep in her core.

Harry tasted the lemony taste inside Andromeda and heard the moans of pleasure. He continued to work her over with his tongue, paying close attention to what spots made her moan the loudest. These tastes made him rock hard once again; actually he got hard mere seconds after Andromeda was done giving him her blowjob.

Andromeda's pussy clenched when Harry worked her over, driving his tongue in and out of her, his moist organ scrapping against her.

"Oh, so wet," Andromeda breathed whilst she played with her breast, squeezing the flesh and playing with her erect nipple.

Harry did not slow down, not even for a second, rather he dove in and out of her, licking her insides. The dark haired witch grabbed Harry's hair and pushed him in further. In no time flat, he devoured her womanhood, using his tongue to cut a nice and steady pace through her. He picked up the pace and worked her over, heavily moving inside her.

She soaked his face when her thighs closed together and Andromeda's body gave a shuddering orgasm. The woman felt herself rocked from head to toe when she shuddered again and again.

"Time for more," Harry stated, as he pulled Andromeda onto his lap, teasing her opening once more.

She smiled, knowing what was next. The woman straddled his hips, her legs tightly around him. He cupped her ass in his hands, before she rose up.

"Oh Morgana," Andromeda breathed heavily whilst she impaled down on his thick rod, feeling it stretch her. It had been too long and toys did not cut it. They did not push her to her boundaries as much as this hunk of manhood did.

"Yes, so good," Harry grunted as she rose up and sank down on him, riding him. The tight walls

caressed his manhood quite nicely, as she worked up a bit of a tempo riding him. "You're so tight, so wet."

"This pussy belongs to you, master," Andromeda stated in a lustful moan; she pushed herself up and sank back down, and continued her bouncing. She breathed in and out, when Harry thrust into her, hitting her and causing her to throw her head back with a scream.

Harry found himself in heaven when his member was enveloped in this warm tightness, wrapped around him, and squeezed around his cock. She rocked up and down, back and forth, and really picked up a steady and heavy pace. She rode him, gyrating her hips around him. His thick phallus jammed into her hot box when she rode him until she reduced herself to a screaming wreck.

"Yes," Andromeda panted, feeling another orgasm wash through her body when Harry rocked her with his cock. She got far more than she could ever hope from this lesson and she loved it. "More, pound me!"

Harry pounded her already, thrusting his cock into her, and causing her to bend back, so she nearly spilled backwards over the bed. He used the leverage to cut a path, slamming his thick member into her pussy, driving it into her sopping wet core with each pass into her. Each thrust buried deeper into her. Andromeda wrapped her hands around him and sank her nails into his back.

"Oh, yes, so good," Harry breathed as he cupped his hands around her. "So good, you're my favorite teacher."


shattering orgasm rock her body. She was not sure how much she could take and Harry gained a lot of momentum, pounding into her, reducing her to essentially jelly.


sure," Andromeda panted as his cock slid in and out of her, when she felt another earth

Harry smiled, thinking about how much he was going to fuck this woman into submission. He knew that Andromeda Tonks was a powerful, strong, and smart woman. And now she was screaming and clawing at him, scratching his back, a slave to his cock. A slave to the next motion of his cock, burying into her moist center, when he plunged deeper into her, working his tool into her juicy pussy lips.

Harry pulled out of her and Andromeda whined at the lost but not for long, when she found herself on her hands and knees.

She tingled with anticipation, when Harry's very hard rock lined up with her pussy and slammed into her. The woman clutched the bedsheets when he pushed in and out of her, thrusting into her, rapidly hammering her with a force she never experienced. His hands maneuvering their way over her body until they cupped her breasts only added to the atmosphere.

Outside of the room, Nymphadora Tonks returned from a summer outing with her friends, after the last year. She heard the screams coming from her mother's bedroom and was concerned. She then stopped and saw the erotic sight before her.

Andromeda was on the bed on her hands and knees, with a huge cock buried between her, and screaming for more. Tonks stopped and stared, she saw the green eyes, the messy hair, and the lightning bolt scar through the crack between the door, and it took the seventeen year old witch a few minutes to regain her bearings as she took in all she saw.

'Oh sweet Morgana, my mother is getting plowed by Harry Fucking Potter,' Tonks thought, but suddenly she felt a heat growing in her own body, between her legs. She pulled off the robes she wore, only dressed in a tight white shirt that wrapped around her ample breasts and a tight pair of

shorts ,with sandals.

She felt herself get hot and sweaty, when she watched the action. Her mother shrieked out loud as she was being drilled doggy style.

Tonks paused and remembered, it was Harry's eleventh birthday around this time. She knew her mother was trying to get a hold of him and it was obvious that she did her godmotherly duty to him. Although, Nym would have volunteered to do it if her mother had asked her nicely but the time had long since passed; now she would have to wait her turn.

The seventeen year old witch panted when she watched Harry continue to plow into her mother like there was no tomorrow. His balls slapped across Andromeda's ass, when he ran his hands over her, caressing every inch of her body.

A chair was pulled over from the library, and Tonks pulled down her shorts, before sticking a pair of fingers inside her sopping wet cunt. She pumped into it and diddled herself as she watched the erotic scene before her.

'Oh damn, I wish that was his cock in me,' Tonks thought, she felt desperately horny and since her seventeenth birthday recently passed, she felt her own changes and some relief that was needed. Granted she played with her cousins Lucretia and Vega on her recent holiday but nothing beat having a real male cock slammed into her.

And since most of the guys in her year were jerks or inadequate, that left Tonks very few options, closing her eyes as thought about a real man could to do to her.

Andromeda gave a shrieking orgasm from the other room and Tonks looked up, a smile crossing her face. It seemed as if Harry shagged her dear mother into a stupor.

And he was still hard, so Tonks decided that it would be prudent to give him a hand or perhaps another part of her body.

Harry saw that Andromeda passed out from the intense love making. She was slumped on the bed, drooling a little bit, he could still hear her heartbeat and was still breathing. He still had a problem of needing to finish.

Suddenly a figure rushed into the room. She had bubblegum pink hair and that was not just on her head. A pair of burning violet eyes looked at him with lust. The girl in question was tall; she had D cup breasts, a hot ass, and long luscious legs, with a pair of lips to match. She threw herself at Harry, pouncing him, and kissing him madly, legs wrapped around him as she rubbed her bare pussy against his throbbing cock.

Tonks tasted her mother on Harry's mouth; she'd recognize that taste anywhere. She rubbed her hands on Harry's body, and pulled back.

"Oh you must be Nymphadora," Harry stated as she looked at him, through narrowed eyes.

"Call me Tonks," she stated as she looked back at Harry, cupping his hard erection in her hand, when her sopping wet twat lined up with him. "And I'll call you master."

Tonks lowered herself down on Harry's cock, her center wrapping around him.

"Nice to meet you

make herself extremely tight with her powers no matter what, and she did with pleasure.


Harry," Tonks moaned whilst his cock slid into her with ease. She could

"Shit, you're tight," Harry breathed; he felt her hot ass in his hands and also moved around to cup her magnificent breasts.

"Yeah, fuck this pussy," Tonks panted whilst she rocked back and forth on him, gyrating her hips and pushing up and down on her, riding him like her life depended on it.

Tonks felt her eyes flood over; she felt this prime piece of meat bury inside her, rubbing against her cunt lips and pushing her apart. She panted heavily when she felt everything, he thrust fast into her, and she rocked back on him, pushing his cock with her inner muscles, determined to have him cum.

Harry ran his hands over her, hearing her moaning loudly when she rode him, but he was still very hard in her, when he thrust up into her. His balls slapped against her tight ass, when she rocked against him back and forth, making sure his cock went into her nice and deeply.

"Oh, fuck, ah, yeah, fuck," Tonks panted as she ground against him, feeling the greatest orgasm in her life and Harry bent forward and sucked on her tits. She used her powers to make them bigger for his benefit and it increased her pleasure as well to feel his mouth work her over.

Harry watched her big tits bounce up and down when she continued to ride him very hard.

Andromeda woke up to the sounds of her daughter and Harry fucking like rabbits.

"Nymphadora, so nice for you to return home," Andromeda stated, when she turned around, spreading her legs.

"Hi Mum, oh yes Harry!" Tonks screamed as she rocked herself up and down on him, using her pussy muscles on him. "Cum, I need it."

"I'm not sure if you're ready for it," Harry stated, in response she bit down on his shoulder, when she rode him, bouncing up and down on him.

"Yes, please master, cum for your slave," Tonks panted heavily, when she continued to ride this thick cock of this powerful wizard.

It touched every single part inside of her and made her fill up with joy.

She had another orgasm where she saw stars and then soon after Harry finally exploded. Tonks screamed when his cock thrust into her, spurting his juicy cum into her, splattering into her insides. She screamed out loud.

All witches worth their salt were on a potion and if not, well it was put in the pumpkin juice at Hogwarts. They could take a conception potion to nullify it, although Hogwarts offered little support for that.

"What a rush," Tonks breathed as she slid back and rested her head on her mother's breasts but she eyed Harry who got harder. "Oh you're not done yet."

Andromeda laid back and put her daughter's mouth on her sopping wet cunt. Tonks dove in between the juicy lips and began to taste her mother.

Harry knew what to do and he grabbed her hips, before pushing into her. His cock slammed into Tonks from behind and slowly began to ride her doggy style.

"Still tight, make it tighter, I know you can," Harry breathed and Tonks used her powers to squeeze her pussy tightly but Harry's thick cock tore into her.

Tonks panted when he slammed into her, and she tasted her mother's pussy, indulging herself in the juices rolling down Andromeda's thighs. Harry picked up a nice and steady pace as he explored the inside of her pussy with his thick tool.

'Yeah, oh, fuck,' Tonks thought as she felt his cock push inside her, feeling him strike her g-spot. 'So fucking good.'

Harry picked up the pace, when he speared into her even more, whilst Tonks munched on her mother's cunt.

"That's a good spot dear, really plow her, give her no mercy," Andromeda suggested and Harry did just that. Seeing her godson have his way with her daughter made Andromeda hot and bothered, and she could hardly wait to see what else he had to offer with his swift motions.

Harry kicked things up a little bit, the time burned away when he continued to fuck this nice pussy around him.

Andromeda gave a shrieking orgasm when her daughter worked her over with her warm mouth and she bucked her hips forward.

The three lovers continued their motions for a while yet, the time continued to wind by and Harry's thrusts got deeper into her.

"I think my daughter is reaching her edge," Andromeda stated whilst she looked at Harry, before she sucked her own juices off of her fingers, moaning.

This did Harry in, he had been going at it for almost two and a half hours straight with these two and he could tell that they had their limits. He willed himself to finish, sending the heavy stream of cum into the pussy of Tonks, splattering her insides with his cum.

Tonks saw stars, when she had her final orgasm and collapsed in between her mother's legs.

Smut/Lemon Ends.

Harry rested back, he was sated for the moment. He had Andromeda Tonks on one side and her daughter on the other side. There would be many more instances where they could have fun; there was still less than a month before they went back to Hogwarts.

"Nymphadora, dear, I'm sure you know that Harry's needs may need to be taken care of when he's at Hogwarts," Andromeda stated as she ran her hands through Harry's hair. "Why don't you be a dear and make sure that's taken care of?"

"Yes, Mum," Tonks stated in an obedient voice, when she snuggled her face into Harry's chest, his arm wrapped around him.

Harry sat across from Andromeda nearly a month later, a few days before he was going to start his first year at Hogwarts. He spent the past month going through learning several of his first year spells and potions, along with a good chunk of the second year course work. He had high expectations for Potions , Defense, Charms, and Transfiguration, so he hoped that they would be matched as he took those classes.

He trained in Occlumency as well, slowly building up his defenses. At first, his methods were not that subtle, which Andromeda carefully worked with him towards. The key to blocking a person out of one's mind is to make sure that they did not know that they were being blocked out of one's mind.

That was a careful tightrope that needed to be walked and Harry carefully kept on the cusp of everything. Andromeda smiled in an appraising manner when she looked at Harry.

"You are at second level, going on third, which is adequate enough," Andromeda stated before she tried to explain this to Harry. "Most Occlumens are second level, but with a little more practice, you should master third. Fourth level is the cream of the crop. You should be able to block out all mental intrusion but only three confirmed in living memory were able to achieve that level."

"Who were they?" Harry asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

Sure enough, Andromeda indulged him of that answer. "Snape, Dumbledore, and Voldemort."

Harry suspected as much for the last two, although he wondered about this Snape. Tonks remarked that she had to work extra hard to get her way into the NEWT level Potions class, because Snape was harsh. He expected a lot out of his students and tended to use his position to lord over them. The expecting a lot out of his students, that part Harry did not mind that much. It was the fact that he used his position as a well to bully his students, that he would have many problems with when he met up with Snape.

"Keep up with the meditation after meals and before bed," Andromeda responded to Harry who nodded.

Harry thought that the summer that was, he spent a lot of time reading the books that Andromeda acquired in the library. She claimed that it was not the most extensive library in the world but Harry appreciated all of the knowledge that he could get and had read every single word in them. That brought a smile to his face when he was able to acquire as much knowledge as he could. Given that he planned to take the fast track out of Hogwarts, he had three and a half years to breeze through their library.

Nym, as he called her during their most intimate moments because calling her Tonks seemed so impersonal, told him horror stories about OWL year. She seemed rather shocked that Harry was willing to go through that hell in a reduced time. Although he did have the summer before his third year to really crack down and study.

Harry unfortunately came to the conclusion that the protections his mother invoked did work but Andromeda worked out that he would only have to return to the Dursleys until his birthday. And there would be concessions to make sure his stay there was something he could stomach. And it would only be until his fourteenth birthday, so only three more years. That's what she determined when Harry requested she run a test on a sample of his blood.

The summer was quite fun and Harry found that he really enjoyed sex, although he suspected he might. He did get a few urges here and there but Nym and Andi helped him work those out.

And a couple of scant dreams here and there, one of them involving a snake faced man going up in flames. He determined that was what Voldemort looked like from the most accurate reports that he could dig up. The only things that were known about him were that he led a group called the Death Eaters and he killed many during his reign of terror which lasted close to fifteen years. Although there were hints of him much before but there was no biographical information about what his real name might be. Because Harry doubted that he was born with that name.

He could not find anything, no birthdays, parents, not even a dental record. Harry wondered if that was by design.

"That will be all for today," Andromeda stated and Harry agreed with a nod, he had to get ready for


Surely it would not be the worst thing in the world. Harry crossed his fingers and hoped for the best.

"Ready for your first year at Hogwarts?"

Harry turned around and saw Nym standing there in the doorway, a smile crossing her face as she watched Harry.

"Yeah, Nym, I'm ready for it," Harry stated whilst he looked back at the soon to be seventh year Hufflepuff. "The question is, is Hogwarts ready for me?"

"I don't think anyone could be ready for you," Tonks responded when she focused her gaze on the best male lover she had. Although it was amazing how many of the wizards in her age group were inadequate. Even though most of her information was second hand, but if someone did not perform up to par, then other witches were only too happy to spread the word and ruin their chances of ever getting laid.

So, witches can be quite spiteful.

The Hogwarts rumor mill buzzed rather loudly to this degree.

Harry smiled, before he snaked his arms around her body, and she shivered as she felt herself press against his muscles.

"I think that you might be ready for me," Harry breathed heavily in her ear and Tonks shivered a little bit; she felt a bit of dampness manifest between her legs.

"I was born ready for you," she stated, her voice dripping with pure seduction, before Harry pushed her against the wall and found her lips with a hungry kiss. She returned the kiss, her legs locking around his body. He quickly pulled away and planted his lips against her mouth, while he ground his length against her.

"Harry," Nym begged as he ran his hands through her short hair, which was now brown. "Take me, take me now."

Harry knew that this was a common thing all summer and she found herself devoid of her skirt, followed by her panties.

Smut/Lemon Begins.

Harry parted the legs of the Metamorphmagus, revealing her dripping wet sex and he scrapped his fingers across her lips, heightening her arousal.

"So wet, were you thinking about me before this?" Harry asked her with a smile crossing his face, when he teased her slit.

Nymphadora Tonks shivered; she thought that she was going to die if she did not get this cock in her soon. They had sex several times this summer and all of their encounters were explosive.

"Yes, I have been, please Harry," Tonks stated when Harry had his pants down and he rubbed the head of his throbbing hard dick at her center.

"Please what?" Harry asked whilst Tonks shuddered and she found her hands pinned against the wall with a sticking charm.

"Fuck me," Tonks begged him and Harry obliged her by sticking his throbbing tool into her wet opening, before he began to pump in and out her of her.

Harry felt her pussy tighten around him nice and hot, with his cock spearing into her, when he picked up his thrusting. Tonks wrapped a sexy pair of legs around him, when he placed his hands around her ass and got the leverage. He plowed into the babe that was against the wall, with her moaning heavily and lustfully, when he picked up the pace, thrusting and pushing into her.

Tonks lost herself to the sensations of this thick piece of meat jamming into her cunt, she rocked her hips forward to meet his incoming thrusts. It burned her up to feet this cock in her, driving and pushing into her wet area.

"Oh Harry, oh Harry," Tonks breathed heavily, when she clenched and spilled her fluids out, lubricating his tip, to allow him to slid into her with ease.

Harry pulled off the tank top that Nym wore before he relieved her of her bra. Her perky breasts bounced out and Harry placed his hands on them, before he squeezed them. This got a squeal out of her, and he played with them again.

"Feels so good to get your tits played with, doesn't it?" Harry asked as his lover bit down on his shoulder, before he speared into her center.

Tonks felt herself size up and she squeezed his cock with her cunt in a determined manner when he continued to thrust into her. She would not be denied her reward, she wanted his cum splattering on her insides, and she would have it. She arched her hips to meet his strokes, when they matched her motions.

Harry pulled out, and spun Tonks around, before pressing her against the wall, with her ass arching out.

"Please, oh yes, Harry," Tonks breathed as he teased her opening from behind, before he slid into her and then banged her from behind while she was pressed against the wall, her breasts smashed against the wall.

Nymphadora Tonks thought she was going to be sore in the morning but there were potions that they invented for that purpose. The soon to be seventh year clenched around Harry when he drilled her hole, the pleasure filled up her body when she heated up. He reached around, groping a breast a little bit, and she felt herself heat up.

"Oh, I think you might make me cum," Harry panted whilst he continued to drill into her with his meat, ramming into her with passion and desire. His prick drilled into her

"Yes, please, cum for me," Tonks encouraged him, squeezing her cunt around him, before he continued to rock her body with orgasm after orgasm. She flickered her eyes shut but she was determined not to be denied her reward. Even if she was reduced to a drooling mess, it was worth it.

The warm delight enveloped his cock, and Harry speared her from behind, giving several more mighty thrusts. He then spilled his cum into her.

Tonks felt the pleasure flow through her body and her toes curl when Harry thrust into her with thrust after thrust, splattering into her center. She sighed when she felt the sweet pleasure of him spilling his cum into her.

Smut/Lemon Ends.

"Just let me catch my breath," Tonks breathed before Harry kissed her and she slid down to the ground, her legs still spread from the activity.

Harry knew she would find him when he was game. He thought he would work on that blasting spell once again, he figured that if he concentrated, he could pick up a lot more power.

As he found out, magic could only be tracked when a person was in a Muggle area. Pureblood parents were expected to keep their children in line and enforce the underage magic restriction. Harry thought it was kind of silly for the Ministry to expect that the parents would not give their children license to practice all summer. Andromeda explained to him that there were a lot of bragging rights involved with performing powerful magic and all of the pureblood families thought themselves to be superior to each other.

Any pureblood family with their salt and any with any sense would do what they could to give their children the winning edge. It was decisions like this that made Harry not too fond of the Ministry right now. Then again, from what he was able to wheedle out of Andromeda, they were a bunch of blind sheep who followed the most powerful person without question.

He figured that Hogwarts was a means to an end for him, a means to kill time, while he figured out what his grander purpose was in life. He would learn some magic on his own terms, and focused his spell at the target as he pondered what he was going to do.

He blasted the target to smithereens and smiled in an appraising manner. That was good but he could be better, much better. It was time for him to do so again, and he got out another target, this time trying for a slicing spell.

This was supposed to slice through ropes although Harry suspected that anyone with two brain cells to rub together would figure out that by aiming at the right artery, it could be fatal. Or alternatively, blasting a rope holding a heavy object over an unsuspecting opponent and it would crush them.

It was amazing that the Killing Curse and two others were considered unforgivable, because Harry realized that magic could offer some nasty ways to die. If anything, the Killing Curse should be encouraged, because it was mostly humane and relatively quick and painless.

As much as Andromeda wanted to get it down to a fine science, it was always hard to get to King's Cross Station in a timely manner. And every year, it was getting worse and more hectic. It was a wonder the Muggles did not know about the entire thing, the entire trip to Hogwarts at a Muggle station was doom waiting to happen. She remained cool and collected.

"Packed full of Muggles of course!"

Harry frowned when he turned to Andromeda. "And we're announcing about Muggles because


She saw who had stated that and was not surprised. "That's Molly Weasley, I'm not surprised. Her sense has been sketchy at best."

Harry saw the approaching brood walking up.

"That's a lot of children," Harry whistled as he looked at the brood of red heads.

"The two oldest are out of Hogwarts, they got jobs overseas," Andromeda stated, stopping herself before she decided to state her own personal opinion why she thought Bill and Charlie Weasley took jobs to get as far away from their mother as possible.

Harry could tell something about the distaste in his godmother's voice.

"What did she do?" Harry asked as he eyed Andromeda in an appraising manner.


"Granted, it was only a slight dosage to get his attention, but still, the fact that she had to do so really speaks of her. She did have quite a reputation around Hogwarts as well but this is rumor and hearsay."


slipped her husband a very mild love potion," Andromeda stated as she turned around.

"That was before all of the children," Harry stated, she was….well she looked rather well-fed.

'And here I thought there was going to be a total eclipse of the sun,' Harry stated as he looked at the girth of Molly Weasley.

"I will tell you to remain on your guard around them," Andromeda responded when she watched Harry carefully and he nodded. "Molly tends to think that she has the right to parent everyone and tell them what to do. Then again, she was always bossy and overbearing at Hogwarts but motherhood has gone to her head."

Molly was a prefect when Andromeda started and Andromeda could tell that young Percival took after his mother and not in a good way. He was proud of that prefect badge and he puffed his chest out like a proud poppingjay.

"He seems a little bit too proud to be a prefect," Harry answered, eyes narrowed as he surveyed Percy.

"Given that the prefects do the menial labor that the Head Boy and Girl, along with the Professors don't want to do, I agree," Andromeda remarked in a whisper. "Nymphadora is on the train already, I suggest you make it on there."

Harry took a few steps forward, before he slipped past the crowd and avoided the gaggle of red hair.

Ginny Weasley stood in the shadows, her arms folded and a cross expression on her face. She wanted to go to Hogwarts, but her mother told her that she was too young. Which was technically true, although it was the tone of how her mother said it, in the sense that she believed that Ginny was three as opposed to ten.

She was at least as smart as the twins and she was definitely far smarter than Ron. Then again, a pet rock was far smarter than Ron and had better hygiene and manners as well.

Molly on the other hand, kept an eye out for Harry Potter. The poor boy must be lost and all alone, without a mother to guide him. She felt that any child that did not have any parents was incomplete somehow and needed to be fed lots of food.

"What's the platform again?" Molly asked.

Ginny rolled her eyes, surely her mother could not be that dense, although she figured that it might

be for Ron's benefit. "Nine and Three Quarters, Mum

now can I go?"

"Ginny, I told you, you're still too young."

Ginny wanted to bang her head against something. Which might put her at at least Ron's intelligence level. Ron slumped forward, poor posture, smudged nose, and for some reason he made second hand robes look ten times worse just by the way he conducted himself.

He went on and on about how he was going to be such great pals with Harry Potter, to the point where it drove Ginny completely bonkers. He had his entire seven years planned out. Ginny had no idea if Harry Potter was going to even be sorted into Gryffindor and when she stated this to Ron, he laughed it off.

Regardless, she watched her brothers leave. Her time would come next year. In the meantime, she was going to be alone with her mother for pretty much the next ten months.

'Only twelve more months Ginny, suck it up,' she thought to herself, with her body shuddering. Twelve months for her mother to try and brainwash her into the ideal housewife, i.e. boring as watching paint dry and grass growing all rolled into one.

Harry found himself a compartment on the train. If he remembered correctly, Nym would be swinging by sometime soon, after she checked in with her friends. She had a cousin that would be a seventh year at Hogwarts and another cousin that was in her fourth year at a school called Durmstrang.

"Um excuse me."

Harry's eyes spun around when he saw the tall red head boy with freckles, and a smudged nose. One of the Weasleys, Harry recalled which made him be on edge a little bit but he supposed he best be cordial, at least for the second.

"Can I sit here, everywhere else is full?" he asked.

Somehow Harry doubted that but he politely nodded never the less. "Free country, knock yourself out."

The boy looked at him with confusion. "Why would I want to knock myself out?"

'Oh boy, we're dealing with a real mind here,' Harry thought to himself in a biting manner. It was no secret that Harry never really got along with the members of his own gender, especially those around his age.

"Just take a seat," Harry stated, he could tell that this young man was not going to be at the better end of the gene pool. He looked to be the youngest of the Weasleys, at least the boys. Then again there were so many of them, it was hard to tell.

"So, hi, my name is Ron Weasley," the redhead stated and Harry looked back towards him.

"Good luck with that," Harry responded when his eyes fixed on Ron's.

"Um yeah, but who are you?" Ron asked in a voice that hinted demanding.

"Harry Potter," Harry stated in a bland and bored voice as if he was discussing the weather and this statement got the reaction that Harry feared. Ron was about ready to fall out of his seat.

"Are you really?" Ron asked when he spun around and looked at Harry.

"Yes, I am," Harry responded as he looked at Ron carefully, wondering if he slid out on his head when he was born.

"Do you have


Ron pulled his bangs back and pointed towards his forehead, and Harry could not resist, it was too


"Yes, I have a forehead, most people are born with one, but thanks for asking."

"No, I mean


mean do you have the


scar?" Ron asked when he tried to peer around.

Harry was saved by answering this question, this rude and insensitive question, when a chubby and round faced boy entered the compartment.

"Have any of you seen a toad?" he asked as he watched Harry, with wide eyes.

"No, I haven't," Harry responded crisply, feeling a tad bit of sympathy for this kid. He was going to get teased for his time at this school for having a pet that was out of fashion. "Are you certain he was with you when he was on the train?"

"Yes, but he keeps hopping away," the boy stated when he looked at Harry.

"That might be a sign," Harry responded to the boy, crossing his arms and watching him carefully. "Keep looking, you might find him."

The boy was barley gone before Ron chimed in.

"If I brought a toad, I might have to die in shame."

'The toad might die of shame being near you,' Harry thought to Ron, shaking his head carefully.

"So what's your Quidditch team?" Ron asked to Harry.

"Don't know," Harry responded and that was Ron's cue to go on about Quidditch. Harry just let him go, he was used to tuning out idiots by now, so he let Ron ramble on and on.

Another party showed up, which was a timely intervention. She was a girl with dark hair, slightly bushy, and brown eyes, wearing a black shirt and skirt. She looked at Harry, as if she was caught off guard by him but managed to rebound quickly.

"Have any of you seen a toad?" the girl stated whilst she looked at Harry. "A boy named Neville lost one."

"No, I haven't," Harry stated and Ron shook his head as well.

"My name is Hermione Granger," the girl stated, curious to who this dark haired boy was. He was one of those people who could stand out in a crowd.

"Ron Weasley," Ron stated when he stood up high but he nearly tripped on his untied shoelaces.

"Harry Potter," Harry responded and Hermione looked at him, a smile.

"Are you ready? I've read about you


"I've read about me as well, funny how not one word of is true," Harry responded when he looked at Hermione. The brown haired witch looked surprised and actually confused.



"I know you read these books about me and I can tell you're the type that hold a lot of stock by books," Harry responded, looking Hermione dead in the eye. "Books are only a portion of what we

should know, less than ten percent of what we should know. The rest of it is experience. Something that can't be put down in any book whatsoever, because it's too obtuse, too complicated to explain."

Hermione thought about this and that made sense. She had to think it over, her head was buzzing. She was happy that someone challenged her with a logical explanation, other than calling a nerd or a geek or a book worm or anything like that. This impressed her.


you at Hogwarts."


nice to meet you," Hermione responded as he looked at Harry. "I'll help Neville, I'll see

"Can you believe that?" Ron asked Harry; Hermione was barely out of an earshot, and he chuckled. "I don't know what house I'll be in, but I hope I'm not with her."

'Oh I'd imagine the feelings mutual,' Harry thought, but he shook his head, he knew that everyone expected him to go to Gryffindor because of who he was. He actually thought about it and wondered if shaking up those expectations would be the best idea to begin with. Because if he did something that was unexpected, all eyes would be on him and it would make his time be a bit more cramped.

He was expected to excel because of who his parents were, so that wasn't going to cause anyone to bat an eyelash.

Harry found himself spared of Ron for a little bit more when another party showed up. He was blonde haired, with blue eyes, and a sneer that gave the impression that he thought he was superior to everyone else, even though he was fairly inferior all things considered.

"So they're saying on the train that Harry Potter is coming to Hogwarts," the blonde ponce stated, and it was then where Harry noticed two goons standing behind him.

"I've heard that rumor too," Harry stated in a bored voice he saw the goons, their only function seemed to be to stand there and look tall and menacing. They were the type that needed constant instruction to breath.

"It's you, isn't it?" the blond stated when he stared him down. "You're Harry Potter."

"So last time I've checked," Harry responded, keeping carefully on his guard. This little twat seemed to be the type that he wanted to keep a close idea on, because he could lash out when one least expected it.

"Oh this is Crabbe and Goyle," the boy commented as an afterthought before he turned and faced Harry. "And the name's Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."

"Licensed to kill?" Harry asked but that comment was overlooked by Ron's snickering. He sounded like a pig, potentially about to be suffocated.

"Think my name's funny, do you?" Draco asked, turning his attention to Ron. "There's no need to ask who you are. The Weasleys have red hair, freckles, and more children than they could afford."

Ron went red in the ears. "Take that back, Malfoy."

"Why don't you make me, Weasel?"

Harry watched this with mild interest, he did not know if a fight between these two would be entertaining or not. He was ready to find out as they were about to do something.

Outside of the corridor, a tall blonde girl with dazzling blue eyes, wearing a black blouse and a black

skirt, with socks and black shoes entered. She wore a badge that stated "Head Girl" and she frowned. Her name was Lucretia Malfoy, she was the older daughter of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.

Lucius, disappointed that she was a daughter and not a son, had little to nothing to do with Lucretia's upbringing. He simply told her to do her best to uphold the Malfoy name and honor. And honestly, she did do that, given the fact that she became prefect, Head Girl, and she was the top in her year, especially in Potions.

And funnily enough, since Lucius had a direct influence in Draco's upbringing, he was doing more to tear down the Malfoy family reputation than anyone in generations. Lucretia wondered if there would even be a reputation worth upholding when Draco was done at Hogwarts. She wondered about her father sometimes, not that she had anything to do with him.

"Draco, buzz off," Lucretia stated, giving her younger brother a stern gaze. He opened his mouth to protest but his sister's fingers merely flexing on her wand was enough to cause Draco to turn to Crabbe and Goyle.

"Come on, let's go."

Lucretia realized that her brother was likely to do something stupid to offend Harry Potter. She recognized those green eyes and decided to smooth things over the best she could.

"I'm sorry about that, my brother can be a bit on the idiotic side," Lucretia responded.

"I should be apologizing to you, considering you're related to him," Harry responded but Ron finally found his voice.

"Harry, she's a Malfoy, why are you


"Quiet," Harry stated sternly and Ron's mouth snapped shut.

Lucretia bent down and placed her hand on Harry's leg, before she whispered in his ear. "I'm sorry about Draco barging in here. I'm not sure what happened with him. Bad conception potion is the most likely candidate but I'm sure that if I think about it there are other reasons. He's always been a bit slow, not Weasley slow but a different kind of slow."

Harry smiled at her but Lucretia shifted towards him. He saw the white blouse stretch over her ample chest, unbuttoned slightly to show a little bit of cleavage. She saw Harry looking but she did not mind as much as some of the sixth or seventh year Slytherins. They looked to be part troll some of them, not the cream of the crop.

"Anyway, my family insulted yours, so I'd like to make it up to you," Lucretia stated when she looked at Harry, eying his crotch, almost hungrily. If what Dora said was true, then she was in for a fun time, and she needed to get her fun whilst she could.

Harry got the message loud and clear. "Ron, go."



"Weasley, leave or I'll throw you in Detention for the rest of the year," Lucretia stated firmly while she gave Ron her most dangerous glare and he scrambled towards the exit as fast as his legs could carry him.

She locked the door behind him to make sure there were no more interruptions. The blonde turned to Harry, before she stood before him.

"I think it's time to show you why I'm the Head Girl," Lucretia stated and at those words, she started to unbutton Harry's pants and he lifted his hips to give her better access.

Smut/Lemon Begins.

Lucretia pulled down Harry's boxers, to reveal his think appendage, and she eyed in appraisingly, before she rubbed him up and down with her soft hand, messaging him carefully. The blonde beauty rubbed his cock, the seventh year caressed him and he arched his hips up. She continued stroking him.

"Oh yes," Harry stated when he felt her tender grip on him and Lucretia rubbed him a little bit more, clasping her hand around him and grabbing him around the clock, before rubbing him tenderly.

"Do you like that Harry?" Lucretia asked as she smiled and moistened her lips.

"Love it, but show me why you're the Head Girl?" Harry asked and she bent down, licking the underside of his cock. Her wet tongue trailed down his cock, working on him. The blonde Slytherin ran her beautiful tongue down him, leaving saliva down it, before she popped his cock into her mouth, between her lips and sealed his thick tool in her mouth.

Lucretia felt his cock go in her mouth and she began to bob up and down on it, feeling it hit the back of her throat. It felt so wonderful feeling such a prime piece of meat going into her. Harry grabbed her hair and ran his hands through it. She sped up her motions, feeling the throbbing tool between her lips and it pumped into her mouth.

Harry felt her hot mouth wrapped around him and she went down on him, taking him deep into the back of her throat, her nose touching his pelvic muscles when she went down on him. She rocked back and forth, his cock brushing the back of her throat and she continued to pick up the pace. The blonde drove her mouth down onto him, making loud slurping sounds when she attacked his cock. He grunted as she worked him even more with her mouth, enveloping his mouth in pure heaven.

"Oh yeah, baby, you suck a good cock," Harry breathed, eyes clouded over with lust; Lucretia was on her knees and blowing him, his cock shoved in the back of her throat, when he bobbed onto it. "A good head girl, yes."

Lucretia continued to pick up her pace, and she felt the wetness pool between her legs. She needed his cock between her thighs in the worst way. She needed to be fucked until she could barely walked but now, she would settle for his cock down her throat, when she drove her mouth down onto him. She took more and more of his thick meat down her throat, closing her throat against him and continued to rock back, inhaling him down her throat.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck yeah," Harry breathed as she blew him, and she felt wet, pulling her panties back to shove her fingers up her juicy cunt.

She continued to suck Harry's cock before she brought her fingers up and offered them for Harry to taste.

"Delicious," Harry stated after he licked and sucked on her fingers. She looked up at him, before massaging his balls, trying to get the cum out of him.

With an explosion, Harry blasted his load down her throat. He pumped down her throat, sending the flood of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it, throwing her head back and allowing the contents of his balls to drain down her throat. It tasted divine.

"I'm just getting warmed up, Mr. Potter," Lucretia stated as she looked at him, cupping his balls in

her hands. "How would you like the Head Girl to give you a warm welcome to Hogwarts?"

She rubbed his cock, before she did a charm to all her clothes to remove themselves from her body. She stood before him in the buff. Her blonde hair framed her face in a seductive manner, her luscious and round breasts stood out before him, with pink and erect nipples that poked out, inviting Harry to suck on them. The triangle of blonde hair between her legs was added with the swollen and aroused lips. She turned around and bent over to show her hot ass and long shapely legs.

"Ready?" Lucretia asked and Harry put a pair of hands on her hips and nodded, before he aimed his cock towards her entrance. He jammed it into her, causing her to scream in pleasure when Harry began to spear into her from behind. "YES!"

Harry reached over and grabbed her breasts, lighting rolling his hands over it. She was bent over while Harry plowed into her cunt from behind, working into her with increasing motions. Her moist and hot walls wrapped around his cock, when she rubbed him, pushing back onto his lap and rubbed against him. He breathed heavily when he felt her center against him.

"Yeah, so tight," Harry grunted as he picked up the pace and plowed into Lucretia, before he gave her an orgasm that rocked her completely.

Lucretia breathed heavily, no cock would even come near her again, not that many did before that. This was a prime cut of meat that jammed between her thighs. She rocked back, feeling the strength of his manhood burying itself into her. His cock drove her to another orgasm.

Harry pulled out and spun her around. She spread her legs and straddled his hips, before she pulled her hips back slightly and speared herself down onto his member. Her eyes widened when it shoved into her, filling her up completely. She bounced up and down on his leg, with Harry grabbing her breasts and played with her.

"Yes, yes," Lucretia breathed as she felt her lover's cock spear into her deeply.

"Yeah, love it," Harry stated when he arched himself upwards, feeling the inside of her, when it squeezed him carefully.

She grabbed him and her lips met his with a searing kiss, which he returned. The two of them continued to exchange the passionate motions, when the blonde rode his fleshy pole with fury. She rocked up and down against him, grinding her hips against him. Harry gripped her ass and pinched it, which caused her to moan into his mouth. Her juices pooled onto his cock, lubricating him from his tip.

Lucretia knew that he could fill her up and in return, she gave him the passion, squeezing his cock with her tight muscles. She barely even been filled up, this was like losing her virginity all over again. She speared herself down onto him, rubbing herself down onto his cock muscles, pushing him together.

"Oh yes Harry, never stop fucking me, beat me with that

ah yeah."

Harry and Lucretia kissed each other, running their hands over each other's bodies, when they continued their passionate love making. She rocked down onto him, feeling her heart beating. His hands were everywhere, on her breasts, on her ass, all over her body, there was no question about it, they continued to move around her, rubbing her and the sparks of intimacy flew through the air.

Harry felt his cock squeezed with her tightness and his balls sized up when he pushed up into her, causing her moans to get louder. She could get quite vocal when she orgasmed, and he noticed that

she squealed loudly when he played with her nipples and ass.

"Who does your pussy belong to?" Harry grunted as he speared into her, with faster thrusts yet.

"It belongs to you, oh yeah, cumming," Lucretia stated when she felt herself rocked by an earth shaking orgasm, she could hardly believe it.

Harry pushed up into her, he was getting close to his peak, and they had been going at it for over an hour nonstop. He decided that if he did not want to screw her into a coma on the train, he would give her a treat.

"Here it comes," Harry breathed as he grabbed her hips and forced him down on the beautiful blonde, before he gave several more powerful thrusts, his hips going into her.

His cum exploded into her pussy, splattering his creamy juices between her thighs, and into her hot center. He splattered her with his burning hot seed, with Lucretia milking and squeezing him until the two of them came with an explosion, rocking each other with their passion and their lust. Both of them saw stars.

Smut/Lemon Ends.

Lucretia curled up in Harry's lap, with his arms around her, and a goofy grin on her face. She wanted to continue her rounds as Head Girl, she really did but she did not want to move.

"Take a breath, there's still another hour before we get to Hogwarts, lover," Lucretia stated, as she smacked her lips, licking them, stroking his abs and cooing lovingly.

Harry ran his hands through her silky blonde hair, and kissed the back of her neck.

From outside of the compartment, Hermione Granger watched the entire scene, her mouth agap, when she saw what happened. The Head Girl was getting it on with a first year, and she could not tear herself away. She watched the entire scene, and despite the fact that she thought it was so wrong, she could not tear herself away from the situation. No matter what, she could not help herself from watching.

Hermione wondered what was wrong with her; she knew that she was much too young for these feelings of arousal. Yet, she felt damp between her legs and she turned away, before she was seen, even if she was tempted to stay around for an encore.

To Be Continued in the Next Chapter.

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Year One Part One

Chapter Four: First Year Part One.

The moment of truth was very nearly at hand, the moment where Harry would walk up in front of the entire school and be sorted into one of the Hogwarts houses. He had heard the whispers from the other members of his class about what the sorting had to offer. There were rumors that there was some kind of test, some extraordinary feat of magic. Harry did not pay those words much mind, he focused on what he had to do. He would know when the rest of they knew for sure and until then, there was not much that could be done.

There was a raggedy old sorting hat, and he found out that they had to try it on. Said hat sang a stupid song that Harry drowned out for the sake of his sanity. It would yell out their house, whether it be Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin in front of the entire world. Harry read up the houses, both houses had their upsides and their downsides. The entire house system was something that infused Harry with a great deal of skepticism straight away. He thought that it was quite interesting that they tried to turn them against each other at such a young age, but so be it. He waited for the entire sorting to occur and his name to be called by Professor McGonagall.

Was he nervous? No, Harry was not nervous; to say that he was nervous would imply that he actually feared what was going to happen. He showed no fear, only determination, only courage, only the ability to stand forward and face the unknown. A smile crossed his face when he saw more people get sorted.

Hermione Granger found herself in Gryffindor that caused Ron to groan. Apparently, his entire family was in that house, which made Harry wonder if they were sent elsewhere, would they be disowned? He had no idea whatsoever. He was trying to remain calm even though Ron was riding his last nerve.

"So it's going to be your turn in a minute?" Ron asked whilst he looked at Harry. "You're going to be in Gryffindor, I mean Dumbledore was in Gryffindor, so you have to be."

Harry heard the whispers that he could be the next Albus Dumbledore, which caused a bit of distaste to enter his mouth. He did not want to be the next Albus Dumbledore, no of course not. He wanted to be the first Harry Potter. He would be in no one's shadow.

"Harry Potter."

The place came unglued but Harry walked forward, ignoring the sheep prattle whether or not he was the real Harry Potter. Some of them conducted themselves respectively but they gawked at him, watching him. That would in some respects make the walk to the stool for the Sorting Hat, much longer than it should have been but Harry sat down on the stool and placed the sorting hat over his head.

'So, you take all year to come up with a song, and that's the best you can fucking do?' Harry questioned the hat as he rolled his eyes.

'Nice to meet you too, Mr. Potter,' the hat thought in a dry manner.

The hat recalled a young girl by the name of Lily Evans saying Harry Potter's same statement verbatim during her time at Hogwarts.

'Hmm, quite the interesting mind you have Mr. Potter,' the hat responded crisply.

'I aim to please,' Harry thought to the sorting hat in a bored tone. 'So what can I do for you?'

'Relax your mind, so I can place you in a house,' the hat requested him carefully.

'We all know where they all expect me to go,' Harry thought to them. 'They want their little golden boy that they can put on a pedestal before knocking them down. I know their type, they sit on the '

fence, and

'Yes, magic users can get fickle,' the sorting hat thought in agreement.

Harry swore that there were hundreds of little voices inside the hat but then he saw four that were rather clear. Actually he counted four and they all appeared to be in some kind of heated debate. The young wizard carefully waited for them to finish.

'You know, typecasting eleven year olds being in a certain house, I wonder if that's wise,' Harry projected to the hat. 'Stop and think about it, we're only going to be here for seven years but the stigma sticks around with us for the rest of our lives.'

'You ask a question that I have asked myself many times throughout the centuries,' the hat admitted thoughtfully. 'I do wonder if what I do is worth it, or if it will just be the same endless cycle. Slytherin and Gryffindor are the two common factors for this but unfortunately, the other houses are not immune to their spite.'

'I figured, which is why I'm taking the fast track out of here,' Harry thought to the sorting hat.

'So the Hogwarts education is a means to pass the time, well quite ambitious, quite ambitious, I give you that,' the sorting hat admitted before it added carefully. 'You would do well in Slytherin.'

'I know I would but the true wolf finds a way to disguise himself amongst the sheep so he can better stalk his prey,' Harry thought to the sorting hat carefully. 'For if he runs with a pack of wolves, the sheep might mistrust him and he will not achieve his objective.'

'You speak great wisdom, Harry Potter,' the Sorting Hat responded carefully. 'And you cannot conduct your plans in the house of snakes, for all eyes will be on you, expecting deception. You need to hide in the light, as to not draw attention and in a place where deception is quite unexpected. For what is expected with you, there is only one house that would fit you, that will allow you to do what you must, without drawing attention to yourself."

'It is the last place they would ever look for a true Slytherin,' Harry thought before he paused, a bit of a tentative expression crossing his face. 'I trust all of this will not be spoken.'

'Not one word,' the hat informed him carefully when it blinked. 'All of what you say to me is strictly off the record, it is the oath that I was bound by for when I was created by the founders. I am bound by that, as I am bound to continue a tradition that I have long since lost the point in. '

'Then you know there is only one place for me to be for the next three and a half years,' Harry thought to the sorting hat.

'You do understand that they will wish to keep you here by all means,' the sorting hat answered carefully and almost thoughtfully.

'What they wish to do and what shall happen will be two different things,' Harry thought back when he closed his eyes and saw some of the brain surgeons staring at him like he was a baboon at the zoo.

'I can already tell I'll be drowning in mediocrity.'

'You would do well in Slytherin,' the hat remarked in a dry voice. 'Then again with your intellectual mind, you would do well in Ravenclaw as well. Given your love for learning is quite prolific.'

'I enjoy books, I'm not betrothed to them,' Harry thought to the sorting hat. 'I think these people have some form of ADHD, they're gawking at me and bouncing around like hyperactive gerbils on speed. Or they want their food.'

'The latter, Mr. Potter, the latter,' the sorting hat stated dryly.

'They do seem like quite the….dim lot,' Harry thought dryly. 'This is going to be a long three and a half years, with these people.'

'This world isn't what it used to be alas, but I think we best get on with the sorting,' the sorting hat stated before it spoke out loud. "GRYFFINDOR."

Someone screamed out loud and caused Harry's ears to ring, when he made his way to the Gryffindor table. He offered a smile but it was a smile that indicated that he was going to regret this by the morning. The Gryffindors were a rowdy bunch, oh Harry dreaded this but it was part of the plan. The two red heads, twins, Weasley's brothers if he was not mistaken, chanted "We Got Potter" like he was some trophy to be displayed.

'Three years, five months, suck it up,' Harry thought as he looked over at the table. He saw the old man in robes, the stereotypical wise old wizard that was in every fantasy novel in the world, clap at him. Then he saw the greasy haired teacher next to him, looking like his face was set on "permanent grump". 'And that must be Snape.'

He saw a man in purple robes, wearing a turban sitting across from Snape and suddenly, Harry felt a twinge of pain on his forehead. He blocked it off and saw a swirl of darkness between the man's turban.

"Welcome to Gryffindor young Potter, good, very good, very good, I'm Percival Weasley, prefect," yet another Weasley stated as he looked at Harry. "I trust you will follow the rules, I don't want to have to report any trouble."

Harry took a moment to return around, this family

Ron was

didn't seem to take anything seriously, not to mention quite immature. And Percy pompous prat.


Weasleys, well they were an interesting lot.


the sharpest knife in the drawer to say the very least. The twins, they were loud and

well he was a

Ron joined him at the table, sitting next to him. Harry edged closer to Hermione.

"So, Gryffindor, congratulations," Harry responded to Hermione as he looked at her, barely acknowledging Ron's presence. "I hope we survive the experience."

"Oh it will be amazing, I think," Hermione stated in an excited voice but they heard Dumbledore clang his spoon against a cup which got the attention of the Great Hall.

"There is a time for talk and a time for action," Dumbledore remarked when he looked at them. "But now it's the time to eat, so enjoy."

Plates and plates of food appeared before them, it was a huge feast, far more food than Harry had ever seen in his life. And that was saying something given how much Dudley ate on a regular basis. The wizard blinked a little bit, watching the food appear before him, before he helped himself to a

modest helping, nothing too small but nothing too large.

Ron, on the other hand, had a bottomless pit for a stomach. Or a black hole, it was really hard to tell. Harry kept away from his roaming hands; it would not be good if he got his arm ripped off or something like that. He engaged Hermione in conversation, mostly not to look at Ron eating. He needed a bib.

"I wonder if the subjects are going to be any good," Harry stated as he maintained eye contact with Hermione. "I was top of my year in everything."

"Really, me too," Hermione responded breathlessly when she watched him with interest. She was actually glad to deal with someone near her age at her level more or less.

"And I just finished private school, graduated with top marks, I was going to go to either Oxford or Cambridge," Harry told Hermione and her eyes widened.

"My parents wouldn't allow me to graduate that soon, you must be lucky," Hermione answered in an

exasperated voice with a tiny bit of jealousy before she realized. "Well of course, your parents are

dead, so you can't be lucky about them. Do you


you remember them at all?"

"My mother, I remember very well," Harry answered with a smile at the memory, ignoring Ron

shoveling food in his mouth. "She was a great woman




he was my father."

Harry decided to dial down his opinion on James Potter a little bit but from the memories that flooded back, it did not hold James Potter in the best light in the world. For him, it was obvious that the glory days of Hogwarts never ended with the scattered recollections that he recalled. Although in the end he fought Voldemort without a wand, that took guts, maybe not brains, but it took guts.

Hermione thought about her parents, Charlotte and David Granger, they were both dentists. They got into a bit of an argument because of Hermione's education at Hogwarts. David Granger had his daughter's life planned out, she was going to marry the perfect man, have a family, and continue the family legacy. She had an opportunity to learn something amazing and Charlotte Granger was not going to let her husband stop their daughter from achieving her full potential.

Things were rather cold when they left for Hogwarts but then again, that was her parents. Hermione knew that they slept in separate beds, which she figured was not normal at all.

The feast was over and Dumbledore decided to offer a few words.

"Now that we've been all fed and watered," Dumbledore answered, before he paused for a certain effect and spoke. "There are a few announcements. The number of items that are banned since the past year have been tripled. A full list should be available on Mr. Filch's office door."

Dumbledore paused and continued.

"The Forbidden Forest is, as it name indicates, forbidden," Dumbledore answered before he took a moment to look at them all, before his eyes turned to a certain pair of twins. "Older students naturally should be reminded of this."

The Weasley Twins offered a bow, playing up for the attention.

"And finally, the third floor corridor on the left is off limits, to those who do not want to experience a most painful and sudden death."

Harry's turned to Hermione, who looked a bit aghast.

"Yeah, that's subtle," Harry stated to her dryly and Hermione looked confused. "You do realize that now every idiot with a pulse is going to go for that corridor."

"No, people can't be that stupid," Hermione protested, scarcely believing it.

"Trust me when I say it Hermione, most people are that stupid."

'Especially in this place, if my first impressions are true,' Harry mentally added to himself.

One night in the place and Harry already regretted his living arrangements. Thankfully he had an out that he was going to use. Normally he was a pretty heavy sleeper and only needed about four or five hours asleep when most needed eight. Of course, he only needed those hours of sleep but he really needed those hours of sleep. Otherwise he would be quite the cranky motherfucker, for lack of a better term.

"Rough night?"

Harry turned around and saw Lucretia heading across the same path he did towards Professor McGonagall's office. The smile only slightly crossed Harry's face when he looked at the witch that stood before him.

"One could say that, given that my roommate is a one man case of noise pollution," Harry answered, watching Lucretia who offered him a pained grimace.

"Yeah, that's what you get for being with a Weasley," Lucretia answered, when she bent down and offered Harry a kiss on the lips, which he returned. It relaxed and soothed him a little bit. "He thinks that you're his friend, which means he'll stick to you like a case of dry rot."

"Wonderful," Harry answered dryly. He came to one conclusion. "Only if I can take him out."

Lucretia's face contorted into a slight knowing smile when she looked at Harry and put an arm around his waist, pulling him into her body. He wrapped an arm around her and stood there with a sigh.

"It isn't taking him out that's the problem, it's where to hide the body," Lucretia remarked and Harry's gaze focused on her. She shrugged and looked at him. "That's rule three of the Slytherin handbook, I think."

"Do they pass that one out when you get sorted?" Harry asked when he looked at the blonde Slytherin before a smile crossed his face. "I wonder if that ever is a Gryffindor handbook."

"That would imply that most Gryffindors are literate, sweetie," Lucretia stated before she shamelessly pinched Harry's ass. After their little romp on the train, she could not wait to get another piece of him and she laid awake last night, in her room, pleasuring herself to the thought of Harry and what he did to her. "So you're coming to McGonagall to complain, are you?"

"Well I've got to do something, otherwise I might smother him in his sleep," Harry offered her and she held him in close, he rested his head on her bust.

"I've got an idea, if you trust me enough," Lucretia answered and Harry smiled, before he said one thing.

"I'm all ears."

That was all Lucretia Malfoy needed to hear before she escorted Harry into McGonagall's office on that early morning.

"Transfusion," Lucretia stated the password which activated the portrait hole and swung open to allow them inside the office.

McGonagall sat at her desk, finishing some last minute plans for her lesson plans but then her eyes snapped up to face the two individuals approaching her carefully. "Ms. Malfoy, Mr. Potter, what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I wish to file a complaint about one of my roommates, about the unbearable level of snoring and his general demeanor of being unrefined and crass," Harry stated and McGonagall looked at him carefully.

"I trust you're talking about Ron Weasley," she remarked and Harry nodded. "Yes, Molly's youngest


grow into something adequate."


do think that he's gotten the short end of the stick after five other sons but perhaps he will

There was some lack of conviction in McGonagall's face and both parties in the office looked at her before the Head Girl cleared her throat to get the Deputy Headmistress' attention.

"I believe I have something that will ensure that Ronald Weasley doesn't have an unfortunate

accident in his sleep," Lucretia stated; she did not retract her arm from around Harry's waist. "The

Heads room

remain with his year mates. Hufflepuff, so you can see the loyalty there. So why doesn't Harry move in next door to me? I figure if he needs anything, I'll be right next door to him."


the Head Boy this year decided not to take his room in the suite, wanting to

"Yes, that would be for the best," Minerva stated, although she wondered why Harry got sorted into the Gryffindor house. She had him pegged as a Ravenclaw or even a Slytherin. Although she could imagine the shit storm that would happen if Harry Potter got sorted into the Slytherin house; she was not certain that she could deal with the riots and Snape might have a stroke.

She was extremely proud of her house but Harry did not seem the type.

"Thanks Professor," Harry responded.

"Of course, Mr. Potter will there be anything else?" McGonagall asked as she gazed at Harry.

"Not at this time," Harry answered, glad that he had a nice room where he could read in peace.

Lucretia and Harry left McGonagall's office, pleased that something went right. The blonde turned over to Harry, before she stood at him, a hungry gaze flickering in her eyes.

"I trust that you know that I'll be visiting you every morning before breakfast, you know to check up on you," Lucretia offered before she licked her lips.

Harry could not resist firing back, seeing the robes strain against her body a little bit. "And what makes you think I won't surprise you some mornings?"

"I look forward to it," Lucretia responded before the blonde wrapped her arms around Harry in a tight embrace, pulling the young wizard close to her.

The two kissed once again, there was no one around. Lucretia put up a charm that would cause

people to imagine that they were part of the wall. Her tongue was practically down his throat, and she rubbed against him. He cupped her ass and squeezed it, as their kiss got more heated.

She got hot and heavy, but unfortunately she had duties to do. She pulled apart and looked at Harry, her blonde hair flipping over her face seductively.

"We're going to have to catch up after classes today, I want to find out how your first day went," Lucretia stated when her stared over at Harry, mentally undressing him with her eyes before she turned around and walked off.

Dear Harry:

Well I thought that there was something different about you and it would explain the super powered intelligence. It's a shame that you can't tell me anything more about what happened, but I supposed that a secret world wouldn't be a secret world if you told me all of their secrets. Maybe in the future, we can discuss more.

Yeah, the private school I wanted to go to, well they turned down my application, can you imagine that? And did you hear about Luthorcorp? Well I don't suppose you did, but they spearheaded an effort to clear out several forests to make way for another factory. One of these days, Lionel Luthor is going to get his just desserts, he can't hide forever behind everything.

So I'm hanging here, about back to go to Gotham High. The honor's classes aren't too bad, not too much of a challenge. I wish I had a bit more of a challenge. But hey, the independent studies that I'm doing, that should help me sharpen my mind a little bit.

Wish I could write more, don't have much more to say.

Write back soon as you can. Your owl is beautiful by the way.



Without another moment, Harry drafted a response to her.

Dear Pamela:

Classes are adequate I suppose. Granted, I've only been here for less than a week. I'm writing this before I got to my final class of the week, Potions. If we ever had an energy crisis, we can mine the teacher's hair for oil. But I digress.

So Transfiguration and Charms, not too bad of classes, granted I'm kind of bored because I've read through all of the first year material and most of the second year material. Performed a lot of the charms too. So I'm good to go there. As for Defence Against the Dark Arts, that class is a real let down. I thought it would be interesting but the teacher stutters. I almost think it's a front because no one stutters that much. It's unnatural.

Most of the people in my year are idiots, well at least in the house that I was sorted in. Yeah they sort us into houses, with a magical hat. Segregation much? Talk about turning us against

each other when we're young. Although once we can get past the barrier of the houses, there are a few decent people in my year. Mostly Hermione, she's in the same house, I pity her because she's like me in some respects. She tries to show her knowledge in class, pity that won't get her much of anywhere with these people. I've heard everyone's fair share of snide remarks towards her.

This kid named Ron thinks that we're best friends, despite the fact that I've barely said two words to him since the train ride. I've got my own room. What goes on in that room stays in that room shall we say.

Most of the people in my house are idiots. A few have potential but really the boys in my year, not the cream of the crop. Okay Neville might be fine, but he's like the top of the bottom, even though he seems to defer to his grandmother a lot. Of course, it seems like eighty percent of this school don't have any sense whatsoever.

Herbology is interesting, sent you the notes that I copied, although good luck in finding any of these plants. They're rare, and need to be grown under special standards. Still, broaden your horizons and all that.

My friends Lucretia and Nym are standing in the doorway, and I know what that means. I'll finish up this letter, write back to you soon.



He would post the letter.

"Wotcher Harry," Tonks remarked as she eyed him with desire and Lucretia did the same.

"Morning girls, sorry I kept you waiting," Harry answered when he eyed the two of them, their lovely bodies that were wrapped in robes that were a couple of sizes too small for them, and he could tell that they were not wearing anything underneath.

Lucretia stepped forward, before she wrapped her arms around Harry, and pushed him back into the chair. Nym moved to the other side of Harry and began to stroke his neck, kissing the back of it.

"No problem, Harry, we have an hour to kill before breakfast," Lucretia stated whilst she straddled his lap and purred in his ear. "I think we can have some fun now."

Her lips met his in a searing kiss, and Harry returned it, whilst Tonks worked his pants off.

Most of his mornings were like this, to be honest.

Potions was one of the subjects that Harry almost looked forward to. Given what he heard about the class from Tonks, he was on the edge and on pins and needles. He hoped that this Snape would not be much trouble, although he had a strong feeling that he would be. Harry sat himself down at a table, with Hermione.

A blonde Slytherin with dark eyes sat across from Harry. She was joined by a second first year

Slytherin with chocolate brown hair and eyes. Hermione did not say anything, even if Ron gave a confused look.

"Harry, they're Slytherins!" Ron managed and Harry looked at him, with an almost pitying look. The wizard wondered if this ginger haired twit was dropped on his head as an infant, repeatedly. That would explain a lot.

"Yes, their robes clued me on that, Ronald," Harry stated in a crisp voice. "I'd find a seat if I were you."

Ron's brain tried to figure out what happened but much like Dudley, he seemed to be working hard at it. Harry carefully watched him sit down with Neville, and two other first years, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan.

"I'm afraid we have not been acquainted," Harry responded with a smile when he looked over towards them. "My name is Harry Potter, and this is Hermione Granger."

Harry gave Hermione a look that indicated that he should do all of the talking. Hermione found that Harry had such a commanding presence that she had no choice to obey. Although she was excited by him because she had never been pushed so hard to excel, because she had no competition, all of the children around her always acted so childish. There was no one at her old primary school that was a challenge for her.

The blonde female took Harry's hand and shook it.

"What are you doing sitting with Potter, Greengrass?" Malfoy demanded when he looked at the first year Slytherin girl. "Do you realize the damage that you could cause to your family reputation, associating with a blood traitor and her kind as well?"

"Do you tire of spitting out your father's words verbatim?" Daphne asked in a bored voice with barely disguised venom as she addressed Malfoy before she turned to Harry. "My name is Daphne Greengrass, this is my friend Tracey Davis."

Actually Tracey was more like her pet, given the life debt that the Davis family owed the Greengrasses, but they kind of kept that private.

"Hello, Harry, nice to meet you," Tracey stated as she drank in Harry's form with her eyes. She saw him talking to Lucretia Malfoy the other day and they got along rather well. She was curious.

"Look Malfoy, if you don't have anything constructive to add to the conversation, I'd advise you kindly bugger off," Harry answered with a swift smile, before he added, in a lowered voice. "Or it might find its way into the Hogwarts rumor mill that you wet your bed at night."

Malfoy looked flushed in the face and he knew who told him that, he could kill his sister. No wait, his sister would likely curb stomp him and then humiliate him in front of everyone. He would write home to his father, yes, that would show everyone. He joined Crabbe, Goyle, and Blaise Zabini at a table, simmering in his humilation.

The doors burst open and Professor Snape himself arrived, his robes billowing behind him. Harry pulled a face, he looked even more greasy in person. There was no time to mull that over for Snape began to speak, in a calm and crisp manner that actually did grab the attention of people. At least the class hung off his every word.

"There will be no foolish wand waving or silly incantations in this class," Snape narrated in his crisp voice. "I do not expect you to understand the subtle science and intricacies of potions of Potions

brewing, but I can teach you wonders beyond your wildest imaginings. I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death."

Snape paused for dramatic effect and it was then that Harry wondered if he practiced this speech in front of the mirror. It was likely, he had a certain type of vanity to him.

"That is unless you are the group of dunderheads that I usually have to teach."

Harry frowned, well he would have to agree with Snape about some of the class being dunderheads but the fact he agreed with Snape made him fell so dirty and so wrong. Snape went through the roll call, and stopped, before he reached Harry's name.

Several things happened at that present moment. Snape placed his hands down the desk and watched Harry, looking into his eyes. The wizard felt the sudden prod into his mind and knew that Snape could not help himself. Although he felt ill with that grease ball up close and personal to him.

"Ah yes Harry Potter our new cel



Snape's head whipped back before it smashed off of the desk with a solid thud. The class gave a collective gasp when he slid back onto the floor, blood splattering from his forehead when his forehead was cracked open off of the desk. He was knocked completely and utterly out cold.

"Potter, what did you do?" Malfoy demanded as he narrowed his eyes towards Harry.

"Malfoy, I didn't do anything," Harry answered with a cool and crisp glare directed towards Malfoy.

"Yeah, Malfoy, Harry didn't do anything," Ron chimed in like a particularly demented cheerleader.

"Silence," Harry stated in a sharp voice and Ron became silent. The Boy-Who-Lived closed his eyes before his voice dropped to silence and seriousness. "It appears that Professor Snape has suffered from an ailment. It appears that the stress of teaching has gotten to him. Either that, or he has slipped on the grease that dripped from his own hair. It does appear that he bathes in it after all."

'And my defenses against mental intrusion are better than Andromeda thought,' Harry added to himself mentally.

Witnesses could say that Harry did not lay a finger or a wand on Snape, he merely fell on the ground. Well credible witnesses at least, and Malfoy couldn't really do much of anything. Unless he wanted his problem to become public knowledge, that was.

And Snape couldn't accuse Harry of doing anything either, for if he accused Harry, that meant he would admit that he tried to read the mind of a minor. And he tried to read a mind of a minor without permission of a parent or a legal guardian. Not to mention he did it without just cause, Andromeda made sure Harry was well aware of his rights there.

And given who Andromeda was, she could roast Snape on a spit if she found out what happened with Harry.

That was good to up to five to seven years in Azkaban where Snape would never be the same ever again. As for Harry, he would get a minor slap on a wrist, a hundred Galleon fine, but he could wipe his arse with a hundred galleons.

And Snape would also get his Potions Mastery qualifications revoked as well and all of his teaching

credentials; he would have to start over from scratch. And he would be up for constant evaluations.

Plus he would also admit that he got completely and utterly schooled by a first year Gryffindor. That part made Harry even more confident that Snape would keep his mouth shut. Sure he might whine to Dumbledore a little bit, threaten Harry to get expelled and all that. But other than that, Harry knew that there was nothing else he could do.

"So, someone might want to get help, because he might have a concussion," Harry concluded in and Daphne volunteered to be the one to go and get Snape some help, mostly because she could not hold a straight face and needed to burst out into laughter. It wasn't funny what happened but it was more of how it happened.

Harry leaned back.

"Well I don't think that anyone expected the first Potions lesson to go like this," Harry commented to Hermione who sighed.

She wondered what really happened and had a feeling that Harry knew, but he was not about to tell anyone, at least not yet.

"The word in the Slytherin House is that Snape will be spending the next week in St. Mungos to be checked out for head trauma," Lucretia remarked as she walked around the school with Harry, after they had gone to their meeting with McGonagall. She figured that Harry should have representation to back him up and she tagged along to give him an ample change to fight.

The meeting was short and really all that happened was McGonagall asked Harry about his account of the situation. He told his version of the truth, Snape went down hard. It appeared that McGonagall had a good idea what happened.

"So, I think that it might be unwise for Snape and you to be in the same room ever again," Lucretia added when she walked beside Harry, holding his hand carefully when they kept walking, down towards the Dungeons. "So, I'm thinking that I can get most of my credit towards my mastery if I tutor one student in Potions."

Harry nodded, that was right, Lucretia was going for a Mastery in Potions, that was her dream. It had been a rough one but she got the highest marks in her OWLs during that year and actually sat her Potions NEWT over the summer and passed that with high marks.

"So why not you and

have to prove that I've taught you well and your markings reflect upon my credit, but I know the two "

of you will excel in that class. It's just that Snape


I guess as well," Lucretia stated when she looked at Harry. "You

"He knows his material but he's not a teacher," Harry responded and Lucretia nodded whilst they entered Snape's office. "Andromeda told me about what happened between him and my father."

"The sins on the father are often revisited upon the son," Lucretia added as they walked into Snape's office, and Lucretia used her wand to levitate the items off of the desk. "Or in my case, the daughter."

Being the daughter of Lucius Malfoy, well that offered a challenge in many ways. There was no question that Lucius barely brought her up in his meetings with his high influenced friends. Which allowed Lucretia to mostly stick to the shadows and do her own thing beyond the diseased Malfoy

family name. She got ahead on her own merits and not because of the last name Malfoy.

It was the worst kept secret that her father padded some pockets with gold to keep into Akzaban. There was a secret room full of dark artifacts beneath Malfoy Manor but that was only the tip of what Lucius was into. He had many things that had his greasy little mits into, or so it seemed. Lucretia felt that she coexisted with her father, nothing more.

Plus knowing these secrets and not revealing them could get her the leverage that was needed for later on. Lucretia smiled when she watched Harry, carefully putting her hands on his shoulders. She invited him to sit down on the desk, with Harry doing so when she straddled his hips and looked in in the eyes.

"So we have this nice quiet office all to ourselves, Harry, and it's been a long and stressful day for us both," Lucretia remarked before she licked her lips carefully, before she ran her hands over his chest.

Harry got the message loud and clear, before she slid her robes off when she faced him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, before pushing her back onto Snape's desk.

Smut/Lemon Begins.

Lucretia felt her back press up against the desk and then Harry removed her blouse, to reveal her bra encased tits. The supple mounds of flesh were covered with a white bra that showcased her wonderful cleavage and he squeezed them, they were covered with her bra. She breathed when he worked her over.

She worked off his robes and then his shirt, to reveal his muscular chest. With each movement, clothes flew to the ground and forgotten. The blonde sat up to allow Harry to remove her bra to reveal her lovely tits. The girl leaned back, so Harry could play with her nipples, rubbing his thumbs up and down across them.

"Such a pinnacle of perfection," Harry mused as he cupped her breasts and squeezed them, inspiring a moan from her. He cupped her again, playing with her tits, and working her supple globes with his hands.

"Yes, now suck on them," Lucretia begged, when she slid her skirt off, so she straddled him wearing nothing but a pair of white panties and stockings. The young wizard placed his head between her breasts and sucked him them hungrily. She moaned when she felt the pleasure course through her and his hands reached beyond his, lightly kneading the flesh that was his ass.

The lovely taste of her nipples entered Harry's mouth and he licked his tongue around them, drawing more in the flavor in. The taste caused Harry's mind to go wild, but he wanted more. He ran his hands all over her back and her hips, before running his fingers down her sexy belly, which caused the blonde to shiver with the sensations he inspired.

Lucretia found herself back first on the desk and Harry removed her panties, to reveal her aroused mound, dripping in fluids that rolled down her twat, in between her thighs. The dark haired wizard took a moment to rub her clit, causing her to buck her hips upwards in pleasure, her eyes widening. The blonde's heart sped up and the pleasure filled her body, when he parted her lips and put his tongue in between her aroused lips.

He began to lick the inside of her, caressing and sucking on her, causing the juices roll down her thighs. He pressed his hands on her creamy thighs when he continued to eat her, feeling the pleasure. Her moans got louder when the green eyed wizard worked his tongue into her, licking her, and feeling the curve of her arse as she bucked up into his face.

Lucretia breathed heavily, when Harry gave her a hearty smack on the rear.

"Oh yes, more, love," Lucretia responded whilst he squeezed her ass cheeks and played with her pussy, using his tongue to stimulate desire. Her hips arched upwards, to meet his thrusts of his tongue and he continued to work into her, running his hands down her body.

Lucretia felt her quim tighten and her juices splattered out when he drove his tongue in one more time.

She reached forward, and unbuckled his pants, before she revealed his throbbing cock, ready to go. His boxers were removed, with her practically ripping at them. She flipped herself over, so she was on her hands and knees, rear presented at Harry's face.

"Come and get it, lover boy," Lucretia teased him, wiggling her ass, and Harry grabbed her hips, before he rubbed the bulbous head against her dripping slit, causing her to tingle with excitement.

"Yes," Harry grunted, when he felt the tightness wrap around him, before he rocked his rod into her, slamming it in and out of her, when he rocked into her tight pussy. The blonde moaned and writhed when he slammed into her hard, pushing his cock into her tight chamber, pushing against her.

Lucretia rocked herself back, feeling this manhood drill into her, feeling the rush of his cock spearing into her. No other man could ever come close to making her feel the things that Harry made her feel. This was excitement, she felt her pussy clench around him, when he gave thrusts, slow at first, then fast. He picked up the tempo and his hands rolled over her body, when he fucked her doggy style on the desk.

Harry could feel her orgasm and give lewd sounds with her mouth, when he played with her breasts and ass. The two of them continued to rock back and forth with their love making.

"I'm just getting started," Harry breathed in her ear, when she was driven to her fourth or fifth orgasm, it was hard to tell.

"More, yeah," Lucretia panted heavily as she felt her pussy clench. She was going to have a good night sleep tonight, being fucked into a stupor by this young man, no this god. He had endowment that would make everyone green with jealousy, although he was still growing.

That was the part that made Lucretia the wettest, he was still growing, and he could get bigger. He speared into her, when the clock ticked on. Then entered the office slightly after dinner and the time was rocking on. Her orgasms got more powerful and more intense. She was glad that she took a stamina potion before she got here, although that was not something that she should make the habit of.

Harry kept up a steady pace, causing her to scream in an extremely powerful orgasm.

"I'm close to the edge," Harry remarked whilst he speared into her faster yet, her warm and wet walls hugging against him. He sped up his motions into her, as she panted against him.

"Cum in me, please, I need it," Lucretia breathed, she could not believe it, he was twisting and playing with her nipples and continued to slam into her tight pussy, rocking her back and forth. She could hardly believe what was happening but he was driven close to the edge.

With a mad thrust, he came into her and spilled his essence into her pussy. She collapsed, screaming so loud that she would have woken the entire castle. Thankfully Lucretia knew enough to use silencing spells. Still she had an amazing orgasm that rocked her body.

Smut/Lemon Ends.

Their mutual love making was done and Harry pulled out, before she conjured a blanket.

"Let's rest here for a few hours, sweetie, then we'll go for another round," Lucretia stated, when she spun around and gave Harry another kiss, which he returned. He turned around, to rest his head on her breasts.

The time for another round would come soon enough.

Dear Pamela.

Well you're not going to believe this one but somehow, I found my way on the school sports team. Yeah, I know, it's weird and I did it by making Draco Malfoy look like a complete and utter twat. Not that he doesn't do a good job of doing that himself but I figured, I'd be a good little wizard and lend him a helping hand.

Setting the stage, it is the first flying lesson. The brooms they give us are a disgrace, they might have been here since the school was built. In fact, I'm pretty sure that they were here since the school was built. They are really old and they don't handle well at all. So one of my classmates, Longbottom, falls off the broom. He falls onto the ground, snapping his wrist in half. Gets to the hospital wing, we are threatened against flying.

He has this stupid thing that only the brain surgeons in this world can invent. It's called the Remembrall, it tells you that you've forgotten something. Which could be useful except it neglects to tell you what you've forgotten. Which makes it utterly useless.

Draco, being the attention whore he was, decided to show off with the little trinket. I decided that I would do my one good deed for the year and get Longbottom his ball back. Although I do wonder how adept Draco is at handling balls.

But I digress.

I chased him for the thing but then he threw the ball. I caught, it was easy. Given that I had to work with a piece of crap broom that looked like he was held by chewing gum and duct tape.

So anyway, I thought McGonagall was going to scream at me but no she got someone named Wood. He is the captain for Quidditch, yeah sounds dumb but hey, it's something else for me to do to pass the time. I'm able to complete my homework within minutes. I'm even working with Lucretia on ways to improve the potions that this school teaches us. There is an easier way to do things, which you think would be obvious with magic.

Oh, here's the funniest part of today, Draco challenged me to a duel. I could have handled it if Ronald Weasley, prince of the uncouth, didn't accept it on my behalf. Now I've got to go to the trophy room and face him. Ron said he was going to be my second. Lucretia believes that there's no way that her brother would show up because he's a spineless, dickless coward. Her words, not mine, although the sentiment is shared.

I'm sure that she's right but hey, could be fun for a story later. Be back to finish this letter

later when I go to the trophy room.

Okay I'm back, did you miss me?

As it turned out, Draco Malfoy didn't turn up. Hermione followed us or rather followed Ron.

I explained the situation to her, so she diverted her malice to Ron. I don't think he got the point.

Longbottom got dragged into this entire mess as well.

Filch, the caretaker, tried to bust us. He has this cat Mrs. Norris, but we made a break for it. I don't know if you can kill a Poltergeist, but I sure am tempted to find out. And then we entered it.

Dumbledore wasn't kidding.

Oh boy he wasn't kidding.

Three heads, all too many teeth, and nasty, and not to mention hungry.

I wonder if the people in this place remember to feed it.

Or if they get the poor thing riled up by forgetting, hoping that more unfortunate schmuck gets dragged into it.

I was tempted to take pity on it and feed him Weasley, but that would be considered cruelty to animals.

So we got out of there, I think they made it back to the Gryffindor Common Room. I made my way to the Heads Room where I finished this letter.

It's a useful guard dog.

I will make Malfoy suffer for what he pulled however. He's going to learn a valuable lesson.

And I'll use the purebloods' own assbackwards system against them to do it. Oh the delicious irony.

Talk you you soon,

Harry Potter.

Harry was true to his word and the next morning, everyone found out what he planned on doing. Draco Malfoy was hanging from the torches of the Great Hall, his robes stripped off of him, by his underwear and he whimpered as he was suspended for all to see.

"Nice underpants, Malfoy!" someone called from below.

"I see London, I see France, I see Malfoy's Underpants," a Muggleborn stated in an amused tone

although the purebloods did not get the reference.

Daphne in particular was amused, Draco needed to get taken down a peg or two or ten.

"My father will hear about this!" Draco yelled as Flitwick took pity on him and lowered him down to the ground.

Harry arrived with Ron turning towards him.

"You missed the show," Ron stated, with Harry smelling his breakfast on his breath. Obviously these wizards never heard of a simple invention known as mouthwash.

The truth was that he had to establish his alibi to make sure none of this got tied back to him. Although his mouth curled into a smile when he watched Draco Malfoy dangling from the torch, kicking and thrashing his legs, and many of his fellow Slytherins did not seem too inclined to help him.

Harry waited for Malfoy to get cut down. As he watched, Daphne turned up, with a smile on her face.

"Well played, Potter," Daphne whispered to him so no one else could hear him.

"I am very disappointed in the students of Hogwarts for laughing at the misfortune of another," Dumbledore remarked from the Head Table, addressing the Great Hall as a whole. "There is nothing funny about what happened to young Draco Malfoy today and I hope that you would show more empathy towards his unfortunate plight."

"No, it wasn't funny," Tracey added in a somber voice before she added with a smile. "It was absolutely hilarious."

Dumbledore turned around, he knew that Draco Malfoy would be his own worst enemy from the moment that he stepped foot into this castle. He hoped, perhaps foolishly, that parts of his personality would be tempered and he would be able to do something productive with him. His father was savvy and his mother was among the top of her year.

Things did not look too promising for the young Malfoy.

Harry decided to get himself a brief bit of breakfast, although funnily enough he found his appetite to be less than abundant after seeing Malfoy's underwear. At least there was no view of his pasty white ass.

Anything that Harry did to Malfoy was perfectly within his rights as a head of an ancient and noble house because Malfoy challenged him to a duel and no-showed it like a craven coward. He was fully willing to exploit the rules and customs of the society for his own benefit. Malfoy got impaled upon his own sword.

The first couple of months at Hogwarts were mildly interesting. Once one got past the fact of "yay, magic" it was not that much different from many other schools. Harry noticed that the actual learning process was slowed down to a torturous crawl, covering what could have been covered in a lesson over several weeks, drilling mundane theory to the point of being repetitive. It caused his head to ring.

Lucretia commented that this was likely because of the Ministry of Magic did not want anyone to think beyond the parameters that had been established by the government and the International Confederation of Wizards backed them up. Therefore they slowed down the lessons. Harry thought that there was no problem at all with his ability to get ready to test out of first year by Christmas. In fact, the entire lesson plan for the first year covered maybe two and a half months worth of lessons stretched out.

In this world, Harry figured that someone could take a process that should take a day and stretch it out over a year. At least he had plenty to do around here, practicing the spells that he learned by reading through the Hogwarts library. He wished he could obtain a note to the Restricted Section but he had been shut down for his own good. That caused his teeth to gnash a little bit but he decided that he would learn every bit of magic he could in the allowed books.

There was a tiny bit of interesting knowledge in the library, although much of the knowledge about magical creatures and their cultures were oddly restricted. Other than magical creature books that described many of the races and their terms of savage brutality but while Harry knew that creatures were capable of savage brutality.

History of Magic was a glorified sleeping pill, how someone could make bloody battles sound about as interesting was reading a phonebook, he would never know. Harry would be interested in learning about some of the bloody battles between goblins and wizards. Although given his talks with Sersi, they decided that they were both in the wrong.

"Harry, I know about my race and I know what we're capable of," Sersi admitted one day after she read Harry's latest report of how his business holdings did. "While I think that your History of Magic course is too slanted against us, if goblins had a say, it would be too slanted against humans. It takes two sides to tangle."

"I'm sure it was thrilling and the goblins were capable of some brilliant tactics," Harry answered and Sersi pulled a disgusted face, which was uncharacteristic of a goblin.

"You should hear my grandfather tell the stories, he was there," Sersi stated, when she went over them. "So you want to double your holdings in the Firebolt broom company. You know, they're new, but….investor confidence states that they're going to be big someday. Especially if you buy now, with the last Quidditch Cup passing recently and the new one a few years away. The stocks will plummet around Christmas, and be at their lowest, so it will be time to buy. That's how it happened over the past four hundred or five hundred years."

"You've earned your pay with this one," Harry stated, he was sure that this was sound business advice. Invest when it was at its lowest, and then cash in right after the Quidditch Cup Finals where he could make the huge profit margins.

"Nimbus might be a safe investment, even if Firebolt is nipping at its tales," Sersi answered, with Harry leaning back in Charms class. He already levitated his feather and in fact did several charms that Flitwick requested for him to do. Once he performed about twenty or so charms, he was asked to sit in the back of the room, where he could do whatever he liked, as long as he did a silencing spell to prevent his activities from disturbing the students.

"Well if you're so smart, why don't you do it?

No silencing charm in the world could block the loud and obnoxious mouth of Ron Weasley.

"Also, Cleansweep….they're suffering," Sersi responded when she inclined her head. "That's a shame, because they were the champions for years, but they've decided to go for a safe business

venture and nothing daring. The Nimbus 2000 and later the Nimbus 2001 brooms will be great, but Firebolt, my father thinks that will sweep the market."

"Sweep the market?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Little broomstick humor," Sersi stated, cracking a slight smile. "So, we'll revisit this plan after the holidays. And you want to double your holdings for Honeydukes."

"There's always a market for chocolate, one of the most addicting drugs in the world," Harry added, and Sersi could not argue that one.

The bell rang.

"Talk to later, Sersi, we'll touch base after I get done with History of Magic," Harry answered to her over the mirror.

"Okay, Harry, enjoy your nap," Sersi responded but Harry looked at her. "You don't actually try and stay awake and pay attention do you."

"I enjoy a challenge," Harry answered, he and Hermione were the only two who remotely held the attention, even though Harry wondered why.

"Some might say that you enjoy being a masochist," Sersi stated when she sighed. "Okay, talk to you later Harry. May fortune shine upon you."

"And may your Galleons rain gold," Harry states with a smirk.

Harry walked off and heard Ron ranting, looking right towards Hermione.

"She's a nightmare honestly; I mean…who would want to be around her?"

Hermione walked away, in a huff and hiding her tears.

"Congratulations, you've reached the level of Neanderthal," Harry stated as he looked at Ron and he looked confused. "I think she heard you."


"Well she might notice that she doesn't have any friends," Ron stated whilst he shifted guiltily, which was good. Harry hoped it ate him up inside and destroyed him all around. "I'm sure she'll be okay."

"For your sake, naturally," Harry stated before he cheerfully added. "I'm heading to the library."

Ron acted like Harry had hives and this allowed him to slip off. He would give Hermione a moment to cool off, before he would go after her. She should not really let a troglodyte such as Ron Weasley get the better of her.

"Troll, Troll in the dungeons!"

Professor Quirrell showed up and skidded to a stop, before he landed on the ground with a skidding thud and he looked up, his eyes carefully turned to them.

"Thought you'd like to know."

Harry for one, thought that Quirrell was being overly dramatic, but the people were screaming in terror. Everyone was running in horror until Dumbledore ran in horror.

"So who do you think let the troll in?" Ron asked Harry, trying to engage him into conversation but Harry moved away, kicking the passed out Quirrell in the ribs as he walked over the teacher. "Where are you going?"

"Hermione, I need to warn you and you might as well come with me, because it's your fault she's crying in the girl's bathroom in the first place," Harry answered when Ron followed him, and kept moving.

"How do you reckon it got in here?"

"You know, I have no idea, someone let it in, trying to be funny and cute, I'd imagine," Harry responded as he quickened his strides and nearly fell over his feet. He picked up the pace, before he moved faster, nearly at super speed.

"Hey, wait up."

Harry grabbed Ron roughly by the arm and jetted off quickly as he could.

"Hey, that's my shoulder."

"It will be your arse if you don't keep quiet," Harry hissed through his teeth as he focused his hearing. His hearing was sharp as always and he heard the grunts of the troll. He focused his vision and saw it going down the hallway, ugly and grotesque when it dragged a giant club behind him.

Ron moved away and turned the key in the lock, locking the troll inside. He looked pretty pleased with himself until Harry focused his vision. He found out that he could see through walls, doors and, women's clothing. He saw the troll advancing on the figure in the bathroom who screamed.

'That idiot.'

Harry nailed Ron in the back of the head, causing his head to bounce forward and smack across the door. He nailed him with half strength, full strength would have killed him. This gave him a concussion. Harry opened the door.

Hermione froze in the corner, this was the time where the courage that got her into Gryffindor failed her and her heart beat against her chest.

"Hermione, move it!" Harry yelled in a loud voice, before he blasted the mirror to get the trolls attention.

The troll advanced on Harry and he stood there, feeling a burning in his eyes.

Hermione ducked her head, wanting this to be a nightmare that she would wake up from soon.

A blast of heat fired from Harry's eye, slicing through the troll. It ripped through his skin and impacted through him, bouncing back off the mirror. It struck the back of his neck, ripping his head almost off.

The troll fell to the ground, blood splattering from his neck and chest. Hermione's eyes widened when she looked up, flummoxed and scared out of her mind.

"Is it…is it…is it…dead?"

Harry answered in a crisp tone of voice. "Yeah it's dead."

Hermione wondered what happened, what could have caused the troll's death, there was nothing that made any sense. She ducked her head and Harry stood over it, wand out. Surely a first year could have not fired a spell that quickly?

Harry blasted a few jets of flame out of his wand. They weren't anything like what he shot from his eyes but they would do.

"Is…is that what you did?" Hermione asked as she looked up at Harry, who pulled Ron Weasley into the room and deposited him next to the troll.

"Yes, that's what I did," Harry answered as he turned to Hermione, looking her dead in the eye. He supposed that he did not trust her enough with the truth, his other powers, like enhanced hearing, heat vision, and this X-Ray Vision.

"I owe you my life," Hermione stated in a breathless tone, looking at him with wide eyed adoration and Harry offered a shadow of smile towards Hermione, wondering if she appreciated what this statement meant. It had different ramifications in the Wizarding World than it did in the Muggle World.

Quirrell, McGonagall, and Snape arrived and Harry turned around. They looked at the troll and gasped, although Quirrell favored some bruised ribs.

"I overpowered by flame charm trying to save Hermione," Harry stated, answering their unasked question. "If you wish to verify that, you can check my wand. And Ron….well he tried to be a hero and it ended badly."

"I can see that," McGonagall stated whilst she wrinkled her nose at the smell of burned troll flesh.

Quirrell eyed the troll and then Harry Potter but he turned away from him. This was then when the wizard suspected something. Whenever he tried to focus his X-Ray vision on Quirrell's turban, he got a headache, which meant that there was something that blocked him. Although he did not know what that was.

The teachers had a mess to clear up. McGonagall turned to Harry and Hermione.

"Mr. Potter, if you wish to continue the feast, I will have a house elf send something up to your room," McGonagall stated and Hermione raised an eyebrow at the term "house elf" but Harry nodded carefully.

"Hermione should come with me, it would be unwise for her to be left alone after her ordeal," Harry responded when he carefully watched Hermione. "If she wants to of course."

"Yes, I will," Hermione stated, not wanting to return to the Gryffindor Common Room where she had no allies or friends. Sure she got along with people alright but they were distant to her. Harry was the closest person on her level, even if he might have been a bit more beyond her level.

After Harry and Hermione ate, he turned to her, because they had to address a certain situation.

"Today, you said that you owed me your life," Harry responded and Hermione carefully nodded.

"And I meant every word of that Harry, believe me," Hermione answered and she slipped off her robes, to reveal the white school blouse top and skirt that she wore, along with socks and shoes. Harry took a moment to look at her body. Like with most witches, she had the curves of a fifteen year old Muggle at age twelve.

"And that means you owe me a life debt," Harry responded when he looked at Hermione, before he handed her a blue potion. "Please drink this."

Hermione took it and swallowed the potion. She felt a rush of a sensation through her teeth and felt them shrank down to a normal size. She gave a gasp of astonishment; magic did something that dentistry could not accomplish.

"I want you to feel your very best about yourself and I think that those teeth were something you were bothered about," Harry answered as he put his hand on Hermione's bare thigh, who shivered for some reason at the contact. Which was strange as her body began to heat up. "I don't know how much you've read into this, but witches and wizards; we're different from normal mundane humans."

"Different?" Hermione asked as she felt a warmth rise between her legs and the sudden desire to give her master pleasure.

Master, where did that come from? She had a really weird night but then she thought about her duty towards Harry. She owed him and that was a debt that she could never fully repay.

Harry sighed, he figured that being in the Muggle world and Hermione's eleventh birthday coming fourteen months ago, she would experience some sort of backup regarding her magic. Whilst it wasn't potentially fatal for witches as it was for wizards, there could still be some circumstances where there might be problems.

The fact Hermione was wound pretty tight clued Harry in that she had been suppressing something.

"We mature in our younger years at a most different rate and because of the magic, our sex drive increases at a much different age," Harry continued as he looked at her, seeing her heaving chest between her breasts. "We have certain urges much sooner. Upon our eleventh birthday, we hit a maturation, where we age to that of a fourteen year old Muggle. There is more, and our aging eventually slows to a crawl when we hit our full maturation at twenty one years old. Some of us age half as quick after that. Some of us age a third as quick, others a fourth. A fortunate few stop aging at all, past their twenties, being forever young."

"Do you…do you think that's fortunate?" Hermione asked, feeling herself get wet at the thought of Harry doing all kinds of things that she never deemed to be possible before. She wondered what was happening to her.

Harry smiled to her.

"Perhaps," Harry stated before his hand traveled underneath her skirt and caused her to close her eyes, he smelt her arousal. "But it depends, we are put on this Earth for one reason, to make the most out of our lives. And if we're young and willing, we shouldn't worry about what taboos society claims to have."

Harry pulled Hermione forward onto his lap, snaking his arm around her, before he pulled her into a deep kiss. She sighed rather long and hard as his mouth worked on hers, essentially kissing the breath out of her. The wizard pulled away from her and caused her to nearly fall back, feeling faint.

"Society is flawed to begin with," Harry stated as his breath hit her ear and she shivered. "Why

should we let them tell us where to have our fun?"

Hermione's blouse unbuttoned to reveal her C-Cup breasts straining in a bra. She felt her mind fog over, no logic, no thoughts about this was wrong or it was too soon, that kind of logic did not have any place in a world without logic. All she thought about was giving Harry pleasure.

"Let me pleasure you, master, I want to make you feel good," Hermione stated, the desire for him washing over.

He was a strong Alpha Male, who was the leader of the pack, and could have all the women he wanted. She worked his pants open and got down on her knees.

"That's a good girl," Harry stated whilst he looked at her chocolate brown eyes that stared back at him with desire.

Smut/Lemon Begins.

Hermione fished Harry's cock out of his pants, to see it in front of her, in her hand and she held it in her hand, studying it intently.

"It's so big," Hermione breathed in awe.

"Make it bigger, stroke it," Harry commanded and Hermione stroked his cock, feeling it pulse in her hand. "That's it, now lick the shaft."

Hermione dove down, licking Harry's cock and tasting it like it was her lifeline to this world. She drew her tongue over his throbbing manhood, going down and licking his balls. She worked her nice tongue around him, and continued to warm him up, while her pussy burned with the greatest desire to have him inside her in the worst way.

Harry arched back and his cock in all of its size and glory entered her mouth. He grabbed her head and thrust his cock into her throat, drilling it into her throat, and Hermione rocked forward, with his strokes meeting her bobbing mouth. He buried his cock into her throat and she leaned back, taking him into her. He felt good, her hot throat muscles massaging him.

"Oh, that's it, that's the stuff," Harry grunted as he grabbed her face and speared into her mouth.

Hermione wrapped her lips around his member, making sure to give him all that he needed, when he continued to work into the back of her throat. His cock cut a steady pace into the back of her throat, and he continued to push into her. The two continued their motions, rocking back and forth before Harry shot a stream of his cum into her throat.

She felt his thick essence spilled down her throat and she slurped it up happily, making lewd sounds with her mouth. The brunette bookworm rocked back and forth.

"Time for next part of my payment," Harry stated, when he removed her bra to reveal her breasts and her nipples that were erect. He squeezed them, made them his, making her understand the nature of what she owed him.

Hermione felt more moisture pool down from her pussy, it burning from desire when he played with her breasts. Her skirt got stripped off and he pulled her panties down to reveal her mound with a small strip of brown hair before him.

"I'm ready for you, master," Hermione breathed, lying back on the bed and spreading her legs. Harry took the head of his cock, erect once again and rubbed it against her slit, working her over. She

watched him with widened eyes. His cock head brushed against her slit and her juices dribbles down her thighs. "Yes, come on, I need it."

Harry grabbed Hermione's hips before he pushed his cock into her, ripping into her and making her his woman. She screamed when she felt her barrier give way but the pain numbing charms quickly changed that. He rocked into her body, before he thrust his throbbing penis into her, sawing into her with super powered thrusts.

"Oh yeah, such a tight pussy, you know how to work me," Harry breathed as Hermione lifted her hips up, unknowingly matching what Harry wanted thanks to the life debt bond.

Hermione's tight box squeezed him when she had her first orgasm with a cock inside her and he continued to work into her, not even slowly down the pace. He thrust himself into her, working through her pussy and his cock pulsed into her, pushing into her and working her over.

"Mine, more, more, more," Hermione panted and chanted, whilst her hips thrust upwards to meet his cock spearing into her moist center.

Pleasure did not even begin what she felt. If she was bound to Harry for life, at least she would get something out of it. Perhaps someday she would be much more but not today. There was something about the way that he pleasured Hermione that she felt was inhumane and she loved it, she loved his cock, she lived for his cock, she pushed her lips together, and rubbed at his cock. She needed him inside her, working her over, in the worst way.

Harry felt the same thing, before he drilled it into this beautiful girl, she was smart, and she moaned loudly, worshiping his cock with her hungry pussy lips. He drove her to one nerve racking orgasm after another.