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1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 16/3

Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty

Cases where the Commission raises no objections

(1999/C 16/03)

Date of adoption: 20.10.1998 Legal basis: Progetto di legge regionale

Member State: Italy (Sardinia) Budget: Fixed annually

Aid No: NØ495/98 Aid intensity: Various according to the measures

Title: Application of Article 12(3) of Regulation (EC) Duration: Unspecified
No 950/97

Objective: Aid for investment in agriculture

Date of adoption: 26.10.1998
Legal basis: Delibera n. 25.12 del 27.5.1998
Member State: Greece
Budget: Fixed annually
Aid No: NØ323/98
Aid intensity: 35Ø% gross grant equivalent
Title: Compensation to producers following the
Duration: Unspecified destruction of potatoes contaminated by a bacterium

Objective: To compensate losses suffered by farmers

whose potato crop has been destroyed
Date of adoption: 22.10.1998
Legal basis: Ellhnikþ diypoyrgikþ apöfash ‘Apozhmòvsh
Member State: France tvn paragvg×n synepeòa thw katastrofþw gevmþlvn
Aid No: N 522/98 sporáw, ta opoòa emolýnqhsan apö thn paqogöno bakthròa
clavibacter michiganensis spp sepedonicus, sthn
Title: Aid to improve the quality of pigmeat produced in perif~reia toy oropedòoy toy Lasiqòoy, sthn Krþth’
mountain areas — extension of an existing measure with
no amendment Budget: GRD 11 million (approximately ECU 32Ø350)

Objective: Aid intensity: GRD 123/kg (approximately ECU

—ÙTechnical assistance (analysis of results of carcase
classification according to the breeding animals used, Duration: One-off
more frequent renewal of breeding animals),
Conditions: Although the products in question are listed
—ÙAid for genetic improvement (test, monitoring),
in Annex II to the Treaty, they are not subject to a
—ÙAid for classification marking of carcases (quality common organisation of the market. Under the Treaty,
control), the Commission is therefore unable to raise any
—ÙAid for prevention of Aujeszky’s disease objections to State aid in the sector concerned

Legal basis: D~cision minist~rielle

Budget: FRF 30 million (approximately ECU 4,6 million) Date of adoption: 4.11.1998

Aid intensity: 70Ø% to 100Ø% Member State: The Netherlands

Duration: One year Aid No: NØ449/98

Title: Financial assistance for restructuring the pig

farming sector
Date of adoption: 22.10.1998
Objective: To reduce the pig population and phosphates
Member State: Italy (Emilia Romagna)
Legal basis:
Aid No: NØ759/97 —ÙWet herstructurering varkenshouderij
Title: Agricultural guarantee consortia —ÙRegeling financiñle tegemoetkoming wet herstructu-
rering varkenshouderij
Objective: To grant guarantees and reduce interest rates
on loans to farmers Budget: Unspecified
C 16/4 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 21.1.1999

Aid intensity: Aid intensity: 26,5Ø%

—ÙNLG 127,65 per pig unit for the densely populated
southern region;
—ÙNLG 67,34 per pig unit for the densely populated Date of adoption: 6.11.1998
eastern region;
Member State: Spain (Valencia)
—ÙNLG 58,46 per pig unit for the rest of the country.
Aid No: NØ504/98
Aid will only be paid for reductions in excess of 25Ø% of
the pig quota Title: Aid to restore citrus groves
Duration: Up to 1999 Objective: To restore citrus groves damaged by the
tristeza virus
Legal basis: Modificaciön de la orden sobre ayudas para
Date of adoption: 4.11.1998 el saneamiento de plantaciones de cròticos afectados por
Member State: Greece el virus de la tristeza
Amendment of the Decree introducing aid to restore
Aid No: NØ359/98 citrus groves damaged by the tristeza virus
Title: Measures to assist farms damaged by bad weather Budget: ESP 1Ø100 million (approximately ECU 6,6
(rain, floods, frost and snow) in March and April 1998) million)
Objective: To compensate farmers for production and Aid intensity: About 16Ø% of the investment
property lost as a result of bad weather
Duration: Unspecified
Legal basis: Diypoyrgikþ ellhnikþ apöfash toy aforá
xrhmatodotikþ enòsxysh stoyw gevrgoýw kai kthnotröfoyw
tvn opoòvn oi ekmetalleýseiw yp~sthsan zhmi~w apö
dysmeneòw klimatik~w synqþkew (brox~w, plhmmýrew, Date of adoption: 11.11.1998
pagvniá, xionopt×seiw, kataigòdew) sth diárkeia toy Member State: Italy (Sicily)
Martòoy kai Aprilòoy 1998
Aid No: NØ689/B/97
Budget: GRD 9,5 billion (approximately ECU 28
million) Title: Measure to protect wild fauna and regulate
hunting (Regional Law No 33 of 1.9.1997, except Article
Aid intensity: 6)
—ÙAid for reconstitution of plant capital: maximum
GRD 800Ø000/ha (approximately ECU 2Ø350/ha) Objective: To protect wild fauna and regulate hunting
—ÙAid for production losses: maximum GRD Legal basis: Legge 1o settembre 1997 n. 33 — Norme per
1Ø000Ø000/ha (approximately ECU 2Ø940/ha) la protezione, la tutela e l’incremento della fauna
—ÙRepair of damage to buildings: 40Ø% selvatica e per la regolamentazione del prelievo
venatorio. Disposizioni per il settore agricolo e forestale;
Duration: Up to 1999 Legge 31 agosto 1998 n. 15 — Modifiche alla legge
regionale 1o settembre 1997 n. 33, in materia di tutela
della fauna selvatica ed esercizio venatorio
Date of adoption: 5.11.1998
Budget: Unspecified
Member State: Spain (Catalonia)
Aid intensity:
Aid No: NØ513/98 —ÙCompensation of damage caused by protected species
Title: Measures to assist SMEs — up to 100Ø%
—ÙPurchase of male breeding animals (hunting dogs and
Objective: To introduce and obtain certification for hunting species) — 40Ø%
ISOØ9000 quality systems
—ÙPurchase of breeding females and breeding facilities
Legal basis: Resoluciön de 4 de marzo de 1998, por la (hunting dogs and hunting species) — 35Ø% (75Ø% in
que se aprueban las bases para la concesiön de ayudas less-favoured agricultural areas within the meaning of
para la obtenciön de la certificaciön ISOØ9000 the Community rules)
Budget: ESP 450Ø000 (approximately ECU 2Ø700) Duration: Unspecified

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