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Andrews 1

Majorine Andrews

EDT 180

Professor Lewallen

November 29 2019

Expression Module Reflection

Based on the feedback that I got from Arianne and Matea, they said that I had a great idea

of how I wanted to present my philosophy, but after doing the project I definitely think there are

few places I could revise. Before the feedback I was thinking about just doing a collage, but

after peer reviews as well as speaking with Professor Lewallen, who suggested I present it in a

google doc or powerpoint, I think that I got a better idea of what I really wanted to do. From

peer reviews, I realized that if we were to present this to the whole class, not everyone would be

able to view it, so I had to find a way that will make it big enough for everyone to see. Another

thing that came up was that doing a collage was a good idea because art is something I like to do,

it's creative and it's fun, but in a way it didn’t really tie into what we had learned in our EDT 180

class. Doing a creative powerpoint was something that we covered for a little bit, so I chose to

mix the two together, which wasn’t very hard. Adding the powerpoint to my project didn’t really

conflict with anything, in fact I think it was the easiest part of the project. Doing the actual

collage is what took me a long time because I had to plan the layout of the images in a way that

they all tied into education and made sense. It definitely took me longer than I expected, because

I had to find the materials, find what I was actually going to cut out, and even think about the

color scheme.

Nothing can ever be perfect after doing it the first time, that’s why I strongly believe that

revision is important. I think that if I were to do this project again I’ll put it on a bigger piece of
Andrews 2

paper, maybe construction paper, rather than a small piece of paper. Doing the collage on a

smaller piece of paper made it difficult for me to get a clear picture to insert into the powerpoint.

In the end I was able to get a pretty decent picture that represents everything about my

philosophy, and could be easier for the class to view. The finished project turned out fine, and it

was as I envisioned it would look, but it can definitely be made better. I also believe that if I

were to do this on something bigger, I’ll have to put more time into it than I did. I’ll have to find

more magazines that I had before to create this multimedia. Another thing was, since I had to

put my collage in powerpoint, I could find a way to make my pictures a bit more clear.

Personally I think that the finished product turned out great and it was exactly what I had wanted

to do, but there’s always room for improvement.

The technology I focused on for my project was more of the power point than the collage,

because that is what we really covered in this class. Powerpoints are already used for something

as simple as presenting information. Powerpoints are very useful because as the creator, you can

really get as creative as you want. You are able to insert pictures, videos, links (like we had done

in a recent project), and you’re able to make it appealing to any age group. Powerpoints can be

simple enough to be made by an elementary school age group, but they can also be complex

when used in a work space — for example at a business meeting. It all really depends how

creative the creator wants to be. I don’t really think that they can be used for anything else other

than the two main things I covered, presenting information, and creating a similar game we had

done in class using links. Hypothetically power points can be used to present anything, and if

that means just presenting a series of videos, a series of images, or any type of other literacy.
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