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Academic writing1

Academic Writing


Academic writing is a general term that is difficult to be explained. This is because it basically

refers to writing for several different reasons. The main definition is any writing that is made for

the purpose of satisfying the requirement of an institution often school, college or university. It is

also used for publications either read or presented in conferences or read by researchers and

teachers. It is often done using an academic setting. It often includes; essays, research articles,

academic journals, books and reports, dissertations and even thesis among others.

Characteristics of academic writing

An academic writing has to be planned before being written. This is in order for it to be

analytical and organized so that it can impress the reader or the user of the article. An academic

writing should have a proper outline. The outline not only formulates ideas but also the thoughts

by helping the writer particular information that need to be included and the format. A formal

tone is used in an academic writing. The language should also be clear with chosen words for

precision purposes.

When writing an academic article, the point of view is made in the third person. This is mainly

because the main reason of the writing is to give an education on the existing facts, not to

support the opinion. An academic writing is approach with a deductive reasoning. This makes

the reader to follow the path that took the writer to the conclusion. Therefore an academic

writing basically uses both deductive reasoning and an analytical approach.

Academic writing2

Academic writing structure

There are three main sections in an academic writing. They include; the introduction, the body

and the conclusion.

The introductory part is intended to grab the attention of the reader and identify the thesis of the

article. It is written with the main intention of giving the reader a preview of the entire article. It

is often done by making definitions the important terms that are related to the work.

The body is the main part of the task. The paragraphs have to be written clearly with a logical

order. This is done by putting ideas in a chronological order or rather in the order of importance

and necessity. The sentences at the beginning of the paragraph need to define the preceding

paragraph to make the sections to flow smoothly. Cohesion in the paragraph is attained by

repeating the important words.

The conclusion makes the decisions of the writer. It shows the final conclusion to the reader. The

writer emphasizes the thesis and summarizes all the points. The conclusion is meant to give a

solution, a decisive idea or rather give the writer a platform to make own decision.


An academic writing is an organized journal meant for different reasons. The varying reasons do

not however make any much difference on the structure and format. The format always depends

on the requirement of the writing.