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e Several bills have been pending ,-t . During a sPeech on Tue,sday
By JovEE MARrE N. D :
o ion,.,r,'p. Mor"*,"r ni ar*n"-"o"rtit, before the House Committee on ffi\
,,tongreiswitlb€ Duterte repeated his
fair,..a85- evening,
Legislative Franchises seeking the ilsqg I (B tanagementknows gripe againstABS-CBN: the net-

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dn Tuesday evening, President w: hav' not to show his campaign ads de-
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left be-fore,-the ^-.^i-^+i^*
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gf A,BS ,CBN. Cofp-',s nsicBN ;ilr ue out of business ] i!:,rry '-1li:.1;r;iji,iijj,l,fi ,^:i::.0:"",,:: Congress of the
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franchise, the leadership of the o,,wed,,",d"y,however,cay- I J::ffI:[;:Uf"'Phiriprines trucP)"spok""*.',
etano-a close ally of the Presi- I Alan Tanjusay said Duterte's lat-
House of Representatives said on ;:ilTr}:"""ffiJ"::"t'"ffi"i; \ ."r.",,,"r,".aa"d. Moreover,cay amongABS
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Wednesday it will not act on the
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chambeiwouldbe fair in tackling I etano said he respects the Presi- ^*fiil?,'n"J;".Til31i?"""u
CBN employees.

TV,station's franchise this year,

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deepenigg"the anxiety over __,",.,;";;;" the
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netWOfkrS fate. ins. The ABs cBN management
*..',,i;r;i',""".fi;i!.,ii"r,", _to who thought that they might be
iru; il;il:Jtl,fi ii::ffi jl: ;:;:mn::1:':*, # ?*l if#ff :'::i3;'.?' :li:5;::;
tive Franchises Chairman Franz
Alan Peter cayetano' I ru.ry becausti the exPiration, to Duterte to ,".orrsid". his d".i and Exclange Commission (sEC)
no scheduled hearings ;o. ,6" is still in March"'he
bill renewing the franchise q1 se;'ing to e^s" 1ngr.9hen;ionat-1"
the franchise "of sion. "Being vital in operating for an{ Philippine stock Exchange
follow President added.
House-will simply legislative (PSE), Defend Job Philippines said
the next 25 years, the
ABs-cBN corp. until Congress p"i"tal l"d renewal Cayetaro saidtherenewal of the
block ir.Ji"".idgs-cBN wilisavethe ABs cBN crnploys 6,73b regular
onDecemberlS. saidthere's more thananough
time outcome ofthe hearing. 10,000 Filipino workers and-l ers ancl rn ore than 3,325 talents as
"No schedule ofhearingonDe- iori.*,-uk"tt,o a.ckle the matter "I cannot preempt the c,om ihantheir families, ' Defend Job Philip- oftheendof20lB.
cember 10, no hearing for the year,; I in J.nu"ry.nd F"b..,..ry. mittee or th€ issues that will be pines Spokesman Christian rf"ya 1 - =-r r
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