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Thursday, Decembers,.20f9

Polo matches postponed

q day
for se cond straight
i ; on rne, saw.stfi a$f IIll as
hwlaJ$6, ae$f
: F their exoeniive h0rse5, (0mPetltions
xpensive horses, c0mpetlti0ns
I inrhe ol2 qoals ofpolo in the30th sEA
Games at the MiguelRomero P0l0 Fadlityin
Calatagan, Batangas, were p0stponed forthe
second straight daY
Dueto heavy rains brouqhl about bY

Typho0n Tis0y 0n Tuesday, 0 rganizers have

t0 restore ihe playing field t0 its "finest"
conditi0n to guarantee the safety ofeverybody
and provide a perfectvenue forwhat(0uld be
a "battle royale"among gentlemen riding in

elegant hores.
T.!e Philippines -tomposed oflose
' Antod-iove l0 s0, Noel Vecinal. Benjamin

Eusebio, Julian Garcia, Francheso Ni(0le

Eusebi0, Stefan0luban and Rep. Mikee
Romero, was t0 me€t lValaysia in an early
' showdown of the favorites.
N0k0k0p0nghin0y0ng since everyb0dy

is ready and excited t0 play n0 s0n0,hul

we have t0 foll0w the recommendati0n 0f
the officials. This is for 0ur satefy,'R0mero
Als0 postponed wasthe mat(h between
lndonesia and SingaPore.
Weather permitting, the lndonesia-
Brunei match will be Played at 12:30
p.m., before the Nationals (0llide with the
Malaysians at I P.m
The nextgamewill be played on Friday
then take a break on Saturday, before
resumlng on SundaY.
Ihe battle forthe bragging rights for tlle
premierp0l0 nation is set on M0nday

lMalaysia t00kfirst 0ftwogolds up inthe

0ldest re(orded team sport0n sunday by
, topping the4-6 goakdivision

o Faq<; - czt)

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