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National Scientist
Gomez dies at 81i
NATIONAL Scientist Edgardo

Comez. a pioneer in nrarine conserva-
rion in ihe'Philippines. died on Dec l.
the Department of Sciience and Tech-
nology announced. He was 81.
Comel wd) a reselrcher. s.i.rtist.
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Santuario de San Antonio Parish"in

National... Makati Ciw. with burial scheduled at
ng rnea Bayani in Taguig
F'om At tniliuiog"ti
Ciw on SaturdaY, Dec. 7'
consewation advocate and educator in br. Gomez saw the need to Protect
various fields, including invertebrate the Philippine archipelago's vast ma-
Uiotory and ecblogy; giant clam culttue ti"e reiorii:es, in pariicular that of coral
and restorationi and coral rcel ass€ss- .""ir. tt" t"a ihe *orld's first national-
ment and conservation. *se..ment of damage to coral
Bom Nov. 7, 1938, Gomez was con- ""uli leading to intemational conserva'
f"rred G ranli of National Scientist of iion-initiatuEs sucl as the rcplanting of
tne itritlopines in 2014 and was profes- - -tti
rot for marine biologx at the also pioneered giant clam (Tridac-
Univenity of the Philippines Marine na gigas) lirceding stationed. in Bolinao,
Science Institute. it*-mtiian anA oiher protective areas for
- iiJis the uncle of Mrnlls Strndrrd coaital communities of the Philippines'
chainnan Philip Romualdez and House Amonq his most notable works were
M"ioriw L"uil". Leyte ReP. Mar- his condbutions in the baseline map-
tin and sister of Juliette oine ofth" pltitipplnes, which included
'Gomez-Romualdez. lle?isputea Spririty Islands in the lvest
llis remains currently lie in state at Philippine Sea.

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