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Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

First of all I like to thank the almighty god, because of him we are all can be able to attend this

May shalawat and salam always be delievered to our prophet Muhammad saw who has brought
us from the darkness to this bright modern era that we living today

Good afternoon the honorable judges and respected audiences, my name is Kea arinda, i'm from
senior high school 6 of Bengkulu city

On this valuable opportunity I would like to deliver my speech entitled Reforestation And How
Important it is

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "forest" do you think of Oxygen? The trees?
Plant? Or Lungs of the world? If that's comes to your mind about forests,it's correct, but in
general the forest is an area that is overgrown with trees and other plants.Forests are very
important and grow in many places around the world and a home for many kind of plants and

The research from Yale University of Forestry & Environmental show that forests in the world
is home to more than 3 trillion trees. Humans throughout history have played a key role in
determining the number of living trees and according to data from Forest Watch Indonesia,
Indonesia's forests are the third largest forest in the world after Brazil and Republic of Congo
with tropical forests and contributions from rain forests in Papua and Kalimantan

Now, what do you have in your mind when you hear that our forests are in danger? as recently
happened a wildfires that occurred repeatedly in the territory of Indonesia. according to data
from ministry of environment and forestry of Indonesia we lost 857.000 hectare of forest in
Indonesia due to forest fire that caused by two factors:

1.Natural factors caused by the long dry season, volcanism and lightning strikes in the forest

2. the human factor that causes the most damage to the existence of the forest, my heart was
broken when I heard the news that our forests were deliberately deforested and even burned by
irresponsible human to reap profits for themselves without thinking of the effects that can
affecting other people's lives such as floods, landslides, loss of habitat for flora and fauna and
can cause residents to lose their homes

Ladies and Gentleman imagine what will happen to us, the successors of the nation for several
years, dozens of years, decades or maybe hundreds of years to come if we cannot protect the
forests that are the lungs of the world, the producers of the life we have been breathing ?

For that we must unite in maintaining life sustainability by replanting forests and trees that have
been deforested or burned, this action called reforestation, reforestation can bring many positive
impacts on the survival of living things.

First, reforestation can absorb pollution and dust from dirty air, don't forget the fact that we live
in an industrialization era that causes the air to be easily contaminated with substances like O3
and NO2 that can reduce air quality, with reforestation air quality can be controlled properly

Second, Planting new trees can help to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air. Gases like carbon
dioxide and methane are major contributors to the changing climates. Reforestation is an
effective mitigation strategy to fight global warming.

Third, Reforestation helps to rebuild habitats that has been broken,so we could restore habitat for
animals that have lost their homes

And the last Reforestation can help to supply jobs for those who lack skills to be employed in
other industries. Therefore, it benefits not only the environment, but the economy as well.

Forests do not need us, forests do not need humans, but humans, we are the ones who need
forests as the sources of life that we breathe

But why there are people out there that want to destroy their own source of life?

If we don't preserve the forest, how can we get food materials? How can we drink? How can we
get materials to build a house and other necessities? There's no way we can use magic to do that.
And if it's not preserved, everything will be gone.

From now on we must put our attention more to protect environment, we must start the
reforestation movement in order to keep the stability of the earth.
I know all of you might be think about how to do that? How do we make this plan come true?
You have to know that the ministry of environment and forestry of Indonesia has distributed
reforestation's fund to all provinces in indonesia and the amout is up to 800 billion rupiahs.That
is such a large number of money which represented how many trees we can plant in our country.
And now it's all about our efforts to start the reforestation

Ladies and Gentleman

We have known the function and the benefits of reforestation and there are 3 ways we can do to
start the forestation

1. Preparation

The first thing that we have to do is choose the trees that we want to plan,prepare the land and
we have to cooperate with Environmental organization or Government to support the
reforestation movement

2. Action

We have to plant the tree that has been planned before in the forest that has burned or deforested

3. Maintenance

We have to maintain the reforested forest to protect it from anything that can caused trouble or

Therefore Ladies and Gentleman,I believe that together we can do this reforestation movement
because we care. We want our mother nature back and we know it still belongs to us and we care
about our environment.we care about our planet the only home for us,imagine if all the trees was
cut and there's nothing left? We can ran out of oxygen and I'm sure we can't move to
mercury,venus or mars if that's happen to us

And if you still think reforestation movement is THAT hard,let's start with ourself first,let's start
with environment around us,today as soon as you get back to your home,start plant a tree as
much as you can.perhaps after you start to plan trees In your home,you can countinue to plant the
trees around your environment and then in the deforested forest
Where there is a will,there is a way,if there is a chance in a million that you can do
something,anything,to keep the life sustainbillity why not?

I hope what I am delivering today can make us care about our environment. Because the good
environment has the good effect to our health. Thank you very much for your attention today. I
am sorry for any words unpleasing you. Good morning/afternoon