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Bajaj XCD runs into rough weather

The company has contacted customers who bought the 125cc XCD to replace faulty electronic
components for self start and head lamps along with a part of ‘noisy’ centre-stand

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New Delhi: Two-wheeler maker Bajaj Auto (BAL), which is trying to wean away customers
from the low margin 100 cc segment, has run into rough weather having to replace faulty
components in its newly launched DTS-Si XCD 125.
According to industry sources, the company has contacted customers who bought the 125cc
XCD to replace faulty electronic components for self start and head lamps along with a part of
‘noisy’ centre-stand.
When contacted, Bajaj Auto Ltd Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj said it was not a case of recall
but admitted of “possibly a particular case somewhere”.
The company had last month launched the 125cc XCD, which it claims clubs features of a 150cc
bike with the mileage of a 100cc motorcycle, at Rs41,000 (ex-showroom).
‘XCD 125’ is also the company’s main weapon in its strategy to exit the high-volume, low-
margin 100cc segment, which it said has shown negative growth in the past few months.
The 100cc bike segment has shown a constant decline in the current fiscal while all the
remaining motorcycle segments have been growing. With the innovative XCD 125, the company
is trying to provide customers with the value for their money, BAL had said on an earlier
Except the 100cc segment, which is nearly 60% of the overall two-wheeler market, all other
segments such as 125cc, 150cc and gear-less scooters are growing.
“The customer is losing interest in 100cc bikes which would lead to the demise of this segment
very soon. We are not exiting the 100cc customer, we are exiting the 100cc products by offering
consumers a better product,” the company had said.
The monthly production of the model would be ramped up from 20,000 units in September to
50,000 in October and subsequently to 70,000 units by November.
The production costs of Bajaj Platina and XCD are almost equal and the company expects to
earn an additional Rs3,000 on sale of evert XCD unit.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bajaj XCD : Positioning Problem ?
Brand : Bajaj XCD
Company : Bajaj Auto

Brand Analysis Count : 381

Bajaj XCD was launched in September 2007. The brand was expected to boost the
fortune of Bajaj Auto and intended to give nightmares to the market leader Hero

XCD was a 125 cc motorcycle planned by Bajaj to pip the largest selling motorcycle
brand Splendour. Indian twowheeler market is dominated by the 100 cc segment
which constitutes around 60% of the total volume sold. Bajaj so far was not able to
come out with a brand worthy of competing with Splendour . Its major challenger
brand Discover , although was moderately successful failed to dethrone the

XCD 125 was launched with much hype and fanfare. After Pulsar, everyone had high
expectations over new product launches from Bajaj.

The launch ad for XCD 125 was a hi-fi ad which frankly I did not understand. The ad
seemed to be expensive with lot of digital effects but conveyed nothing. May be the
company wanted to position the brand as a hi-tech brand.

watch the launch ad here : XCD launch ad

Then came the down-to -earth campaigns for XCD. These campaigns were highly
popular . The ads had two characters meeting at different places and the non-XCD
owner getting pissed off at all these encounters.
Watch the campaigns here : XCD- Traffic signal
XCD Basement
XCD Showroom

The traffic signal advertisement was the most popular one and was really a cool ad.
The characters were so popular that Sun Direct Digital TV used the same characters
and theme for their commercial - watch here : sun direct

During this phase , XCD directly pitched against 100 cc bikes. Bajaj forecasted that
over a period of time, 100 cc bikes will be replaced by more powerful 125 cc bikes.
Since Bajaj had earlier failed to foresee the shift of consumer from scooters to
motorcycles, it did not wanted the history to repeat itself.

So in a pre-emptive move, Bajaj launched the 125 cc brand XCD ahead of Hero

Hence, during the launch phase, Bajaj tried to convince the potential 100 cc bike
customers to switch to 125 cc. These customers were in the middle-class segment
and the price of these bikes were in the range of Rs 40,000- Rs 45,000.

In the campaigns, XCD tried to tell the consumers that 125 cc bikes are more
powerful , fuel efficient and had lot of features like electronic start, LED lamps and
digital speedometers that 100 cc bikes does not have.

More over the brand had the legendary DTS-Si engine which was proprietary
technology from Bajaj.

Despite all these, the XCD failed to take-off. The company expected XCD to even
overtake Pulsar interms of the sales volume. But after the initial spike, XCD failed to
enthuse the market.

The first reason was the product failure. Immediately after the launch, there were
reports on product problems and recall. Although there was no PR disaster,
consumers were taken aback by the newspaper reports. ( report) The product also
failed to deliver on the expectations generated by the advertisements regarding the

Another significant reason was the positioning issue. Bajaj XCD was destined to
fight with Splendour . So through out the campaign , it wanted to establish the
Points of Parity with Splendour and other 100 cc bikes.

But contrary to Bajaj's expectations, the consumers established Points of Parity of

XCD with Pulsar. The main culprit was the ingredient brand DTS-Si. Since Bajaj XCD
also had the DTSi technology, consumers expected the same level of performance
with that of Pulsar.

Also consumers never put XCD 125 in the same category as 100 cc. Hence the
comparison was with higher CC brands like Pulsar. Since XCD was no where near
Pulsar, obviously consumers never was happy. Bajaj wanted to do a break-away
positioning but the strategy failed.

Bajaj also confused the consumers by launching Platina 125 DTSI. Platina is the
entry level brand and launching that brand with 125 cc engine killed any remaining
prospect of XCD 125, since there is not much difference between the two brands
except the price.

In 2009, Bajaj is trying a second luck with the XCD brand. In January , the company
launched XCD 135 DTS-Si. The new variant is touted as India's first commuter sports

The brand is currently running a television commercial in all channels : Watch it


In my personal opinion, it is a lousy commercial which is a sheer waste of money. It

is totally absurd and the idea is nothing new. I think some other brand had earlier
advertised about the " one pillion rider " theme. Two girls fighting for a pillion ride is
not a big ' aha' and the ad is too lengthy one which is a waste of money at this time
of cash-crunch.

Here again Bajaj is trying to create a new category of bikes. The new XCD boasts of
5 speed gear box, front disc brakes, digital speedometers etc which is seen on the
premium bikes. XCD also is powered with DTS-SI engine and is priced at Rs 45,000.

I don't think that Bajaj has learned from the mistakes from the failure of XCD 125.
Here again the positioning of XCD is strikingly similar to Pulsar. Now the only
difference between Pulsar and XCD is interms of engine power and price. Even the
styling has become almost the same.

XCD 135 brand is again creating points of parity with Pulsar .I am sure that XCD will
not match the power of Pulsar and those customers who expect the Pulsar's
qualities in XCD are bound to be disappointed.

I don't understand why Bajaj has not been able to create a seperate identity for XCD
rather than
keep its association with Pulsar. The advertising agency has also done the damage
of creating a campaign which is strikingly similar to Pulsar campaigns by including
the famous stunt called Stoppie where the biker lifts the rear wheel and balances
using the front. .These stunts and visuals were trademarks of Pulsar ads.

Bajaj is also ignoring its best-selling Pulsar brand . It was not able to create new
memorable campaigns for the flagship Pulsar and now they are messing up Pulsar
by using same positoning platform for other bikes.
I have a feeling that Bajaj is now panicking because of the comeptition from
Yamaha and Honda. In the Panic, it is creating strategies to boost short-term sales
rather than investing for the long term. Brands take time to establish but Bajaj is
trying to do things fast.

Having said that, the most important determinant of success in the two-wheeler
segment is the product's performance. Splendour has been ruling the Indian roads
on pure performance than anything else. If XCD 135 is able to create new
benchmarks for performance, then there is nothing that can stop it from becoming
successful - even lousy positioning cannot block its success.

Related Brand

Brand Update on Pulsar

Labels: automobile brands, Bajaj, failed brands, New Product Launch

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Phani Raj said...

I think Pulsar is the only reason why Bajaj is not able to create another successfull brand
in the market. The have set very high expectations in terms of performance and looks.
One more mistake i feel bajaj is now doing is a 135cc engine. To my understanding there
is never a successfull 135cc bike in Indian market , remember Hero Honda Ambition.
9:08 PM

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Bajaj Auto
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Bajaj Auto Limited

Type Public

Founded 1945
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Key Rahul Bajaj (Chairman), Rajiv Bajaj

people (Managing Director)

Rs. 81.063 billion (2005) or USD

1.32 billion

Rs. 11.016 billion

Employees 10,250 (2006-07)

Website www.bajajauto.com

Bajaj Auto is a major Indian automobile manufacturer started by a Rajasthani merchant. It is

based in Pune, Maharashtra, with plants in Chakan (Pune), Waluj (near Aurangabad) and
Pantnagar in Uttaranchal. The oldest plant at Akurdi (Pune) now houses the R&D centre Ahead.
Bajaj Auto makes and exports motorscooters, motorcycles and the auto rickshaw.
The Forbes Global 2000 list for the year 2005 ranked Bajaj Auto at 1946.[1]
Over the last decade, the company has successfully changed its image from a scooter
manufacturer to a two wheeler manufacturer. Its product range encompasses scooterettes,
scooters and motorcycles. Its real growth in numbers has come in the last four years after
successful introduction of a few models in the motorcycle segment.
The company is headed by Rahul Bajaj who is worth more than US$1.5 billion.[2]
Bajaj Auto came into existence on November 29, 1945 as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation
Private Limited. It started off by selling imported two- and three-wheelers in India. In 1959, it
obtained license from the Government of India to manufacture two- and three-wheelers and it
went public in 1960. In 1970, it rolled out its 100,000th vehicle. In 1977, it managed to produce
and sell 100,000 vehicles in a single financial year. In 1985, it started producing at Waluj near
Aurangabad. In 1986, it managed to produce and sell 500,000 vehicles in a single financial year.
In 1995, it rolled out its ten millionth vehicle and produced and sold 1 million vehicles in a year.
According to the authors of Globality: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for
Everything, Bajaj has grown operations in 50 countries by creating a line of value-for-money
bikes targeted to the different preferences of entry-level buyers.[3]

• 1 Timeline of new
• 2 Spinoffs and
• 3 Products
• 4 Low cost cars
• 5 References
• 6 External links

[edit] Timeline of new releases

• 1960-1970 - Vespa 150 - Under the licence of Piaggio of Italy
• 1971 - three-wheeler goods carrier
• 1972 - Bajaj Chetak
• 1976 - Bajaj Super
• 1977 - Bajaj Priya
• 1977 - Rear engine Autorickshaw
• 1981 - Bajaj M-50
• 1986 - Bajaj M-80, Kawasaki Bajaj KB100, Kawasaki Bajaj KB125,
• 1990 - Bajaj Sunny
• 1991 - Kawasaki Bajaj 4S Champion
• 1993 - Bajaj Stride
• 1994 - Bajaj Classic
• 1995 - Bajaj Super Excel
• 1997 - Kawasaki Bajaj Boxer, Rear Engine Diesel Autorickshaw
• 1998 - Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber, Bajaj Legend, India's first four-stroke scooter,
Bajaj Spirit
• 2000 - Bajaj Saffire
• 2001 - Eliminator, Bajaj Pulsar
• 2003 - Caliber115, Bajaj Wind 125, Bajaj Pulsar
• 2004 - Bajaj CT 100, New Bajaj Chetak 4-stroke with Wonder Gear, Bajaj
Discover DTS-i
• 2005 - Bajaj Wave, Bajaj Avenger, Bajaj Discover
• 2006 - Bajaj Platina
• 2007 - Bajaj Pulsar-200 (Oil Cooled), Bajaj Kristal, Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi
(Fuel Injection) , XCD 125 DTS-Si
• 2008 - Bajaj Discover 135 DTS-i - sport (Upgrade of existing 135cc model)
• 2009 - Bajaj Pulsar 135(December 9)[4](January) Bajaj XCD 135 cc , Bajaj
Pulsar 150 DTS-i UG IV, Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG IV, Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i ,
Bajaj Discover 100 DTS-Si.
[edit] Spinoffs and acquisitions
The demerger of Bajaj Auto Ltd into three separate corporate entities—Bajaj Finserv Ltd (BFL),
Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL), and Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd (BHIL)—was completed with the
shares listing on May 26, 2008.[5]
In November 2007, Bajaj Auto acquired 14.5% stake in KTM Power Sports AG (holding
company of KTM Sportmotocycles AG). The two companies have signed a cooperation deal, by
which KTM will provide the know-how for joint development of the water-cooled four-stroke
125 and 250 cc engines, and Bajaj will take over the distribution of KTM products in India and
some other Southeast Asian nations.[6] Bajaj said it is open to taking a majority stake in KTM and
is also looking at other takeover opportunities. On the 8th of January 2008, Managing Director
Rajiv Bajaj confirmed the collaboration and announced his intention to gradually increase Bajaj's
stake in KTM to 25%.[7]

[edit] Products
Main article: List of Bajaj Auto products

Bajaj has made a number of motorcycles, scooters and cars. Motorcycles in current production
are the XCD, Platina, Discover, Pulsar and Avenger. Cars include the Bajaj ULC ultra-low-cost

[edit] Low cost cars

Bajaj Auto says its $2,500 car, which it is building with Renault and Nissan Motor, will aim at a
fuel-efficiency of 30 km/litre, or twice an average small car, and carbon dioxide emissions of
100 gm/km.[8]. The car is scheduled to be launched in 2012.[9]
It is a Tata Nano competitor. The Bajaj venture will have an initial capacity of 400,000 units,
while Tata expects eventual demand of 1 million Nanos.

[edit] References
1. ^ The Forbes 2000 by Country
2. ^ "India's Richest - #20 Rahul Bajaj". Forbes.
http://www.forbes.com/lists/2005/77/Q12C.html. Retrieved 2008-12-09.
3. ^ Sirkin, Harold L; James W. Hemerling, and Arindam K. Bhattacharya (2008-
06-11). GLOBALITY: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for
Everything. New York: Business Plus, 304. ISBN 0-446-17829-2.
4. ^ [1]
5. ^ "Bajaj Auto demerger complete". The Economic Times.
aj_Auto_demerger_is_complete/articleshow/3069396.cms. Retrieved 2009-05-
6. ^ "Bajaj Auto takes 14.5% stake in KTM Sports". business-standard.com.
2007-11-05. http://www.business-
leftnm=11&bKeyFlag=IN&autono=29745. Retrieved 2007-12-03. [dead link]
7. ^ Rina Chandran (2008-01-10). "Bajaj to develop bikes with partner KTM".
Reuters India.
8. ^ ENN: How green is my low-cost car? India revs up debate
9. ^ [2]

[edit] External links


• Bajaj Auto Ltd

• Tata rival bullish about Nano, BBC, 2008-06-05, chairman Rahul Bajaj speaks
to BBC's Chris Morris about prospects
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Bajaj Pulsar
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i

Bajaj Auto


Class standard
150/180/200/220 cc Air-cooled, Oil
Engine Cooled, four-stroke cycle, single
piston, kick start / electric start

20 hp (15 kW) @ 8,500 rpm (220 cc


Torque 19.12 N·m (14.10 lb·ft) @ 6,500 rpm


Front: Telescopic fork, 135 mm

Suspensio travel
n Rear: Nitrox gas assisted shock

Front: 240/260 mm (disc)

Rear: 130/230 mm (Drum/Disc)

Tires 17" tube/tubeless

1320 mm

Weight 140-149 kg (wet)

Bajaj Pulsar is a motorcycle brand owned by Bajaj Auto in India. The two wheeler was
developed by the product engineering division of Bajaj Auto in association with motorcycle
designer Glynn Kerr Tokyo R&D.[1] Currently there are four variants available -with engine
capacities of 135 cc, 150 cc, 180 cc and 220 cc. More than a million units of Pulsar were sold by
November 2005. With monthly sales of more than 48,000 units in June 2009, Pulsar is the leader
in the 150 cc segment in India with a market share of 43%.[2]

• 1 History
• 2 Specifications
• 3 Evolution
○ 3.1 2001
○ 3.2 2003
○ 3.3 2005
○ 3.4 2006
○ 3.5 2007
○ 3.6 2009
• 4 Technology
○ 4.1 DTSi
 4.1.1 Patent infringement allegations
○ 4.2 ExhausTEC
• 5 Awards
○ 5.1 2008
○ 5.2 2007
○ 5.3 2003
○ 5.4 2002
• 6 References
• 7 External links

[edit] History
Before the introduction of the Pulsar, the Indian motorcycle market trend was towards fuel
efficient, small capacity motorcycles (that formed the 80-125 cc class). Bigger motorcycles with
higher capacity virtually did not exist (except for Enfield Bullet). The launch and success of
Hero Honda CBZ in 1999 showed that there was demand for performance bikes. Bajaj took the
cue from there on and launched the Pulsar twins in India on November 24, 2001.[3] Since the
introduction and success of Bajaj Pulsar, Indian youth began expecting high power and other
features from affordable motorcycles.
The project was faced with internal resistance, reservations by Mckinsey and doubts on its
effects on Bajaj's relation with Kawasaki. The project required approximately 36 months for
completion and cost Bajaj Rs 1 billion.[4]
Pulsar-180 engine sound

The Engine sound of a Pulsar 180 while


Problems listening to this file? See media help.

[edit] Specifications
2010 2010 [Ceased in [Ceased in 2010 2010
Pulsar Pulsar 2009] 2009] Pulsar Pulsar
r 135
[5] 150 180 Pulsar 200 Pulsar 220 220F 220S

13.5 14.09 17 18.2 20 21.04 21.04

11.4 12.8 14.22 17.98 18.7 19.12 19.16

1325 1330 1345 1345 1350 1350 1350
e (mm)

122 143 147 147 150 152 148

Speed 115[6] 116 125 135 140 144.5

[edit] Evolution
[edit] 2001
The original Pulsar came with a 150 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder, petrol, spark-ignited four-
stroke engine which made 12 bhp of maximum power. They featured a single spark plug to
ignite the air-fuel mixture fed from a carburetor, simple spring shock absorbers, round headlamp
dome and 1,265&mm wheelbase. Disc brakes as standard equipment was a novelty in Indian
motorcycles of the early 2000s. Other standard features were parking lights and an aircraft-type
fuel tank lid.
The 180 cc version made 15 bhp of maximum power and came with a twin-tone horn, which was
optional equipment on the 150 cc version. Electric Start (ES) was also offered as an option on
both the bikes.[8]
[edit] 2003
The second generation Pulsars featured Bajaj Auto's newly developed DTSi technology, which
increased the power rating of both versions by 1 bhp (0.75 kW) each and also increased fuel
economy.[9] This model also introduce a new headlamp assembly, 1,320 mm wheelbase,[10] and
standard twin-tone horn and trip meter.
[edit] 2005
In 2005, Bajaj launched another upgrade of the Pulsar. The bike was offered with 17-inch (430
mm) alloy wheels as standard option, and the stance was also lowered by about 12 mm. It was
the first time any bike maker in India had offered 17-inch (430 mm) profile wheels at the rear.
The fuel tank now had a capacity of only 15 litres.[11] The power output was now further
increased to 13.5 bhp (10.1 kW) @ 8500 rpm for the 150 while it increased to 16.5 bhp (12.3
kW) @ 8500 rpm for the 180.[12] The rear shock absorbers were now gas-filled Nitrox absorbers.

the LCD screen introduced with the UG-3 version of the Pulsar

[edit] 2006
Bajaj introduced another version of Pulsar. New features included: pilot lamps separated from
the main headlamp, turn indicators with clear lenses and amber bulb, self-cancelling turn
indicator switch, flush LCD screen with digital read-out of key vehicle data, non-contact speed
sensor, non-contact backlit switches, twin-stripe LED tail-light assembly and side panels altered
for a sharp, tapering-towards-the-rear look. The engine had increased torque availability, reduced
vibration and improved gear shift feel. They also introduced the 1 down 4 up variant of the gear
box for the first time on sub-150 cc variants.[13]
The new headlamp design introduced for the entire Pulsar series in 2006

[edit] 2007
Main article: Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

In July 2007, Bajaj began selling the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi and Pulsar 200 DTS-i, the former
featuring fuel injection and oil cooled engines, a digital dash, and modern styling. This bike has
some features which are totally new to the Indian market, like the fuel injection itself, rear disc
brake and clip-on handlebars (the first two only available in the 220 model except for Hero
Honda Glamour).
[edit] 2009
Bajaj released the UG IV (fourth upgrade) versions of the Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180 in April
2009. The upgrades for the Pulsar 150 included an all-black theme, tank scoops similar to those
on the Pulsar 200, a 3D Pulsar logo, and a changed electrical system (full DC). Power also
increased from 13.5 bhp to 14.09 bhp (at 8,500 rpm).
Electrical enhancements like auto head light switch-off after few seconds of turning the engine
off to protect the battery, self cancelling turn signals ,icon illumination (horn icon, indicator icon,
engine cut off icon, etc.), side stand warning light, duel digital trip meter, low fuel warning light
(which also flashes when the engine is revved too hard), and low battery indicator are common
features among all the variants.
The Pulsar 180 received upgrades like wider tyres, split seat, tank scoops, clip-on handlebars, 3D
Pulsar logo, swing arm suspension borrowed from Pulsar 200, and thicker forks. The power was
increased to 17 PS.[14]
Bajaj launched a carbureted version of Pulsar 220 on June 2009, tagging it as "the fastest bike in
India".[15] It also discontinued the production of Pulsar 200 on July 2009.

[edit] Technology
[edit] DTSi
DTSi stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition, a Bajaj Auto trademark. Bajaj Auto holds an Indian
patent for the DTSi technology.[citation needed] The Alfa Romeo Twin-Spark engines, the BMW F650
Funduro which was sold in India from 1995 to 1997 also had a twin-spark plug technology, and
the Rotax motorcycle engines,more recently Honda's iDSI Vehicle engines use a similar
arrangement of two spark-plugs. However very few small capacity engines did eventually
implement such a scheme in their production prototypes.
[edit] Patent infringement allegations
In September 2007, Bajaj Auto filed a claim accusing that the development of TVS Flame was in
violation of their patent for DTS-I.[16] TVS Motors countered by threatening to sue Bajaj Auto for
libel.[17][18] On February 2008, the Madras High Court in Chennai restrained TVS from launching
it with the twin spark plug technology.[19] TVS appealed against this decision, claiming that
crucial evidence was not taken into account[20] and in March 2008, launched the Flame with a
modified engine containing one spark plug.[21] The DTSi idea is a simple one to understand - it
involved usage of two spark plugs (instead of one) per engine cylinder. On September 16, 2009
the Supreme Court of India permitted TVS motors to manufacture and sell the 125cc TVS Flame
with Twin Spark Technology.[22]
[edit] ExhausTEC
ExhausTEC stands for Exhaust Torque Expansion Chamber, a technology patented by Bajaj.[23]
The technology involves use of a small chamber connected to the exhaust pipe of the engine to
modify the back-pressure and the swirl characteristics, with an aim to improve the low-end
performance of the bikes. The ExhausTEC technology is claimed to be highly effective in
improving the low- and mid-range torque.[24]

[edit] Awards
The different variants of Pulsar have won the following awards.[25]
[edit] 2008
• Bike India awards—Bike of the year (up to 250 cc)[26]
• Indian Motorcycle of the Year[27]
[edit] 2007
• CNBC-TV18 Autocar Auto Awards—Bike of the Year
[edit] 2003
• BBC World Wheels Award—Viewers' Choice Two Wheeler of Year
• BBC World Wheels Award—Best Two Wheeler between Rs 55,000 to Rs
• BBC World Wheels Award—Best Two Wheeler between Rs 45,000 to Rs
• NFO Automotive—Motorcycle Total Customer Satisfaction Study
• ICICI Bank OVERDRIVE Awards—Bike of the Year
[edit] 2002
• OVERDRIVE Awards—Most Exciting Bike of the Year

[edit] References
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[edit] External links

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Bajaj Pulsar DTSi

Generation next technology included in the package of the equipments of this high
flying bike is the revolutionary digital biking. Digital biking is the combination of
various advanced systems like digital CDI, TRICS III and Digital Twin Spark ignition
Bajaj Pulsar
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Bajaj Pulsar DTSi add

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Its highly masculine outlook with sporty, dashing structure gives the complete
satisfaction of dare riding. Bajaj Pulsar enables its rider to tackle the situation of
overcrowded street due to the presence of 17" alloy wheels with 1330 mm

Its comfort statement includes front telescopic suspension, Nitro X - Nitrogen

assisted rear gas shockers with triple rated spring. Due to these comfort features,
this bike is highly accommodative in any terrain.

Feeling of proper riding is provided by different high end features like improved
clutch, cylinder head with Roller Rocker Arms, optimized intake and exhaust
systems & new valve timings. Its advanced ExhausTEC (Torque Expansion
Chamber) technology ensures the higher performance at lower rpm.

This bike comes in two different variants:

• Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG
• Pulsar 150 ES DTS-i UG
• Pulsar 200 ES DTS-i UG
• Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG

This bike comes with the power of 16.5 bhp (12.28 kW) @ 8000 rpm and torque of
15.22 Nm @ 6000 rpm. Its engine capacity is 180 cc.

View Technical Specification of Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG

Pulsar 150 ES DTS-i UG

Its engine delivers maximum output of 13.5 bhp (9.94 kW) @ 8000 rpm and
performance of 12.28 Nm @ 6500 rpm. Its engine capacity is 150 cc.

View Technical Specification of Pulsar 150 ES DTS-i UG

Pulsar 200 ES DTS-i UG

Bajaj Pulsar's another powerful variant to have graced the Indian tarmac is the
elegant 200 cc bike which has become the fancy of any Indian bike enthusiast's.
The bike features 200 cc fuel injected engine and has a self-adjustable oil cooler
that adjusts the lube oil viscosity which in turn polishes its overall performance. It
has a large front fork of 33 mm that enhances its shock absorbing quality. Some of
the bike's salient features are :
• Stylish petrol tank flap along with anti scratch tank pad
• Has fuel injection
• New silencer with ExausTEC technology that maintains engine torque
• Split seat that provides better sitting space
• Has a comparatively light weight
• Delivers the maximum power of 18 PS
• Excellent performance giving 17" alloy wheels
View Technical Specification of Pulsar 200 ES DTS-i UG

Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

Bajaj Motors launches the yet another variant called Pulsar DTS-Fi. It has a world's
first 4 stroke digital twin spark fuel injected engine of 220 cc. This ravishing variant
has a unique digital speedometer along with engine malfunction indicator which
would convey any malfunction to the user. Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi is the India's first bike
to deliver a high wattage of H7, 55W of light that ensures the constant illumination
at all times. Other salient features are as follows:

• High Oil Temperature indicator

• Low Battery Voltage indicator
• Choked Air Filter indicator
• Low Engine Oil Level indicator
• High beam is a clear lens parabolic lamp
• Low beam is a ellipsoidal projector lamp
• Front and Rear tubeless tyres
• Highest power output of 20 PS
View Technical Specification of Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

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Bajaj XCD-125 DTS-Si

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Launched with a catchy name, the all-new Bajaj XCD 125 DTS
Si is here to stay. Introduced with engineering expertise and state-
of-the-art functions, XCD 125 offers easier maneuverability with
impressive fuel economical performance. The catchy design,
wider tyres, the value added feature of LED tail light and the
exhilarating power of DTSi engine would definitely keep you
'distinctly ahead' .

Bajaj Auto Ltd., launched the much awaited bike Exceed with a
short and crispy name of XCD-125, powered with the latest DTS-
SI technology. Bajaj Auto Ltd. has projected XCD-125 DTS-Si to
offer the features of 150cc, performance of 125cc and the mileage of 100cc.

The all-new XCD-125 has number of unique features like digital speedometer, LED tail lamp
(for the first time), chain cover with built in noise-damping feature, Full DC electrical system for
quick and easy start. The power packed performance has been taken care by the 125 cc engine
loaded with revolutionary DTS-SI (Digital Twin Spark Swirl Induction) technology that
promises to offer 10.85 Nm @ 5000 rpm and the unbelievable mileage of 109 KMPL.

The Bajaj XCD comes with four color options and have an attractive price tag of Rs. 41,000 (ex-

Company Segment USP

Revolutionary DTS-SI (Digital Twin Spark Swirl
Bajaj Auto Ltd. 125 CC
Induction) technology

Striking Features
• All new 'Digital Twin Spark - Swirl induction' (DTS-Si) engine for better fuel efficiency
• Digital Speedometer
• LED tail lamp and headlamp with twin prismatic pilot lamps
• New concept of folding front number plate
• Full DC electrical system for constant illumination
• Unbelievable mileage promise of 109 KMPL
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Bajaj Pulsar in India


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2010/10/12 |135 views|0

Bajaj Pulsar in India




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After the huge of Bajaj Boxer in 100cc bikes segment, India's second largest two wheeler
manufacturer Bajaj Auto introduced a new bike Bajaj Pulsar in 150cc segment to attract
premium segment bike buyers in Indian market. And since its first launch, Bajaj Pulsar
continuously doing well and it gains much popularity in Indian market. We can say it is the most
successful bike in 150cc segment. After getting the huge market response for 150cc engine
powered Bajaj Pulsar, the company introduced the more powerful version of this bike to target
speed and thrill lovers premium bike buyers. These more powerful versions of Bajaj Pulsar are
powered by the 135cc, 180cc and 220cc engine and it offers excellent acceleration and engine
Related Coverage

• Bajaj Autos Pulsar Launches New Experiential Website

Bajaj Pulsar, Bajaj Auto\'s flagship motorcycle brand Pulsar today launched a
new consumer website called www.mypulsar.com. This is a unique
experiential website which has been completely shot in video. The website
takes the visitor\'s virtual experience of the brand to the next level.
• Two Awesome Bikes of Bajaj
Bajaj Bikes are always known for its best features and good mileage. Bajaj
has gained well know name in the two wheeler industry. The two top selling
Bajaj bikes in India are Bajaj pulsar bike and Bajaj Discover bike. The bikes
are meant for the middle class segment. Both are embedded with the cool
features and targeting especially the youth. Let\'s discuss the basic features
and the price of these bikes.
• TVS Apache RTR 180 Vs Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi
The recent launch of Apache RTR 180 has triggered a big stir the
performance oriented category in the Indian motorcycle segment. It's the
RTR 180 vs Pulsar 180. It's been a long time somebody dared to threaten the
Pulsar family. With already the RTR 160 and RTR 160 Fi on the roads, RTR
180 takes the Pulsar 180 head on; straight away. BikeAdvice takes a closer
looks on both the bikes to find out which one's better.
• Bajaj Boxer to re-launch in India by next year
The speedometer is shaped rectangular, similar to the one used in Hero
Honda CD 100 SS. Though it is not going well with the circular designing of
the model. The high mounted tank looks big enough to hold 12 liters of fuel.
It's stylish and sporty look with comfy seats, power and wider tyres attracts the
youth specially college going guys.

The company launched Bajaj Pulsar 135cc recently in India with competitive price to grab the
125cc to 135cc bike market.
Bajaj Pulsar is available with four variants which are powered by four different capacities
engines and delivers different level of engine power and performance. Bajaj Auto uses number
of innovative technology in making of Bajaj Pulsar that offers great ridability, comfort, power
and impressive look. The Bajaj's own patented DTS-i (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) and
ExhausTEC (Torque Expansion Chamber) technology increases the overall performance and fuel
efficiency of the Bajaj Pulsar.
Its all Black Styling, 3D Chiseled Logo, Vertical Stack Twin Projector Headlamps,
Split Seats, Clip-on Handle Bar and Large Anti-Scratch Tank Shrouds enhances the
sporty and aggressive look of Bajaj Pulsar. Disc-Brakes, Wider Tyres, 12V DC, Light
Alloy Wheels and Comfy Split Seats offers comfortable driving experience. From
past two years the competition in this segment become more tough with the launch
of new bikes in this segment like Hero Honda Hunk, Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme, TVS
Apache, Yamaha FZ-16, Yamaha FZS and Yamaha Fazer but still Bajaj Pulsar is
doing well in its segment

Article Source: http://vehicle.ezinemark.com/bajaj-pulsar-in-india-


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Bajaj Pulsar in India
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The speedometer is shaped rectangular, similar to the one used in Hero Honda CD
100 SS. Though it is not going well with the circular designing of the model. The
high mounted tank looks big enough to hold 12 liters of fuel.

Bajaj Auto plans to launch new Boxer next year

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Bajaj Auto Indian Limited, one of the largest two-wheeler maker, is expected to
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Yamaha Motor India has launched 3 new bikes keeping common commuters in mind
in the recent back

Maruti SX4 Hybrid launched in India

Publisher: Cardekho2010

Maruti Suzuki, India\'s car market leader today launched its two new products –
Maruti SX4 Hybrid and Eeco Charge. The company handed over the first lot of 2
Maruti SX4 Hybrid cars and 1Eeco Charge to Mr Arvinder Singh Lovely, Honourable
Minister of Transport for NCT Delhi.

Maruti Sx4 Hybrid Launched In India

Publisher: cardekho

Maruti Suzuki, India\"��s car market leader today launched its two new
products \"�\" Maruti SX4 Hybrid and Eeco Charge. The company handed over the
first lot of 2 Maruti SX4 Hybrid cars and 1Eeco Charge to Mr Arvinder Singh Lovely,
Honourable Minister of Transport for NCT Delhi.

Mahindra Stallio 110 launched in India

Publisher: bikedekho2010

Mahindra 2Wheelers has launched its 110cc bike Mahindra Stallio on Thursday in
India, now the company has entered into the motorcycle segment with the launch of
two bikes Mahindra Mojo a 300cc bike and Mahindra Stallio a 110cc bik.

KTM 125 Duke to be launched soon in India

Publisher: bikedekho2010
KTM Sportmotorcycle AG, Austrian based auto manufacturer, is jointly developing
the new KTM 125 Duke with Indian arm, Bajaj Automobile India Limited. KTM-Bajaj
are all set to launch the new KTM 125 Duke soon in the Indian auto market.

Hero Honda to launch new CBZ Xtreme in India

Publisher: bikedekho2010

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme, one of the most popular premium bike in the country,
which is presently selling by India\'s biggest two-wheeler manufacturer, Hero Honda
Motor Limited. The company is mulling over to launch an refreshed version of CBZ
Xtreme soon in India.

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