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Awesome trailer by onederstruck-

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(If you're not into cliché nor cringy books then please don't read this, plus this
isn't edited so don't bother if you hate unedited books, but try out my other book
which is way better than this 'Mason's Impossible Prey', since this was my first it
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Running Into Mr. Billionaire
Rose Kelley. A 23-year old, beautiful, shy and sweet girl with a messed up past
that follows her where ever she goes. Her mother died when she was only 16 leaving
her under her new abusive stepfathers care. Rose used to believe in love but after
her crazy ex and abusive father came into her life things changed for the better
and worst.
Damon William. A 26-year old, cold-hearted, handsome and an arrogant man who is the
CEO of the Blackwoods company and a billionaire. Damon doesn't believe in love due
to a tragic past with his parents, however he is a big player and won't give any
woman a second glance.
What will happen when Rose comes running into Damon's life? Will she be able to
change him and break down his walls? And will Damon help her move on from her past
and make her look forward into life?
Find out in Running Into Mr. Billionaire
Running Into Mr. Billionaire is my story. All characters and events and the plot
all came from me and my ideas. Do not steal nor copy this because I do have some
experience where people copied it and claimed it as theirs. That's not nice or
Every person is special and unique in their own way so you can come up with great
ideas without copying others.
You can always think of a better one.
All rights reserved.
Important! Must read!
This book is cliché, cheesy, cringy, whatever you want to call it! It's my first
book I ever attempted to write so don't expect it to be perfect, I'm not perfect
and I'm still a teenager so I'm not a professional writer, it's my first try so
don't expect the best. I just wrote this for fun and didn't expect people to
actually read this so it's cliché, I already know it's cliché so I don't need
anyone telling me, "this book is so cliché!" Don't like it then please get out
quietly without any hate. I will not tolerate any hate or negativity in my book or
it will be deleted if I see one. No one is forcing you to read this. I'm serious,
I'm pretty sure no one is holding a gun beside your head forcing you to read it
when you don't like it so I don't want to see people commenting anything hateful
when they could've just gotten out from the start, it's as simple as that. Don't
like it then goodbye.
I want to let you guys know that I personally love and adore cliché books. It's
what I look in a book and what I like to read. I write what I love. It's my
opinion. Also for the people who says this book is 'unoriginal' and there are lots
of books out there that have similar plots then I guess you're right but we are
human and we tend to think alike. Another person might like billionaire books so
they write one and that's the same thing with lots of people. I love those types of
books so who are you to tell me what to write?
You guys are reading for FREE. It's not like you guys are wasting money just by
reading this. Wattpad is a free site so I'm gonna write whatever the hell I want
and I don't care if millions of people hate it. MY BOOK MY WRITING.
Warning: This book contains abuse and a bit of strong language. If you're sensitive
to these stuff then I suggest you not to read this, I advice people over 13 to read
this but since you're already on Wattpad then I guess your innocence is already
gone. Don't come complaining to me when you're disturbed. You have been warned.
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Chapter 1

Amazing trailer by rauhlgarden , thank you so much!!!

*Rose's POV*
I passed the same café over and over again, 'was this the third or the fourth
time?' I thought to myself. I don't know. For as all I know is that I've been
roaming these streets for days. I have lost track of time and it seems as if it has
been yesterday since I ran away.
I remembered his cold dark eyes and that evil smirk on his, the thought of him made
a shiver run down my spine. The cold breeze that kissed my soft skin brought me
back to reality, I shook my head trying to forget about him and continued roaming
through the streets.
I passed a fancy looking restaurant which made my stomach growl. It's been awhile
since I've ate something. This nice old lady was kind enough to give me a couple of
dollars to buy myself a sandwich and a bottle of water. After that, I ate nothing.
Well, I guess I'm used to it. Before I ran away I wouldn't eat for long periods of
time because that monster wouldn't let me feast my eyes on anything good, neither
would he let me out of my room which is more like a cell to me.
After about 10 minutes it started to rain, which I started to shiver due to the
coldness that surrounded me. The clothes that I was wearing didn't help either. I
looked at my ripped baggy pants and my dirty tank top I was wearing. My tank top
had holes in a lot of places because I kept falling and bruising myself.
I look like a mess, I thought to myself but a voice interrupted my thoughts before
I could think of anything else.
"Hey, beautiful." I looked up to see a man standing nearby me, he wasn't alone.
There were about six of them but I didn't have time to count, I was too caught up
in the fear of being in another mans presence.
They all looked scary and I was afraid history would repeat itself again. I started
to back away from them but then he spoke "Hey, where do you think your going?"
I didn't think twice and made a run for it. My legs were hurting me so much but I
had to hold on, I had to try.
"She's running away, catch her!" The man exclaimed to the other men. I started to
hear foot steps right behind me but I didn't dare to look back, I kept running
until I had nowhere else to go but a dark alley.
"Come on kitty, we won't hurt you. All we want is to have some fun, I'll give you
the best time of your life." My stomach turned at what he said. I felt salty tears
run down my cheeks and fall off my chin, I only wanted to run away from him and now
I got myself into another problem.
All of a sudden things got quiet and I thought that maybe they went away or
something. I decided to get out of the creepy alley and go to a crowded area, at
least, that would be safer.
Once I made my way out of the alley I felt a cold arm wrap itself around my throat.
A scream made its way through my throat and I started to struggle .
"Please let me go!" I cried. "I swear I don't have any money."
"Who said we want money?" he laughed. "We just want to have some fun." He along the
other six started to laugh while I was praying for my life. I didn't know it was
going to end this fast, but my life is already a big mess so maybe ending it will
be better.
But I can't die. I can't, my mother always said 'fight for your freedom and don't
let anyone get in your way'. I gasped for air realizing I was pinned to the ground.
But I wasn't going to let his dirty hands touch me so I threw my feet up in the air
and kicked him where the sun doesn't shine.
"Ow! You little piece of shit! I was being easy on you, now you'll get it!" He
yelled trying to get up. But before he could do anything else I ran away from him
making my way to another block.
"Get her." I heard him shout to the other men. It was about 11 and dark outside
therefore I couldn't see what was in front of me but that didn't make me stop.
All of a sudden I collided into a hard wall. 'Wait what , where did this come from'
I thought to myself. I started to panic hearing the men getting closer to me but
then the wall moved and I realized that it wasn't a wall. It was a body.
I looked up to see the most handsome looking man in all existence. He looked at me
with cold eyes but softened for a split second, but then turned into confusion.
"There you are," I heard the man say. My heartbeat started to increase and I looked
at the man I ran into hoping he wouldn't just leave me here to die.
I never wrote a book before and I'm trying. If I have any mistakes then please
inform me in a nice way. I'm not perfect! So don't expect this book to be.
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Chapter 2
*Damon's POV*

Walking out of a five star hotel I was greeted by the cold breeze. Remembering my
encounter with a hot waitress from the restaurant I dined at made a smirk crawl
over my face. No one can deny my attractive looks and one look from me can melt any
girls insides.
Not to brag but no one can resist me. Lots of girls chase over me for my looks but
mostly for my money. It's no secret that I'm one wealthy man and for that there's
people who will stop at nothing to get a taste of my money.
That's one reason why I never go out with the same girl twice. It saves me time and
effort. Every girl that gets caught up with me knows from the begging that it will
only be a one night stand and nothing more.
Shaking off these thoughts, I continue making my way to my car. But I stop seeing
that it is no where to be seen.
I decide to call Carl, my driver. It gets on my nerves that he is late. I
specifically told him to be here at 11. He will get his consequence later.
"Hello Mr.Williams." he said in an obviously scared voice.
"Carl. Where are you?" I asked in a cold tone. I'm really professional with my
employees and I don't allow myself to show any emotions to anyone. It's what I
learned in life, you show an emotion then everyone expects everything from you and
in the same time assumes you're weak.
"I'm sorry sir, it's just that there's a flat tire and it's going to take a while
for it to be fixed," he replied. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down.
"Ok, you take care of that Carl , and I'll take care of myself." I exclaimed in an
emotionless voice, then hang up.
I dialed Xavier's number and waited for him to pick up. Xavier is the closest
person I know and he knows me well but still not well enough to see through my
"Hey man, what's up?", he said in a sleepy voice."Why are you calling?"
"I need you to come pick me up from a hotel, my car has a flat tire and Carl is
taking care of that." I reply
"Sorry man, but I'm with Lexi and you know I can't just leave her here alone
sleeping." he answered.
I look around and ignored the stares I'm getting from people, I guess it won't be
bad walking. Besides I do need to get out more often instead of staying indoors and
working all day but when your a billionaire all you have time for is work.
"Ok, I guess I'll just walk, my house isn't too far from where I am anyways." I
said in a calm voice, which surprised me, If it was any other day I would have been
really pissed but I guess the soothing cold air calmed me down.
I hung up and made my way through the empty, quite, dark streets. Five minutes
later I here shouting and screaming and I realize that there is a group of men
running after someone.
I didn't want to be involved so I continued walking and acting as if I'm not seeing
anything unusual, however a small delicate body crashed into my hard chest and a
gasp made its way out the persons mouth.
I was ready to lash out until I took a look at the person that crashed into me and
it was like time stopped for a split second. The most beautiful girl I have ever
seen was there in front of me, I don't know what came upon me but my features
softened but then I looked past her shoulders and saw that the same group of men
were running after the girl that was in front of me.
Confusion must have past through my face however was gone once I heard a mans voice
say "there you are, get her!"
I looked at the girl and she looks up at me with pleading ,innocent eyes that are
begging me to help her. I don't know why I'm feeling this but I had the urge to
keep her safe and protect her from these psycho men that are staring at her with
hungry eyes.
"Hey we don't want any trouble , we just want the girl," said one man. His words
made me tighten my hold on her.
"Please don't let them take me." the girl in front of me whispered in a sweet yet
delicate voice, tears running down her cheek which I had to hold myself from wiping
them off of her smooth skin.
"Get out of here and leave the girl alone," I claimed in an angry toned voice. The
men looked at each other with a smirk on there faces and then turn to me and the
"Hey buddy, you asked for it," one of the men laughed. In a blink of an eye they
came sprinting towards us and I hid the girl behind my back and started to fight
off these weak men.
They don't know what they got themselves into. To say I'm strong is an
understatement , I can fight off these piece of trash in a blink of an eye and it's
thanks to my buff, muscular body from all the times I've worked out .
After a couple of punches and kicks over there and here they were all unconscious
and I mentally pat myself on the back. I turned around to see the weak looking girl
with fear in her eyes.
I take a moment to look at her clearly, and I'm shocked to see that she is in worn
out, dirty and ripped clothes and bruises everywhere on her body. Lots of questions
comes running in my head but I pushed them aside for now and took small steps
toward her. She instantly backed away and then stopped. As if reading her mind I
ran towards her and catch her fragile body in my arms before it hits the cold
I stare at her for a while and realize that this girl in my arms looks so broken to
the point I want protect her but that's not me. I'm not like that and never will
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Chapter 3
*Rose's POV*
I woke up to the sound of growling, it caught me off guard until I heard it again.
I looked down realizing it was just my stomach pleading for food. My throat was dry
and it felt as if I was living in a desert from all the dehydration.
I looked up at the clock and squinted my eyes trying to figure the time due to the
darkness that surrounded me.
3 AM. I was debating wether I should risk going down stairs and eat something or
just stay in my cell to starve. I looked around my room which I prefer to call it a
cell. It was nothing like home. It was dull and full of dark memories I despise and
Getting off of my hard, rock bed, I make my way to the door really carefully trying
to be quiet and not attract attention on myself. I take the cold handle in my hands
and turn it to the left slowly.
Once I open the door I get out of my room and start taking slow steps down the
stairs making sure I don't make any squeaky sounds that will wake up my stepfather.
Once I made it to the kitchen, I quickly fill myself a cup of water and gulp it
down my throat.
I put the glass of water down on the counter and open the refrigerator. My stomach
growls from the site of the delicious food in front of me. I decide to grab a
granola bar and make my way to my room before he catches me.
I close the refrigerators door only to hear a scream coming out of my mouth.
There he was, right in front of me with cold eyes staring right through me. He had
bags under his eyes and a bottle of wine in his right hand. You could smell his
stinky breath from a mile away.
I was terrified to be caught and I expected what was going to happen next.
"What are you doing?" he said in a clearly drunk voice.
"I-I'm hungry, I haven't ate in a d-day and a half," I replied in a cracky voice. A
smirk made its way to his face and he chuckled in a low voice. He loved to see me
struggle and he loved it more when it was obvious I was frightened by him.
"Hungry you say? Only humans feel hunger. But you're no human, you're just a
worthless piece of nothing, you trash." He sneered in a creepy, loud voice.
I whimpered and felt tears running down my face. He laughed and looked at me with
disgust and slapped me right in my face. I sobbed until I heard him say "stop
crying like a baby you idiot."
He grabbed the bottle of wine and held it in the air and smashed it on my head. I
felt nothing but pain and darkness engulfing me in a pool of misery. I felt my eye
lids closing and darkness surrounding me until everything went numb.
I opened my eyes feeling relieved that it was just a dream, more like a memory. My
fingers were rubbing on a scar on the back of my neck which was caused by the
bottle of wine from that terrifying night.
I was torn from my thoughts when I heard a shower running. My eyes widened when I
noticed I was not in my cell but in some other fancy, beautiful room. Memories from
that night came rushing to me. 'That's right, I ran away' I thought to myself but
then my guards were up knowing I was not on the streets anymore but in an expensive
I was struggling trying to remember what happened last night, tears started to form
in my eyes when I remembered I was attacked by a group of men. Did they bring me
here? I panicked. I took the sheets off me and a worried expression crossed my
face. I was in another set of clothes and not in my usually worn out ones . I
started to freak out at the images that started to come to my mind. I felt violated
and disgusted that someone saw my body.
But there was one thing wrong. Those men from yesterday looked homeless and there
was no way they could afford something like this, not even keep me alive.
The water running snapped me out of my thoughts as it slowly turned off. Whoever
was in there was going to come out soon. The door flew open and warm air came
rushing out, it was foggy for a couple of seconds until someone made its way out of
the bathroom.
I held my breath scared of who the person might be but gasped when I saw the most
attractive man. I started to remember what happened last night. I ran into him and
he caught me. He then fought off those men in a blink of in eye. I was so shocked
that words couldn't be formed, he saved my life.
I let out a breath of relief but was caught off guard when he started to take small
steps toward me in nothing but a towel. My eyes went down to his shoulders then to
his six pack, he was muscular and attractive. There's no denying in that.
I quickly snapped out of it and averted my eyes on his face hoping he didn't just
catch me checking him out. He had a smirk on his face knowing clearly I checked him
out and he was happy about that.
This isn't me, I'm not a bold person to actually check a person out but I was never
allowed to be near people that much anyways. I never had a boyfriend after him or
an actual friend. I guess I stayed in my room mostly all the time and that's one of
the reasons why I become insecure when I'm in another man's presence. I was never
allowed to be near them anyways other than him. But mostly I wouldn't like to be
near them because of the fear of them turning out like him and my stepfather.
"Are you ok?" I heard a familiar voice. I looked up at the man and tried to form
words. His eyes are beautiful like the ocean and I could get lost in them forever.
I nodded afraid that my voice would betray me and then averted my eyes on my lap.
"What's your name?" He said in a calm voice. I looked at him and was arguing with
myself on wether to tell him or not. He did save my life so I guess I owe him it.
"Rose Kelley," I replied in a weak voice. He just continued to stare at me while I
felt uncomfortable and shifted on the bed.
"I'm Damon William," he said. 'Damon , such a beautiful name,' I thought to myself
but shook those thoughts off of my mind and looked up at Damon.
"Where am I?" I asked looking around the room.
"You're in one of my hotel rooms," he replied. I nodded my head and ran my hands
through my hair.
"Mr.William, thank you for saving me from those men yesterday," I say in a grateful
voice. Anger appeared in his eyes when I brought up the men from yesterday but was
quickly gone.
Must have been my imagination, there's no way he could feel any emotion other than
pity for me because we don't know each other.
"You're welcome and please, call me Damon," he replied in a friendly voice. I was
surprised, one second he's all scary and serious and the other second he's calm and
friendly. I just nodded my head and asked him the question I was dreading.
"Did you change me into these clothes," I asked in a soft tone.
He looked at me surprised and then chuckled. "No, one of my maids changed you into
these clothes," he replied in a husky voice.
I felt all my blood flow into my cheeks, well of course he would have maids to do
that. And then it clicked, Damon William. His name sounded so familiar and I knew I
must've saw his name before.
Then I remembered walking through the streets of New York last week and I past a
building that had a poster which said 'Damon William the CEO of the Blackwoods
company'. My eyes widened at the realization, I'm sitting right in front of a
I started to panic. This is not my place, I have to get out of here.
He looked confused as to why I looked so nervous and I tried to find my voice.
"Mr. Williams, thank you for saving me once again and I'm sorry to have wasted your
time but I'll be going," I quickly told him. I got up from the soft bed but was
stopped in my place when I felt a strong hand on my arm. I looked up to see Damon
right in front of me.
"First of all, I told you to call me Damon . Second of all, I'm curious as to why
you were on the streets of New York that late at night all alone but that doesn't
matter now." He shook his head, "What matters is that I won't let you get out of my
place until I know you're ok" I was surprised by his sudden response.
"I'm really ok, I can take care of myself, thank you." I said. I know I'm being
kind of rude to the person that saved me but I don't want to get myself caught up
with any another rich man ever again. I immediately stood up and walked out of the
room and out of the lobby before he could stop me, leaving a shocked Damon behind.
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Chapter 4
I imagine Roses character as lily Collin but you can also imagine her whoever you
*Rose's POV*

It's been two days since the encounter with Mr.William. I know he told me to call
him Damon but I didn't trust anyone well enough and I refuse to call them my there
first name. It bothered me knowing that he had an effect on me like no other have
ever had. Just one glance from him makes a shiver run through my spine.
I haven't felt like this for a long time, I'm afraid to feel this way again then
get hurt and betrayed. Besides I'm sure he only helped me over pity, there's no way
he could of felt the same attraction I felt because he is the number one player in
New York, at least that's what all I hear and see when I'm roaming the streets.
I can't believe I didn't recognized him at first. I'm sure no one would have missed
that the CEO of a famous company came to their rescue but of course, I'm stupid and
empty minded.
Empty minded, that word made a lump form in my throat. Memories flooded my mind
when Rick started to call me that. At first he was all sweet and nice but then he
switched into a monster, thankfully I got rid of him years ago until that night.
I have to stop thinking about him and my stepfather, those two ruined my life with
their own hands and my life will never be the way it used to be. "If only you were
here mother," I whimpered. I missed her so much, I felt my eyes watering at the
thought of my mum and her beautiful smile. If she was here she wouldn't have wanted
me to be homeless or wondering around the streets.
I shook of these thoughts and continued walking. My life is messed up, but I have
to rearrange it back in order, not just for me but for my mother.
Beside I'm in New York. There's no way they can find me here, it's a crowded place
full of thousands of people. They would never guess I'm in New York, they must
think I'm still back in California, looking for me everywhere but I was smart
enough to leave and come here.
It was a long journey coming here. Thankfully with the savings I saved up for years
without anyone knowing, I was able to book a flight that night and run off without
anything in my hands expect my old phone in case of emergencies. After I arrived, I
stayed at a cheap motel with the little money I had left. I was able to stay there
for four day, after that I was on the streets all alone. Then the incident with the
men happened which led to meeting Mr.William which led to being on the streets
I felt useless all over again, it's not an unfamiliar feeling but it went away for
a short period of time when I ran away. I felt accomplished and that's what I wish
to feel right now.
I'm not going to be living on the streets forever, I'm not half way through my life
and it's not going to end like this.
I took a long deep breath and closed my eyes for a second before opening them and
continue walking through New Yorks busy streets deciding to look for a job. I don't
care if I'm a maid or working for a fast food restaurant, I just need to find a job
for now and anything will do.
It's been hours, but unfortunately I couldn't get a job at any place. Maybe because
I'm homeless and I didn't continue college, but it's not my fault. I really wanted
to attend a good university, it was my goal in life but he made me drop out after
my first year because he figured that it brought happiness to me and as usual,
he'll do anything to take that away from me.
But that doesn't mean I'm a dumb girl. I finished high school even though it was
miserable but still held on. I graduated with a GPA of 4.00 and scholarships to a
couple of universities. No one wanted to hire a homeless girl and there's nothing I
can do about that.
It's getting late so I have one more shot. I looked at the newspaper that's in my
grasp and searched for any wanted employees. My eyes came across the words 'wanted
employee for Red Star Restaurant' . I look at the address which surprised me
because it wasn't far from here.
I speed walked until I'm in front of a five star restaurant that has the words on a
huge sign 'Red Star Restaurant'. I fix my clothes which were given to me from two
days ago, it was better than the one I was wearing before. I took a deep breath and
took small steps toward the big doors.
A young man opened the door for me and I silently thanked him while walking inside
the fancy restaurant. I'm shocked by the beauty, it's my first time entering a
restaurant this expensive. I got a couple stares from people but I just ignored
them, I guess it's because of what I'm wearing. I don't fit in any of these places
but I need this job.
"Hi, how can I help you," said a man standing right in front of me.
"I'm looking for a job and saw that you guys are in need of an employee," I reply.
"Yes we are, follow me," he smiled. I followed him and he takes us to a room that
says 'manager' on the door. "Wait here," he says and opened the door leaving me
After a couple of minutes the man came out and opened the door wide signing I could
enter. I entered the big office to be greeted by a man behind his desk.
"Please, sit down Ms...." He begins but I cut him off to answer him.
"Kelley, Rose Kelley," I told him in a professional voice . He nodded his head
while I sat in the chair in front of him.
"So Ms.Kelley, tell me why you would deserve this job," he asked in a serious tone.
I look at him trying to figure out what to say and release a big breath.
"Well Mr. Clark," I looked at his name tag and continued "I'm a really professional
person when it comes to work, I'm also well organized and I can deal with lots of
different kind of costumers wether they're stubborn, rude or picky and Im also a
multi-task person." I reply. "And I also I am in need of this job."
He looked at me with an emotionless face but suddenly it turned into a big smile.
"If it wasn't for your convincing speech, I would've declined your request and
because of what your wearing" he said while glancing at my clothes. I start to feel
uncomfortable under his stare so I shift in my seat. He then continues "but you
convinced me that you are capable of this job beside, we are low on staff and we
need someone anyway. Ms. Kelley, you got the job," He says in friendly tone.
My eyes widen and a big smile grew on my lips.
"You just need to fill in these information, like your phone number, name, age and
the rest that's in there." He handed me a couple of papers.
I nodded my head and took the papers from him and filled in the informations but
left the address box empty. Once I was done I gave it back to him and smiled.
"Thank you Mr. Clark, I promise I won't let you down" I told him while getting up
from my seat.
"You start your shift two days from now, I expect you to be here at eight o'clock
sharp," he said.
"Yes sir," I replied.
I walked out of his office and walk toward the door, I open it and take two steps
but stop at my track at the sight in front of me. I hold my breath seeing Damon
stalking my way but not alone. A beautiful girl was with him, he had his arms
around her waist and they had huge smiles on their faces.
Damon turned his head and we make eye contact. I tore my eyes away from him and
start to walk away from them. I feel a strong hand on my shoulder making me turn
Damon looked at me with a concerned expression but then covered it all up.
"Rose, what are you doing here?" he asked while looking at the restaurant.
"None of your business Mr. William," anger passed through his face but he then
continues "I'm serious Rose, what are you doing in a place like this? Were you with
someone?" I must've been seeing things because I'm sure I saw something in his eyes
when he brought up that I was with someone.
I took a deep breath I didn't know I was holding.
"No, I wasn't here with anyone, I was applying for a job," I answered him. He
looked at me for a while then asks "Job? Did you get the job?" I nodded my head as
a reply.
"Rose where do you live?" I look up at him in shock and he continues, "I mean, do
you have a place to stay? You were on the streets when I found you."
I look down on the ground not sure of what to say.
"Work for me Rose," he said while staring at my eyes. I was shocked that he offered
me a job when I clearly told him I already had one.
"Wait what? I already have one so I'm no need of another job," I claimed.
"No, you'll need my job better than the one your going to work at. It won't afford
you anything but I'll be able to help you Rose," he says in one breath.
I look at him in the eye and glare at him showing him I'm not going to accept. I'm
not weak, I'm not going to let another man control my life. It's my turn to be
strong and independent.
He knew from my looks that I wasn't going to accept, taking a deep breath and
running a hand through his hair he reaches in his pocket took out a card and handed
it to me. I took it and glanced at it, it was his business card.
"You're going to need this flower," he said while wearing a smirk. It's like he had
a plan in the back of his head. My cheeks redden from what he just called me but my
face turned serious when I saw the girl he came with walking towards us.
"Come on Damon, I'm hungry," she whined while rapping her arms around his while
glaring at me.
"Not now," Damon says to the girl and then turned to me. His face softens while
looking at me.
"Well I can see your busy with your date Mr.Williams and I'll just be going" I walk
off without sparing another glance, but hear him calling out for me to wait but I
didn't respond. I just made my way out of this place with the card he gave me still
in my hand.
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Chapter 5
I imagine Damon's character as Zac Efron but you can also imagine him who ever you
*Damon's POV*

I watched as Rose walked away from me. I couldn't help but feel worried about her.
There's no doubt that she doesn't have a place to stay or anyone to take care of
I don't know anything about her or her past, I'm curious as to why she's all alone
and including what makes her the person she is today. It's as if she's running from
someone and trying to block them out of her life. I barely know anything but I will
After she left me in my room two days ago she just made me more curious about her.
No girl has ever declined my offer or disagreed about anything when it came to me.
I never let any girl sleep or stay in my room but for Rose it was different, I'm
afraid to even think about it but when I told her to stay and rest, I was shocked
with my own words. But I was worried to leave her all alone on the dangerous
streets of New York but of course I will never admit that to anyone.
She's one stubborn girl, I knew she was going to decline my offer but I was going
to do something so she won't have any other choice but to work for me. I'll be able
to provide her with a home, clothes and more . All she has to do is accept my job
request but because she's thick headed, I have no other choice but to force her to
work for me.
"Damon, will you stop staring at that girl and just go in with me so we can just
eat," hissed the woman next to me. I forgot her name but mostly all the girls I go
out with I forget their names. It's not like I'll see them anymore , it's just one
night then that's it.
After Rose left me in a state of shock, I had no other choice but to get her out of
my head, so I occupied my time with some models. And here I am today, trying to get
her out of my mind.
I stared at the women in disgust, "I can't even stand your face, get out of here
before you see my bad side," I sneered at her in a cold tone.
Her eyes began to water but I didn't really care. I'm a cold hearted person and
every person in New York knows that, but somehow I can't let those innocent,
chocolate brown eyes pass through my mind. I never believed in loving or even
caring for a girl, not even an emotion would slip out of me when I was with a girl
but ever since I met Rose I've been feeling emotions I can't even name myself. But
I'm not going to make the same mistake my father made.
"Don't tell me it's that girl that made you change your mind about our dinner," she
cried while trying to reach for my hand. I shook off her hand and looked her in the
"It doesn't matter who or what made me change my mind in the first place, you were
nothing but a distraction to get things off my mind," I hissed while she started to
whimper. She turned her heels and ran off.
I shook my head and turned around, making my way in the restaurant and into the
managers office.
The guy behind the desk looked alarmed and stood up with shock all over his face.
"What's going on? Who do you think you are barging in like that?" He shouted.
"I want you to fire Rose Kelley," I said getting straight to the point. His eyes
"You can't come in here and demand me to fire someone, I don't take orders from
you," he told me."Besides she does look like a pretty young woman who will
defiantly attract costumers," he claimed with a smirk. That just ticked me off.
"Listen, if you don't do as I say I will make your business fall to my feet without
any mercy. Your messing with the wrong person, do you even know who I am?" I
claimed in a hard tone. He looked at me for a couple of seconds before his eyes
widened and his mouth opened wide trying to form words but won't come out.
"Mr.W-William? Oh my, I a-apologize for my r-rudeness s-sir," he stuttered. I'm
sure there's a smirk on my face right now, it's amusing to know I can make anyone
terrified of my presence.
"Call Rose Kelley and fire her" I tell him while walking out of his office without
a second glance. I'll be expecting a call from her sooner or later and the thought
of that brought a grin to my face.
I woke up early in the morning to hear a ringing sound. I turned my head and
squinted my eyes to see the time. It was seven Am and someone was calling me. I
sigh and reach for my phone on the dresser next to my bed. I took a look at the ID
caller and notice it's someone unknown.
I already know who it is and a smirk come on my face before I answered it.
"Hello?" I answer, acting as If don't know who the person was.
"Mr. William?" Roses sweet voice asks on the other end.
"Rose? Is that you? Why are you calling so early in the morning ? Did you miss me?"
I ask in a cocky tone. I hear her coughing on the other end and I can imagine a
blush forming on her face.
"No Mr. William," she replies in a pissed voice. "I'm calling to know if your job
request is still up for me?" She asks. I grin knowing I was right that she would be
coming to ask for my help.
"Well, yesterday you made it clear that you didn't want to work for me. Besides did
something happen to your job for you to be asking for my help?" I asked trying to
sound like I'm serious.
"I got fired, my boss called me yesterday saying that I was fired. I don't know
what I did wrong but I really need a job and your the only one that can offer me
one," she whispered then starts to sniff. I felt a wave of guilt wash over me but I
shook them off.
"I don't know what happened but if you want the job, come over to my place and I'll
explain everything for you," I told her in a soft tone.
"Why do I have to come over? Why can't you just tell me over the phone?" She asked.
"If you want the job then you'll just have to come, I'll send you the address," I
replied then hung up, leaving no room for any argument. I send her the address
while walking in my bathroom to fix myself up while waiting for her arrival.
'Oh this is going to be fun' I thought to myself with a grin appearing on my face.
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Chapter 6

*Rose's POV*

My eyes widened at the house in front of me, calling it a house was an

understatement, it's more like a mansion. It's huge and beautiful in so many ways.
By the looks of it, it has three stories and a huge front yard, my guess is that
there is a backyard to but from where I'm standing I can't really see.
I press the button on the huge gates that surrounded the mansion. I can't believe I
actually came. I swore to myself not to get caught up with him but I have no other
I'm still shocked over the fact that Mr. Clark fired me, I don't know what I did
wrong, I had everything under control, he even seemed happy to have accepted me for
the job but I guess that will remain a mystery.
I'm thankful that Damon gave me his card, if he hadn't then I would be back on the
streets job hunting all over again.
"Hello?" Said a voice which sounded like it belonged to an old lady through the
"Umm...Hi, I'm here to see Mr.William," I spoke softly.
"Ok, hold on one minute," she said then the line was cut.
After a minute the huge gates started to open, once they were completely opened, I
walked through and admired the beautiful garden. Standing in front of the huge
doors I was about to knock on them but before I could do that they were opened by a
"Hi Ms.Kelley. Mr.William informed me to tell you that he is in his room waiting
for you," she said while leading me to his room. I couldn't help but notice that
the inside of the house was even better than the outside. It looked fancy yet
We made it to a big door and the maid left me standing behind the door thinking
about what's going to happen next.
I sighed and knocked on the door.
I heard a familiar "Come in," and opened the door.
I stepped in the room and saw Damon laying on his bed with a smirk plastered on his
face. God he smirks a lot. I tried to not let him get to my head.
"Ah... you came," he said in a husky voice.
"Yes, I was thinking about your offer. I really do need a job and your the only one
that could offer me one," I spoke not staring into his eyes.
"Yes, you have no other choice but to work for me," he agreed. I glared at him and
shook my head. What's with this guy? Why does he want me to work for him this
badly? Well, it's not like I'm complaining, I really do need this job to bring my
life back together. Once I get enough money I'll be able to stay in some cheap
motel until I can afford myself an apartment.
"Ok, what's my job?" I asked curiously.
"Your job will be my personal assistant, you will arrange my meetings, answer my
calls that have to do with work, and organize papers. Like those stuff," he
answered while shrugging. I nodded my head, it doesn't sound too bad.
"But there is one thing," he claimed. I look up at him and ask, "what is it?"
"You're going to be living here," he said in a serious tone.
"What! You want me living here with you?" I asked clearly shocked of what he had
"Yes, if you want to work for me then you have to stay under my watch. I could need
your assistance any time," He replied.
"No, I'm not going to be living with you," I disagreed.
"Either you live here and work for me or you don't get the job," he snapped. Ugh,
he is so frustrating.
I looked at him and knew he was dead serious, I huffed and ran a hand through my
hair. I guess I have no other choice but to live with this stubborn man. I also
don't have to worry about a place to stay anymore but this is not my environment,
I'll just have to get used to it.
"Fine," I gave in and a grin made its way to his mouth making me wonder why he was
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Chapter 7
I imagine Lexi as Nina Dobrev, I love her so much but you can imagine her whoever
you want.
*Rose's POV*

I sat on the edge of my bed admiring my new room, I've never had a room this big or
beautiful before. Before my mother married my stepfather and died, we used to live
in a comfy home, not too big and not too small. It was everything I ever asked for,
just my mom and I, alone in our home but that all changed when those two crawled
into my life.
Every time I remembered them or the night I ran away my stomach flips but I also
don't want to be that insecure girl they once knew. I'll prove them wrong one day.
One day.
I was torn away from my thoughts when I heard a knock on the door.
"Come in," I spoke.
The door opened and Damon walked in. I couldn't help but to check him out, he was
wearing jeans and a blue shirt that fit perfectly with his eyes. I looked away
before he could notice. God, I'm getting bold. I started to feel like this when I
met Damon but it's nothing really important, I guess.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Since you're going to be staying here from now on," he said while placing a smirk
on his face but then continued, "you're going to be needing clothes, and some other
"Who told you that I don't have what I need?" I asked. He looked at me in a knowing
look and I sighed, I really do need clothes, I've been in these for days but I'm
not a gold digger or any of those kind of people who will take advantage of their
situation and get money from someone else.
"Fine, I'll buy whatever I need once I work and get money," I told him without
looking into his eyes.
"No, you're going now and with this," he said while talking out a credit card out
from his wallet. "Buy whatever you want and don't hold yourself back."
"No," I shook my head. "I'm not taking money from you," I looked at him with a
serious expression.
"You're not taking anything from me because it's yours," he spoke and handed me the
credit card. My eyes widened as I looked at it, It had my name on it. I can't take
this, it must have a lot of money in it.
"How much is in here?" I asked
"100,000." He replied as if it's nothing.
"What! I can't take this, it's too much. I can't accept something so expensive," I
told him. Seriously, the biggest thing I ever got was a phone in high school but
never bigger than that.
"Why do you like to argue so much? Take it. End of discussion," he told me while
turning around but stopping for a second. "Oh and your going with Lexi," he said
and walked out of the room.
"God he's so stubborn" I whispered. Then I remembered what he said before he walked
out of the room.
'Oh and your going with Lexi'.
Who's Lexi? Is she a friend or a relative? I'm not sure, he never brought up
anything about his relatives so far. Maybe she's his girlfriend? It's hard to
believe that because he is known for being a player but maybe she is. I shouldn't
really care though, it's not my business to butt in.
Besides after Rick I swore myself never to fall for another guy again or get
caught up with any ever again.
After a while the door bell rung and I heard Damon calling my name. I got up from
my bed and walked outside of my room and went downstairs.
There sitting on the couch was Damon and a beautiful girl. The girl had dark long
hair and a perfect body, Damon was next to her with the biggest smile I had ever
seen on him. Well, I haven't known him for long but it was the biggest smile I've
seen on him since I got here.
It bothered me that he never smiled like that with me, 'what are you thinking Rose?
You shouldn't care remember?' my conscious lectured me.
I walked up to them with a curious look.
There attention was on me now and Damon stood up and spoke,"Rose, meet Lexi. She
will go shopping with you."
Out of no where Lexi engulfed me in a bone crushing hug." Hi, it's nice to meet you
Rose." She squealed out of excitement.
I gained my breath and replied "It's nice to meet you too," She seemed like a sweet
person but I was still curious on how she knew Damon and what they are to each
Just curious though.
"C'mon lets go shopping," she squealed and grabbed my hand and pulled me outside of
the house.
I glanced back and saw Damon was waving at me, I smiled at him before walking
through the doors.
We got in a car and she started to drive while humming to the background music.
There was an awkward silence until she broke it.
"So, tell me how you met Damon?" She asked with a with a grin on her face.
I shrugged, why not tell her?
"Damon saved me from a group of men on the street, that's how we met," I answered.
"Aww, he saved you? That's so cute!"
"I'm sure he would've saved anybody that was in my place," I shrugged.
"And I'm sure he wouldn't have let any girl live with him, trust me I know," she
raised an eyebrow while glancing at me for a moment before turning her focus on the
I blushed but then curiosity got the best of me. "Who are you to Damon anyway," I
ask trying to seem casual but came out as any jealous girlfriend would have asked.
She looked at me then burst into a fit of laughter.
She wiped the tears on her eyes and caught her breath.
"Rose, there is nothing for you to worry about. Trust me, there is nothing between
us, we're childhood best friends," Lexi told me.
"Oh," I nodded my head. "Was just wondering."
She looked at me with disbelief "I'm not stupid Rose, I know Damon really well and
he never cared for a girl like he cares for you, he saved you, offered you a job,
made you stay at his place and now he gives you money to buy whatever you want,"
She said while glancing at me with a grin on her face.
No, it's not true. How could he care about me when I'm a mess. I'm sure no one
would've want a broken girl.
"No, I think he only does what he does out of pity." There's nothing good about me
and those were the same words my stepfather would use. At first I would never take
them to heart but when someone says it a lot of time it starts to drill into your
I flinched at the thought of his word that would always bring me down.
"I know Damon well enough to know he doesn't feel pity," she told me as she parked
into parking spot.
I shrugged ignoring the subject and got out of the car. We walked into the huge
mall and made our way to the clothes store.
It's been three hours since we've been going to a store to another store. I was
really tired but Lexi was persistent on buying lots of clothes. She made me buy
from lots of stores so now we are holding a ton of bags.
"My legs are killing me, let's rest and eat something, I'm hungry," I begged.
"Fine, we eat then we continue," she said. I sighed out in relief and nodded my
We enter a café not to far from where we were and ordered what we wanted. It took a
while before our food arrived but once it did I dug in.
"So, tell me about yourself," Lexi said while looking up at me. I gulped and looked
down, there's nothing fun or interesting about me at all, I'm plain and dull.
"Well, there's nothing really interesting about me at all. I have a really boring
life," I told her hoping she won't push the subject.
"Are you serious? You're an interesting girl and also beautiful at the same time,"
I was flattered by her complement because I was nothing compared to her beauty.
"Thank you Lexi," I thanked her with a warm smile.
"You're welcome Rose, what are friends for?" she returns the smile.
'Friends'. I haven't had a friend since I was 16 and that was when my stepfather
came into my life but I was happy to know that I made one today.
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Chapter 8

*Rose's POV*
Once we were done shopping we got in the car and drove home. It didn't take long
for us to arrive but when we did Lexi and I carried our bags to my room. Damon
wasn't in the house so we got the whole house to ourselves.
"So...how long have you known Damon," I asked. It seems like Damon and Lexi are so
close which surprised me because I never saw Damon get along with a girl this
close. I know I haven't known him for long but all the gossip and rumors on the
streets gave me a bad first impression on him, but I know never to believe them
even though I do know he is a player.
"I've known Damon and Xavier ever since I was 5 and we've been best friends since
then, but once I turned 13 I moved to Philadelphia but came back at 18 and we
stayed friends," Lexi explained.
"Oh...that's nice but who's Xavier?" I asked.
"Xavier is Damon's friend, he used to be my friend but we started going out in high
school and we are still together, so in other words he's my boyfriend," she looked
really happy when she mentioned that he was her boyfriend.
"Really? And you've been with each other for this long? You guys must really love
each other," I told her in awe.
"Yes we do," she chuckled.
Before we could say anything else we heard the front door open, my guess is that
it's Damon.
"Well it was nice shopping with you Rose, I hope we could do it another time," she
said while hugging me. I hugged her back, it felt good to have a friend again.
We made our way downstairs and saw Damon on the couch, he looked up at us and
"So, did you buy whatever you desired?," he looked at me.
"Yes I did, thank you," I thanked him while looking at the ground. His blue eyes
can always suck me into another dimension, that's why I always try to avoid them.
"Well it was fun guys but I better go, have fun you two," Lexi said before walking
out the door.
I turned and saw Damon was not on the couch anymore but right behind me, I gasped
when I realized how close he was, he raised his hand and automatically I closed my
eyes and flinched, I guess I was used to being slapped around but I didn't know
what I did wrong for Damon to want to slap me.
A strong hand touched the side of my cheek but not in an aggressive way, Damon was
caressing my cheek. I opened my eyes to an angry Damon. I looked down but he
grabbed my chin and made me look up at him.
"Rose," he said softly. But I didn't answer and averted my eyes away from him.
"Rose, look at me," this time his voice was a bit angry. I looked at him and his
eyes softened.
"Why did you flinch and close your eyes like I was going to slap you?" He asked
softly. "I wouldn't ever lay a hand on you." I felt all my blood going up to my
cheeks and my heartbeat increase at the words he told me.
I can't let his words get to my head, I can't feel this way, not now, not ever.
"Uh...ok," I said while moving my head so his hands could release my chin. I walked
to the kitchen to make something to eat while Damon behind me.
"Are you hungry? Would you like me to make something to eat?" I asked.
"Yes I am hungry, surprise me," he smiled. Him smiling brought a smile to my lips.
I decided to make pasta, it's my favorite, my mom and I used to make it together
when I was small.
I set up the table and made the pasta. It would be the first time I'd be eating
with Damon. Once I was done I put pasta on two separatist plates and put it on the
table. Damon sat on one chair while I sat on the one in front of him.
He looked amazed when he saw the pasta and took a bite of it. I waited until he
told me it was horrible or disgusting.
"Wow it's taste amazing, I can't believe you made this," he spoke and took another
bite. It shocked me that he actually liked it.
"Really? I'm glad you liked it, my mom and I used to make this together." I felt
tears in my eyes at the memory of my mom.
"Used to?" His eyes softened.
"Yeah, she died when I was 16 from breast cancer," I tell him without looking up.
"Oh..I'm so sorry Rose," he said while grabbing my hand that was on the table.
"It's not your fault Damon."
"What about your dad?" He asked. I sighed and looked up at him.
"He also died when I was a baby, I don't really know much about him," I shrugged.
"So who took care of you after your mother died?" He asked. God, I was dreading
this question. I'm not ready to tell him anything yet.
"Uh...d-do you want more pasta?" I asked changing the subject and hoping he
wouldn't push me to tell him. I guess he felt that I didn't want to talk about it
so he forgot about it and nodded his head. I was grateful that he didn't ask
anymore questions.
"Oh right, I forgot to tell you. Tomorrow you start your first day at work," he
told me. I nodded my head excited for my first day of work.
I felt the sun shining on my face, I opened my eyes and saw it was six in the
morning. I had an hour to get ready, I got up and went to the bathroom to take a
warm shower. After getting out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around me and
headed to my closet to pick an outfit I bought yesterday with Lexi.
I wore black lace matching underwear and bra and picked a white tight blouse and a
black skirt that goes above the knees. I decided to let my hair down and apply
mascara and lip gloss.
I grabbed my purse and saw I had ten minutes before seven so I went downstairs to
eat something. Once I made it to the kitchen I bumped into Damon's chest. I stepped
back and looked at him, he was wearing a suite, it looked so good on him.
I shook those thoughts off of my mind but Damon's eyes roamed up and down my body.
"Are you going out like that?" He asked raising a brow.
"Yes, why wouldn't I?"
"Go change!" He demanded.
"What?" My eyes widened.
"I said go change," he repeated.
"No! Why would I change?" I questioned shocked.
"Because I said so, I'm not letting you go out like that," he said being serious.
"No, I'm staying in this, your not my father to tell me what to do, I don't take
orders from you," I walked out of the house and waited until he got to the car.
But before he got in I realized that I do take orders from him. Stupid Rose!
We got in the car and Damon started to drive while I looked outside the window to
avoid his gaze.
"Sorry," he spoke.
"I said I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, it just....uh never mind,"he said
while shaking his head.
"It's just what?" I asked. It was weird that he got mad of what I was wearing, he
kind of reminded me of Rick, I remember when he would get jealous if any guy talked
or looked at me, he wouldn't like me wearing anything too reveling because he was
too possessive over me, at first it was cute but then it got out of hand.
I shuddered at the thought of him and focused myself on Damon.
"Nothing, forget about it," he told me before he parked his car in front of a huge
building that had the words 'BlackWoods Company'.
Before I could say anything he got out of the car not wanting me to ask of what he
was going to say.
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Chapter 9
Liam as Dylan O'brien but you can also imagine him whoever you want.


*Rose's POV*

I got out of the car and followed Damon like a lost puppy, I was new here so I had
no idea where to go and what to expect.
I walked next to Damon's side while we entered the big building, I got lots of
stares from people. Mostly because the CEO is walking next to a new girl, lots of
girls gave me disgusted looks but I just ignored them.
"You will be in the same office as me, you have your own desk and personal items.
You'll be expected to set up my meetings, organize papers, pick up calls and make
me coffee," Damon explained to me.
I nodded my head as a reply, Damon kept getting 'Hello's' and 'Good Mornings' as we
passed by offices, we finally stopped at a huge door that had 'Mr. Damon William'
on it.
Once Damon opened the door I walked in, there were two desk, one was bigger and I
known that it was Damon's while mine was smaller but simple.
There was a stack of papers, folders and a computer on the desk. I walked to it and
set my purse on the desk, I sat in the comfortable chair and looked up at Damon.
"What should I do first?" I asked.
"The first thing you should always do is make my coffee," he replied while his eyes
on the computer screen.
"Yes sir," I said and got up. I walked out of the office and started to look for
the kitchen, I started to regret not asking Damon where the kitchen was before
walking out because I think I was lost in this huge building.
'Should I ask someone where the kitchen is?'
Before I could think of anything else I bumped into a strong chest. Before my butt
could make contact with the ground, strong arms wrapped around my waist helping me
regain my balance.
I looked up and saw I bumped into a good looking man but not as attractive as
Damon. He had dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He smiled down at me and
asked "are you ok?"
I returned the smile and answered "yes I am, thanks and sorry."
"You're welcome. I'm Liam Parker," he told me while extending his hand for me to
"Rose Kelley," I shook his hand while smiling.
"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl," he said with a boyish grin.
I laughed. It's been a long time since I heard that pickup line.
"Wow, did you just try a lame pickup line on me?" I asked while raising my eyebrow
and giggling.
"It didn't hurt to try, so.. Are you new here?" He asked.
"Yes I am, I'm actually looking for the kitchen, do you know where it is?" I asked
"Yeah, I was just heading there right now, I'll take you," he said while turning
"Yeah sure, thanks."
"You're welcome muffin." I laughed and followed along.
We made it to a big beautiful kitchen that looked too big to be a kitchen.
"So, what do you want Rose?" Liam asked.
"I need to make a cup of coffee for Mr. William."
"Mr. William? Why are you making him coffee?" Liam look confused and shocked.
"Because I'm his personal assistant, isn't that what personal assistants do?" I
asked while holding a mug and taking out the coffee beans.
"You're his personal assistant?" He questioned.
"Yeah, why do you looked so shocked?"
"Because the whole five years I've been working here I've been seeing all his
personal assistant quitting because of his rude and harsh behavior, he really feels
no mercy," Liam shook his head while giving me a look of pity.
"Oh, I'm not going to quit that easily, I can handle it," I tell him while giving
him a small smile. It's true, I can handle whatever he shoots towards me because
I've gone through worse.
"Beautiful and confident, I like it," he winked at me. I blushed and slapped his
arm playfully. I was done with the coffee and I had to get it to Damon before he
got mad.
"It was nice talking to you Liam but I have to go give this to Mr. William before
he gets mad." I told him.
"Yeah ok but would you like to eat lunch with me?" He asked looking hopeful.
"Sure, I need to know this place better and I don't know anybody else other than
you." I smiled.
"Great, see you." He waved his hand.
"Bye." I turned around and went to Damon's office. Once I opened the door, Damon's
face immediately looked up.
"Why were you late," his voice held seriousness.
"I had trouble finding the kitchen until Liam helped me get to it," I shrugged
while placing the cup of coffee on his desk.
His eyes darkened and held an emotion in it.
"Liam? You were too busy having fun with a boy and you were late." He claimed in
I was shocked and surprised, what's his problem! Why was he so angry that I was a
little late, I'm not going to let him get under my skin.
"I wasn't playing around Mr. William, I don't know why you're mad but it was my
first day so I had trouble finding the kitchen-"
"Next time don't be late," he cut me off before turning his head toward his screen.
I think this is what Liam meant when he said harsh and rude. I sighed and got to
work but I couldn't help but wonder the whole time why Damon changed from caring
and nice to mean and serious, was he only like this in work or was he just faking
his nice side all along.
It's been hours of working and I finally had a break, Damon went somewhere and I
was alone in the office waiting for Liam.
I heard a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door to be greeted by Liam.
"Hey, you ready muffin?"
"Yes and will you stop calling me that," I chuckled.
"No can do muffin," he joked while smirking.
I liked Liam, he was funny and nice. He seemed like the person who's carefree and
doesn't judge anybody before he gets to know them.
I could tell we're going to be close friends from now on.
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Chapter 10

*Rose's POV*

After ordering what we wanted, we went and sat at a table. Liam sat on the chair in
front of me while smiling. We had an hour of lunch break before I had to go back to
work so we have time to talk and eat.
"So, was Mr. William easy on you?" Liam asked while raising a brow.
"Not much, he got angry because I was late with his coffee and he started saying
that I was playing around," I told him then shrugged my shoulders.
"Ahh..well you got to hang in there muffin, he does that to all his personal
assistants but you can prove him wrong." Liam told me.
"Yeah, you're right. But it's weird, I mean, he's all nice and caring once then
cold and rude after. Why is he like that?" I shrugged while thinking about it. Is
there a reason why he's like that? Or was he always like that?
I look up at Liam and he started to laugh.
"Nice and caring? I never even seen Mr. William smile in my life," he raised his
I gave him a confused look while taking in his words.
"Well, I saw him smiling and laughing a couple of times."
His eyes widened while his mouth opened.
"As far as I know, lots of people never saw him smile and you're saying he
laughed." I nodded my head while shrugging.
"Can I ask how long do you know him muffin?"
"I told you to stop calling me that," I chuckled "I barely known him for a week, I
have no other choice but to get along with him because I'm living with him."
"What! You're living with him?" Liam asked shocked.
"Yes, he told me that he might need me for work anytime so he made me stay in his
house." I answered.
"God, that is weird. Mr. William never lets any girl step foot in his house, at
least that's what I hear. If he wanted to do anything with a girl it's always in a
hotel. So how can he let anyone live with him?"
I was confused. If it's true, then why is he treating me different? Is it because
he pity's me or something?
"How do you know all this?" I ask.
"It's not hard to find out, he sleeps with lots of girls and after that, rumors
starts flying around. It's not like he cares what people thinks about him." He told
me while shrugging. "Anyways, let's forget about him, tell me about yourself Rose."
I was about to say something when a waitress arrives with our food, she obviously
was trying to get Liam's attention by swaying her hips and flattering her fake
I rolled my eyes at her, I guess I don't blame her. Liam is attractive but not as
attractive as Damon. 'Wait what? Rose, stop saying that!' I lecture myself while
shaking my head.
Liam doesn't seem to notice because he is to busy staring at his food and talking
to me.
I chuckle when she glares at me before walking off.
"What's so funny muffin?" Liam asks.
"Didn't you see? That waitress was trying to get your attention?" I laughed. A look
of disgust crossed his features before he rolled his eyes.
"Please, I'm not into fake girls, all they care about is looks and money," he
replied." But I am into girls like you muffin." He wiggled his eyebrows. I laugh at
his cockiness and punch his arm.
"Haha! Very funny, and how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me
that," I told him.
"Hay, isn't that what friends are for?"
"As in calling each other names we don't like?" I glare at him.
He grinned and nodded his head before saying 'yup' while popping the 'P'.

After finishing the work I had left, it was finally time to leave. I fixed my desk
and put everything I needed in to my purse.
I look up at Damon to find him already staring at me, immediately he turned his
head to the screen and ignored me.
I blushed knowing he was looking at me.
'Do I have anything on my face?' I thought.
"Um.. Mr. William is it time to leave?" I asked. He nodded his head while clearing
his desk before getting up.
"You go on ahead, my driver will take you home, I have a couple of things to do."
He said.
I nodded my head and got up to leave but turned around to look at Damon. He was
talking to someone on the phone but when his eyes caught mine he gave me a nod.
I gave him a small smile and walked out of the room.
I got in the big car and started to think about today. It wasn't so bad, I actually
thought it would be worse but it was quite tiring.
I smiled to myself thinking of Liam, I'm glad I met somebody like him, but I kept
thinking of his words which made me confused.
Does Damon treat me different because he thinks I'm weak? Does he do all these for
me because he pity's me? I have all these questions in my head but didn't know what
the answers were.

After I arrived home, I went to my room to relax a bit. I was about to go shower
when I heard a knock on the front door.
It couldn't be Damon because he wouldn't knock. It is his house, I got up and
walked downstairs, once I opened the door Lexi attacked me with a huge hug.
"So, tell me! How was your first day of work? Was Damon hard on you? I swear if he
was hard on you I will-" I cut her off before she could even continue.
"Lexi, it's was ok, he wasn't hard on me and I actually made a friend today so I'm
happy," I told her while smiling.
We closed the door and sat on one of the couches.
"Ah really? Thank goodness, I didn't want you quitting on your first day," she
chuckled. I rolled my eyes, what's with everybody thinking I'm going to quit?
"Anyway, we need to get ready because at eight we're going to a bar to celebrate
your first day at work," she squealed.
"I'm not sure, I don't feel like going," I told her, it's been a long time since I
went to a bar and actually drank.
"Come on, please? For me?," she begged while pouting. I started to think about it,
if I go I can forget about my problems for a while and have fun, I don't know
what's happening to me but Damon is always on my mind and I can't seem to shake it
"Ok fine, I'll go."
"Yay, let's get started." She pulled me into my room while explaining how much fun
we are going to have.
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Chapter 11

*Rose's POV*
"Oh my God! Rose, you look gorgeous. I can't wait for Damon to see you." Lexi
squealed while clapping her hands.
"Damon is coming with us?" I asked.
"Yes, him and Xavier," she said. I remember her telling me about Xavier her
boyfriend. I felt a little uncomfortable knowing Damon is coming with us. Who
cares? I'll just try to ignore him as much as possible.
I looked at myself in the mirror and I got to say I look pretty good, it's been a
while since I looked pretty.
I was wearing a short tight black dress that had blue sparkles on the sides, it had
long sleeves but the dress was above my knees by a few inches. However, it was
still nice. Lexi was wearing a red dress and it was as short as mine.
I straightened my hair and Lexi curled hers. Lexi did my makeup, it was simple with
mascara and lipgloss. I didn't like to add a lot of makeup, I prefer my face makeup
"The guys are waiting for us down stairs, let's go." Lexi grabbed my hand while she
opened my bedroom door and we made our way downstairs.
Lexi went ahead of me and hugged a man I didn't recognize, my guessing is that he's
Xavier. No denying, he is attractive but what caught my attention was Damon.
He was wearing casual jeans and a tight black shirt that looked good on him. Once
he saw me coming down his eyes widened, I saw his eyes roaming my body and shock
all over his face. He snapped out of it when I came closer.
"So... This is the famous Rose Damon keeps telling me about," Xavier smiled. My
eyes widened from his words but I returned the smile.
"Xavier." Damon warned.
"It's nice to finally meet you," he said while extending his hands to shake mine. I
reached my hand out and we shook hands.
"It's nice to meet you to, Lexi told me about you." I told him while looking at the
happy couple. I'm happy for Lexi, they look like they love each other so much and
it's rare to see couples like that nowadays, I wish I could find someone to love me
like that one day.
"It's nice to know that she brings me up sometimes." He chuckled while kissing her
"Come on! Let's go," Lexi said while opening the door.
We got in a big car which I assume is Xaviers because he was in the drivers seat
and Lexi was next to him. I was in the back sitting next to Damon looking out of
the window.
Lexi and Xavier are in their own world talking and laughing while Damon and I are
just quiet.
"You look beautiful," Damon said in a whispered voice while looking at me. I
blushed and look at him surprised before giving him a small smile.
"Thanks, you look good too," I lowered my head and looked at my hands.
I heard him chuckle "Is it the first time you go to a bar?"
"No, I went a couple of times to get my head off of things but it's been a long
time since I went again." He nodded his head, I wasn't going to ask the same
question because I already know the answer. There's no doubt that he been to a bar
before because he is the famous Damon William.
Xavier parked his car on the side of the road next to a big fancy looking bar. We
got out of the car and start walking towards the doors, we gave our ID's to a man
and he lets us in.
The place is crowded with lots of sweaty dancing bodies and drinks everywhere.
We make our way to a table and sit down.
"I'm going to go get a drink, what do you guys want?" Damon asked.
I tell him I wanted a beer while Xavier and Lexi wanted whisky.
I stared at him as he walked to the bar but snapped out when Lexi squealed again.
"Did you see the way he was looking at you?"
"What are you talking about?" I asked her.
"I'm talking about how he was looking at you like he wants to eat you," she
"Are you serious Lexi? I'm sure you saw wrong because Damon would never think of me
that way," I told her through the loud music.
"Whatever, think what you want but I saw what I saw," she winked at me.
I was about to speak but was interrupted when I heard a familiar voice.
"Hey muffin, didn't know I was going to bump into you here."
I turn around and see Liam behind me. I smiled and got up to hug him. He hugged me
back while chuckling.
"Hey, what are you doing here?" I asked
"Well I wanted to relax and lighten up a bit so I came here, what are you doing
here?" He asked.
"The same thing." I smiled and he sat next to me.
"Lexi, this is my friend I told you about," I introduced him. She smiled at him and
shakes his hand.
"It's nice knowing she made a new friend today." She said.
Liam made a fake gasp and looked at me like he was hurt, "friend? Muffin, I thought
we were more than that." I chuckle and rolled my eyes at him. Lexi had a huge grin
on her face but I just ignored her and talked to Liam.
Damon came back with our drinks and stopped when he saw Liam. He furrowed his
eyebrows and frowned.
"Why is he here?" He asked rudely.
"Damon, this is Rose's friend Liam and he will be joining us tonight," Lexi told
He sat down next to Xavier with a pissed off face.
"He came with you guys?" Liam whispered in my ear. I looked at him then nodded my
head. I grabbed my beer and drank it.
After awhile I'm starting to loosen up because of the drinks, I kept laughing at
Liam jokes while Lexi and Xavier were dancing. Damon was quiet and he kept staring
at us but I ignored his stares. He looked angry and I didn't know why.
A girl came up to Damon and started to flirts with him, she was barely wearing any
clothes and her face was caked up with makeup, I looked at her in disgust, I
couldn't pull my eyes away from them.
Damon looked at me then smirked before getting up and walking off with her to the
dance floor. They started to dirty dance and every once in awhile Damon would
glance at me. I huffed and looked away in annoyance.
"It's so obvious," Liam whispered in my ear. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.
"What's obvious?" I asked.
"He's clearly jealous that you're with me and he's trying to make you jealous with
some girl," he answered. I looked back at them and frowned when I saw that they
were still dancing.
"No, why would he be jealous? He's just being his normal self." I stated.
"Can't you see, he keeps looking at you and glaring at me like he's going to kill
me." He chuckled.
"No, I can't see," I shook my head.
"Then I'll make you see." He grabbed my hand and forced me up and pulled me to the
dance floor.
"What are you doing? I don't want to dance!" I tugged my hand but he gave me a look
which said he won't back down.
"Come on, you got to loosen up a bit and have fun. besides, I'm going to prove to
you that he won't be happy with you dancing with me." I sighed and gave up and
walked with him to the dance floor.
I started dancing to the beat of the music and laughing, Liam gently placed his
hands on my waist while dancing with me. At this moment I didn't really care that
he was dancing with me, I'm having fun.
I glanced back and saw Damon back at the table glaring at us. I smirked slightly,
maybe Liam's right.
I started to feel the alcohol affecting me because I felt my body relaxing and
dancing to the beat of the music.
I turned around so my back was facing Liam's chest while he grabbed my waist, I
placed my arms around his neck and continued to dance.
Liam chuckled in my ear and glanced at an angry Damon.
"Do you see now?" He asked.
I smiled and nodded my head. I wasn't really paying attention to anyone right now.
Just dancing like there's no tomorrow.
I was about to tell Liam something when he was pushed off of me by an angry Damon.

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Chapter 12
Xavier as Chace Crawford but you can also imagine him whoever you want :)

*Damon's POV*

I watched in anger as Rose dance with Liam, I felt my blood boil when he placed his
hands on her waist.
I didn't know why I was feeling this but when I saw her dancing with that boy it
just annoyed me. I never felt this way before. It's usually the opposite, all the
ladies fall over me but I never gave them the satisfaction but now its different,
the girl I'm actually interested in doesn't want me like all the other girls.
I swore never to fall in love or get attached to any girl but here I am getting
attached to one.
I looked back at them and saw that he was whispering something in her ear while
Rose was laughing.
That's it, I couldn't hold it any longer. I got up from my seat and stalked towards
them. I grabbed Liam by his shirt and pushed him on the ground to get his hands off
of Rose.
It took her by surprise but I didn't really care, I was mad and pissed. I grabbed
her hand and pulled her through the crowd until we were outside.
"let me go, what are you doing?" Rose yelled. I grabbed her and pushed her against
Xavier's car. She gasped and her face held shock.
"Let me go, why did you do that to Liam?"she asked.it pissed me more when she
brought him up.
"What were you doing back there?" I yelled.
"What are you talking about? I was dancing, you were doing the same!" She yelled
"Dancing? You and lover boy back there were rubbing your bodies against each
other," I said in anger.
"No we weren't, and besides, even if we were it's none of your business. You had
your hands on that girl anyway!" Her face was red and a smirk came on my face when
I knew that what I did back there worked.
"What, flower? Were you jealous?" My smirk grew.
"What! jealous? I can't believe you thought that, I should be asking you that
because you're the one that dragged me out here," she said. My smirk fell and I
furrowed my brows.
I didn't know why I did that but after her words left her mouth I immediately
crashed my lips with hers. Her lips were just as I imagined them but even better,
they were soft and sweet. Rose just stood there in shock and didn't move.
I moved my lips against hers, Rose didn't respond, she tried to pull away but I
didn't budge and held her into place. After a while she gave into the kiss and
started to move her lips against mine.
We pulled apart for a breath and her cheeks were red, I chuckled at the sight of
her blushing, it was so cute.
"You were saying?" I teased.
All of a sudden her face turned into a scowl and anger was written all over her
"I can't believe you did that! God, doesn't mean you go shoving your tongue around
every girl's throat that means you can do the same with me," she yelled while
hitting my chest.
I frowned at her words, it's true. I have a past with lots of girls but I didn't
like it coming out of her.
Lost in my thoughts Rose was able to get out of my grip and back to the bar. God, I
felt so mad and confused.
I didn't know what to do, I can't feel like this, not now and not ever but I just
wanted to go grab her and take her somewhere where it was only her and me.
I hit the car with all my force and groaned, I pulled my hair out of frustration
and anger.
"Damon, what are you doing out here?" I looked back and saw Xavier walking towards
"Uhh nothing, I was just getting fresh air," I replied.
"Well come back inside, let's get a drink." I followed Xavier back into the bar
until we sat on a small table with drinks in our hands.
My eyes roamed over the bar until it landed on Rose, she was sitting on a table
next to Lexi on her right and Liam on her left. I tightened my hands around the
glass of wine that was in my hands.
I furrowed my brows and looked away. She's trying to get on my nerves isn' she?
"Why don't you just tell her already," Xavier said.
I turned around and looked at him.
"Tell who what?" I asked with annoyance in my voice.
"Come on man, it's obvious. You like Rose." He raised a brow.
"What are you talking about? You above all people know I don't feel anything
towards any girl, besides, I just met her," I hissed.
"Yeah I know, but you treat her different, admit it! You offered her a job, let her
stay at your place which let me remind you, you never let any girl step foot in
your house and you don't like it when she's with any other guy," he said. "Also
feelings has no time nor age, they come when you least expect it."
"Who said I don't like it when she's with any other guy?" I questioned.
"Don't try to deny it, everyone was aware of your hatred towards Liam," he
I glare at him until he became serious.
"I'm just saying Damon, you feel something towards her but you're not admitting it
yourself. You know what happened to me and Lexi, I was too afraid to accept my
feelings for Lexi that I almost lost her, I don't want the same thing happening to
you." He gave me a knowing look.
I nodded my head understanding what he was saying.
Do I really feel something for Rose? I mean, yes she's beautiful, more like
gorgeous but I don't know anything about affection or love. All I know is that
loving someone can only bring pain and torture.
I can never forget what my mom did to my dad, all those times she would claim that
she loved us but in the end she left like we were dirt.
I shook my head and cleared my mind from those memories. I turned my head to the
direction Rose was at and saw she was already looking at me, once I caught her
looking at me she turned away and blushed.
I felt a smile tugging on my lips from her blush. I couldn't help but stare at her,
I felt my heartbeat increase just by looking at her.
I guess I can't hide my feelings anymore. She's the first girl that didn't throw
herself at me, the first that argued with me, the first that disobeyed me and got
me frustrated, but she's also the first girl that made me feel this way.
I turn around and saw Xavier smirking at me.
"Wipe that smirk off your face before I wipe it for you," I muttered while gulping
my drink.
"So...are you still denying it?" He teased.
"Ughh...shut up."
"Ok fine, I guess I do feel something," I whispered while looking at my drink.
"Are you going to tell her?" Xavier asked.
"What, no. It's better if nobody knows, I'm not capable of anything good," I
muttered. I'm a horrible person with a horrible past.
"If thats what you want then I'm not going to argue but let me tell you that your
not making the best choice." I didn't answer him, I looked at Rose and saw that
she's laughing with Lexi.
She's an angel and I'm a monster and those two don't go good together.
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Chapter 13

*Rose's POV*
It's been a week since the night of the bar and the kiss Damon and I shared. Just
thinking about the kiss made me feel tingles on my lips and my cheeks redden.
I'm was currently laying on my bed and wondering where Damon was, it's been like
this for a while.
Ever since then Damon had been avoiding me and it's bothering me a bit. I don't
know why I'm feeling this way but I can't seem to get him out of my mind, when I
wake up in the morning I think about him and before I fall asleep I think about
The kiss we shared was the best kiss I ever experienced in my whole life, at first
I was angry because Damon dragged me outside of the bar then kissed me but then I
started to get frustrated because after that he started avoiding me, it should be
me the one mad and avoiding him because he was the one that kissed me but he's the
one avoiding me.
Did I do something wrong? Was I that bad kisser? I mean it's been years since I
last kissed someone and after Rick I never thought I was ever going to kiss someone
ever again, besides, Rick made me never want to be with any guy ever again.
I cringed at the thought of Rick, I never wanted to see him in my life ever again
but all of a sudden he made an appearance in my already horrible life, I couldn't
handle it so I ran away.
The kiss I had with Damon is far more different than I ever had with Rick, with
Rick it was disgusting and horrible but with Damon I felt sparks and warmth.
I started to remember the night when Rick started becoming abusive and mean, it was
the night I knew that the Rick I knew was never the real Rick but the fake one.

I looked at the clock and it's 10 PM, my mom won't be back for another fifteen
minutes. I decided to go to sleep because I have school tomorrow, I placed my books
back in my bag and changed into my pajamas.
I was about to turn the lights off when I heard a loud knock on the door. My
heartbeat increased, who could it be? It's not mother because she has her own keys.
I ran down stairs and peeked out of the window trying to see who could it be.
A sigh of relief came out of me once I saw it was Rick, I smiled and rushed to the
door to open it for him. I was curious as to why he was here late at night. Once I
opened the door he came in.
"Rick, what's wrong? Why are you here at this time?" I asked.
He looked different, he had bags under his eyes and you could smell his breath from
a mile away, was he drinking? Is he drunk?
"Oh, well......I missed you, can't I come see my girlfriend?" He slurred. He
started wobbling towards me.
"Rick, you're drunk!" I stated.
"Drunk? No, no I'm not, I just had a couple of drinks but I'm fine," he said while
grabbing my arms, he was scaring me right now. I've never saw him like this before.
"Y-you need to go home, my mom is going to arrive soon and she can't see you like
this," I said softly without looking him in the eyes.
"What? Don't tell me what to do! Are you trying to get rid of me? Is it another
guy?" He yelled. My eyes widened with shock and I cringed back in fear.
"W-what? N-no Rick, it's just that my mom will come back and I don't want her to-"
I was caught off when he crashed his lips forcefully onto mine.
I didn't like it at all, it wasn't like all the other kisses I had with Rick. It
was disgusting and horrible, I could smell the alcohol and I hated it.
I tried to push him away but he wouldn't budged, instead his grip on my arms
tightened. I whimpered out in pain and felt tears build up in my eyes.
Finally, he pulled away and I was too afraid to look at him.
"Listen here, you don't ever tell me what to do! You listen to me and do as I say,
do you understand?" He said in an angry tone, I nodded my head too afraid to speak.
This isn't the Rick I knew, this one is scary and demanding and I didn't like it at
"Good!" He said before pushing me to the ground and walking out the door.
..........................End of
I wiped the tears that fell out of my eye, every time I remembered that memory my
stomach turned and I felt sick.
My stomach growled out in hunger, I got up and headed downstairs to get something
to eat.
I opened the fridge and took out a sandwich, I took a bite out of it then Damon
opened the door and walked in.
I put the sandwich down on the plate and glanced at Damon, he didn't even look at
me. He kept walking without sparing me a glance.
I bit my lip and looked down. What should I do? He won't even look at me.
"Damon," I called out. He stopped but didn't turn to look at me.
"What?" He asked.
"Why are you avoiding me?" I asked softly.
"I'm not avoiding you." He said.
"Yes you are! You've been avoiding me for a week when I should be the one avoiding
you." I tell him while crossing my arms.
He turned around and looked at me.
"I-I don't want want to talk about it," He said, he ran his hands through his hair
a couple of times.
"What are you saying you don't want to talk about it? You're the one that kissed me
in the first place! Then all of a sudden you ignore me like I did something wrong,"
I stated while tears formed in my eyes.
In a blink of an eye I was pinned to the wall by Damon, I looked up at him shocked
and his face held anger.
"Rose, no you got it all wrong." He shook his head. "That was the best kiss I ever
had, it just...ugh, Rose! your too innocent and nice while I'm a bad person. I
shouldn't have done that last week."
I was shocked by his words but I knew he was telling the truth from his facial
expression. I inhaled and looked down before biting my lip.
"Ugh Rose, don't do that." Damon said. He grabbed my chin and pulled my head up.
"Don't do what?" I asked.
"Don't bite your lip, I'm not going to be able to control myself," he said before
leaning in.
I looked him in his beautiful blue eyes, I could get lost in them forever.
His face was inches away from mine, he kept looking at my eyes then my lips.
I closed my eyes and leaned in. Our lips touched but this time it was more sweet,
more slow and it held passion.
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Chapter 14

*Rose's POV*

Once our lips touched I felt sparks, there's no denying that I liked it, there's
also no denying that I felt something for Damon. Ever since he rescued me that
night I've been feeling something for him but I was too afraid to admit it.
I was scared that if I have feelings for someone else it will end up the same as it
ended up with Rick, but now I know I have to move on, I have to let go of what he
did even though those memories will remain a scar in my heart.
I raised my hands and wrapped it around his neck as his grip around my waist
tightened. Our lips moved in sync and it started off slow but soon became fast.
We pulled away for breath of air, I was panting and trying to catch my breath.
I felt my cheeks get hot just by thinking of the kiss, I looked up at Damon and saw
he was staring at me with his beautiful blue eyes.
I was happy but also confused, does this mean he likes me? Does he feel something
for me?
"Damon-" I started but was cut off.
"Shh Rose," he said while putting his finger on my lip." I know that your confused
and to be honest, I am too but all I know is that I feel something for you and I
can't ignore these feelings anymore." He stated.
My eyes widened and I felt butterflies in my stomach, I was shocked by his words
that I couldn't even talk.
But then I remembered that he's huge player, why would someone like him have
feelings for someone like me? I'm nothing like those models he ever dated.
I lowered my head thinking and I guess Damon saw the frown on my face because he
grabbed my chin and raised it up.
"What's wrong flower? Why are you upset?" He asked. I looked at his eyes and took a
deep breath, I guess I could tell him.
"Damon, it's just that you're a billionaire and the CEO while I'm nothing, you
usually date models that are pretty but I'm nothing close to pretty," I stated.
"Rose! Don't ever say that again, you're far more than pretty, you're gorgeous. And
those models I've dated never lasted two days, I never felt anything for those
girls than how I feel for you. I feel something different with you and I want to be
able to get to know you better and spend time with you." He said.
I stared into his eyes that held nothing but truth and admiration, I felt a smile
tug on my lips and I blushed.
"Yes, I would like that very much," I nodded my head. His smile grew bigger and he
reached down and grabbed my hand.
We walked into the living room and sat down on a couch.
"How about we play the 20 question game," I said.
"Yeah ok, I'll start. What's your favorite color?" He asked
"Blue and yours?" I asked.
"Black, what's your favorite food?"
"Me too," he said while smiling.
After a couple of a questions Damon asked me the question I was dreading.
"How many guys did you ever date?" Damon asked with an emotion in his eyes that I
could not point out.
I placed my head down wondering if I should answer. It's not like he's asking who
he is or something.
"I only dated once," I whispered. I looked up and saw he was smiling.
"It's hard to believe that when you're so beautiful," he chuckled.
I blushed and laughed, I'm glad he didn't push on the subject.
"I'm not that beautiful."
"Are you kidding me? You're gorgeous flower!" He stated.
"Thank you," I blushed while he just gave me a small smile.
I looked at the time and saw it was late, I have to wake up early in the morning
because I have work tomorrow.
"Well, I guess I should go to bed, it's getting late," I said while getting up.
"Ok, sweet dreams flower," he said, I smiled at him before walking off to my room
I crawled up in my bed and brought up my knees towards my chest, I let the tears I
was holding back fall. I couldn't take it anymore, how am I going to live without
you mother? I sobbed into my pillow until I couldn't cry any longer.
"I miss you already mother, why did you leave me so soon?" I cried out.
My bedroom door slammed open and a furious Rick was standing right by it.
I crawled deeper into my covers afraid of what he was going to do.
"How dare you break up with me! I told you I'll never let you go, you'll be mine
forever!" He yelled while stomping towards me.
I shook my head.
"N-no R-Rick, my mom just died and I d-don't want to deal with your abuse anymore,"
I cried.
He came closer to me and his eyes held something scary.
"I don't care about your mother or anybody else, I told you that you'll be mine
forever but now you want to break up with me?" He shook his head. Not going to
happen, and now I'm going to show you what happens when you disagree with me." He
laughed while pulling the covers off of me.
"No Rick, p-please. I promise I won't disagree with you anymore," I cried. I was
terrified of what he could do. All those beatings I would get were just out of fun
but I wonder what will he do to me for a punishment.
He grabbed my arms and pulled me up, I kept screaming and crying but he wouldn't
He started to kiss my lips then move down to my neck, he tore my shirt and pants
off leaving me in my underwear. I tried to push him off me but he didn't stop.
"Please stop! Rick please!" I begged.
"This is what you get when you disobey me," he said while an evil smirk grew on his
He ripped my underwear while I just kept screaming and crying hoping this would all
"Rose! Rose, wake up!" I opened my eyes to the sound of Damon's voice. I took a
deep breath that I didn't know I was holding onto. I was sweating and had tears in
my eyes.
I remembered the dream I just had, it was the night my innocence was taken away
from me.
"Rose, are you ok? It was just a bad dream," he comforted me. I started crying onto
his chest while he wrapped his arms around me.
He started whispering soothing words in my ear while I just sobbed in his embrace.
Damon wiped the tears I had in my eyes and hugged me closer to him.
"Hush, it's ok, don't cry," he whispered.
That night I had trouble falling back to sleep but when I did, I feel asleep in
Damon's arm.
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Chapter 15

*Rose's POV*
I woke up and fluttered my eyes opened to the sound of birds in the morning. I felt
a strong arm wrapped around my waist. I started to panic until I saw who it was,
Damon was sleeping next to me while my head was on his chest and his arms were
wrapped around my body.
I was confused, why was Damon sleeping on my bed? But then I remembered what
happened last night. I had that same nightmare that always haunts me over and over
again but Damon came and stayed with me all night, I thought he was going to leave
once I fell asleep but he didn't, a smile crawled onto my lips just thinking that
he didn't leave me last night. I kind of needed that.
He looked so peaceful and innocent while he slept, not the cold hearted billionaire
when he's awake.
All of a sudden his blue eyes fluttered opened and he smiled. I felt my cheeks
redden because he just caught me staring at him.
"Good morning flower," he said in a husky morning voice which by the way was sexy.
"Good morning," I said while looking down.
"Did you sleep good? I mean, after that nightmare you had last night," Damon asked.
"Yes I did, thanks by the way for staying with me." I replied.
"You're welcome flower, I didn't like seeing cry,",his hands caressed my cheek.
I leaned into his touched and closed my eyes.
"It was just a bad dream." I said.
"Yeah, just a bad dream." He kissed my lips then got up.
"Well, we have to get ready for work, I'm going to go take a shower." He told me.
"Ok, I'll take a shower in one of the other bathrooms," I said while picking the
clothes I was going to wear and walked out of my room.
Once I was done showering, I wore my underwear and bra, a white blouse and black
skinny jeans. I brushed my teeth and applied mascara and foundation and a bit of
lipgloss, I put my wavy hair in a high ponytail and walked out of the bathroom.
Once I made it to the living room I saw Damon in the kitchen eating toast. He
looked at me then smiled, I smiled back and walked up to him.
He handed me a plate of toast, eggs and a glass of orange juice, I took it from him
and sat down.
"Thank you," I told him.
"You're welcome flower, now eat up so we can go to work." I nodded my head then
took a bite of my toast.
Once we're done we went out of the house and headed towards his car. Damon's driver
took off while we were setting in comfortable silence.
I replayed the kiss and the confession we had yesterday over and over in my head, I
was so happy that someone like Damon actually likes someone like me.
"Why are you smiling?" Damon asked with a smirk on his face.
"Oh.. Nothing, I was just remembering yesterday." I looked into his eyes while he
grabbed my hand.
His smirk turns into a smile and he slowly leans in, placing his lips on mine. I
smiled against his lips and kissed him back. His lips moved against mine in a slow
motion but then he picked up his pace, our lips moved in sync until his tongue
licked my bottom lips asking for entrance. Before I could do anything else we were
"Uhh..s-sir, w-we made i-it," Damon's driver stuttered while looking down. I
chuckled at his reaction but Damon didn't seem to happy, it looked like he was
about lash out on the poor guy.
I placed my hand on his arm trying to calm him down, he looked at me and his angry
eyes softened.
"Come on, let's go," I said.
He nodded his head and climbed out of the car. We walked side by side into
building, as usual, we got a couple of stares and whispers but like every other
time, I ignored them.
While we were walking to our office I saw Liam at the end of the hallway, I smiled
at him and waved, he smiled back but walked towards me.
I looked at Damon and saw that the calm Damon was gone but now is replaced with a
pissed one. His eyes were darker and his jaw was clenched and eyebrows furrowed.
Liam walked closer to me and engulfed me in a hug, I chuckled and hugged him back.
He pulled away and smiled.
"Long time no see muffin, how are you?" He asks.
"I'm good, how about you?" I questioned.
"Better than ever now that I saw you," he chuckles while looking at a pissed off
Really? Is he doing that just to get on Damon's nerves? I shook my head at him and
"Rose! Are you coming?" Damon asked in a hard tone. I nodded my head and said
goodbye to Liam before walking off to the office.
After a couple hours of working Damon finally looked over to me.
"Yeah?" I asked.
"Tonight I'm taking you out to dinner, be ready at seven," he said while looking
back at his computer.
My eyes widened in shock, did he just ask me out on a date? Well, he didn't really
ask me but it's still a date, I think.
I put my head down trying to cover the smile that was on my lips and the blush that
formed on my cheeks.
I looked myself in the mirror and smiled, I was wearing a red dress that ended
right below my knees, it was really pretty yet simple. My hair was down and I added
a bit of makeup.
I looked at the clock and saw it was five minutes before seven. I opened my bedroom
door and walked down the stairs. Once I stepped on the last stair Damon came into
view, he was wearing a black suit with black pants. Even that made him look
At first he looked shocked, did I not look good? But then his eyes started to roam
over my body, I blushed and walked closer to him.
"You look beautiful flower," he said while looking me in the eyes.
"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself," I smiled. He grabbed my hands in his
large ones and crashed his lips onto mine.
Before I could respond to the kiss the door bell rang. He grunted and pulled away
before running his hands through his hair.
"Why are we always interrupted?" He asked, I laughed and stepped back.
"I'll get it," I told him then walked to the door.
When I opened the door a beautiful girl was standing right outside, she had dark
brown hair and beautiful brown eyes, she had a huge smile on her face that showed
her straight white teeth.
Once she saw me her face turned into confusion.
"Umm..is Damon here?" She asked.
I nodded my head and before I can ask her who she was she walked by me and ran into
Damon's arms.
"Damon!" She squealed. Damon was taken by surprise but he then smiled and hugged
her back.
"Alley? What are you doing here? I missed you so much." He told her.
"I missed you too,"she said and releasing him from the hug. I just stood there
confused. I had lots of questions in my head and the first one I decided to ask.
"Who are you?"
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Chapter 16
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*Rose's POV*
"Oh, how rude of me," Alley said. She came up to me with a smile and offered me her
"I'm Alley lundgren, Damon's sister," my eyes widened, I didn't know Damon had a
sister but I also didn't know a lot about him. I felt stupid thinking I was jealous
over his sister. Now that I know I can see the resemblance, they have the same hair
and features. I reached out my hand and shook her hand while giving her a small
"May I also ask who you are?" Alley asked.
Before I could tell her anything Damon walked towards me and wrapped his arms
around my waist and said, "this is Rose Kelley, my girlfriend."
Alley wasn't the only one shocked, I looked up at Damon with wide eyes. Yes we had
a thing but I didn't know that we were girlfriend and boyfriend, I looked down and
felt a smile crawl up my lips.
"Girlfriend?" Alley asked in shock" Damon William finally has a girlfriend?" She
asked in disbelief, I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, Alley catches that because
she explains, "sweetie, Damon never had a proper girlfriend in his life, they
barely lasted a day." She chuckled and I smile knowing I could be his first proper
girlfriend but my smiled dropped when I realized I could also be one of the other
I shrugged off the feeling and brought my attention back on Alley.
"Lundgren? If you're Damon's sister then shouldn't your last name be William?" I
"Yes you're right, but I'm married," she smiles while showing me her ring.
I smile back and nodded." Oh right, Alley, what are you doing here in New York by
yourself without Eric? Shouldn't you be in London with your husband?" Damon asked.
"I have some business here in New York that has to do with my job and Eric was too
busy to leave his work to come with me so I came by myself and I will be staying
with you for a while little brother," she said with a smile.
"Well, make yourself at home. Rose and I have a date so we will get going," he said
then gave me a small smirk.
"Have fun you two, oh and don't forget to use protection!" She yelled as we walked
out the house. My eyes widened and I looked at Damon in shock, Damon chuckled and
shook his head.
"Sorry about that, you're going to have to get used to her," he said. I smiled and
shook my head.
"Oh it's no problem, she seems nice and outgoing." I told him.
"Yeah, she's really outgoing. I don't even know how Eric puts up with her," he
sighed while opening the door for me. I give him a smile and got in.
Once we were on the road I started to think about us. I was too deep into my
thoughts that I didn't know Damon was talking to me,
"Flower? What's wrong?" Damon asked with a worried face.
"Uhh.. It's nothing," I shook my head.
"Rose, I know somethings bothering you, tell me, was it something Alley said?" He
"No, no. It's just that I'm bad with relationships but I also don't want to end up
like all the other girls," I whispered. Damon seemed to get what I was talking
about because his eyes widened and he grabs my chin and made me look into his eyes.
"Flower, I know I've had a past with lots of women including the rumors and gossips
but I also had a reason for that, I have a messed up past and because of that it
led me to who I am today. But you're different, you're different from all the other
women and I mean it." He told me.
I gave him a smile showing him I understood, he returned the smile and then his
lips were on mine, I wrapped my hands around his neck and he wrapped his arms
around my waist while I'm strangling his waist, his tongue licked the bottom of my
lips and I open my mouth allowing him entrance.
His tongue explored my mouth and I letted out a small moan, his grip on my waist
tightened and I pulled him closer.
"Uhh....uhh I-I'm s-sorry sir for d-disturbing b-but we m-made it," Damon's driver
said. I pulled away with a small smile because this is the second time today we
were caught kissing by his driver.
Damon closed his eyes trying to calm himself down and leaned his forehead against
mine, "Ughh God! Why does this always happen?" I laughed and got off of his lap and
saw we were parked outside a fancy looking restaurant.
We got out and walked towards the door while Damon's arm was wrapped around my
waist. Once we entered the restaurant my eyes widened. It was so beautiful, I don't
think I ever ate at a restaurant this expensive.
"Damon, I don't think I could afford anything in here," I whispered to him.
He gave me a look saying 'are you crazy?' and said, "Rose, this is a date and
you're going to enjoy it, don't worry about the price because I'll pay."
"What no-"
"Rose, I'll pay. End of discussion." I sighed and nodded my head. We walked towards
the front and Damon told the man our names while he lead us to a table for two.
We sat on the chairs and the waiter told us to wait for a minute until someone
comes and takes our orders.
Then all of a sudden I remembered what Damon told his sister. I debated with myself
whether I should ask him or not, in the end I just decided to ask.
"Damon?" I asked. He looked up from the menu and smiled at me.
"Yes flower?" He questioned.
"Um..well I wanted to ask you something," I told him while playing with my fingers.
"Go ahead, ask." He said.
I took a deep breath and looked back up at him.
"Did you really mean it when you said I was your girlfriend? I mean, yesterday you
said you felt something for me but-" before I could continue Damon cut me off of my
"Yes I meant it flower, I would really like it if you became my girlfriend," he
smiled and grabbed my hand.
My face lit up and I smiled, I never thought after Rick I would be able to start
another relationship but I really wanted to give Damon a chance and forget what
happened in the past.
"I would like that too," I said while nodding. His smile grew bigger and he kissed
my hand.
We kept talking about work and our lives until a man came up to take our orders.
He looked at me and smiled,"what would the lovely lady like to order tonight?" He
winked at me. I looked at Damon and his brows were furrowed and his jaw was
"My girlfriend and I would like to order number 3 on the menu," he stated rudely
while emphasizing the word 'girlfriend' so he could take a hint.
"Ok, anything else?" He asked me and I felt his eyes roam my body, I shifted in my
seat uncomfortable from his stare.
"No we don't. And if I were you I would get out of my face before I get you fired."
Damon told the man in a really calm voice which let me say, made it intimidating
even more. The man finally looked at Damon and his eyes grew wide in shock.
The waiter rushed away with our orders and I looked at Damon with wide eyes and his
jaw was clenched.
"Damon calm down," I told him softly.
"Calm down? He was obviously checking you out," he said while trying to calm
himself down.
"Damon? Are you jealous?" I asked with a hint of amusement.
He looked at me and took a breath.
"Yes I'm jealous, I don't like it when men stare at what's mine," he said. I felt
butterflies in my stomach. When Rick used to say I was his it wasn't in a pleasant
way and I never liked it but when Damon said it I felt happy and protected.
I couldn't help the blush that appeared on my cheeks, I smiled at him and his angry
eyes softened, they held something in them which I couldn't point out.
After our food arrived which by the way was another waiter this time, we ate our
food and for the rest of the night we talked and got to know each other better.
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Chapter 17

*Rose's POV*
I placed my head in my hands trying to stop the sobs that were coming out of my
It was just like all the other days, wake up, get beaten, pass out then do it all
over again. My whole body felt numb and I was in pain, I would've thought that I
would get used to it now but I'm not, I still wish for it to end one day.
All of a sudden my bedroom door slammed open and there he was, standing right by it
with an evil smirk on his face because of the state I was in. He came closer to me
and I immediately put my head down.
He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked it up, I whimpered out in pain and he
just laughed.
"Well Rose, today is going to be different," he said.
I looked up at him in fear.
"W-what do you mean?" I asked softly.
"You're finally going to be useful for once and do you know how that will be?" He
"How?" I was confused but maybe for once, I'll actually be useful and he might
leave me alone.
"I met with an old friend of yours and we had an agreement, does the name Rick
Anderson ring a bell?" He asked.
My eyes widened in shock and I started to shake my head. I felt tears flow down my
"No, no. He can't be. He's in jail," I shook my head trying to convince myself that
he would never come back into my life again.
"Well not anymore, and you're going to do as I say or I will do something that you
won't like at all!" He said.
"What d-do you want me to do?" I whispered. I felt as if I was about to pass out,
he can't be back, he can't be!
"You're going to marry him for exchange of money and that will be done tomorrow
night," he smirked while walking closer to me.
"No! Please don't make me do it father, please, anything else but that," I cried
out, he slapped me in the face and I fell on the cold hard ground.
"As I said, you're going to do as I say."
I shook my head and sobbed into my hands.
"Stop crying like a baby," he yelled while kicking me in the stomach, the pain he
was giving me was nothing compared to the pain I will feel when I see Rick.
"Please no," I whispered.
"Is this how you greet your future husband?" I looked over to the source of the
voice and my eyes widened, no. This can't be happening, this can't be true.
He stepped closer and out of the shadows and there he was, my worst nightmare, my
enemy and the man that took my innocence.
Rick Anderson.
I opened my eyes and gasped for air, my body jolted out of the bed and I had tears
on the edge of my eyes and sweat all over my body.
"Oh thank goodness, you finally woke up," I looked to my right and found a worried
Damon standing right next to me. He came closer and engulfed me in a warm hug.
"W-what happened?" I asked still trying to regain my breath.
"I woke up to the sound of you screaming, once I barged in here you were crying. I
tried to wake you up but you wouldn't wake up. Do you know how much you worried me
Rose, God. I was afraid something happened to you." Damon still had concern and
worry in his eyes.
"I'm sorry, it's just another bad dream," I whispered while grabbing his hands.
"Rose, you kept screaming something about 'father'. I know it's not just a bad
dream, you can always tell me what's wrong," he told me. I bit my lip and looked
"Flower, I will do anything to try and protect you, so please. Tell me what's
bothering you."
"Damon, I have a messed up past and I'm afraid if I tell you, you won't want
anything to do with me, I'm a broken, messed up girl," I told him. His grip on my
hands tightened and he looked at me with comforting eyes.
"Flower," he caresses my cheek with his hands. "You're not the only one with a
terrible past, and whatever happened to you doesn't change the fact that I feel
something towards you, I want you to be able to trust me and tell me anything." He
I nodded my head and took a deep breath.
You can do this Rose, you can tell him.
"When I was 16 my mother died from breast cancer," I choked on my own words.
"My birth father died when I was small so I don't remember him and once my mother
knew that her time was up she married a man because she was afraid I was going to
be all alone, at first the man was nice and caring but once my mother died he
changed. He was acting in front of my mother while his real intention was money. I
spent the rest of my years getting beaten up and abused, I was forced to drop out
of college and be a prisoner in my own home. The worst part was I couldn't tell
anybody because if he found out I would be dead," by the time I was finished, I was
crying and he hugged me and was whispering soothing words in my ear.
"How could someone be able to hurt someone like you?" He asked.
I cried in his arms for a while but slowly stopped.
"Flower, can I ask you something?" I nodded my head and looked up at him.
"What were you doing on the streets all alone that night?" He asked with worry in
his eyes. I bit my lip and looked at my lap, I couldn't tell him about Rick. If he
knew for sure he would leave me.
"I ran away from him and then I met you," I said hoping he wouldn't push for more
details. He nodded his head while putting his face on my neck and pulling me
"I promise I won't let him hurt you anymore, now that I got you," he whispered and
tightened his arms around me.
I smiled slightly at his words and laid my head against his chest.
We laid back down on my bed and he went under the covers and pulled me closer to
him. I blushed a bit realizing how close we were, he started playing with my hair
and rubbing my arm.
"Thank you for every thing Damon," I whispered against his chest.
"Anything for you flower," he said before the darkness consumed me for the second
time tonight.

"Rise and shine love birds!" I groan and try to move but can't because Damon's arms
pulled me closer to him. I opened my eyes to see Damon waking up, I smile
remembering last night.
His eyes flutter open and he smiled at me but then it turns to a scowl when he saw
someone by the door.
"Alley! Get the hell out of here," Damon said in a sexy morning voice.
"Oh, please tell me you guys used protection, I'm still too young to become an
aunt," she smirked.
I hide my face in Damon's chest while Alley's laughing her butt off.
"Alley!" Damon's yells.
"Ok ok, I'm leaving, I didn't know I was disturbing your baby making," she yelled
while walking out the door.
I fe my blush deepen and Damon groans.
"Good morning," he said.
"Good morning, shouldn't we be getting ready for work?" I asked.
"No, today's a day off for the both of us," he smiled at me.
"Really? Why?"
"Because today we are going to my lake house and we're going to be staying there
for the weekend, I decided with all the pressure on us we need a break and you can
also invite anybody of your friends to come with us," he said.
I jumped out of bed with excitement.
"Really? We're going to a lake house?" I asked with a huge smile on my face. He
nodded his head then chuckled.
"Lexi, Xavier and Alley are coming. If you want anybody else to come with us then
let me know," he told me.
"Can Liam come?" I asked. He turned his head towards me and narrowed his eyes.
"Liam? Why do you want him to come?" He asked in a low voice.
"Because he's my friend and I want him to come with us," I shrugged my shoulders.
"You're friend? Do you see the way he looks at you? He clearly wants to be more
than friends with you and I won't allow that!" He walks over to me and grabbed my
waist, "because your mine."
I put my hand on his chest trying to calm him down."Damon, we are just friends.
Trust me."
"I trust you but I don't trust anybody else, you're so beautiful and I don't want
anybody else taking you away from me," he leaned in and kissed me.
I pulled away and took deep breath, "nobody is taking me away, believe me."
I lean my forehead against his. "so... Can he come"
He closed his eyes then opened them, "fine, but I don't want to see any flirting.
You got it?"
I hugged him and smiled. "Got it Mr. Possessive."
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Chapter 18

*Rose's POV*

"Hey Rose, you coming or what?" Alley yelled from downstairs, I took a final look
in the mirror and smiled. I got to say I look good with the pink sundress I'm
wearing, straightened hair and my purse.
"I'm coming," I yelled back while running down the stairs, once I got to the last
step I stumbled and tripped but before I could make contact with the ground, large
hand gripped my waist and pulled me back up.
"Liam," I said excitedly. He let go of me and smiled.
"The one and only," he chuckled and I hugged him.
"I'm so happy that you were able to come with us," I said before letting go of him.
"Me too, it's not like everyday you get invited to a billionaires lake house," he
stated with cockiness in his voice, I raised my eyebrow then rolled my eyes.
"If you two don't come right now then we are leaving without you," Alley shouted.
"Come on, let's go," I told Liam then walked out of the house.
Once I made it outside I saw two cars, one for Damon and one for Xavier. Damon was
standing right by his car talking on the phone, he looked up at me and caught me
staring. A smirk grew on his lips and I blushed and looked away.
"Ok Rose, you and Liam will be going in Damon's car while Lexi and I will be going
in Xavier's car," Alley stated. I nodded my head while walking next to Liam towards
He smiled at me but it was gone once he saw Liam, I rolled my eyes at his
possessiveness and continued walking.
"You ready to hit the road flower?" Damon asked while grabbing my waist and pulling
me closer to him. I placed my hands on his chest and nodded my head excitedly.
"Yes, I'm so excited. It's my first time going to a lake house," I said. He gave me
a small grin and leaned forward and captured my lips.
He kept moving his lips against mine and I responded back immediately.
We heard a cough behind us and we immediately pulled apart, we turned around and
saw Liam looking at us with a smirk. I blushed from embarrassment, how could I
forget he was behind us?
"Oh no, go on. Didn't mean to interrupt," he said as his smirk grew bigger. My
blush grew deeper and I heard a low growl coming from Damon.
"Damon, let's get going." Xavier yelled.
"Did he have to come?" Damon whispered to me while opening the door for me. I gave
him a knowing look and he gave a sigh of defeat.
I sat next to Damon in the front while Liam sat in the back. Once we were on the
road I started leaning back in my seat and looked out the window admiring the
beautiful view.
After 20 minutes of silence I got really bored, I looked over at Damon and saw he
was focused on the road, then I looked behind me and saw Liam was fast asleep with
drool coming out of his mouth. I chuckled at his state and Damon took his eyes off
the road for a moment and glanced at me.
"What's so funny?" He asked.
"Oh nothing, it's just Liam fell asleep right away," I said while glancing at him
Damon's face turned into a scowl and shook his head.
"I still don't like him."
I looked at him and rolled my eyes.
"I don't get it, why don't you like him. Did he ever do something to you?" I asked
out of curiosity. He looked at me but then turned his head towards the road, it was
like he was figuring out what to say.
"I don't like him because whenever you see him or bring him up its like your the
happiest girl and I only want you to be happy with me."
I looked at him in shock.
"Damon, I'm always happy when I see him is because he's my friend. You don't know
how long it has been since I last had one," I stated.
"Well friends don't dirty dance with each other!" He stated. I gasped and my eyes
widened in surprise.
"What are you talking about?" I almost yelled.
"I'm talking about that night in the bar, he was all over you," I rolled my eyes
remembering he only did that to get Damon jealous and it looks like it worked.
"We were dancing normaly," I crossed my hands across my chest.
"No you guys weren't," He said.
"God Damon! Just forget it," I said while turning my head to the other side.
All of a sudden Damon pulled the car over on the side of the road. It took me by
surprise and I looked at him in shock.
"What are you do-" I was caught off when Damon grabbed my neck and pulled me
towards him crashing his lips against mine, I tried to pull away at first but he
didn't seem like he was going to let go so I just gave in.
I wrapped my hands against his neck pulling him closer and responded to his kiss,
it was fast and hot. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and our tongues fought for
dominance but eventually Damon won.
"What happened-Oh my god!" We pulled apart and saw Liam was looking at us in shock
but he also had a small smirk.
Oh not again, like always I felt a blush spreading on my cheeks.
"No, no, don't stop because I'm here. Go on, act as if I'm not here," Liam joked. I
leaned back in my seat and Damon went back to driving.
After half an hour I felt my eyes drop and after that I was consumed by darkness.
I woke up to the sound of people talking and I was in someone's arms. I opened my
eyes and saw Damon was carrying me and Liam was walking next to him, I looked
around and saw we were in a beautiful place with a huge house.
"Oh look who's awake, did you sleep well muffin?" Liam asked. I nodded my head and
looked at Damon who didn't look so happy.
Once he knew I was clearly awake he put me down on my feet, I thanked him while he
just gave me a slight nod and walked away.
I sighed looking at him.
"You know when we made it I was going to carry you but he got all mad saying he's
the only one that will carry you," Liam said with amusement in his eyes.
I looked at him and sighed once more. "I don't get him, he gets mad for little
"Yup you're right, but I can tell he cares for you so much which I like to take
that as an advantage to piss him off," he chuckled. I laughed and slapped his arm.
"It's like you're signing your own death wish," I raised a brow.
"Don't worry about me muffin, I can take care of myself. Let's get inside," he said
and walked ahead of me.
I turned around and saw that Xavier's car just showed up, I walked closer to it and
waited to greet Lexi and get my bags from her, she insisted to carry my bags with
her in Xavier's car.
"Rose!" Lexi squealed once she got out of the car, she waved at me and walked
towards me. I smiled at her and hugged her.
"We are going to have so much fun," she squealed once more. She handed me my bag
and took my hand pulling me into the house
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Chapter 19

*Rose's POV*
Lexi and I walked into the beautiful huge house, it was fancy yet simple. I
couldn't stop looking at the unique paintings on the wall and the pictures. This
place is amazing.
We walked into a room which I think was the living room and we saw everyone was in
"Ok, since all of us are here, we will be going to our rooms to put our bags
there," Damon said while glancing at me for a second but then turned his face
around and continued, "but unfortunately there are only five rooms so one of us
will have to room with someone else."
All of a sudden Liam wrapped his arm around my shoulder and spoke. "I'll share a
room with Rose," he said excitedly. Damon turns his head in our direction and his
eyes darken.
"No," he says immediately. I rolled my eyes at Liam and shook his arm off my
"I can room with Lexi," I spoke. Damon nodded his head in approval before bringing
his attention back on the rest.
"Ok, let's head to our rooms and after an hour we will go swimming in the lake."
Lexi and I both headed out to our room excitedly, we placed our bags down and sat
on the bed.
"Hey, what's going on with you and Damon? I mean, like are you two a thing?" Lexi
asked with a grin.
I felt heat pass through my cheeks and I was lost for words.
"Umm..well, yeah we are but he's kind of complicated." I told her.
"What do you mean?" Lexi asked.
"It's like he's trying to hide his feelings or trying to hide something else, he
also gets mad for little reasons," I said.
"I know Damon really well, and trust me when I say he really cares for you. He's
gone through a lot in the past, although I can't tell you because it's not my place
to do that. Just know that he has his reasons and he really likes you because
believe me when I say this, Damon never gave interest in another girl in his entire
life but you, you're different," she said with a convincing tone.
I was curious about what happened in his past but I guess when he's ready he will
tell me himself. I smiled at her and hugged her.
"Thank you," I whispered.
"For what?" She chuckled.
"For being a friend, It's been a long time since I last had one," I smiled.
She frowned and hugged me back.
"Why is that?" Lexi asked.
"It's kind of a long story, I'll tell you when the time comes." I pulled away from
the hug and she smiled and nodded her head.
"Come on girl, let's go get ready so we can go swimming," she clapped her hands
excitedly. I laughed at her action and got up and grabbed my bag.
I pulled out jean shorts and a tank top, then I grabbed a bikini I bought the other
day. It was blue and had flower designs on it, it was very cute.
I went in the bathroom and took my clothes off and replacing them with the ones I
took out. I put my hair in a high ponytail then walked out.
"You ready?" Lexi asked, I smiled and nodded my head. We walked outside of the
house and towards the lake where everybody else were standing.
I held my breath when I saw Damon in the distance in swimming trunks, he looked up
at me and smirked, as usual, I blushed and looked away. Lexi looked at me then
smirked at my flushed face.
"I see who you were eye raping," she winked at me. I gasped at her and my mouth
hanged open.
"I'm just kidding," she laughed at my reaction, I shook my head and we walked
towards the others.
Liam saw me and smiled. "So, are you wearing a sexy bikini under that?" He asked
with a smirk and pointed at my clothes. I rolled my eyes and chuckled.
"Seriously? Are you signing your own death wish?" A voice behind me said. I turned
around and saw Damon behind me, his jaw was clenched and eyebrows furrowed.
Liam didn't answer him, he just shrugged with that smirk still plastered on his
face. Damon looked at me and asked, "Rose, can I speak with you for a second."
I nodded my head and followed him to a bench. We sat down and he grabbed my hand.
His face softened when he looked me in my eyes.
"I'm sorry."
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the way I treated you in the car, I shouldn't have done
that," he apologized. "I know Liam is your friend, I just didn't like you being by
any other mans side and I know I sound selfish."
I didn't see any reasons to hold a grudge on him or stay mad.
I smiled at him causing him to look surprised. "It's ok, I forgive you but you need
to stop with all this possessive thing," I chuckled.
"I can't help it, I don't like sharing what's mine," he whispered before placing
his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He
pulled me closer to him until we were interrupted.
"Hey guys, are you going to join us or what?" Xavier yelled. Damon and I pulled
apart and I kissed him on the cheek before walking over to Lexi and Alley.
"Let's get in the water!" Alley said then took her clothes off, I took my top and
shorts off while getting in the cool yet warm water.
I started splashing Lexi with water while she laughed and splashed me back.
All of a sudden I felt someone splash me from behind, I turned around and found
Damon behind me checking me out.
"You look quite ravishing flower," Damon said with a smirk, my cheeks reddened. I
started splashing water at him and he started chuckling.
"Oh no you don't," he laughed and picked me up and dropped my body in the water.
I gasped with shock but then tripped him and he fell right next to me. We started
laughing and he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back immediately, His smile is
always contagious and I loved it.
We leaned in and our lips touched and like always, it made me feel warm.
I crawled in my cover and thought about today. It was amazing, we had so much fun
and I hope tomorrow will be like today .
"Goodnight Rose," Lexi yawned.
"Goodnight," I told her. I closed my eyes and was about to fall asleep until I
heard my phone buzz.
I reached for my phone that was next to my bed and saw someone sent me a message. I
opened it and my eyes widened because of what was written on the screen.
Unknown Number: You'll be mine soon.
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Chapter 20

*Rose's POV*
"I'll be downstairs, if you need anything call me," my stepfather told Rick before
leaving us alone.
I wished that he would just turn around and not leave me alone with him, my
stepfather was horrible but Rick was worse.
To say I was scared was an understatement. I was terrified, he had an evil smirk
plastered on his face and I gulped in fear. I tried to crawl away from him but he
stepped closer to me.
"G-get away from me!" I cried. I didn't want history to repeat itself, I couldn't
marry this man. I'd rather die than be with him.
"Not in a million years," he said in his raspy scary voice. I shook my head and
looked up at him in fear.
"You're supposed to be in jail," I whispered.
His smirk grew bigger and he laughed.
"Well thanks to your father I'm out and I came back for you." He said.
"No! I hate you, I never wanted to see you ever again," I snapped. I don't know
where I got the courage from but I've had enough of him and I didn't want him to
come back and destroy my already horrible life.
"You'll never get rid of me, even if you hide in hell I'll find you sooner or
later," he sneered. He grabbed me by my hair and made me look him in the eyes.
"Do you hear me?" I didn't answer but glared at him "I said, did you hear me?"
Then I did something I never thought I'd ever do.
I spit at him.
By now he was shaking with anger and his eyes turned darker.
He punched me in the face and kicked me in my stomach. I screamed out in pain as I
felt salty warm waters flow down my cheeks.
"I guess I have to remind you who I really am!" He yelled and constantly beat me
up. I whimpered and cried but he wouldn't stop. After a very long time he backed
"I'm not done with you, I'll never be, my sweet Rose," he laughed an evil laugh and
walked out the door, but before he was completely out of sight he turned around and
his eyes was full of dark emotions which will always hunt me for the rest of my
"You'll be mine soon!"
My eyes snapped open and I jolted out of my bed, I gasped for air and wiped the
sweat that was on my face.
No, it can't be him. I refuse to think that the message I received was from Rick.
At first when I saw it I didn't know who could have possibly sent me that message,
then I thought that some people were just messing around and it was all a prank or
someone could have sent that on accident. I really don't know.
I remembered the last time I saw Rick he said the exact same words, I shook my head
and placed my head in my hands. I let out small sobs and ended up crying my eyes
He found me, they found me. What will they do to me? For sure he will kill me this
But how on earth did he find? I left no trace behind me and didn't even look back.
'You'll never get rid of me, even if you hide in hell I'll find you sooner or
later'. Those exact same words haunted me, it kept repeating in my mind and
wouldn't go away.
I got up from my bed and entered the bathroom sobbing, I cried and cried till I
couldn't shed anymore tears.
And for once I thought my life was getting back together, for once I thought I was
free and for once I thought I didn't have to live in pain anymore. But as usual, I
was wrong.
"Rose! Rose, what's wrong?" I heard Lexi knocking on the door. I wiped my tears and
stood up, I went to the sink and washed my face. I Looked at the mirror and what I
saw was nothing unusual to me.
Red watery eyes and a red nose with flushed cheeks. I took a deep breath of air and
opened the door.
Once it was fully opened I saw a concerned looking Lexi standing right outside.
She gasped when she saw my state.
"Rose, why are you crying?" She whispered. I felt more tears fall out of my eyes
and a sob escaped my lips.
She engulfed me in a hug and I cried on her shoulder.
"Shhh.... It's ok sweetie, everything will be fine."
I shook my head in disagreement, "no, no it won't."
She pulled away and confusion was written all over her face." What do you mean?
Rose, tell me what's wrong so I can help you."
I wiped my tears and thought about it. She is my best friend and I can't keep it
away from her now since it came to this.
I breathed and looked at her.
"Let's go sit down so I can tell you," she nodded her head and we went to out the
bathroom and sat down.
I ran my hands through my hair and gulped before I started.
"One day when I was 15, I met this boy in a library. His name was Rick Anderson. He
was two years older than me. We became friends and every time I went to the library
I would see him and we would talk. We became really close friends and by then I
already had a crush on him. He was cute and nice." I took a deep breath then
"After two months he asked me out and I said yes. I was so happy that I became his
girlfriend, he treated me with so much care and I thought that he would always be
like that. But after a year when I became 16 he started to drink and smoke. He
would get drunk and come to my house when my mom was not at home and beat me up, at
first it wasn't much but soon he started getting aggressive."
I felt tears in my eyes and Lexi's eyes were beginning to water.
"My mom died from breast cancer one day, my life since then came crashing down. I
texted Rick and broke up with him, but after that he went all crazy. He barged into
my house and told me he would never let me go."
I sobbed and shook my head.
"T-that night he raped me," Lexi gasped and tears started falling out of her eyes.
She placed her hands on her mouth and moved closer to me.
"The neighbors called the police because they heard me screaming and crying. Once
the police came it was already too late. They took him and he was sentence to more
than 10 years in prison for committing rape and abusing me but that wasn't over."
"Before my mom died she married a man because she knew her time was almost up, she
didn't want me to be alone so she married a man to become my stepfather. He the
same was nice at first but changed when my mom died. He only agreed to marry my mom
for money and once he got that he started to abuse me and beat me everyday."
"After years of torture with him he came to my room one night and told me that he
bailed Rick out of jail in exchange for money. He also offered my stepfather extra
money in exchange to marry me. Of course my stepfather didn't care. He gave me to
him in a blink of an eye."
"I was terrified that night so I ran away, I flew to New York and stayed in a motel
but soon was on the streets, that night I met Damon and he took me in. I never
thought that they would ever find me again," I cried. Lexi was crying too but her
face held confusion.
"What do you mean? Did they find you?" She asked.
"Yes, I'm sure." I got up and grabbed my phone showing her the message. "This was
the last thing he told me before I ran away. I knew I couldn't be happy for long."
Lexi grabbed me and hugged me, I sobbed onto her shoulder and she cried too.
"Rose we can find a way."
I shook my head.
"No, he'll get to me sooner or later," I whispered. She looked me in my eyes and
wiped her tears.
"Does Damon know?" She asked.
"He only knows about my stepfather, I was afraid if I told him about Rick he would
think I'm dirty."
"Damon would never think about you that way, if I were you I would tell him. He's
strong and he could help you. All of us will help you because you're our friend."
She stated.
I smiled at her words and hugged her again.
"Thank you for being by my side."
"You're welcome sweetie, it's what friends do."
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Chapter 21

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*Damon's POV*
I ran my hands through my hair for the eighth time today, it's been two days since
we came to my lake house and in these two day Rose has been avoiding me.
It's pissing me off and is making me so frustrated. I know I'm always a jerk but I
don't think I did something this time, or did I? I don't really know what I did to
her for her to be ignoring me but I hate it.
Whenever I tried to talk to her she would make up some excuse and leave, whenever
we make eye contact she would look away and sh doesn't even glance back, whenever
she walked towards me she immediately turns around and walks away.
I sigh d and ran my hands over my face, it's bothering me that she won't even look
at me.
In about an hour we were going home and I need to pack my clothes back in my bag.
I got up from my bed and walked to my closet, I shoved all my clothes in my bag and
zipped it up.
I huffed and laid on my bed thinking about Rose, I know something's wrong. She's
not herself and it's like she's hiding something. I mean, at first we were happy
and having fun but all of a sudden she acts as if I have the plague.
Laying here won't fix anything and I need to know why she's acting like this and I
think I might know who can help.
I got up from my bed and walked out of my room. I made my way to Lexi's and Rose's
room and knocked on the door.
I waited for awhile until Lexi opened the door, she looked surprised to see me but
then it turned into confusion.
"Damon? Do you need something?" She asked.
"Actually I do, and I need to talk to you," I said after nodding my head.
She looked at me hesitantly and I knew immediately something was up.
I gave her a look saying I wasn't going to go away until she came with me. She
sighed and nodded her head ok.
We walked outside together and sat on a bench, she looked nervous which made my
curiosity grow.
"Tell me," I said getting straight to the point. She looked taken back and furrowed
her brows.
"Tell you what?" She asked.
"Don't play dumb, tell me why Rose is avoiding me. I know you know." I was serious.
I didn't like Rose avoiding me and I don't know what I did it to her for her to be
doing that.
"What? Rose isn't avoiding you," she muttered.
"Yes she is and I want to know why."
"Well I don't know why" she shrugged her shoulders.
"Lexi! I'll ask for the last time, why is Rose avoiding me?" I stated in a serious
tone. Her eyes widened but she didn't budge.
"Listen, I know you want to know why she's acting like this but I can't tell you
because it's not my place to tell you, she has her reasons and when she's ready
she'll tell you."
I took in her words and thought about it, so there is something. I couldn't help
but feel worried. I wanted her to tell me what was wrong so I can help her.
"Is it something I did?" I asked.
She shook her head and said, "no it's not."
I sighed and nodded my head.
After an hour it was time to leave. Everybody was outside of the house holding
their bags. I saw Rose walking out with Liam and that sight pissed me off. Damon!
Nows not the time, I lectured myself.
I stared at them and Rose seemed to be off. She had bags under her eyes and she
barely smiled like she usually does.
She glanced at me but immediately turned her head away, I sighed and placed my bags
in my car before walking towards Rose.
"Let's get in the car," I said softly before grabbing her hand. I saw something in
her eyes but couldn't quite point it out.
She pulled her hand away from mine and shook her head.
"I'm going in Xavier's car," she muttered softly. I frowned at her words.
"Why?" I asked.
She shrugged her shoulders.
"I want to be with Lexi," she whispered. I sighed again and nodded my head. If this
is what she wanted then I have no choice but to agree.
I watched her walk away and into Xavier's car, I ran my hand through my hair out in
I got in my car and Alley and the boy Liam were sitting right behind me.
'Oh God, this is going to be a long ride home'
Once we arrived Lexi, Xavier and Liam drove off to their own homes.
Alley, Rose and I entered the house in an awkward silence, I kept glancing at Rose
but she didn't even look back at me. This was really is bothering me.
"Guys, I'm going out to meet a friend, I'll be back after a couple of hours," Alley
said before walking out of the door.
I was about to say something to Rose when my phone rang. I groaned and picked it
"Yes," I asked pissed as I saw Rose walk away from me and sat on the couch without
even sparing me a glance.
"Mr. William, there has been some conflicts in the company and we need you to come
and check it out," someone who worked for me said.
I grunted and said ok before I hung up.
"I need to go, have work to do and I'll be back soon. Will you be ok by yourself?"
I asked worriedly. She just nodded her head without looking at me.
I frowned and sighed before walking out of my house and into my my car before
driving off to my company.

"Ok we're all done, you can all leave," I said to my employees before I gathered my
stuff and headed towards my car.
It's been an hour or so before I left Rose alone and left to work. I would be lying
if I said I wasn't worried about Rose, I'm so concerned about her.
If I told myself two years ago that I would like or worry about a girl, I would've
just laughed and told myself I was crazy. I really am whipped. I smiled remembering
the first time we kissed and got along. I was so happy, I never thought that I
would actually be interested in a girl.
But my smile disappeared when I remembered Rose's behavior recently, it confused me
and worried me. Did someone bothered her? Because if it was the case then I won't
be easy on them.
That's it, Once I see her I'm going to ask her what was wrong because I hate that
she's ignoring me.
After ten minutes I arrived home and jolted out of my car. I speed walked through
the gates headed towards the door.
Before I could grab the handle and turn it around, it opened and what I saw next
made my eyes widen and jaw clench in fury.
There was Rose with shock and fear all over her face but what made me angry was the
two big bags that were in her hands.
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Chapter 22
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*Rose's POV*
Two days before
I stared at the wall for hours because of the restless sleep, after the text I got
yesterday I couldn't even sleep. I kept thinking of the possibilities of what the
text meant.
There's no doubt that it was from Rick, I'm sure of it. I felt tears build up in my
eyes just by the thought of seeing him again. I tried to convince myself that it
wasn't from him but I can't deny it now.
So far he didn't send anything else and I sighed in relief, for once I felt happy
but of course Rick always has his ways to take that away from me.
Lexi had been with me all night and I'm thankful for having her as a friend, after
a couple of hours she fell asleep and I just stayed wide awake.
I heard a buzz sound coming from my phone and my heartbeat increased. I felt my
face sweat and body stiffen.
With shaky hands I reached for my phone. I gulped and opened it. From what was on
the screen made salty tears fall out of my eyes. I closed my eyes and tried to calm
myself down.

Unknown number: Leave and no one gets hurt.

I cried silently trying not wake Lexi up.

Ever since I met these people they had helped me and made me feel loved and I can't
bare to see anyone get hurt. Not Lexi, Liam, Xavier, Alley or Damon. I don't want
them to get hurt because of me. I can't.
But Damon, I'm afraid I got to attached to him that I can't let him go. I felt my
heart break at the thought of leaving him. I know Rick will try to destroy the
person I love the most and he'll start with Damon.
I refuse to let him get hurt because of me, I have to let him go now because if I
wait then I might get even more attached to him and it will hurt even more.
I didn't want to leave him nor the others but I know if I want to keep him safe
then I have to leave, I don't know where but away from the people I learned to call


It's been two days since Rick threatened me to leave or he'll hurt someone. These
two days has been hell for me, I was avoiding Damon because I had to get used to
being without him. I have to let him go. I know once I see him I'll break down and
cry right in front of him and I don't want him to see me like that.
Lexi noticed the way I was behaving and I just told her that I needed some time and
space from Damon before I tell him but that wasn't the truth. I was avoiding him
because I knew if I talked to him I wouldn't bring myself to leave.
I barely got any sleep and I didn't get another text from Rick which I was thankful
Today was the day we went home.
I gotten really used to it even though I wasn't there for long, however it was the
closest thing I could ever call home.
Unfortunately, I'm leaving it as soon as possible, it breaks my heart but I have to
do it for Damon, I'm doing it for his sake.
I packed up my bags and went to the bathroom to wash my face, I went over to the
sink and splashed some water on my face.
I looked up and was disappointed in myself when I saw the me I hated. The Rose that
was depressed and tortured from her father and ex. The Rose before she meet Damon
and now she's coming back.
I sighed and pulled back my tears before shaking my head.
Be strong Rose, for Damon and for everyone else.
I grabbed my bags and headed outside. Once I was outside of my room a smiling Liam
engulfed me in a huge hug.
"Hey muffin," he greeted me.
I gave him a small smile and hugged him back.
He pulled back and frowned.
"Are you ok? You look down."
"I'm ok, I just didn't get that much sleep," I half lied, it's true. I didn't get
much sleep.
He nodded his head looking not fully convinced.
"Let's go, I'm going in Xavier's car."
"Wait, why aren't you going in Damon's car?" He asked.
"I want to spend time with Lexi," I shrugged. He nodded his head before walking
beside me.
Once we were outside I saw Damon from the corner of my eyes. I turned my head
towards him and stared at him. I'm going to miss him so much. I felt tears form in
my eyes once again but before I could do anything else he looked back at me and I
immediately turned my head.
'It's better to not get attached.' I kept thinking to myself.
"Rose, you coming?" Lexi asked. I nodded my head but glanced back and saw Damon
walking towards me. He came up to me and told me to get in his car but I told him
that I was going in Xavier's car. He sighed before walking towards his car. I got
in and leaned my head against the window.
"Rose wake up, we made it," Lexi whispered to me. I opened my eyes and saw we were
in front of Damon's house.
I smiled at them and gave them one last hugs before getting off and watching them
drive off to the distance.
I looked to my right and saw Damon arrived with Liam and Alley. Liam got off and I
hugged him one last time before he took a taxi and left. I'm also going to miss
that goofball, I let out a small yet a sad chuckle.
I watched as Alley and Damon climbed out of the car and walked towards me. I turned
around and walked to the door and waited for Alley to open the door and tried to
ignore Damon's presence.
She opened the door and we all entered a few steps before Alley spoke up.
"Guys, I'm going to meet a friend. I'll be back in a couple of hours," she said
before waving at me. I smiled at her and waved back until she closed the front
I didn't want it be alone with Damon, it would make things more complicated and I
can't handle that.
I walked to the living room and sat on one of the couches. I felt Damon's stare
burn through my back but I tried to ignore it.
All of a sudden Damon's phone rings. He starts talking on the phone while I'm
trying concentrate on the tv.
He hung up and walked forward.
"I need to go, have work to do and I'll be back soon. Will you be ok by yourself?"
He asked in a worried voice. I nodded my head but didn't look at him. He sighed and
walked out of the door. Once the door was completely closed I rushed out of my seat
and into my room. This is my only chance to get out of here.
I can't stay here any longer. If Rick new I stayed this long then he would do
something bad. I can't put Damon's life at risk, I have to get out of here before
he comes.
Once I entered my room I opened my bags I took to the lake house to put some other
things I need.
I took out the clothes I didn't need and kept the ones I needed. I grabbed the
money that was given to me in my couple weeks of work.
After awhile of shoving stuff in the bags, I zipped them up and grabbed them
running out of my room.
I was about to grab the front door but stopped and looked back.
I can't leave without saying goodbye.
I grabbed a paper and a pen and started to write.
Dear Damon,
I know once you see this you'll be worried about me, I'm so sorry that I had
leave but I have no other choice. My life will bring danger to you and to the
people around you. I can't risk having the people I love get hurt in front of me
all because of me. I have a horrible past that won't leave me alone and I'm doing
this to keep you safe. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine and I want to thank you
for opening your heart to me. Thank you for making me happy even though it was for
a small period of time, goodbye.
Love, Rose.

A few tears fell out of my eyes but I wiped them away. I took a deep breath of air
before placing the letter on the table for him to see.
I ran my hands through my hair and got up from the chair I was seating on and
grabbed my bags.
I have to get out of here before Damon gets back.
I rushed to the front door and turned the door knob and opened it.
A small gasp made its way out of my mouth and my eyes widened in shock.
There he was. Damon standing right in front of me with a clenched jaw and fist. He
was furious and I was terrified.
I dropped the bags that were in my hands and he stepped closer to me.
"What the hell are you doing?"
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Chapter 23

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*Rose's POV*
My eyes widened in shock, I gulped and backed away but that made Damon take steps
toward me.
"What the hell are you doing?" He repeated in an angry tone. His jaw was clenched
and brows furrowed in anger.
What do I do now? I can't tell him why.
"I-I can't," My voice cracked and I shook my head.
"What do you mean you can't?" He asked.
"I can't s-stay here," I whispered as tears fell out of my eyes.
He pushed me into the house and I was squished between Damon and the wall. He
grabbed my waist and leaned his head closer to mine.
"Why can't you stay? I'm not going to let you leave!"
I shook my head and looked down without answering.
"Damn it Rose, answer!" He yelled. Tears kept falling and I remained quiet.
He grew more angry but all of a sudden his face turned into confusion.
I turned and looked at the direction he was looking at and my eyes widened when I
saw what he was looking at.
The letter I wrote!
Before I could do anything he marched his way and grabbed it as his eyes roamed the
I looked down when I saw his confused face turn into anger once again.
That's it, I can't run away now. I guess I have no choice but to tell him.
But what if he hates me once I tell him? What if he thinks I'm disgusting? What if
he can't handle my past?
A bunch of 'what ifs' ran through my mind, I felt my heart break at the thought of
Damon hating me.
"You were planning on saying goodbye?" He shouted. I flinched but remained looking
I heard him take a deep breath and he walked closer to me. He grabbed my chin
softly pulling it up so I can look him in his eyes.
His eyes didn't hold anger anymore but was replaced with hurt.
"Why?" He asked in a whisper while wiping the tears off my cheek with his thumbs.
I continued to let the tears pass through and I started to hiccup.
"If I tell you, you'll hate me." I whispered.
He shook his head and hugged me tight in his arms, in his arms I felt safe and
"I could never hate you Rose! I don't care what happened in the past, what's in the
past will remain in the past but I need to know so I can try to help you Rose."
He hugged me impossibly closer and whispered a 'please' into my ear.
I looked up at him and he wiped the tears off my cheeks with his thumbs once again.
He lowered his head and placed his lips onto mine, his lips were soft and sweet
that sent sparks all over my body.
This kiss wasn't like all the others, it was slow and full of passion. Our lips
moved in perfect sync and I wrapped my hands around his neck.
We pulled apart for air and he leaned his head against mine.
"You can tell me anything, trust me when I say I will protect you from anything,"
he said. I could hear the sincerity in his voice and that brought a small smile
onto my lips.
"Ok, I'll tell you but I need you to listen till the end without getting mad, ok?"
I asked with worry clear in my voice.
"Ok flower." He said.
I took a deep breath and grabbed his hand and lead him towards the couch.
He sat down and I was about to sit next to him when he grabbed me and sat me down
on his lap.
I blushed and squirmed in my place trying to get up but his held on my waist
tightened which only made me blush more.
"I'm listening," he said while rubbing smooth circles on my waist.
"Ok..umm. well, when I was-" I started but stopped when we were interrupted with an
unfamiliar voice.
"Hello! I'm barging right in since the door is wide open." I turned my head behind
me to see who could it possibly be.
"Damon! Hay-woah. Who is this chick?" My eyes widened at the person in front of us,
he had blue eyes and chocolate brown hair, almost like Damon's.
Damon's grip on my waist tightened and he stiffened.
"David?" Damon's asked.
"The one and only, are you going to sit there and not greet your big brother?" My
eyes widened even more when he said brother. I never knew he had a brother too. Now
that I knew I could point out the resemblance.
I got off of Damon's lap with a tint of blush and Damon got up to greet his
"What are you doing here in New York?"
"Well I have some business here in New York and came to stay at your place since
Alley is also here."
Damon nodded his head and David turned his head towards me.
He grinned and walked up to me.
"Well I can guess your obviously special since Damon let you set foot into his
house," he winked at me.
Damon glared at him and he only chuckled.
"Uh..I'm Rose," I told him before extending my hand to shake.
He grabbed my hand and raised it towards his lips and kissed it.
"A pretty name for a pretty girl," he winked again. I looked at Damon and saw he's
glaring at his brother. I pulled my hand away from him uncomfortably and moved next
to Damon.
"Thanks," I whispered.
Damon grabs my waist in a possessive grip and pulled me closer.
"David! This is my girlfriend and I won't allow any flirting with her! Got it?"
Damon said and emphasized the 'girlfriend' part.
"Girlfriend huh? Well I don't blame you brother, she's a good one," he said.
"Ok ok, I got it," David chuckled and grabbed his bags.
"Well, I'm going to head off and pick a room to crash in," he said and walked off
but stopped and looked back," oh, and there's also bags near the front door," he
said then walked upstairs until he was out of sight.
Damon went the front door and grabbed my bags.
"Let's take these to your room so we can talk," he said softly. I just nodded my
head and followed him up the stairs.
Once we made it to my room he placed the bags on the floor sat on my bed.
He grabbed my hands in his large ones and kissed them.
"Now flower tell me, why were you going to run away from me?" he asked.
I took a deep breath and stared into his eyes before I started.
"Remember I told you about my stepfather?" I asked.
His eyes grew dark and his hands grip on mine tightened as he nodded his head.
"Well, when I told you I didn't tell you everything." I stated.
His eyes widened and he asked, "what did you not tell me?"
"Before I met my stepfather or my mom died I had this boyfriend," I started.
He didn't say anything but his jaw clenched as he pulled me closer to him.
"His name was Rick. He was nice at first but one day he turned into possessive and
crazy freak. He would beat me up and torture me constantly without my mom knowing."
"What!" Damon bursted out in anger.
I rubbed my hand on his arm trying to calm him down.
"I was too afraid to break up with him because I didn't know what he would do, that
night when my mom died I had enough so I texted him and told him we were over. I
was so stupid to actually think he would actually leave me alone."
"He barged into my room while I was crying and started to beat me up like usual but
this time he did something else," my voice cracked at the end as tears started to
pour out my eyes.
His eyes turned from anger to concern and he grabbed my cheeks with his large
"What did he do?" He asked.
"H-he raped me," I cried into his chest.
"What? I can't believe someone would do that to you. Would do that in general!" He
yelled in anger as he hugged me closer to his chest.
"I'm dirty and not good for you D-Damon."
"No Rose, he's the filthy one. You're pure and innocent. It wasn't your fault and I
promise I will let him regret what he has done to you!" He placed a soft kiss on my
lip but I pulled away because I wasn't finished.
"I need to continue."
"It's ok-" he started but I caught him off.
"No, I want you to know the full story," I whispered. He nodded his head and I
"After what he did the police came and took him. He was suppose to stay in jail for
about 10 years and that relieved me knowing that I wouldn't have to deal with him
anymore but unfortunately it wasn't over."
"My stepfather took his place and constantly abused me. After a couple years I
found out that my stepfather bailed Rick out of jail in exchange for money. He also
made a deal with my father that if he gave me to him then he will give him more
Damon's hand kept tightening around my waist and his eyes turned dark with anger.
"That night I saw him for the first time in years and he said he wanted to marry me
but I couldn't do it, I finally had the courage to run away and book a flight to
New York. After a couple of days or so I was on the streets and that's where you
came in," I finished with a sigh.
"But why were you going to leave me?" He asked.
I gulped and wiped the tear that slipped out of my eye.
"At first, I thought that they were never going to find me again and I could
actually live in peace but that night when we arrived at your lake house I received
a text and it was from an unknown number telling me that I will be his soon and if
I don't leave he will hurt someone, I can't let anyone get hurt because of me,
especially you Damon."
Damon growled and hugged me tightly.
"No, I won't let anyone hurt you and you won't leave me, I promise I'll protect you
and deal with it. You're mine." My heartbeat increased and I had a small smile on
my lips from his words.
I looked up at him and my smile grew which only made his eyes softened.
"I'm yours."
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Chapter 24
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*Rose's POV*
I opened my eyes and was greeted with Damon's closed ones. I smiled at his sleeping
face. He looked more relaxed and younger when he's asleep instead of being all
I looked out the window and saw it was dark, I turned my head to the direction of
my clock and saw it was 10 PM. We must've fell asleep by accident.
I felt a smile tug on my lips when I remembered what happened this evening. Yes,
I'm still afraid that they might come after me but knowing Damon is here to protect
me makes me happy.
'You're mine.'
I gave him a small kiss on the cheek and got up slowly and carefully to not wake
him up.
I decided I should just go downstairs and watch something because I was not sleepy
I made my way to the living room and saw David sitting down on a couch.
For a second I questioned who he was but then remembered he's Damon's brother. With
all that happened today, it made me forget all about him.
I slowly walked up to him until he turned his head towards my direction.
He smirked at me and I just sat on another couch.
"Hi," I said while glancing at him.
"Well hello to you to." He said.
"You don't mind if I sit here and watch tv do you?" I asked.
"No, not at all," he chuckled. I just nodded my head and looked towards the tv.
"So, you couldn't sleep?" He asked.
I looked at him and replied, "actually no, because Damon and I accidentally fell
asleep hours ago."
He nodded his head and glanced at the tv.
"Damon's still asleep?" He asked.
"Yeah, he's still asleep." I replied.
He smirked at me and shook his head.
"Man he's whipped," he said to himself but I still heard.
"What are you talking about?" I asked.
"Oh well, it's just I'm surprised. I mean, I know Damon really well. He's my
brother and I never saw him once with a girl inside his house." He chuckled. I
blushed and looked down at my hands and smiled.
"Is it really that surprising?" I asked.
He looked at me and nodded his head.
"Yes it is. You must be a special one," he winked at me and I gave him a small
"How did you guys meet?" David asked.
I remembered that night and a grin came on my lips.
"We meet on the streets, it's a long story but he saved my life," I told him. His
face turned into confusion before he covered it up and nodded his head.
"So are you guys close to each other?" I asked. He stared at me and frowned.
"It's kind of difficult but yeah, he is my brother," he stated.
"How is it difficult?" I asked out in curiosity.
He sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "Damon had a hard life while growing
up, we both did but it affected him more because he was younger. We kind of
separated after awhile and went our separated ways."
I nodded and remembered that time he told me that he had a troublesome past too.
"What happened?" I asked and turned the tv off.
"Something happened to our family in the past and it affected Damon in many ways,
because of what happened it made him who he is today and that's not a bad thing but
it also made him the insecure person who doesn't believe in love," he sighed and
shifted in his seat.
"I can't really tell you all the details because I'm sure Damon would of wanted you
to know from him but just know he's like that for a reason."
I nodded my head understanding him.
"But I can tell you, if you continue whatever you're doing you might break down his
walls," he said and patted my shoulder. His eyes held hope and I knew that he was a
big brother that was looking out for his younger brother.
I smiled at him and nodded my head.
"Don't worry, I'll take care of him," I chuckled. He grinned and pulled me in a
"Thanks," he whispered.
"It's no big deal."
After a couple of seconds I pulled away and he smiled.

"So, from what I saw this evening it looks like you love to tease him." I stated.
He laughed and nodded his head.
"We might be distant from each other but we are still close in the same time. I
love to tease him and get him pissed," he told me. "Isn't that what brothers do?"
"Yeah, I can tell," I chuckled and nodded my head.
"So, how long are you staying here?" David asked. I blushed in embarrassment and
looked down.
"Umm..well, I'm actually living here."
His eyes widened and he broke into a smirk.
"Living here? Damn, he really is whipped," he said as his smirk grew.
For about an hour or two we talked and chatted about lots of things, he really
wasn't a bad guy as I thought he was in the begging. He's funny and cocky in the
same time but loves to show off. I can tell that he's really worried about Damon
but he's trying to hide it up.
I don't know what happened to Damon in the past but I hope he can open up to me
like I did to him.
We stopped talking when we heard footsteps walking down the stairs.
Damon came into sight and I almost drooled at the sight of him. His hair was all
over the place and it looked sexy.
He looked at David and I with a confused expression.
"What are you guys doing?" He asked. I got up and wrapped my arms around his neck.
"I couldn't go back to sleep so David and I were sitting down and talking," I told
him and he nodded his head and pecked my lips.
"Hello! I'm still here," David said. I blushed and pulled away from Damon as he
rolled his eyes.
"Oh, I didn't see you there," Damon smirked and wrapped his arms around my waist.
David rolled his eyes and smirked at me." Well, it was nice talking to you Rose but
I got to hit the hay. It's pretty late, goodnight." He winked at me before walking
Damon sighed and hugged me. "Sorry about that, you have to get used to that."
"Oh, it's ok, he's a nice person." I told him. He nodded his head then grabbed both
my hands.
"Come on, let's go to bed," he said.
I nodded my head as a reply and we walked into my bedroom together. I laid in bed
and he laid next to me and wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to
his body.
"Go to sleep flower," he whispered in my ear.
I yawned and nodded my head before I fell into deep sleep.
I sat on one of the chairs and grabbed the book I took from the shelf. I opened it
and started reading the first page when I noticed it wasn't the book I wanted. I
got up and placed the book back on the shelf and tried to find the one I wanted.
I then saw that the book I wanted and it was on the last shelf. I tried to reach it
but I was too short.
Out of no where a hand grabbed the book and handed it to me. I grabbed the book and
looked up to see that the person that got the book for me was a handsome boy. He
had brown eyes and chocolate brown hair.
I blushed and looked down at the book.
"Thanks," I mumbled.
"You're welcome angel," he smiled at me.
I smiled back and walked back to the table and sat down. I was surprised when the
boy sat right next to me.
"So, do you come here often?" He asked.
"Yeah, I come here everyday," I stated.
"Are you new here? I've never seen you here before," I asked. He grinned at me and
"I just moved here from Texas yesterday." He said.
"Really? I always wanted to go to Texas," I said excitedly.
He chuckled and smiled down at me.
"I can take you there one day," he smirked at me and I rolled my eyes and laughed
"By the way, I didn't get your name," the boy said. I smiled and closed the book
that was in my hands.
"Rose Kelley." I reached out my hand and he took mine in his large one and smiled.
"It's nice to meet you Rose, I'm Rick Anderson."
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Chapter 25

*Unknown POV*
I watched from afar in my car as Damon pushed Rose inside leaving the door wide
open and her bags outside.
I groaned and ran my hands through my hair, I guess we'll just have to think of
something else to get Rose away from Damon.
As long as she's with him she's safe and guarded and that's not what he wants.
Rose was a pretty girl but also pathetic, she trusts people too easy and she's easy
to fool. That's an advantage for us.
I stayed in my seat and waited to see if Rose by any chance was going to leave and
after a while she came into sight and took her bags then shut the door.
Ohh, you shouldn't be doing that.
We almost had her but of course Damon had to get in the way of that.
I grunted and reached for my phone and dialed a number.
"Hello," a raspy voice answered.
"She's not leaving," I said getting straight to the point.
"What do you mean she's not leaving?" Rick yelled from the other end.
"Damon came before she could even leave and I don't know what happened but it
doesn't look like she's leaving." I told him.
Rick groaned and started to curse.
"Well our chance was blown, we can't get her now. Not yet, since she's with lover
boy," he hissed. I rolled my eyes at him and spoke, "So, what do we do now?"
"We wait, we make her lower her guard and then grab her when she least expect it,"
Rick sneered.
"Ok but I have to leave. There's no point in staying here besides, I don't want
anybody seeing me," I told him.
"Listen here, we don't want you blowing our cover. Got it?"
I grunted and replied "Got it."
*Damon's POV*
I felt the sun shining through my eye lids, I groaned and opened my eyes to be
greeted by a beautiful sleeping Rose.
I felt a smile tug on my lips just by the sight of her.
I reached my hand and stroked her hair out of her face and touched her soft cheeks.
I stared at her and examined her for a while.
A frown came on my lips when I remembered this Rick guy and how he threatened her
to leave me. I scowled at the thought of her leaving me, I can't lose her. Now that
I've got her in my arms, I'll make sure that not Rick nor her stepfather hurt her
or get near her.
God, just by thinking about them makes my blood boil, how could someone hurt
someone as sweet and innocent as Rose?
I have to make sure Rose is safe, I won't risk losing her.
I started to think about my old self, I never thought I would actually have a
girlfriend more than a day in my life, nor did I think I would ever feel more than
sexual attracted to girl, but here I am today having one right in my arms.
I stroked her cheek and smiled. I do admit, when I first knew I had feelings for
her I was scared, I tried to ignore it and push those feeling away but in the end I
had to face it and man up.
Just by the thought of her leaving me made me terrified, I don't know what I would
have done if she did leave me.
Man I'm whipped.
Rose started to move and land her head on my chest and slowly opened her eyes. I
grinned when I saw her chocolate brown eyes.
She broke into a lazy smile which by the way sexy, she leaned in and pecked my
cheek and yawned.
"Good morning," she whispered.
"Good morning flower, did you sleep well?" I asked.
"The best in a while," she said. I wrapped my arm around her waist and brought her
body towards mine.
"Good," I whispered before kissing her, she responded back and wrapped her hands
around my neck.
Damn, I love her lips, they are sweet as her.
We were interrupted by a knock on the door.
We pulled away and I rolled my eyes and groaned.
Not surprising.
Both Alley and David came strolling in the room, I grunted and ran my hands over my
face. I totally forgot they were still here.
"Rise and shine love birds," Alley said while opening the curtains allowing more
light to shine through.
"What do you guys want?" I questioned.
"We want you to get up, did you forget you two still have work?" Alley raised a
I groaned and got up. Rose sat up with a tint of blush on her cheeks, no doubt she
was embarrassed.
I looked over at Alley and David and saw that they were smirking at us.
"Well? Aren't you going to go?" I raised a brow.
"Oh yes, we'll be going. Sorry we disturbed whatever you guys were doing," David
said while wiggling his eyebrows. I groaned and saw Rose's blush deepen.
I grabbed my pillow and threw it straight at David's face.
"Is that all you got?" he asked amusingly, I grabbed a book that was near me and
glared at them both.
They both laughed and rushed outside of the room.
I looked at Rose and grinned.
"Com on, let's get ready for work." She nodded her head then made her way to the
I went inside the bathroom and took a cold shower. Once I was down I wore a suit
and got out of the bathroom.
Rose wasn't in the room so I assumed she was downstairs, I walked downstairs and
saw everyone was sitting on the table eating.
Rose smiled at me and I smiled back.
I sat in one of the chairs and ate my breakfast and would look up and glance at
Once I was done eating I got up and looked at Rose.
"Once you're finished meet me outside so we can go." I told her.
She nodded her head and I went outside and grabbed my phone and dialed a number.
I called a man that worked for me and I think he might be able help.
"Hi, this is Damon William," I greeted.
"Oh Mr. William, how can I help you?" He asked.
"Listen, I have a problem and I want you to help me find some information. I want
you to dig in information that has to do with a man named Rick Anderson, see his
messages and calls and if you find anything suspicious inform me ok?" I told him.
"Ok Mr. William. I'll be right on it," he said. I hung up and saw Rose walking
towards me.
I opened the door for her which earned a heart warming smile and drove off to work
I looked up from the papers that were on my desk when I heard a knock.
"Come in." I said.
The man I called this morning opened my door and came in.
"Hello Mr. William."
"Did you get what I asked for?" I asked getting straight to the point. He nodded
his head and pulled out papers that were in a big suitcase.
"Rick Anderson is a 25-year old man who was born in Texas, he moved to California
when he was 17, when he was 18 he was sentenced to jail for many years because he
raped a girl and abused her but was bailed 7 years later from a person named Ian
Watson." He started.
My eyes widened and I new that he was Rose's dad. I nodded my head for him to
"After that, he stayed in California and didn't go anywhere but he also has been
hiring people to track down a girl named Rose Kelley."
I clenched my fist and jaw.
"He has been calling a blocked number but somehow we couldn't locate the location
and since it's blocked we don't know who the person is but we did catch a couple of
messages and I'm sure you would like to see them." He told me.
I nodded my head and he gave me a paper.
I looked down at it and started to read.
Rick: Did you get there?
Blocked number: Yes, I just made it.
Rick: Ok, remember what I told you to do.
Blocked number: Don't worry, I know what to do.
Rick: Make sure you're convincing, let her trust you. Ok?
Blocked number: I said I know what to do.
Rick: If you do anything wrong you will pay.
Blocked number: Oh trust me, I'm good at this.
Rick: Well I need to go, make sure you contact me if she tells you anything that
might help us.
Blocked number: Ok.
My eyes widened and I clenched my jaw. Who the hell could this person be? I looked
up at the man and told him he could leave.
After he was gone I started to think of all the possibilities, do we know this
person? I couldn't help but feel a weird feeling in my stomach and couldn't help
but feel that we have a traitor among us.
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Chapter 26
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*Rose's POV*

I looked up at the clock and saw it was lunch break.

I turned my head to Damon's desk and sighed. Ever since we came here this morning
he didn't even show up. I wonder where he is.
My mind was also occupied with fear that Rick might make a move, ever since that
text he sent me he hasn't done anything else which I'm thankful for. Maybe he's
finally convinced to leave me alone.
"Hey muffin, you coming?" I turned my head and smiled when I saw Liam by the door.
I got up and gave him a friendly hug.
"Yeah, let's go." I told him.
We walked into the cafeteria and sat down on the chairs.
"So, what did you do yesterday when you arrived home?" Liam asked.
Memories of what happened yesterday flew in my mind. I couldn't tell him I was
planing on running away or leaving everybody.
I plastered a fake smile and replied, "oh, I didn't really do much. Damon's brother
came and we talked before we went to bed."
"Damon's brother?" He asked.
"Yeah, he came from over seas or something. His name is David," I answered.
He nodded his head before smiling.
"What did you do yesterday?" I asked.
"Nothing much. Watched tv, finished a couple of work and slept." I nodded my head
and drank the cup of water that was in front of me.
I looked at Liam and it looked like he was debating with something in his head.
"I got a question muffin."
"Shoot," I chuckled.
"When are you going to leave Damon's place? I mean, are you even planning on
getting a place of your own?" Liam questioned.
I thought about his question. I do need to leave sooner or later, that's for sure,
but also I would miss being with Damon too.
"I don't really know, I didn't really think about it," I shrugged my shoulders.
He nodded his head before taking a sip from his drink.
"Ok, well I'm going to go get our food," I said and got up. He nodded his head and
I went to get our food.
I waited for a while until they were ready, once they were done I grabbed them and
walked over to our table.
Liam's back was facing me and he was talking on the phone, I couldn't hear what he
was saying because I was still far away. Once I was close enough he looked back and
saw me before immediately hanging up.
I put the tray of food on the table and looked at him confused.
"Who were you talking to?" I asked. He looked kind of nervous before covering it up
with a smile.
"Uh.. It's no one important," he said while scratching his neck.
I nodded my head before digging into my food.
Before I could take another bite my phone rang. I took it out of my of purse and
saw that it was Alley.
I answered it before placing it next to my ear.
"Hey Alley!" I said.
"Hi Rose," Alley squealed.
"What's up?" I asked her.
"Nothing much, I was hoping after work we can go out to the city and hang out," she
"Sure, I'd like that," I said excitedly.
"Great, I'll pick you up."
"Ok, bye Alley!"
I hung up and looked at Liam, he was eating and staring at me.
"So, you're going out to the city?" He questioned.
I nodded my head before throwing my trash away.
"Ok, hope you have fun," he said before getting up.
"Thanks, bye," I waved at him. He smiled back before waving at me and walking off.
I got up and walked back to my office, once I made it in there I wasn't surprised
to see Damon's desk empty as usual.
I walked outside of the building to be greeted by Alley's car. She waved at me and
I smiled before getting in the car.
"You ready?" Alley asked excitedly.
I laughed and nodded my head.
We drove off to the city , and in about 20 minutes we were in front of a huge mall.
Alley parked the car in a spot before we got off.
"Ok, so how about we look around and then sit in one of the café's?" she said.
"Sounds great." I told her.
"Ok, let's go," she said and pulled me in the mall.
We went to a couple of shops and bought some clothes. After that we settled in a
café and ordered coffee.
"So, do you like it here in New York?" Alley asked.
"Yes, I love it here," I smiled.
"Well, I'm happy you love it here, where did you live before coming here?" She
I frowned at her question but immediately covered it up.
"I.. Uh.. used to live in California." I answered.
"Really? I love California," she said as her eyes glowed.
"Really? You've been there?" I asked.
"Well duh, I've been almost around the globe," she chuckled
I turned my head when I saw a group of men walking towards us and sat on a table
next to us.
Alley smirked and whistled.
"Damn, aren't they hot?" she giggled. I raised a brow and looked at her surprised.
"Aren't you like, married?" I asked. She looks at my shocked expression before
"Yeah I am but it doesn't mean I can't compliment someone," I nodded my head slowly
before taking sip of my drink.
All of a sudden a man from the group came up to us and smiled.
"Hi, my friends and I were wondering if you two would like to join us." The man
told us.
Alley looked at me but before she could answer the man , I answered.
"Um.. No thanks," I said and shook my head.
"Aw come on, we'll have fun," the man said.
Alley got up before reaching for my hand and grabbed it.
"Sorry, but we were actually leaving," she stated before pulling me out of the
I looked at her shocked.
"What?" She asked.
"Well I thought that you were going to take up for the offer."
She chuckled and shook her head.
"Darling no, I might say some stuff but I'm not desperate besides, I love my
I smiled and nodded my head, "sorry."
"Oh it's ok. Come on, let's go buy you a dress."
"Wait a dress?" I questioned.
She nodded her head before saying, "yeah, didn't Damon tell you it's his birthday
in two days?"
My eyes widened with shock.
"What, his birthday is in two day?"
She nodded her head
"We have to buy you a beautiful dress. Besides I'm sure you can give him the best
gift," she teased while wiggling her eyebrows.
I gasped and felt myself blush.
"What, I'm just stating the truth," she laughed.
I felt my blush deepen and I groaned.
"Let's go!" She said excitedly.
By the time we were in the car I had all the stuff I need.
I bought Damon a good watch, I hope he'll like it. I also bought a short blue dress
which was beautiful.
I got to say I was disappointed that Damon didn't tell me himself but maybe he
didn't have a reason to bring it up. I'll have to talk to him about that.
Alley drove off and I leaned back in my seat and looked outside the window.
Before I new it, my eyes started to get droopy and tired before I fell a sleep.
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Chapter 27
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*Damon's POV*
I ran my hand through my hair for the millionth time today. I yelled out in
frustration and threw the useless papers in my hand to the ground.
Ever since this morning I've been trying to figure out everything, I've been trying
to figure how this Rick guy was able to reach Rose, how he knows where she is and
how this is all possible.
I couldn't ignore the feeling I kept having, there is only one answer to how he was
able to find her and contact her and that is someone going behind our backs. I'm
sure of it!
But who could it be? I have no clue who I could possibly be suspicious of.
Right now I'm in Xavier's office trying to find out anything, anything that has to
do with Rick or the traitor.
I didn't want to handle this in my office because I didn't want to worry Rose. She
already had enough and I didn't want her to worry about anything else. So for now,
I'm not going to tell her anything.
I know if she finds out she'll freak out and I don't want that to happen. It's for
the best.
Three days later

It's been three days since what happened, three days since I learned that there was
a traitor among us.
In these three days I've been mostly in Xavier's office. Xavier really didn't
question about it which I was grateful for. I've been hiring people to dig in more
information but they always said that there was nothing. I've been working
recklessly trying to get my mind off of everything. I haven't seen Rose ever since
yesterday night when we went to the bar to celebrate my birthday.
We had some fun and it's been days since we last had fun. I smiled remembering last
night and how that might have been one of the best birthdays I had since I was

Rose, Lexi, Xavier, Alley, David and I walked into the bar and we sat on a table.
I looked at Rose and she was wearing a blue dress that looked perfect on her. She
smiled at me and I grabbed her hand. David ordered our drinks and we all started
After awhile of talking and laughing at David's jokes our drinks were given to us.
Alley raised her drink in the air and spoke through the loud music.
"I would like to say happy birthday to the best brother in the world and I hope you
live the rest of your life in happiness." She said. I smiled at her and she smiled
back. We all raised our drinks in the air and said 'cheers' together then drank our
After awhile everyone left the table to go dance and Rose and I were by ourselves.
She moved closer to me and smiled before taking something out of her purse.
"Happy birthday Damon," she said as she took a small box out of her purse. I smiled
at her and held her hand.
"You didn't have to." I don't told her. She shook her head and gave me the box.
"I wanted to." I looked at her before opening the box and saw a nice watch was
inside of it. I smiled at her and kissed her lips.
"Thank you Rose." I told her.
She looked up at me and smiled.
"You're welcome Damon."
of flashback.................

My smile dropped when I remembered the situation I was in.

I need to find out who was working for Rick, for Rose's safety but I can't even
think of anyone who can back stab us in the back.
I got up and went out of the office to get a drink of water.
I made it to the kitchen but stopped when I heard a familiar voice.
"Listen ,I can't talk for long," he whispered. I immediately knew who it was.
"Ok," he chuckled before continuing, "so, where do you want to meet?"
He paused for a while before saying, "I can't now, I can't let anybody be
suspicious of me."
"Ok. Don't worry, make sure no one sees you. Bye,"
My eyes widened and I stalked back to Xavier's office before Liam saw me.
My thoughts kept going back to what he was said. He said that he didn't want anyone
becoming suspicious of him, he also told that person he was talking to not to be
Putting all the pieces together my eyes widened. It can't be. Could Liam possibly
be the traitor?
Now that I think about it, it all makes sense. He instantly became friends with
her, he's always with her and she trusts him a lot. If Liam was the traitor then he
was the one giving the information to Rick.
I felt my blood boil and I clenched my jaw. I never really liked him anyways but
Rose did, she trusts him and he's using that against her.
But wait, I don't even have any proof that he's working for Rick, I can't go
blaming him without proof.
Even though I didn't have any proof I still had a good feeling that it was Liam,
I'm sure of it.
I decided I should finally go back to my office. I got up and walked out of the
office until I was in front of mine.
I opened the door and walked in. Rose's head immediately looked up and her eyes
widened when she saw me. She got up and walked over to me putting her small
delicate arms around my waist.
"I missed you," she whispered.
I grabbed her chin and made her look up at me.
"I missed you too, sorry I couldn't see you but I was really busy," I said. She
smiled at me and nodded her head.
"It's ok, I understand."
I leaned in and captured her lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist in a
possessive manner and she wrapped hers around my neck.
Our lips moved together and she bit on my lip which made me groan. I licked her
bottom lip asking for entrance but she teased me and didn't open up. I smirked
against her lips and grabbed her bums.
She gasped and I immediately shoved my tongue into her sweet mouth.
"Hey Rose-ahh. Please spare my virgin eyes."
Rose pulled away blushing. My brows furrowed in anger because we were interrupted
but it grew when I saw who was the one to interrupt us.
He was covering his eyes with a grin on his face. I just wanted to punch him
straight in the face.
"Really Liam? Stop acting all innocent," Rose said.
"Who says I'm not?" He joked. I snickered silently.
Innocent? Right!
"We both know you aren't."
"Oh whatever, come on let's go," he said.
I grabbed Rose's arm not happy she was going somewhere with a traitor.
"Where are you going?" I asked.
"To lunch," she said.
"And you're going with Liam?" I asked.
"I always go with Liam, " she told me.
As I said before I can't let Rose know because it will worry her and I also didn't
have any proof so I can't say anything at all. I have to act natural for now.
I sighed and nodded my head. She smiled at me before she kissed my check and walked
off with Liam.
I clenched my fist and groaned. This is driving me crazy.
I went and sat on my desk before running my hands through my hair.
I was deep in thought but was brought back to reality when I heard a buzzing sound.
I looked over at Rose's desk and saw that it was her phone.
I got up and went over to her desk and grabbed her phone.
I know it was wrong to check her messages without her permission but I couldn't
help it.
I opened up her phone and opened the message.
My eyes widened and my jaw clenched at what was written on the screen.

Unknown number: Don't think that you can get rid of me. I know your every move!

My blood boiled and I saw red. How dare he!

Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on him because once I do, I will kill him.
It made me angrier knowing a cheater was out there with Rose spying on her without
her even knowing.
I deleted the messages and placed it back on the desk.
I can't let her know about this. I don't want her to worry.
I grabbed my phone and dialed a number.
Once they answered I immediately spoke.
"I want you guys to double the security around Rose and the house," I said getting
straight to the point before I hung up.
I need to talk to someone about this, I didn't know what to do.
I dialed Xavier's number and called him.
"Hi man," he answered.
"Listen, can we meet up somewhere? I need to talk to you."
"Sure. Meet me outside so we can go to a café or something," he said.
"Ok, I'm coming," I told him before hanging up.

"Wait what! You're telling me Rose has a crazy ex on the loose?" Xavier said
clearly surprised.
I didn't tell him every single detail but I told him about Rick and how he was
threatening her if she doesn't come back to him.
"Yes, and what's worse is that he hired someone to spy on her and give him feedback
about everything," I hissed.
"What! Man, this is messed up."
I nodded my head and ran my hands over my face.
"Do you know who the spy might be?" He asked. I looked at him debating on whether
to tell him or not.
"I'm not clearly sure but I'm suspicious of Liam," I stated. His eyes widened in
"Liam? Why on earth would you think that, he's Rose's best friend." He told me.
"I know, but I heared him talking on the phone and he was saying that he didn't
want anyone to become suspicious of him and he was being all creepy. Besides, I saw
the messages with the traitor and Rick and he was telling the traitor to try to
earn Rose's trust and become friends, and as far as I know, they are best friends
and she trusts him a lot."
Xavier looked surprised but soon nodded his head slowly.
"Maybe you're right." He stated.
"I know I'm right," I stated.
"So, what are you going to do?" Xavier asked.
"I don't know, I doubled the security and I can't really put Liam in jail or
something. I guess for now I just have to keep her safe. I can't risk loosing her,"
I said.
Xavier looked at me with sympathetic eyes and said something that made my eyes
"You love her, don't you?"
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Chapter 28

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*Unknown POV*
I drove deep into the woods until I saw the familiar old cottage. The cottage was
hidden deep into the woods, so it was difficult and hard to be found but luckily, I
memorized the way here.
I parked my car and stepped out of it. I walked towards the cottage and knocked on
the door.
After a minute the squeaky door opened to raveal the old man which I assume was
Rose's stepfather. He didn't really talk much because Rick was the one in control
of everything.
I walked past him and into the cottage.
"You took so long."
I turned my head and was greeted by Rick.
"I had work to do," I stated.
He nodded his head and walked towards me.
"So, any news? Did she freak out when she saw my text?"
"No, when I saw her she was normal. Like nothing happened."
His eyes widened with fury.
"What do you mean like nothing happened? She was supposed to be terrified," he
"I don't know," I shrugged my shoulders and glared at him.
He sighed out in frustration and ran his hand through his hair.
"So, when are you planning on taking her? We've been waiting for quite enough, I
don't think I can hold on the friendly act," I hissed.
"Don't worry, not for long," he said with an evil smirk which confirmed me I'll
soon get rid of that ugly slut.
*Rose's POV*
I yawned and opened my eyes to be greeted by a sleeping Damon.
Huh? When did he get here?
I smiled at him snuggled closer to him, ever since we were together I felt happy
and full. I couldn't ignore the feelings I had for him. He truly did make me feel
loved and beautiful, not like Rick.
I cringed at the thought of him. I sighed out in relief when I didn't hear from him
ever since that text in the lake house. I could finally live a normal and happy
life without him or my stepfather.
But there was this feeling deep down in my stomach, I don't know what it was but it
was weird. I ignored the thought and looked back at Damon. I leaned forward and
kissed his lips.
He groaned and opened his eyes. I pulled away and smiled at him.
"Good morning," I said. He smiled allowing me to see his straight white teeth.
"Yes, it's a good morning." I chuckled and kissed his cheek.
He looked at me with something in his eyes, it was something different but I
couldn't point it out.
"What?" I asked.
"Oh, nothing, I was just wondering what I ever did to deserve you," he said. I
blushed. It should be me talking.
"I should be the one saying that, you made my life extremely better." I told him.
He smiled at me and gave me a long kiss on my lips before pulling away when his
phone rang.
He grabbed his phone and looked at the number. His smiling face turned into a
serious one in an instant. This concerned me but he gave me a small smile before he
go out of bed.
"I need to take this, I'll be back." He walked out of the room. I was curious as to
why he needed to talk to the person outside of my room.
Before I could stop myself, my curiosity got the best of me and I was slowly
walking until I was outside of Damon's room listening to what he was saying.
I couldn't really hear him that much but sooner his voice got louder.
"Listen, I need to know who exactly is working for Rick. I can't just
guess.....still, find me more information," he said before it got all quiet.
I couldn't move, I couldn't even say anything because I was shocked.
Someone was working for Rick? Wait, that means he isn't going to leave me alone!
I felt a tear flow down my cheek, Damon's door opened and his eyes widened when he
saw me.
"Rose? Did you hear-" he stopped himself when he saw my tears. His eyes saddened
and he sighed.
He pulled me in his room before engulfing me in a hug.
"He isn't going to leave me alone isn't he?" I whispered.
"Shhh...flower. Don't worry, I promise I'll protect you," he said softly.
I shook my head in disagree, "no, he'll never leave me alone. He's going to get
"No he won't!" He tilted my chin until I was staring at him. "I will protect you
with my life , I won't risk losing you flower."
I sniffled and nodded my head.
"Someone's working for him?" I asked.
He huffed and ran a hand through his hair.
He hugged me closer to him and said, "yes, and that person is someone we know, it's
just we don't know who."
I felt like there was something else but I didn't want to ask.
"Who would possibly work for someone as cruel and sick as Rick?" I whispered
feeling my stomach turn.
He stayed silent and rubbed small circles on my back.
"I'll protect you flower, don't worry." He whispered in my ear.
Damon's door slammed open and David came in.
We pulled apart and he smirked.
"Good morning beautiful," he winked at me. Damon let out a deep growl before
holding my waist possessively.
"David! What did I tell you about flirting with my girlfriend?" Damon asked.
"What? Who said I was flirting? I was only stating the truth." David said with a
"David!" David chuckled before putting his hands up in defense.
"Ok, ok. Come one, Alley wants you two down stairs for breakfast," he said before
winking at me and walking off.
"Man, that guy will never stop," I gave him a small smile and hugged him again.
"Let's go," he grabbed my hand and lead me downstairs and into the kitchen.
Alley was cooking eggs and pancakes.
She looked up at me with a smile but it dropped when she saw my face. I'm guessing
because of my eyes from the crying.
"Are you ok? It looked like you were crying," she said softly.
"It's nothing really," I said and shook my head before giving her a fake smile.
"Yum, pancakes. My favorite," I told her.
"Really? They're my favorite too," she chuckled.
She placed the eggs and pancakes on plates before looking at me.
"You know Rose, I want you to be able to tell me anything. I know something's wrong
but I won't push it, just know you have a friend to talk to," she said. I nodded my
head and gave her a quick hug before grabbing my plate and walking towards the
David and Damon were sitting on the chairs opposite of Alley and I.
We talked, laughed and ate. The thought of Rick was still in my mind and it
wouldn't go away. I mean, how could it? But somehow I felt happy being here with
them, and I kind of forgot about that subject for a short time. It wasn't that long
but it was long enough to make me realize that I had a family again.

*Unknown POV*
It was dark.
I got into my car and drove back to the same cottage I went yesterday. I had to be
careful with what I did. I didn't want anybody becoming suspicious of me.
After two hours I arrived and parked my car in my usual spot. I made my way out of
my car and back into the cottage. The door wasn't locked and I rolled my eyes.
Damn, he's stupid. Who doesn't lock the door?
I walked in and heard disturbing sounds.
Really? At a time like this? He's the one that said he wanted to see me.
I sat on the couch and waited until they were done. It was torture and I just
wanted to puke.
After a while they finally stopped and I heard a loud bang noise coming from the
I got up and rushed into the room. My eyes widened at the sight in front of me.
A naked girl on the ground with a bullet in her head.
I looked at Rick and he was wearing shorts and he placed the gun on the table.
"Really? Did you have to kill her?" I asked.
He looked at me and rolled his eyes.
"What? You expect me to let her go and blab her mouth to anybody that she had sex
with a person in a cottage and get me in trouble?"
"Well , you should've thought about that before dragging her in here in the first
place," I said before shaking my head. I didn't feel bad for the girl, I just
didn't like blood all over the floor.
"It doesn't really matter, she was too easy anyways."
I shook my head and looked at the lifeless body on the floor.
"So, who's going to clean this mess?" I questioned.
He smirked at me before opening and small closet and pulled out a big bag, gloves
and a shovel.
"You are," he shoved the things into my hands and walked away.
"Are you serious? You want me to clean your mess?" I yelled.
"Yes I do, don't argued with me," he hissed and walked out of my sight.
I groaned and got to work.
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Chapter 29

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*Rick's POV*
I went inside the cottage and sat down on a chair.
I've been in here ever since Rose ran away from me. Once she ran away from me I
immediately found her, I just didn't make my move because she was staying with her
so called hero.
As long as she's with Damon she's unreachable, he has security around every inch
outside his house, but I have my ways to deal with people like him.
I was able to hire someone near them to work against them and give me information,
they won't even suspect a thing.
Once I get my hands on my beautiful Rose I will punish her, I'll punish her for
running away and leaving me, for all those years in jail and punish her for being
with another man.
She's mine and will always be mine, it's a good thing I was her first before she
could give it to anyone else.
A smirk plastered on my face when I remembered that night, it was the best night of
my life. Unfortunately it ended when the police came and took me, if it wasn't for
them I would have went all night with her.
I know she loves me, she's just playing hard to get. Once I get rid of Damon and
have her back in my arms I will marry her.
Damn, I love her so much, we'll be so happy together and that day will come soon.
I took my phone out and dialed a number.
I waited a minute until the person on the other end picked up.
"Hello," said the voice.
"What are they doing right now?" I asked.
"Umm..the usual, making out and sucking each other's faces."
I felt my blood boil in anger. I saw red and felt furious.
How could she be making out with someone when she loves me? She's suppose to keep
herself only for me. I will make her regret she ever ran away from me in the first
"Well, what are you waiting for? Make up some excuse and interrupt them," I
"Ok ok, but can we just get it over with. I'm tired of having to play nice."
"Just do your thing and I'll tell you when to make your move," I sneered.
"Ok, I need to go." I hung up and threw my phone on the ground.
I can't stand it anymore, I need her with me now! She's my oxygen I needed to
breath. I've been separated from her long enough and I won't wait any longer. It's
time to start with the plan.
*Rose's POV*
Two days later
I woke up and opened my eyes when I felt someone kissing my lips. I smiled against
Damon's lips and kissed him back, I wrapped my arms around his neck and started to
roam my hands in his hair and tug them.
He licked my lower lip asking for entrance and I gladly accepted. Our tongues
fought for dominance but of course I gave up and let Damon take control.
After a while we finally pulled apart and he smiled a childish grin at me.
"Is that how you wake a person up?" I asked with a lazy smile on my lips.
He smirked and kissed me again before pulling away.
"If you like it then I'll start waking you up like that everyday."
"I loved it," I giggled as he started kissing me again.
After our make out session he pulled away and smiled down at me.
"Get ready Rose, we're going out."
I sat up and my eyes widened with excitement.
"Really? We're are we going?"
"It's a surprise," he winked at me and got off of the bed.
"But I hate surprises," I pouted and he chuckled.
"Go take a shower and get ready," he said before walking out of the room.
I got up and ran towards the bathroom with a smile on my face.
I can't wait to find out what he has in stored for me.
I took off my clothes and hopped inside the shower and let the hot steamy water
relax my tense muscles.
I frowned when I remembered what Damon told me.
I didn't know what scared me most, Rick getting to me or someone I trusted turning
out not to be the person I thought they were.
I shook my head from those thoughts and sighed.
I closed the water and wrapped a towel around my body.
I then realized that I forgot to pick out clothes before entering the bathroom.
I slowly opened the bathroom door and peeked out to see if anybody was there.
I sighed out in relief when nobody was in the room. I got out of the bathroom and
headed to my closet and opened it trying to figure out what to wear. I wanted to
wear something simple yet beautiful.
I was in the middle of thinking when my bedroom door slammed open and someone
entered which made me gasp.
"Hey Damon you in-shit, I'm so sorry Rose," I blushed and held the towel closer to
my body. David was standing by the door turning his face the other way.
"Ughh..it's n-no problem," I said embarrassed.
"I was just looking for Damon but I guess he's not in here, well, I better go
before Damon kills me," he said the last one with a smirk.
He turned away and left and I let out a sigh of relief.
Damn, that was awkward.
I turned back to my closet and pulled out a blue sun dress. It was a pretty dress
with floral designs on it.
I took out an underwear and a bra and started to dress.
Once I was fully dressed I brushed through my hair and put it in a high ponytail.
I applied lipgloss and mascara before I looked myself in the mirror.
I smiled and walked out of my room and downstairs into the living room.
Alley was sitting on the couch watching tv. She looked up at me and smiled.
"Hi Rose!"
I sat next to her before giving her a hug.
She looked at my clothes and raised a brow,"So, are you going somewhere?" She
"Yeah, Damon's taking me somewhere."
"Where?" She asked.
"I don't know? He didn't tell me where," I shrugged my shoulders.
"Ok, have fun!" She said before walking off.
I smiled and thought about everything. Before, I didn't even have any friends but
now I have a couple.
Speaking of friends, it's been a while since I last talked with Lexi, I decided I
should check up on her.
I grabbed my phone and texted her.
Me: Hi! It's been a while.
After a couple seconds my phone made a buzz sound indicating I had a message.
Lexi: Hey, what's up?
Me: Lots of things I can't really explain over the phone.
Lexi: Well, how about we see each other soon so we can talk and hangout?
I smiled and immediately texted back, it's been days since I last saw her and I
missed her, especially with everything going on.
Me: Yes I would love that.
Lexi: Great. Text me when you want us to meet.
Me: Sure thing, I'll talk with you later.
Lexi: Ok bye!
Me: Bye.

I looked up when Damon came walking down the stairs, he was wearing jeans and a
black shirt with a jacket. It was simple yet so sexy on him.
"Like what you see flower?" He asked. in a teasing voice.
I blushed and smiled. He chuckled and came up to me.
"You look stunning!" He kissed my lips and then pulled away.
"Thanks," I whispered.
"Come on, let's go," he grabbed my hand and started to pull me outside the house.
Before we could actually make it out the house Alley yelled something.
"Remember you two! Use protection!" I blushed and Damon stopped and glared at
Alley. She just laughed and ran away.
Damon shook his head and pulled me towards his car.
"You ready?" He asked me.
I smiled up at him and nodded.
After about 20 minutes we made it to a place full of grass and trees. It was
beautiful. There was a small lake and birds flying everywhere. It was peaceful.
I loved it.
"Wow Damon, it's beautiful," I said.
He looked at me and a smile made its way on his lips.
He grabbed my hand and kissed it.
"I'm glad you like it." He got out of the car and opened my door before taking my
hand and pulled me out the car, we started walking deeper into the trees until I
saw where we were going.
I gasped and put my hands on my mouth.
There was a cute yet a fancy table full of food.
"Did you do this?" I asked.
"Yes but this is only breakfast. There's more," he said.
"Oh Damon, you didn't have to."
"I would do anything for you."
He lead me to the table and pulled out my chair before I sat on it.
For an hour we ate and talked. It was so much fun and I loved this place. It was
the most romantic thing someone ever did for me. I really don't know what I ever
did to deserve someone like him.
He got up and grabbed my hand and lead me to the car. Once we got in he drove off.
We made it to a place which I assumed was the beach. He kept driving until we
reached a yacht. My eyes widened and he smiled.
"We're going on that?" I asked while pointing to it.
He nodded his head with a slight worry in his eyes.
"Do you not like it?"
"Are you kidding me? I always wanted to go on one," I said excitingly.
He smiled and got out the car.
Once we were both out the car, we headed to the yacht. Damon helped me get in and I
thanked him before exploring it.
"Who's going to drive this thing?" I questioned.
"Me," Damon smirked.
My eyes widened.
"You know how to drive one?" I asked.
"Yes, my dad used to drive one and I learned when I got a bit older," he said. When
he brought up his dad I saw something flash in his eyes. Something like hurt or
pain. I wanted to ask him what was wrong and hug him till he felt better but it was
immediately gone and I decided not to push it.
"Can you teach me?" I asked trying to lighten up the mood.
"Of course, come here."
I walked up to him and he started the yacht. He drove for a while and I was
observing the ocean in amazement.
"Ok, so you put your hands here," he grabbed my hands and placed them on the wheel.
He started to turn the wheel and the yacht would turn around.
Once I got the hang of it he let me do it on my own. I squealed and laughed out in
excitement. This was the best day I had in years.
I looked at Damon and he was looking at me with passion, amusement and love.
Maybe I saw wrong. I couldn't help but feel my heartbeat increase and joy feel my
heart when I saw that in his eyes.
I was about to say something when my phone rang.
Damon took the wheel and looked at me with a confused expression.
I took out my phone and saw a blocked number.
I felt my hands sweat.
I gulped before I answered.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Oh, my sweet Rose, I missed you so much."
I froze.
No, why is he doing this at a moment like this? Does he always have to ruin
something good for me? Why won't he just leave me alone?
Tears started to form in my eyes and by Damon's expression it looked like he knew
who it was.
"You're not going to say anything to your future husband?" He asked.
"No," that was the only thing that could come out of my mouth.
"Oh yes dear, we'll be seeing each other really soon and you'll be mine once
I couldn't help it. Tears flew out of my eyes.
Damon's face turned into anger and he took the phone from me.
"You bastard! Leave us the hell alone," Damon yelled.
I didn't know what happened next, the last thing I saw was Damon shouting with a
furious face before everything turned black.
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Chapter 30

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*Rose's POV*

I groaned before slowly opening my eyes, I saw that I was in my room laying on my
bed. My eyes widened when I remembered what happened.
Rick called me! He called me and told me he was going to take me. I felt afraid and
tears threatened to fall out.
I don't want to go back to him, even if I die I will never agree to marry him.
Soft snoring's tore me out of my thoughts. I looked to my right and saw Damon
sitting on a chair and leaning his head on the edge of the bed while holding my
hand sleeping.
I felt my heart flutter at the sight. I wanted to be near him. I wanted to be safe
along with him, I didn't want to deal with Rick and the thought of him taking me
away from Damon just scares.
I ran my hand through Damon's hair. He immediately jerked his head up and looked at
me with relieved eyes.
"Oh, thank goodness," he whispered as he he kissed my hand.
"Are you ok?" He questioned. I nodded my head.
"What happened to me?" I asked.
"After that phone call.... You passed out," he said with angry eyes.
I just nodded my head.
Damon reached up and stroked my cheek.
"Tell me flower...what did that bastard tell you?"
I gulped and looked at my hands afraid to tell him.
"He said..that we will be seeing each other soon..and....that I'll be his soon," I
said a tears fell out of my eye.
He immediately wiped them with his fingers and kissed my cheek.
"No you will not be seeing him! You're mine and mine only," he whispered in my ear
then kissed my lips.
"I'm not going to let him touch a strand of your hair."
I nodded my head, I knew Rick will stop at nothing to get me but I wanted to have
hope. Hope that he will never get to me.
"Promise?" I whispered.
He kissed my lips and nodded his head.

*Damon's POV*
I stayed next to Rose until she finally feel asleep.
It broke my heart seeing her all terrified, if only I could take the pain away
from. She's my everything and I need to keep her safe from that bastard.
Man how I wish I could rip his head off. Rose is mine and only mine and I won't
allow another man come near her.
That day when I told Xavier everything I realized something. I realized that all
along I was in love with Rose. Yes I lover her so much and I don't think I can live
without her. This morning I was planning on telling her that but the bastard had to
ruin it.
I'm going to tell her that I love her once everything is ok. I'm nervous that she
won't love me back but I won't know till I tell her. I have to take risks.
I grabbed my phone and dialed a number.
Once the person picked up I immediately spoke.
"Listen, I want you to send me your best guards and security," I hung up and didn't
wait for an answer.
After an hour of me working and dealing with the guards Alley and David came
rushing into my office.
"Dude. What the hell is with up all the security?" David asked all confused.
I guess I have to tell them. They need to know if they are going to stay in my
"Sit down," I stated. They did as I said and looked at me with confused
"There's someone who is trying to take Rose from me," I said.
Alley gasped and placed her hands on her mouth and David's face had concern written
all over it.
"What? Who on earth is trying to get her!" Alley snapped.
"Rose's ex, he's crazy and he threatened her this morning that he was going to get
her," I said.
"What are we going to do?" Alley asked.
"I added more security and hired guards, she should never be alone."
They nodded and I looked at David.
"We need to be careful, someone's working for Rick behind our backs and they could
be anyone," by anyone I wanted to say Liam.
"Alley, you stay here with Rose, David and I need to do something."
Alley nodded her head before David and I walked out of my office.
"What are we going to do?" David asked.
We walked outside until we reached the car.
"Just get in and I'll tell you," I told him before getting in the car.
He got in the car before I drove off to Xavier's house.
"You know I said something about a person working with Rick?" I asked.
David nodded and I continued, "I think I know who it is."
David's eyes widened, "who do you think it is?" He asked.
"Liam? The guy that works for you," he asked clearly shocked. I nodded my head and
clenched my jaw.
"He'll not be working for me anymore once I fire him."
We stayed silent until we reached Xavier's house. I got out of my car and David
followed behind me.
I knocked on Xavier's door and his maid opened it.
I rushed in the house and saw Lexi and Xavier sucking each other's faces.
I coughed so they can know that someone's here. They immediately pulled apart and
Lexi blushed. I rolled my eyes and stepped into the living room.
"Hey man, what's up?" Xavier asked.
"Nothing good! Rick is planning on taking Rose," I stated while rushing my hand
through my hair.
"What!" Lexi yelled before getting off of Xavier's lap.
"That psycho is going to kidnap Rose?" Lexi asked. I felt my blood boil at the
thought of Rose getting kidnapped. I can't let her get hurt! I love her and I won't
risk Loosing her.
"No he's not going to kidnap her and we are going to the person that will tell us
everything," I said.
"David and Xavier are coming with me. Lexi, I want you to go to my house and stay
with Rose," I told them.
They all nodded and Lexi went in her car while we went in mine.
Once we all got in the car Xavier asked a question.
"Where are we going?"
"Where going to put an end to this spy boy! We're going to confront Liam."
They all stayed silent with wide eyes.
"Dude, are you sure it's Liam? I mean, we're accusing him with no evidence," Xavier
"No! I know it's him. Beside, the other day I heard him talking on the phone
suspiciously," I snapped.
They didn't say anything. I sighed out in frustration and my grip on the wheel
tightened. I need to do something that will protect Rose but I don't know what.
After half an hour we arrived at Liam's house. I rushed out of my car and headed
towards his door.
"Hey man, wait!" Xavier yelled.
I didn't listen to them and kept walking. Once I was outside his door I banged on
The door was opened by a confused Liam. I saw red and pushed him inside the house
and grabbed him by the collar. I punched him straight in the face and he fell to
the ground.
David and Xavier pulled me back.
"What the hell?" Liam yelled.
"Let me go!" I hissed.
Liam's eyes widened.
"What the hell did I do to you?" He asked while rubbing his jaw.
"What did you do? Don't act dumb! You know what you did." I tried to release myself
from Xavier and David but they didn't let go.
"No I don't. You can't just come in here and accuse me of something I didn't do."
He got up from the floor and walked up to me.
"Stop acting all innocent." I said and they finally let go of me, "just admit it!
You're working for Rick and lying to all of us!"
Liam's eyes widened and he stepped back with a confused expression.
"Wait who?" He asked.
That just got me angrier, he's acting as if he doesn't know anything.
"You know who exactly I'm talking about," I snapped.
He shook his head, "no I don't."
"Yes you do! You're working for Rick and using Rose's trust against her."
"Who the hell is Rick? And I would never do that to Rose's, she's like my younger
sister," he yelled.
I was taken back by his answer but I knew not to believe him.
"Stop lying! Just admit that you're working for him!" I shouted.
David and Xavier tried to calm me down but I didn't listen to me. This bastard was
getting on my nerves.
"I'm not working for anybody," he hissed.
"Oh yeah? Then explain the suspicious phone calls," I told him.
His eyes widened and he looked nervous.
"Suspicious phone calls?"
"Yes, I heard you the other day at work talking with someone and by the way you
were talking it looked like you didn't want anybody finding out who you were
talking with."
He gulped and I knew he was hiding something.
"I don't even know who on earth is Rick," he said
"Then what about the phone calls?" I yelled. I clenched my fist and jaw. If he
doesn't answer me I will make sure he gets a couple of broken ribs.
"I was talking with someone else," he said nervously.
"Then if you weren't talking with Rick then who the hell were you talking with?"
"Oh god! I didn't want people finding out like this," he muttered under his breath
but I heard.
"Well?" I asked.
He looked up at me and sighed.
"I was talking with my boyfriend."
All of us went silent and our eyes widened.
"What?" I said.
He ran his hand through his hair.
"I said, I was talking with my boyfriend....I'm gay. I didn't want people knowing
so I was calling him in secret," he said and blushed.
I was in a state of shock.
Then realization hit me.
My eyes widened and I felt my heart beat faster.
If Liam isn't the traitor then.....
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Chapter 31

*Rose's POV*

I opened my eyes and looked around my room. Damon wasn't here. I frowned when I
didn't see him. Where did he go?
I tried to stand up but couldn't because I was too tired. I sat down on the bed
and ran my hands through my hair. The house was quiet. I didn't hear a single
I started to think about Damon and Rick. Damon said he was going to protect me and
I believed him but somehow I knew whatever Damon did, Rick would never back down
and will stop at nothing.
I admit I'm terrified! I don't even want to think of the possibilities what Rick
would do to me if he ever got to me.
What would my stepfather do to me? All the threats from Rick made me forget about
my stepfather but I know he's as mad as much as Rick that I ran away.
I was torn from my thoughts when I heard the front door opened. I gulped and and my
hands started to shake.
I don't know why I'm afraid. Maybe it's because Damon isn't with me.
The footsteps started to get louder, could it possibly be Damon? I grew more
nervous when the footsteps starting coming towards my room.
I looked around me and saw a lamp right near me. I Immediately grabbed it and took
a deep breath.
The footsteps stopped right in front of my door. The door nob turned and the door
slowly opened.
When the door was finally opened I sighed out of relief. There by the door was
"Rose! You're awake! Are you ok?" She asked walking closer to me.
I nodded my head and engulfed her in a tight hug.
"I'm ok. I'm glad you're here." I stated.
She smiled and pulled away.
"I missed you. It's been a while," she said.
"I missed you too." Her face turned into concern.
"I heard what happened....I want you to know we are going to keep you safe," she
I closed my eyes out when she brought the subject up.
"Thanks," I said in a soft voice.
"You're welcome, now let's get you-" she immediately stopped with a light scream. I
snapped my eyes open and saw that she was on the ground and her head was bleeding.
I gasped and slowly looked up.
There In front of Lexi's unconscious body was a person holding a bat wearing a
Tears started to fall out of my eyes. The person smirked and I shook my head.
The person's smirk grew wider and held the bat tighter. The person took off the
mask and I gasped. More tears fell out of my eyes. How could she?
"Oh yeah," she said swinging the bat and hitting me on my head making me fall to
the ground.
Tears kept falling out and my eyes started to close. The last thought I had before
I fell into the darkness was how could she betray us?
How could she betray her own brother?

I opened my eyes to be greeted by a dark dim room. I groaned and tried to move my
head but the pain was preventing me from moving. My head hurt like hell.
My eyes widened when I also tried to move my hands but they wouldn't move.
I gasped slightly when I saw the state I was in. I was tied to a chair in a dark
room with no window, bed or anything just a door and a chair.
The memories from what happened today started to flood in my mind. I let the tears
fall. They took me. Rick has finally got to me and it's all because of her. How
could she do this to me? How could she do this to Damon? I trusted her and she
stabbed me right in the back.
I can't believe the friend I actually thought I had wasn't really my friend.
I tried to move and free myself but the chains were too tight on me.
I cried.
I can't believe I actually thought my life was getting better, or that Rick and my
stepfather would actually leave me alone. Now I will never see Lexi, nor Liam or my
A tear fell out of my eyes. I love him? I loved him from the moment I ran into him
and now it's too late. I will never see him ever again and tell him how much I love
him. He changed my life and I can never thank him enough.
I snapped my head up when I heard foot steps.
The door opened and I gasped. There by the door was Alley.
"Oh, so the slut finally woke up?"
"How could you?" I whispered. She walked up to me and started to laugh.
"Why would you do this to us?" I asked louder. She came closer to me and smirked.
"Why you ask? Well it's because my brother doesn't deserve a gold digger like you,"
she hissed.
"You heard what I said! I knew from the moment I first saw you that you were with
him because of his money."
"No, you're wrong! I love him," I yelled. As soon as I said that she slapped me in
the face.
"You whore! Don't think that if you can fool others means that you can fool me,"
she sneered.
"I'm not fooling anybody! For a matter of fact, you're the one fooling everybody,"
I yelled at her. Her face fell and her eyes grew with angre. She slapped me once
"I'm doing this for a good reason, I'm doing this so you can get the hell out of my
brothers life you good for nothing slut."
"You changed my brother and once you're out of his life I will make sure he goes
back to his cruel old ways and be the billionaire he is than be the softy he has
become because of you," she hissed and punched me in the face. I screamed but she
didn't stop hitting me.
"Now now Alley. Is that how you treat my girlfriend?" said a voice by the door. I
immediately knew who it was. Rick came into the room and I gulped.
I never wanted to see his ugly face again but looks like I never get what I want.
He walked closer to me and I put my head down out in fear. Tears fell out of my eye
and a cry came out of my mouth.
"She deserved it," Alley shrugged her shoulders.
"Leave," Rick said to Alley in a serious tone. She nodded her head before leaving.
"My sweet Rose. I missed you so much," he whispered before grabbing my chin and
pulling it up so I could look in his eyes. I refused to look at him and averted my
eyes somewhere else.
Tears didn't stop falling out my eyes and he didn't like that. Rick hated
everything I did and he would always punish me.
"Look into my eyes," he said in a low voice. I didn't listen and looked away.
"I said look into my eyes," he snapped. I whimpered and looked into his eyes. The
familiar scary evil eyes where still the way I remembered them.
"W-What do you want from me?" I stuttered.
"I want you my love. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to punish you for leaving
me," he said.
I cringed when he said punish. His punishment would always be like how you treat an
animal. Even animals don't deserve to be treated the way I was when he punished me.
"Please d-don't," I shook my head. He smirked and nodded his head.
"Well I'm afraid I have to. You have to learn what happens when you ever try to run
away again," he said while touching my cheek.
I closed my eyes and tried to prevent more tears from falling out. The chair I was
tied to fell on the ground with me when a punch flew straight in my face. I cried
out in pain.
I was on the cold hard ground all tied up, he kicked me and punched me until I
finally fell into darkness

I jerked my head up and opened my eyes wide open when I felt pain. I took a deep
I was still tied to the chair but it wasn't on the floor anymore. The door opened
and my heartbeat increased. Is he going to beat me again? I started to shake out in
fear but stopped when I saw a lady. She walked in and closed the door.
She turned her head to me and sympathy was written all over her face. She looked
familiar but I couldn't figure it out. In her hands she was holding a bag and she
walked closer to me.
I squirmed in my seat. What is she going to do? I sensed that she wasn't dangerous
but that didn't make me put my guard down.
"It's ok honey. I'm not going to hurt you," she said softly. I relaxed in my seat
and looked up at her.
"Who are you?" I asked. I wonder what a person like her is doing in a place like
"Ugh..I'm Rick's mother," she whispered. My eyes widened and I stayed there in
"I swear I'm not going to hurt you. You're not the only prisoner here, I might be
his mother but I'm also stuck in here," she said. I gulped and nodded my head.
She smiled at me and took a medicine kit out.
"Let me clean your wounds before it gets worse," she said. Once she said it I
realized that my whole face hurt. I'm not surprised.
I nodded my head and she took out bandages and tissues with some other stuff. She
slowly and carefully cleaned my wounds with every once in a while I would wince out
in pain.
Once she was done cleaning them she placed the bandages on my forehead and cheek.
"Why are you helping me?" I asked. She looked at me and gave me a small smile.
"Because you don't deserve this, I know what's it like to be abused and forced to
leave the people you love." Tears were visible in her eyes.
I had a feeling that she might have went through the same thing I went through but
maybe worse.
I nodded my head and she backed away.
"I need to go before I get in trouble," she said. I nodded my head again and she
walked towards the door.
Before she was even outside the room I heard her mutter something under her breath
but everything was so quiet that I was able to hear her.
"You poor thing."
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Chapter 32
*Damon's POV*
My eyes widened and I dashed out of Liam's house. I heard Xavier and Liam running
after me as I ran towards the car.
"Damon! Where the hell are you going?" David yelled.
I didn't answer and got in the car and drove off after Xavier and David got in.
My hands gripped the wheel.
If Liam wasn't the traitor then that means the traitor is somewhere out there,
somewhere near Rose. I have to make sure she's ok.
"Dude, what's wrong?" Xavier asked.
"If Liam isn't the one working for that bastard then it mean someone else is and
they could be doing anything right now and that could be with Rose," I hissed. I
ran my hand through my hair out of frustration.
"Even though you right did you forget we left the house guarded?" David asked.
I relaxed a bit knowing I didn't leave her alone but that didn't make me slow down.
I won't be relieved until I have her safe in my arms.
I parked my car and my eyes widened when I saw all my guards unconscious on the
"Oh no," I said while shaking my head.
I jumped out of the car and ran inside the house with David and Xavier behind me.
Everything was quiet.
"Rose!" I yelled but nothing happened.
"Dude, what happened here?" David whispered.
My heartbeat increased out in fear.
I ran upstairs and stopped dead in my track at what I saw.
Alley was holding an unconscious Lexi in her arms while crying.
"Lexi? Oh my god. Baby please wake up," Xavier ran towards Lexi and hugged her body
to his while pleading for her to wake up.
I was shocked. Where's Rose? Where's my Rose?
"Alley, what happened?" I asked in an angry tone.
She kept crying while shaking her head.
"Alley! Where is Rose?" I yelled again.
"I-I don't know. I was going to my room when someone hit me on my head and I
blacked out and once I woke up Rose was gone and Lexi was unconscious," she cried
while putting her head in her hands.
I gulped. Rose was takin away by that bastard! I saw red and my blood boiled.
I grabbed the nearest vase and crashed it on the wall while screaming.
"How could they take her? How could they get past the guards? Once I get my hands
on these bastards I swear I will tear their heads off."
Alley cringed and started to sob.
I looked back at Lexi and softened.
"David call the ambulance!" I yelled. He nodded his head and ran off while I went
next to Xavier.
"Is she ok?" I asked. He looked up at me and his face held sympathy.
Lexi's my best friend and I need to know if she's ok. Besides, once she wakes up I
need to ask her some questions about what happened.
"I don't know, I'm afraid something happened to her," Xavier whispered.
"Don't worry, she's strong and you know that."
He looked at me and nodded.
"Don't worry Damon, we'll find her." I felt tears form in my eyes but I pulled them
back. I can't cry! But I also can't risk losing her. I love her and I will do
anything to get her back even if it's the last thing I do.
We took Lexi's body outside and the ambulance took her while we went to our car and
drove off to the hospital. My mind wouldn't stop thinking about Rose. I called the
police and told them my girlfriend was kidnapped by a psycho. They said that they
were going to meet us at the hospital.
The only thing that was on my mind right now was getting Rose back. I will kill
that bastard.
After 20 minutes we made it to the hospital and rushed in to find out what happened
with Lexi. Us three ran to were she was located and once we made it outside her
room a doctor came out.
"Is she ok?" Xavier immediately asked.
The doctor looked at us and smiled.
"Don't worry she is fine, just a hit on the head but nothing serious. She'll wake
up in a couple of hours."
We all sighed out in relief. Xavier shook his hand with a smile on his face.
"Thank you."
"It's my job," he said before walking off.
I was happy that Lexi was ok but that didn't make things better. Rose was still
gone and I won't sleep until I have her in my arms.
I sat down on a chair and rubbed my hands all over my face.
Xavier and David sat next to me while David put a hand on my shoulder.
"We'll find her," he assured me.
"Yes, we will," Xavier agreed.
"I-I don't think I could live without her," I whispered and my voice cracked at the
end. I was never the weak one but ever since Rose came in my life she changed me
and I loved having her by my side and I don't want to think what I would do with
out her in my life.
"We'll find her," David repeated. I only nodded my head and hoped she's ok.
I looked up when I saw police officers running toward us. We stood up and two came
up to us.
"Hello Mr. William. I'm officer Robert. We need to now what exactly happened so we
can investigate and help," he said. We all nodded our head and I talked.
"My girlfriend Rose Kelley had an ex boyfriend that got bailed out of jail
recently. He threatened her that he was going to take her and today we went outside
but when we came back we found all my guards past out and Rose gone."
He nodded while writing some stuff on a piece of paper. I ran my hand through my
hair out in frustration.
"Was there anyone awake when you came home?" He asked.
"Yes, my sister," I replied.
"Where is she?" I then noticed she was not with us. I looked at David and he
scratched the back of his neck.
"Well, she seemed tired and scared so I left her with a couple of guards."
"Why on earth would you leave her alone when a crazy psycho is out there," I
"I told you she seemed tired," he defended himself.
"We need her to come so we can talk to her. She can be useful," Robert said.
David nodded and grabbed his phone before walking away. I looked back at the
"Give us a picture of your girlfriend and we'll check cameras near your house so we
can see if we find anything suspicious."
I nodded my head and took out my wallet that had Rose's picture on it. A small
smile grew in my lips when I remembered how I got this picture. I was in her room
and she was showering. Her purse was wide open and her picture was right inside it.
I took it to look at it but ended up taking it so when ever I miss her I can just
look at her.
I gave him the picture and he nodded his head and clipped it onto the paper.
David came up to us and faced the officer.
"She'll be here in an hour," he said. I walked away and sat on the chair. I hope
she's ok. I hope nothing bad happened to her or she's not hurt.
I groaned and pulled my hair out of fear.
After an hour Alley came running into the hospital and ran towards us.
I got up and walked towards her as the officer started talking to her.
"What's your name mam?"
"Alley lundgren."
"Do you possibly have any suspicions on who hit you?" Roberts asked. Alley stayed
silent thinking about it. She slowly shook her.
"No! No I don't," she suddenly burst into tears and David hugged her.
"What time did this all happen?"
"I-I don't k-know, I think maybe 4," she hiccuped. I wanted to comfort my sister
but I was too busy worrying about Rose. If I don't find her soon I will go crazy.
"Ok, we will try to find her," he said. That got me angry. Try to find her? They
should do everything they should!
"You will find her," I snapped.
He looked at me and nodded before walking off.
I grunted and punched the wall. I was about to curse when Xavier came rushing
towards us.
"She's up! Lexi woke up."
My eyes widened and we ran to her room.
She was laying on a bed and her chest was moving up and down showing she's
Her eyes opened and once she saw me her eyes became glossary. From the look of her
eyes I can tell she knew what happened.
"Are you ok baby?" Xavier asked. She smile at him and nodded.
"I'm ok," she looked at me and gave me a sympathetic look.
"Are you ok?" She asked.
I shook my head and sat on the chair next to her.
"No I'm not. I don't know where the hell she is and it's killing me." A tear fell
out of her eye and she held my hand.
"Rose is strong and I'm sure we'll find her," he assured me. I've been hearing that
all day but somehow it won't make me feel better until I actually see her.
I nodded my head and gave her a small smile.
"Oh my god Lexi you scared the living day lights out of me!" Alley yelled. Lexi
laughed and shook her head.
"Lexi, do you know who hit you?" I asked with hope.
Her face fell and she frowned.
"No I don't." My heart fell and I clenched my jaw. How on earth will we know who is
the traitor?
Officer Robert came in the room with a couple of other people. He looked at Lexi
and smiled.
"We would like to ask you some questions?"
Xavier got up and stood in front of him.
"Can't you see she's tired? Can you guys ask later?" He said.
"Xavier it's ok, go ahead ask," she said while grabbing Xavier's hand.
"Well I need to ask with nobody in the room," he said looking at all of us.
"What? Why can't we be here?" Alley asked crossing her arms over her chest.
"Because I don't need everybody being in here," he said. I just went out of the
room and sat down on a chair.
I kept thinking about what happened today. I can't believe the person we thought
was the traitor wasn't really the traitor.
I yelled out in frustration and hit the chair next to me.
I promised myself that once I get my hands on whoever it is I will make them pay.
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Chapter 33
*Rose's POV*

I opened my eyes and whimpered before crying all over again. Every time I wake up I
hope that this was all a dream and I was back in Damon's warm comfy bed, in his
arms but unfortunately I face reality and see that I'm in a dark scary room.
I've been here for days. Days of torture, days of pain, and days of crying. Every
once and a while either that back stabbing so call 'friend ' or Rick would come in
here and beat me up until I'm unconscious.
At first I would scream and cry but now I just remain quiet and close my eyes until
they stop. My whole body aces and is in pain. I bet I look like shit right now.
Blood everywhere around my body.
I'm surprised that I still didn't see my stepfather. I thought once he has his
hands on me he won't let me go until I'm dead.
I also couldn't get my mind off of Damon. Was he thinking about me? Was he looking
for me? I know deep down in my heart that he's looking for me. I miss him so much
and if only I had a chance to tell him that I love him so much.
I felt my heart squeeze at the thought of never seeing him again.
A sob escaped my mouth and I started to cry. I want to get out of here! I don't
want to marry Rick nor do I want to never see Damon again.
I held back my cries when the door opened. The women I saw the day I was kidnapped
walked in. After that time, I haven't seen her. I was curious about her.
I looked at her and saw she was holding bread. She gave me a sad smile.
"Hi..." She whispered. I just nodded at her and didn't say anything.
"I know it's not much but I want you to eat something," she said while raising her
hand that was holding the bread. I nodded my head and started to eat. Once I was
done she smiled at me.
"I'm so sorry."
"It's not your fault," I whispered.
"If only I could do something," she stated. All of a sudden my eyes widened in
"Tell Damon William where I am!"
Her eyes widened and she stiffened. Her mouth hang open and she was about to say
something when the door slammed open. I cringed in fear and she moved away from me.
"Mom! What did I tell you about being here?" Rick hissed.
"I was bringing her food," she whispered.
"Don't bring her food unless I say so!"
"Well she was going to die out our hunger. Poor girl didn't eat for days," she said
a little louder.
Rick walked up to us and slapped her. She cried and fell on the floor.
"Shut up! Don't talk back to me and get out of here before I beat you up too!" He
yelled. She nodded her head and ran out of the room.
I felt tears form in my eyes. What kind of sick person is he? How could someone do
that to his own mother? He wasn't just sick, he was a monster.
He looked over at me and smirked an evil smirk. He raised his hand and I closed my
eyes ready for the slap but he touched my cheek and caressed it.
"My sweet sweet Rose. If you agree to stay with me forever and never run away then
I'll let you out of this room and have some food."
I looked at him like he grew three heads. In his wildest dream!
"Never in a million years," I spat. His eyes turned into anger and he slapped me
and I screamed out in pain.
Out of nowhere he smacked his lips onto mine and I just sealed them shut and not
responding. Tears kept falling and I tried to pull away but his disgusting lips
wouldn't get off of mine.
He pulled away and something scary was in his eyes which I couldn't point out.
" I guess I'll just have to do it the hard way my love. Sooner or later you will
give in," he whispered in my ear which I shivered in disgust.
He raised his fist and it collided with my cheek. He repeated that until I fell
into darkness with open arms.


I open my eyes and smile. I snuggle closer into Damon and he wraps an arm around my
"I missed you," he whispers in my ear.
"I missed you more," I said as tears were on the verge of falling.
He looked at me and smiled and wiped a tear the slipped out of my eye.
"Don't worry my love. Your going to be ok, whatever happens stay strong for me and
don't give up," he told me. I furrowed my brows in confusion.
"Wait what are you talking about?"
He kissed my lips and stared into my eyes.
"I love you."


I jerked my eyes open and took a deep breath. I was still in the room tied up on
the chair. I felt my eyes water. It was just dream. It felt so real. I wish I was
back in Damon's arms again.
It somehow felt like the dream was a message or something. It was like Damon was
trying to tell me to be strong and don't give up. And also that he was going to
come and get me. I know it might sound stupid but I'm going to hold onto that hope
for now.
I'm not just going to sit here and let them abuse me. I have to find a way out of
here fast before something bad happens.
I don't even know where I am but I need to try to at least get the hell out of
"Hey!" I scream hoping one of the guards will hear.
"Hello!" I screamed again.
One guard opened the door a bit and pocked his head in.
"What?" He hissed.
"I need to pee," I said. He looked at me like I was stupid.
"Pee on yourself, I don't care."
"Please I really need to go," I begged. He shook his head giving me a glare.
"You know, I know Rick really well and I know he doesn't like bad smells and a mess
so if I pee here there will be a smell and he won't like that," I stated giving him
a look.
He stayed silent and looked like he was thinking about it. He sighed and walked
towards me. I secretly smirked.
"I swear if you do something wrong you will regret it," he sneered. I instantly
nodded my head and he untied my hands. I sighed out of relief and rubbed my wrists.
They were sore from the ropes.
He grabbed my arm roughly and opened the door. I was greeted by lights and I
squinted my eyes. Staying in a dark room for days was not a good thing.
He pulled me and we walked into a hallway. I was trying to remember everything so
when I escape I remember the way out.
He dragged me until we were standing outside a door.
"Make it quick," he grunted. I looked and saw there was a vase to my right.
This is my only chance, I gulped and turned to the man and kicked him in the place
were the sun doesn't shine.
He cried out of pain and fell to the floor.
I grabbed the vase and smashed it onto his head making him close his eyes and fall
to the ground.
I took a deep breath and ran towards the hallway.
I stopped at the end of the hallway and saw in front of me was a small room. There
was a window and outside of it were trees.
There's my way out.
I made sure nobody saw me and ran.
I reached the door and smiled. I'm finally going to get out of here!
I grabbed the door nob and slowly turned it. I was about to open the door when
something hit my head and pain consumed me.
I cried out of pain and fell to the ground.
My vision was blurry and I saw blood on the ground and glass everywhere.
My eyes started to close but before I fell into the darkness I saw a figure
standing in front of me.
My stepfather.


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Chapter 34

*Rose's POV*

I gasped for air and jerked my head up. My eyes widened when I saw I was still in
the same dark room. I was so close, so close.
"You slut!" Rick yelled while slapping me and I whimpered before closing my eyes.
"How dare you try to run away from me again," he sneered and punched me in the
stomach and I cried out of pain.
I felt rough hands pull my hair and pulled my head back. I was greeted with the
same cold eyes.
My stepfather.
He smirked at me and my eyes widened.
"Missed me whore?" He hissed in his raspy voice. I sobbed and he punched me in the
face while Rick punched me in the stomach.
"You actually thought you were going to get rid of us?" My stepfather asked. Tears
fell out of my eye and I shook my head.
After a while of beating me, Rick looked at my stepfather.
"Get out."
He nodded and walked out of the dark room.
"I'll make you regret that you ran away from me," he whispered in my ear and I
cried out as I felt something sharp going down my arm. I looked down and saw Rick
was holding a pocket knife in his hands.
He dug the knife deeper and I screamed out of pain.
"Please! Please stop!" I screamed.
He smirked and pulled the knife away from my skin.
I sighed out of relief but he shook his head.
"Oh no my sweet Rose," he said while shaking his finger in my face. "Don't think
that your off the hook that easily."
"No, please Rick," I sobbed as he took of my dirty shirt.
He laughed an evil laugh and tears fell out like a waterfall. I didn't want this. I
didn't want to replay history.
I sobbed and begged but he didn't stop. He took the ropes off of me and pinned me
up on the wall.
"I missed you so much," he groaned while putting his head in the crook of my neck.
"Stop....stop..." I begged.
"I'm not stopping my love, ever since that night I've dreamt of doing it all over
"No! I don't want t-this," I yelled as he ripped my pants off. Now I was only in my
"Shut up slut!" He yelled before slapping me across my face. "I wasn't asking for
your opinion. I said you'll regret running away and I'm making sure you do."
I whimpered and closed my eyes. This is it. I can't go through this again. This is
happening all over again!
He was about to reach for my underwear when his phone rang.
I held my breath and he answered it looking frustrated.
"What?" He yelled.
After a couple of seconds he grunted and hung up.
"I have some business to do but when I come back we're continuing were we stopped,"
he hissed as he smashed my head on the wall.
I cried and fell to the floor and thanked God that he didn't do what he was about
to do.
He walked out of the room leaving me almost naked on the ground.
I shivered and brought my knees and put my head on them before sobbing.
After half an hour someone opened the door and my eyes widened in fear.
Ricks mother came in and I sighed from relief. She was holding something in her
hands and when she came closer I saw she was holding clothes.
Her eyes held pity and I felt tears form in my eyes all over again.
"Sweetie. Are you ok?" She asked, I shook my head and cried.
"You poor thing, I'm so sorry."
"Please help me," I whispered.
She looked at me and her face turned into confusion.
"Please help me get out of here, help me get away from him before he does something
else," I claimed.
"I-I don't know what I could p-possibly do," she said.
"Please tell them where I am, I don't know where I am but you do."
"Who do you want me to tell?" She asked slowly.
"I want you to inform someone named Damon William that I'm here, please."
She stiffened and looked at me for a while before nodding her head.
"I'll try," she said. Right then and there I saw hope. A big smile came on my lips
and I hugged her.
"Thank you so much, you don't know how much this means to me."
"Actually I do," she whispered under her breath but I heard.
"Uh..nothing." She shook her head before smiling at me.
"I need to go before Rick comes back," she told me while handing me the clothes and
walking out the door. I sighed and wore the clothes and thanked God that I wasn't
I realized that I wasn't tied to that chair and that made me more relaxed.
I guess the only thing I could actually do right now is hope for freedom.


*Damon POV*

I'm going crazy! It's been a week since that bastard took Rose. A freakin week!
I've been looking for her everywhere, the police has also been looking for her
everywhere. We couldn't find anything that had to do with Rick and it's driving me
Is he hurting her? I swear if he does I will make him pay.
I've had sleepless nights since they took her. I can't sleep without her in my
arms. I love her so damn much and I was too late to actually tell her. I was to
afraid of my feelings that I didn't get to tell her and now I'm afraid I won't ever
be able to tell her.
I punched the wall out of frustration. I took the vase and threw it on the ground.
I want her back. I need her back!
All of a sudden Alley and David barged in my office.
"What's happening?" Alley asked.
"Where the hell are they? I need her back," I yelled and David tried to calm me
"Damon calm down. You being like this won't bring her back."
"We've been looking for a week and I still can't find her!" I shouted.
"David's right Damon! This won't help any of us," Alley whispered.
I fell down to the ground and ran my hand through my hair.
"What can I possibly do to bring her back?" I whispered.
"Be strong and don't give up," David said. I nodded my head and they walked out of
my office while I stayed on the ground thinking.
I miss her.
I miss her smile and chocolate brown eyes. Her laugh and her blush. I miss
everything about her.
I was caught off from my thoughts when I heard my phone buzz meaning I got a text
I reached for my phone that was in my pocket and took it out.
I opened it and my eyes widened.

Unknown number: I'm on your side. I also want Rose to be safe from Rick. I'll
give you the location just know when to come at the right time. Rose is currently
in a small cottage deep hidden in the woods. It's not far from where you are but
its about 5 miles away. That's the only thing I can say.
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Chapter 35
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*Damon's POV*

My grip on my phone tightened. I immediately got up from the floor and rushed out
of my office.
That message will help us find Rose. I don't know who the hell sent it but I don't
really care. The only thing on my mind right now is to find my Rose.
I ran towards the hallway trying to find David and Alley. I headed towards Alley's
room and stopped by the door when I heard her talking on the phone.
"Ok ok!..... Ugh gosh! I said fine," she whispered. My brows furrowed in confusion.
"Be careful... Ok bye."
I opened the door and she gasped and turned around.
"Damon, what are you doing here," she asked and covered her shocked expression with
a smile.
"Who were you talking with?" I questioned.
She stiffened and looked down at her hands.
"I was talking with Eric," she said and looked me in the eyes.
"Why were you whispering?" I asked.
"Your not in a good state and I didn't want to make you feel bad if you heard me
talking with my husband."
I relaxed and nodded my head. All of a sudden I remembered what I came here for.
"I found something that will help us find Rose," I claimed. Her eyes widened and
she came closer to me.
"What is it?"
I opened my phone and showed her the text message. She gasped and looked at me.
"Who is this?" She asked.
"I don't know but that's not what's important, what's important is that we go find
I rushed out of the room to find David while Alley ran behind me.
"How do you know it's useful. Maybe someone just sent it as a prank," Alley said
behind me.
I shook my head.
"Prank or not I don't give a shit! I will find her."
David was sitting on the couch and when he saw me, he got up.
"Hey bro, anything bothering you?" David asked worried.
I didn't say anything and showed him the message. His eyes widened and a small grin
came up to his face.
"I think we're close to finding her," I whispered. He hugged me and nodded his
"You guys get ready and get in the car and I'll call officer Robert," David said. I
nodded and Alley and I went to the car.
After five minutes David came into view and hopped inside the car.
"We're going to go to the woods and meet up with the police," he stated. I nodded
my head and drove off as fast as I can.
After a while we made it outside of the woods and I just wanted to rush in there
and get Rose back and kill Rick with my bare hands.
Officer Robert was in his car with some other people. We all got out of my car and
ran towards them.
"Officer Robert," I greeted.
He nodded his head at me.
"Let me see the mystery message so we can get started," he said.
I took my phone out of my pocket and opened it before showing him the message.
He read it and nodded his head.
"This is the best clue we had in a week," he stated.
"What if it's all a joke?" Alley questioned.
"We won't know till we find out," officer Robert said.
I nodded my head in approval. She sighed.
"So what are we going to do?" Alley asked.
"Well more men are heading over here and once they're here we will spread out and
cover the area till we find a cottage. And if any of you guys find one don't just
barge in there. You need to inform us first then we will send more back up and get
Rose Kelley back," Officer Robert said to all of us.
I felt my mind come at ease at the thought of getting her back.
We all nodded our heads. We were waiting for the other police officers but I
couldn't help feeling impatient. Here I am waiting and god knows what is happening
to Rose.
I felt my heart squeeze at the thought of her going through pain and me not being
there to help her.
I couldn't help notice that there was something wrong with Alley. She seemed
worried or something.
"Hey what's wrong?" I asked.
She looked up at me and gave me a small smile.
"It's nothing really," she whispered.
"You seem worked up about something," I raised a brow.
"It's just Eric is sick and I'm worried about him," she shrugged.
I nodded my head and held her hand.
"You know that I'm leaving soon," She told me.
"I have to go back to London and be with my husband, I've stayed here long enough."
I looked at her and understood that she had to be with her husband.
"If that's what you want then I'm not preventing you," I said. She beamed up and
hugged me.
"I'm sorry that you have to go through this," she whispered
"It's not your fault Alley," I said.
There was something in her eyes but I couldn't point it out.
"So when are you leaving?" I asked.
"Probably in a couple of days or something," she stated. I nodded my head and stood
up when I saw police cars from the distance.
I walked up towards officer Robert.
"They're here," he said.
The cars parked and about eight police officers came out.
We all gathered and officer Robert split us into groups.
"Alley and Damon you guys are coming with me," he told us.
We nodded our heads and by the time he was done we were all split into four groups.
David went with the other police officers while Alley and I started walking with
officer Robert.
Once we walked deeper into the woods it started to get creepier. I wasn't afraid
but I was worried of what they could do with Rose in there? I felt my rage heighten
and my blood boil. I swear I will make them regret whatever they did to my flower.
We walked and walked but we didn't get anywhere. I started to get frustrated. Was
Alley right? Was this all a prank by someone who knew Rose was missing and wanted
to get in my head.
I shook my head out of those thoughts. I should be positive and not negative.
I kept my eyes open and looked very closely.
Two hours passed and we didn't find anything and it started to get dark.
"We've been walking this way for a long time," Alley said. "Let's try going this
I looked at the direction she was pointing at and it was the opposite direction
from where we were walking.
I felt uneasy but officer Robert agreed and we started walking towards that
We heard a ringing sound and officer Robert took out his phone and picked it up.
"Hello....no nothing," he paused and groaned before hanging up.
"They didn't find anything and it doesn't look like we're going to find anything
any soon," he said.
"We must keep looking," I said.
"We've been walking for hours Damon, maybe officer Robert is right," Alley
"No!" I yelled, "I'm not giving up."
"Listen Mr. William. It's getting dark and it's not safe here at night. You guys
need to go home and rest and tomorrow morning we will look again and if we find
something we will inform you," he said.
I clenched my fist and ran my hand through my hair before punching a tree that was
next to me.
"I can't leave knowing my girlfriend is out there hurting," I hissed.
"Damon he's right, they'll come back tomorrow and if they find something they will
tell us," Alley claimed while rubbing my hands.
I thought about it for a while and finally gave in.
"Ok let's head back and I'll call the others to head back as well," he said.
While we headed back I couldn't help but think that we were so close.
I will find her sooner or later and have her back in my arms once again.

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Chapter 36

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Enjoy :)

*Rose's POV*

I opened my eyes to see I was tied back to the chair. I tried to move but like
always nothing would work.
I looked around the room to see if Rick's mom was here but frowned when she wasn't.
Did Rick come in and tie me? The last thing I remembered was sitting on the cold
hard ground. It wasn't much but it was better than being tied to this uncomfortable
Ever since I came here I kept crying and crying but now I feel like all my tears
are dried up. I feel like my whole body is weak and in pain.
It's the same old routine, Rick comes in here. Beats me up and leaves. I barley see
my stepfather nor Alley and it's better that way.
I can't believe I used to call that traitor my friend! At first I was sad and felt
betrayed but now I loath her.
I was interrupted from my thoughts when I heard commotion coming from outside.
I gulped and felt my heartbeat increase.
What's happening outside? Is Rick doing something else?
I wanted to go and see but couldn't because I was afraid and also tied to this
stupid chair.
I started to sweat when I heard footsteps running towards the room. I yelped out of
fear when the door slammed open but gasped when I saw who it was.
Tears of joy started to stream down my face at the person in front of me. I knew
it! I knew that he was going to come and save me sooner or later.
"Damon....." I whispered.
He smiled when he saw me and ran towards me.
Once he was in front of me he grabbed my face in his hands and captured his lips
with mine. It was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. It was sweet
and full of passion showing how much he missed me.
He pulled away and untied the ropes that was binding me to the chair.
"Are you ok? Did that bastard hurt you? I swear-"
"Damon! I'm ok. Just please,let's get out of here," I said. He nodded his head and
pulled me to his arms.
"I missed you," he whispered. I smiled and looked up at him as he carried me bridal
"I missed you more, I was worried you'd never come for me."
He looked at me like I was crazy.
"I would never leave you with that bastard Rose. I would look for you even if you
were on the ends of the earth," he said and kissed my lips once again.
I responded but immediately pulled back when we heard clapping.
There by the door was Rick wearing a smirk. I gulped out of fear of what he could
possibly do.
"Well done Mr.William, it only took a week for you to find my fiancé," he said.
"She's not you fiancé," Damon hissed.
"Oh actually she is. We were planning on getting married soon, isn't that right my
sweet Rose."
I cringed and shook my head in disgust.
"No your not right! I never loved you and never agreed to marry you," I told him.
That made his smirk drop and anger to be replaced all over his face.
"Yes you do love me! You'll always be mine but this bastard is in the way," he
yelled while pointing at Damon.
"He is not in the way of anything because I never loved you. Why can't you get that
through your thick scull," I shouted.
Something evil passed through his eyes which scared me. That look never is good and
always leads to something bad.
"It's all his fault your acting like this. If he wasn't in our lives, we would be
married right now and happy but no! He has to get in the way but I'll make sure
everything goes back to the way it was supposed to be," he said while pulling
something from his pockets.
My eyes widened and I gasped.
He pulled out a gun and aimed it at Damon.
"Put the gun down," Damon said slowly.
Rick shook his head and stepped closer.
"It's all you fault. You ruined everything and I'm going to make you pay," he
I felt tears running down my face and I hugged onto Damon.
"No! Please Rick," I begged.
He looked at me and smiled a creepy smile.
"If I can't have you then no one will."
I felt like time stopped when I heard the bang. Ricks smile grew wider and I looked
and saw Damon on the ground with blood everywhere.
"No!" I screamed and held his head on my lap.
"Please Damon! Don't leave me," I cried.
He smiled a weak smile and raised his hands to stroke my cheek.
"Don't cry flower," he whispered while wiping tears off my face. "Tears don't suit
you, smiling does."
He coughed out blood and pain was all over his face.
"Damon hold on, help is on the way," I said and couldn't help the tears that kept
"I love you flower and remember smile...." He breathed out and his hand fell down
and he closed his eyes.
"No!" I yelled.


"No!" I yelled and jerked my body off the ground. I took a deep breath and looked
around the room.
That was only a nightmare!
Tears of joy fell out of my eyes.
Damon's ok and not dead. That never even happened and it was only a bad dream.
Even though I wish I could be out of this place, I'm relieved that it was only a
dream. I don't know what I could ever do to myself if something ever happened to
I realized I was still on the cold hard ground and not tied to that chair.
I put my head in my hands and started to cry. I want to get out of here. I want to
be with my friends and with Damon. I want to get away from Rick and from this hell
but I doubt I'll ever be out of here.
I looked up when the door slammed open and walked in my so called 'stepfather'.
He smirked at me and I averted my eyes to his hands which held ropes. I crawled
impossibly deeper against the wall and gulped.
"Had fun not being tied up for once?" He said.
I didn't answer and scowled at him.
He came up to me and grabbed me by the arms and pulled me up aggressively.
I yelped out of pain and his smirk only grew wider.
He pushed me and I landed on the chair and he started to tie me up.
"Pathetic, I don't see why Rick wants you," he said.
My brows furrowed in anger.
"I'm the pathetic one? Says the guy who's working for a psycho," I muttered.
His smirk fell and he slapped me on the face.
I didn't cry nor hiss out of pain.
"You slut! If it wasn't for the money Rick promised to give me I would of just
killed you."
"Death would be way better that living here with you two scumbags," I yelled.
He punched me and looked me straight in the eyes.
"Oh Rose, we're not staying here for long," he said smugly.
"What are you talking about?"
"We're moving to Jordan in a couple of days. Far away from New York."
"N-no, I'm not leaving with you guys," I said while shaking my head.
"You are, and you'll never see your lover boy ever again," he laughed and punched
me one last time before walking out the room.
I sobbed and cried. I'll never see my friends ever again. I'll never see Lexi nor
Xavier. I'll never see David and most important I'll never get to tell Damon how
much I love him.
I was telling the truth. I would rather die than live the rest of my life as a
prisoner for those two monsters.
I cried for hour until I couldn't cry any longer.
The door opened and Rick walked in. My eyes widened in fear. The last time I saw
him he tried to force himself on me.
"Ah.. Your finally awake."
I gulped and looked down.
He walked up to me and gripped my chin making me look into his cold evil eyes.
"Now where did we leave off?" He smirked before smashing his lips on mine.
I cringed and tried to pull back but he held my face tightly in his hands and
kissed me roughly.
I didn't respond and shut my lips tight to not allow him entrance.
I bit his lip as hard as I can and he hissed out of pain and pulled back before
wiping the blood on his lips.
His eyes turned full with anger and as usual, he slapped me.
"You slut! I'll make you pay for not giving in to me," he yelled while he untied me
from the chair and slammed me onto the wall.
I cried knowing this time he wasn't going to stop. He was going to break me with
all the strength he has.
History was indeed repeating itself.
Tears fell down my cheeks as he ripped my shirt and kissed my neck roughly.
I felt numb.
I couldn't do anything but cry.
He was about to reach for my bra when one of the guards slammed the door and ran
towards Rick.
"What's going on? Why are you interrupting us," Rick yelled angrily at him.
I was relieved that once again he was stopped.
The guards face held worry and panic all over it.
"Sir, the police are here!"
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Chapter 37

*Damon's POV*

14 hours ago

For the whole night I stared at the wall. Sleep didn't visit me tonight. I was to
distracted with the idea of having Rose back. Ever since she was kidnapped I
couldn't even sleep. It was like all the other days. Restless nights without my
I didn't want to leave last night but I had no choice. I wanted to continue with
the search but I was left with no choice but to leave
I swear once I have my Rose back I will kill that bastard.
The thought of him made my blood boil.
I looked at the clock and saw it was eight AM. I groaned and got up running my hand
through my hair.
Officer Robert said yesterday that they would start searching again in the morning.
I wish I could be there to look for her but they didn't want me to intervene with
there work.
I got up from my bed and dressed in jeans and a black shirt. I went down stairs to
find David and Alley sitting down on the kitchen table talking.
They looked up at me and gave me a pity look. I just nodded at them and walked to
the fridge to grab something to eat.
"Good morning," Alley said.
"Good morning? It's a horrible morning," I hissed.
Pain consumed her face and immediately I felt guilty.
"Sorry Alley. I'm just not in a good mood these days," I muttered before pulling
out a chair and sitting next to her.
"It's ok. I understand."
I nodded at her and continued eating the granola bar that was in my hands.
"So..Alley was telling me that she's leaving back to London tonight," David said.
My eyes widened and I looked at Alley while she smiled at me.
"This early?" I asked.
"Yeah, Eric needs me and I've been here long enough," she nodded her head.
"Oh, ok."
"Did officer Robert contact you?" David asked.
I groaned and ran my hand through my hair.
"Unfortunately, no."
David patter my back.
"We'll find her sooner or later," David assured.
"I hope," I whispered.
"Anyways....Lexi is out of the hospital and her and Xavier are coming over along
with Liam," David told me.
"Liam?" I asked. The last time I saw him was the time I accused him of being the
traitor. I was wrong and I need to apologize. Also for the whole week I've been
trying to figure out who could possibly be the traitor but couldn't figure it out.
"Yes and you need to apologize to that boy," he raised a brow.
I nodded my head and looked at my hands.
I was waiting for some phone call, for good news that could make me hold onto that
little piece of hope. I was waiting for officer Robert to call me and tell me he
found Rose.
I got up and headed to my office. Once I reached it, I entered and slammed the door
shut and walked to my desk.
I sat on my chair and pulled open a drawer and picked up a picture of Rose. In this
picture Rose was smiling and her perfect white teeth were showing. Her eyes were
twinkling and it just caught my breath.
I took this picture when we went on our date.
I couldn't avert my eyes away from this picture. She was like an angel, my angel.


Four hours has past and I stayed in my office. I didn't want to go to my room or
anywhere else if Rose was not there. I kept staring at my phone hoping that they
would call and tell me that they found a cottage of some sort.
It frightens me that maybe it was all a prank and we're wasting our time looking
for Rose in a place she isn't actually there.
I screamed out of frustration and punched my desk. I grappled my phone and dialed
officers Robert's number before placing it next to my ear.
"Hello?" He answered.
"Officer Robert, it's me."
"Ah..Mr.William, is there anything wrong?" He asked.
"No there isn't, I wanted to know if you found anything."
"Unfortunately we haven't but we'll keep looking and if we find something we will
inform you right away," he told me.
"Ok call me if there's anything important," I said before hanging up.
I looked back at the picture and kissed it before putting it back in the drawer and
closing it.
I went down stairs and and heard the door bell ring. I sat on the couch and after a
minute, Lexi, Xavier and Liam came in.
They all had sad faces and I just nodded at them while Lexi came up to me and
hugged me in a tight hug.
"You know, I have a strong feeling we're going to find her pretty soon," she gave
me a small smile. I returned that smile hoping that her words were true.
"Yeah. She's a strong girl," Xavier said.
"She is," I nodded my head.
I looked to my right and saw Liam, I got up and walked up to him.
"Hey I'm sorry for accusing you of something you didn't do."
He gave me a small smile.
"It's ok, you were only looking out for her," he said softly.
"Speaking about that. Do you have the slightest clue who could it possibly be?"
Alley asked.
I grunted and shook my head.
"No, but once I do I will make them pay."
We all stayed silent until Lexi broke it.
"Well I'm going to start making lunch..." She said before walking towards the
"So did the police say something?" Liam asked.
"They said if something happens they'll call us."
They all nodded their heads.
"Well guys, I'm going to my room to pack up," Alley speaks in.
"For what?" Xavier questions.
"I'm leaving back to London in a couple of hours."
He nodded his head and she walked up to her room.


After four hours Alley came down with her luggage and placed them on the floor.
"Well I have to leave, my flights in two hours." She said as tears fell from her
Lexi engulfed her in a hug and she hugged her back.
Once she pulled away she looked at me and hugged me.
"I'm sorry I can't be here with you at a time like this," she whispered before
pulling away and wiping a tear.
"It's not your fault, your husband needs you."
David hugged her and then she reached for her bags and grabbed them.
"Bye guys," she waved before walking out the door.
I sighed and looked at my phone. It was four PM and still no news.
David went up to his room and Lexi went to the kitchen while Xavier and I sat on
the couch.
"Did you ever tell her?" He asked.
I looked at him confused.
"Tell who what?"
"Rose. Did you ever tell her you love her?" He answered.
I sucked in a deep breath and shook my head.
"That's one of the things I regret, I was such a coward that I couldn't tell her my
feelings and now I might never be able to tell her."
"I won't disagree with you being a coward but I'll disagree with the point of you
never again will be able to tell her. You'll find her," he reassured me.
I sighed and nodded my head.
"I hope your right."


It was seven PM and still nothing. I started to get frustrated and angry.
What if that bastard did something to Rose. I feared that something bad will happen
and I won't get her back.
My brows furrowed in anger at the thought of that. I pushed those thoughts away
while shaking my head.
My eyes widened when I heard my phone ring.
I Immediately grabbed it and answered it.
"Mr. William?"
"Yes it's me," I answered.
"We see a cottage in the distance but we don't want to get closer before anyone
sees us."
"Tell me the address and I'll be on the way," I said before getting on in a rush.
"We prefer if you don't come, we can take care of it."
That got me angry.
"It's my girlfriend we're talking about! If you like it or not, I'm coming," I
"Ok sir, if that's what you want," he said before giving me the address.
I ran out of the house without telling anyone and jumped into the car, driving as
fast as I can to get to the destination.
It took me a half an hour to arrive and I saw a couple of police officers outside
the woods.
I jumped off my car and ran up to them.
"Where's officer Robert?" I questioned.
"He sent us to show you where exactly he is," one of them said. I nodded my head
and then we ran until we reached a familiar road.
Then I remembered.
This was the same road Alley, officer Robert and I were walking yesterday but we
turned around.
I knew I shouldn't have left and kept walking! If I haven't left then she would be
with me right now.
"You coming?" One of them said.
I nodded my head and we went deeper into the woods.
After a while I saw officer Robert and some other police officers.
I ran up to them.
"Where's the cottage?" I asked.
"It's behind the trees but we can't go now," he said.
"What? Why can't we go? We clearly found her, I'm not waiting any longer," I yelled
before walking towards the cottage before he grabbed me.
"There are guards surrounding the place. Besides back up is on the way, then we'll
I took a deep breath and gave in.
After half an hour which was killing me, the back up finally came.
Officer Robert signaled for us to move quietly.
We walked slowly until we were in a distance and were able to see the cottage.
There was indeed people surrounding it.
"Ok in a count of three we shoot," officer Robert said to the others.
They all nodded their heads.
"1...2......3." They all started to shoot. Loud noises erupted in the air and lots
of bodies fell to the ground. Every guard was lying on the ground and we started to
run towards the cottage.
"We'll deal with the rest, you get the girl," officer Robert told me. I nodded my
head and he broke down the door before shooting a man that was about to shoot at
us. This place wasn't big but also wasn't that small.
There were lots of men but the police shot them. I ran through the hallway and
stopped at a door.
I slammed it open and saw Rose tied up to a chair with tears in her eyes and a
cloth against her mouth.
My heart fell at the site of that.
I ran up to her and untied her fast before crashing her to my chest.
"D...Damon," she stuttered while shaking her head.
"I missed you flower," I said before crashing my lips with her.
She pulled away and looked behind me tears slipping out of her eyes.
"Well well well, look what we have here."
I turned around and saw a man in the corner of the room clapping.
This must be Rick.
That bastard.
"I must say, you impressed me," he smirked.
"Shut up you bastard," I yelled.
His smirk grew wider when he glanced at something behind me or someone behind me.
I looked behind me to see what that bastard was looking at and gasped.
I froze.
No it can't be.
my eyes widened and my jaw clenched.
"Mom?" I questioned shocked.
"Damon," she whispered before tears fell out of her eyes.
"Wow, what a nice family reunion it is. Isn't that right brother?" Rick said
Brother? No! I refuse to believe that.
I looked at Rose and she looked shocked like I was. Then I saw bruises all over her
face and that ticked me.
"Shut up, I will kill you," I yelled while walking closer to him.
"Is that how you treat a brother of yours?" He said while reaching for something in
his pants.
"Your not my brother you bastard!" I yelled.
He laughed and pointed a gun towards us.
I immediately pulled Rose behind me and she gasped.
"Rick...please don't do this," she started to cry. My heart clenched at her crying.
If only I could stop those tears.
"Shut up you slut!" He yelled.
His glare turned to me and he smirked.
"It's your fault! All your fault. You took away everything from me. And now I will
take everything back from you starting from your life," he yelled.
"Rick, stop this!" My mom yelled.
"No I will not stop, you never cared for me. You always loved him and never loved
me. Not only that, he took away the girl I always loved."
"He didn't take me away from you because your the one to blame out of everything,
it's all because of your actions that I left you in the first place," Rose yelled.
"No, he did take you away from me! If it wasn't for him we would be married right
now," he yelled back.
I felt my blood boil. No way in hell was I going to ever let him marry Rose.
"Over my dead body," I hissed and tightened my grip on Rose.
"I think we can arrange that," he laughed an evil laugh before a loud bang was
My eyes widened when pain erupted through my chest.
"No!" I heard Rose yell as I fell to the ground.
There was lots of other commotions but I couldn't even move, my vision was starting
to fade.
I felt numb.
"Please Damon," Rose cried. "Don't close your eyes."
I wanted to comfort her but couldn't when I fell into darkness.

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Chapter 38

*Rose's POV*

"No!" I yell, tears pouring out of my eyes.

"Please Damon! Don't leave me," I cried onto his bloody chest.
I looked up at Rick through my tears and saw he was laughing and his mother was
"You," I yelled.
"You always have to ruin everything. I hate you. I hope you suffer in hell."
Ricks mother came down to me and hugged Damon. I was still confused, was she
Damon's mother? But it wasn't the time for that.
Rick stopped laughing and looked at me.
"No you don't. You love me," he shouted.
I shook my head and looked at my love. Anger flooded my mind.
"I hate you," I hissed.
His face held furry. The gun that was in his hands lifted until it was pointed
directly at me.
"Rick! Stop this at once," his mother yelled.
"If you don't love me then there is no point of you being around now is there?" He
said angrily.
Fear took over my body but I covered it all up.
"I would rather die than stay the rest of my life with you," I hissed.
"Then die slut," he said.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
A loud bang noise was heard and I waited for the pain but it never came. I opened
my eyes and gasped at what was in front of me.
Rick was dead on the ground and blood running through his head. I looked at the
direction of the noise and saw a police man holding a gun. I breathed out a sigh of
relief. Now I will never have to worry about him.
I looked back at Damon and cried.
He can't be dead. I laid my head on his chest but immediately pulled away when I
heard a heartbeat.
About 6 police officers ran in.
A couple of them ran up to us.
"He's still alive," I cried.
One of them took out a phone and started to yell for an ambulance.
I took his head on my lap and kissed his lips.
"Be strong. Please," I whispered.
We tried to stop the bleeding in his chest until the ambulance came. I couldn't
stop the tears that fell out of my eyes.
After short while the ambulance came and took Damon and Rick's dead body. I saw an
officer take my stepfather away which made me shiver in disgust when I saw him.
It's all over. I'm just going to pray that Damon makes it out alive. If something
happens to him I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself.
Rick's mother and I went in one of the police cars and rushed to the hospital, I
didn't want to say anything to the police until I find out Damon's ok.
Once we made it to the hospital we ran inside. Rick's mom was crying just like I
I went to the counter to ask where was Damon's room.
"Where's Damon William?" I asked urgently.
She looked up at me and gave me a sympathetic smile.
"He's in the surgery room at the moment."
"Will he be ok?" I asked softly.
"All I know is that he is in a bad state for now," she answered.
We ran to the surgery room and waited outside.
I sat on one of the chairs and let the tears pour out. A couple of nurses told me
to come with them so they could check on my health but I didn't agree. I wasn't
getting any treatment until I knew he was ok, it's all my fault! I'm the one that
brought him into all this. Maybe if I never ran into him he would be healthy and
Rick's mom came up to me and hugged me while crying. We stayed in silence until I
remembered what Rick told us.
"Are you really Damon's mother?" I asked.
She stiffened and another tear fell out of her eye.
"Y-Yes I am."
I was shocked. All along my crazy-ex and my loving boyfriend were brothers!
Damon never brought up his parents. He never talked about them at all. The only
thing I know is that he also has a troubled past.
"H-How? I-I mean....." She cut me off before I could continue.
"Damon and Rick aren't brothers completely, they're half brothers."
My mouth hung open in shock. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, it was
like she was remembering whatever happened in her past. She opened her eyes and
looked at me.
"When I was young, I met this man. He was sweet, nice, caring and lovable. He was
also the most handsome man I ever laid eyes on. We were friends at first but soon
fell in love. When we graduated college he proposed to me and after that we married
immediately. He was the most person I loved in the whole world."
"My parents died when I was in a young age so having him in my life filled in the
gaps. After marrying him we had David, Alley then my little boy Damon," she said
out of tears. I stiffened when I heard Alley's name but brought my attention back
on the broken woman in front of me.
"We were a happy family. One day I figured out my husband had cancer and I was
devastated, the one person I ever fell in love with was going to die in a couple of
months. I was in a horrible state and I refused to see the one I love going through
pain, so I started to ignore him. I know what I did was wrong but I didn't want to
see him go through pain."
"One day I was walking back from work and someone I knew that worked with me in the
same company told me they would give me a ride home. I believed him and said yes.
After I went inside his car he drugged me with something and I passed out. I woke
up terrified in someone's room I did not know."
Tears fell out of her eyes and I covered my mouth with my hands.
"After that he forced himself on me. I scream and cried but no one came to help me.
Once he was done with me I ran back home. I didn't want to tell my husband afraid
that he would do something that would affect his health."
"For two months I went through depression and I hated myself. I also was
embarrassed at how I could look at my kids and husband. So I stopped interacting
with them and always locked myself in my room. Of course my husband tried to figure
out what was wrong with me but I didn't tell him. After a while I figured out I was
pregnant and I instantly knew it was from Rick's dad. He soon figured out that I
was pregnant and he wanted to have his son along with me."
"That man was crazy, he threatened me if I didn't leave my children and husband he
would kill them. That night I was preparing to leave when I heard screaming. I
rushed downstairs and saw my husband dead on the floor. My children were crying and
I knew if I stayed a second longer I couldn't leave them, I would put there lives
at risk for my selfish actions. So I left." She sobbed.
I hugged her and cried along with her. This woman went through so much. Too much
and she's a strong person for holding on.
"I remember all my kids begging me not to leave when they saw I was about to walk
out the door. That time Damon was so young, I'm surprised that he still remembers
that day. He got on his knees hugged my legs. I couldn't handle it anymore so I
pushed him aside and ran. Sometimes I would go see how they were doing in secret.
From what I heard, he hates me. He hates me for abandoning him when my husband died
and leaving him. He thinks I never loved them or his father and ever since then he
never believed in love."
All of it started to make sense. No wonder he was such a cruel hearted person. But
it wasn't his fault. He was such a young boy. He went through a lot just like his
"I'm so sorry, it's not your fault, so don't blame yourself," I whispered to her.
"It is. I left them and now he could never love me," she cried.
"He does, no matter what happened, you're his mother."
She stayed silent.
Then I also remembered that she also lost her son today even though her other son
was in the surgery room.
"I'm sorry about Rick," I lied. I wasn't sorry. I'm glad he's out of my life.
She shook her head and gave me a small smile.
"I know this might seem cruel but it's for the best. He's just like his father,"
she sighed.
"I-I just hope Damon's going to be alright," she whispered.
Tears fell out of my eyes.
"He will, he's a strong man."
She looked at me and smiled.
"He must really love you," she said. My eyes widened.
"I-I'm not sure if he loves me...."
"I don't see a reason why he wouldn't. Your beautiful and strong. Even though I
didn't see him for a long time I still can tell he loves you on how he barged into
the room and hugged you."
I smiled at her and felt my heart flutter. Would he really love me?
"Do you love him?" She asked.
I sucked in a deep breath and nodded my head.
Her smile grew bigger.
"Well at least I know he's in the right hands." I smiled at her.
Then I figured out that all this time I didn't know her name.
"What's your name?"
"Elena William," she replied.
I smiled at her but immediately stood up when I saw the surgery room open and a
doctor walked out. We instantly ran up to him.
"How is he?" I asked.
"Right now he is in a bad shape, the bullet was a few centimeters away from the
heart and if it was closer he would be dead. We tried our best to help. He needs to
be watched for 24 hours, if he doesn't die then he might go into a coma. We can't
tell right now until the time comes," he said before walking away. I fell to the
ground and felt the salty tears fall all over again.
Please don't leave me Damon!
I cried and sobbed.
After an hour I was in the corner up in a ball crying my eyes out. Elena tried to
calm me down but I couldn't. I looked up when I heard footsteps running towards us.
Lexi, Xavier, Liam and David came running. I got up and hugged Lexi crying on her
"Oh thank goodness your alright," she sighed out of relief.
I nodded my head and pulled away. Liam hugged me then David.
"We missed you," Liam said.
"I missed all of you guys too," I whispered.
"How is he?" David asked. A tear fell out of my eye.
"H-He's not good, h-he might go into a coma," I stuttered. Lexi started to cry and
Xavier hugged her.
David stood still and a tear fell out of his eye. He was about to say something to
me until he stiffened when he looked at Elena.
"Mom?" He whispered. She smiled at him as tears fell out.
He ran up to her and hugged her while she hugged him back. I looked at them with

After hours and hours of waiting I started to get nervous, Damon still didn't wake
up. David and Elena were getting along. I was happy for them but was more afraid
for Damon.
My eyes were red from all the crying and I refused to go to the bathroom or eat
something because I didn't want to leave him. I was afraid something would happen
and I'm not with him.
I leaned my head on my hands but pulled my head up when I saw the nurses and
doctors running towards his room.
My heartbeat started to increase out of fear. They all had worried looks on there
faces. We got up and ran towards the room to see a bunch of nurses and a doctor
talking loudly but my heart stopped when I heard what the doctor said next.
"Fast, we're losing him."

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Chapter 39

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*Rose's POV*

I felt numb. I couldn't move nor talk. My eyes were focused on what's happening in
front of me.
There on the bed was a helpless Damon and nurses around him trying to get his heart
beating once again.
Tears fell out of my eyes and a sob escaped my lips. I placed my hands over my
mouth and I could hear in the background Elena and Lexi crying.
I looked to my right and saw a screen where it's supposed to be showing if Damon
has any heartbeats, but there was only a thin line.
"Let's try one more time," the doctor yelled. The nurses nodded there heads and
tried make his heart start working again. They tried for minutes but nothing
No! This can't be happening! I'm not going to let him die.
I ran up to the bed and grabbed Damon's cold hand.
"Damon please, don't leave me," I said while pumping his chest.
"Ma'am please..." One of the nurses said.
"No! He can't die!" I yelled while tears ran out of my eyes.
I pumped his chest harder.
"Come on Damon, please. For me," I cried.
"I'm Ms.Kelley but he's already gone," the doctor said softly.
I pumped harder and tried to ignore them.
I leaned in and kissed his lips.
"I love you Damon," I whispered.
All of a sudden a beeping noise was heard. We turned to the screen and I smiled
when I saw that his heart was working. I sighed out of relief and looked at the
shocked doctor.
"It's a miracle," he whispered. A tear of joy fell out of my eye and Lexi and Elena
came and hugged me.
"Thank you so much for saving my son," Elena cried.
I looked up at her and smiled.
"I love him, I would do anything for him."
"This is the first time I saw something like this happen, I must say Ms. Kelley,
you are life saver," the doctor smiled. I smiled back and looked at Damon.
I hope he wakes up soon.
"When will he wake up?" I asked.
"He'll be up in a day or two, it depends on how much rest his body needs," the
doctor said.
I sighed out of relief. Thank goodness!
"Thank you so much doctor," I said.
He smiled at me before walking out.
Elena walked towards Damon and held onto his hand. A tear fell out of her eye but
she immediately wiped it.
"My son, I missed you so much," she whispered and kissed his forehead.
I smiled at them. Finally, just maybe things are going to go the way it was
supposed to be.


Two days later

It's been two days and Damon still didn't wake up. I'm starting to get nervous but
the doctor assured me that his body just needs some rest before he wakes up.
In these two days I didn't leave his side, I made the rest go home to get some rest
while I stay here with him.
Yesterday David asked me who the traitor was and I told him it was Alley. They were
all shocked and I don't blame them. David was upset but he said that he always
thought Alley was up to something.
I was angry when I found out she ran away but officer Robert was able to catch her
because her flight was delayed. Also my stepfather was caught the day Damon got
shot and from what I heard, they aren't getting out for a long, long time.
I leaned my head on the edge of the bed and hold onto Damon's hand. I'm about to
fall into darkness when I feel someone playing with my hair. I jolt my head up and
tears of joy come out when I see a smiling Damon.
"Damon...." I whispered before hugging him so tightly.
He laughs before wincing out of pain.
"Oh my god! I'm so sorry," I panicked while getting off of him.
He laughed again and grabbed my hand.
"I missed you," he said. I felt tears flood my sight.
"I-I missed you more," I said through tears.
"I was afraid something happened to you," he said softly while pulling me into a
"You were afraid of me? I was terrified I would lose you," I said.
"I'm ok and all that matters now is that your in my arms," he said. I nodded my
head and he pulled me towards his lips. We moved our lips in perfect sync. I moaned
into his mouth when he deepened the kiss. The kiss was sweet and passionate.
We pulled away and he smiled up at me.
"I love you."
A tear fell out and he wiped it off.
"I love you too Damon."


3 weeks later

Everything was great. After Damon was out of the hospital everything turned back to
the way it was. Of course I got my treatment as well. And by the time Damon was out
I was ok as well. When Damon found out his sister was in prison he freaked out.
We explained to him that she was working for Rick and he was so disappointed. I
felt so bad for him. His one and only sister was the traitor. Also he was shocked
when he saw his mother and he ignored her for a week. Elena was so sad that her son
didn't give her a chance to explain herself, so that's why I locked them both up in
a room and eventually, they hugged and cried.
It made me feel good, Damon soon got over the shock from his sister and his mother.
But after that, everything was perfect. Every day he would tell me he loved me and
would kiss me whenever he had the chance to.
He soon healed and he was able to walk and move good. I moved into his room and
would sleep on his bed.
He became the most romantic person I ever knew. Who's would of known the cruel
heartless billionaire would turn out like this.
I looked myself in the mirror and smiled. Tonight Damon is taking me on a date. He
was acting weird these past few days. It was unusual but I shook it off.
I was wearing a black knee length dress. It was fancy yet beautiful. I let my hair
down and applied a bit of makeup.
I went downstairs and saw Damon was waiting for me. He looked up at me and smiled a
huge smile while looking me up and down.
I blushed before walking towards him. Once I made it in front of him he wrapped his
arms around my waist.
"You look beautiful," he said before pecking my lips. I smile at him and looked him
up and down.
Damn he was hot!
He was wearing a tuxedo that looked so good on him. His hair was combed to the back
and his smile made my heart flutter like always.
"You don't look too bad yourself," I chuckled.
"Shall we?" He said while extending his hand.
"We shall."
We walked and he took me to his car. He drove off and we sat in comfortable
silence. Something was up, Damon was acting nervous and he kept biting his lip
which was not common of him.
After ten minutes we stopped in front of a beach that was empty, I raised my brow
and looked at him.
He smiled nervously and got out of the car before coming towards my door and
opening it for me.
He smiled down at me.
We walked further, I was curious as to why he took me to a beach at night which was
empty even though it was gorgeous.the water was calm and the sky was twinkling with
stars. It caught my breath.
I gasped when I saw a fancy table full of food. I looked at him with a huge smile.
His nervous face vanished and turned into a relief one.
"Damon, you didn't have to," I said.
"I wanted to. I love to see that beautiful smile of your."
He kissed my lips and led me to one of the chairs. I sat on it and he pushed me in
before sitting on the other chair that was in front of me.
We talked about simple stuff while eating and once again his nervous faze came
back. I don't know why he's nervous but I tried to ease his worries.
"It's beautiful," I said while looking around the beach.
"Not as beautiful as you flower," he said before kissing my hand. I blushed at his
words and smiled.
"Why do you call me flower?" I asked.
He looked up at me surprised.
"Why did you choose flower and not some other nickname?" I questioned.
He nodded his head with a small smile.
"Well because flowers are beautiful and delicate just like you. When I first saw
you I thought you were just like a flower. Small, sweet and beautiful."
My eyes widened and a huge smile grew on my lips.
He nodded his head.
"Yes really."
I giggled and thought that I also need to have a nickname for him too.
"What should I call you then?" I asked.
He chuckled and shook his head.
"You don't have to call me anything."
"No..I want to call you something like.....Mr. Cuddle bear."
I laughed at his shocked expression.
"I'm just kidding.." I said. He sighed out of relief.
"How about Mr. Billionaire?" I questioned.
"Oh no," he grunted and shook his head.
I smirked up at him.
"Mr. Billionaire it is," I chuckled.
"Well if I'm going to be Mr. Billionaire then would you do the honor of being Mrs.
Billionaire?" He asked nervously.
My eyes widened when he got up from his sit and took out a red small box before
kneeling down on one knee.
My eyes started to water.
Is this really happening? Someone pinch me now!
"Rose Kelley, ever since I laid eyes on you I knew that you were going to change my
world. You made my life have a meaning to it and you were the light to my dark
heart. I know I'm not romantic and I can't write sweet poems that will be able to
catch your breath but would you do the honors of becoming my wife and living with
me for the rest of my life?"
I was speechless. Tears of joy fell out of my eyes and Damon started to get even
more nervous.
I nodded my head.
"Yes!" I yelled and hugged him in a tight hug.
He sighed out of relief and chuckled before getting up and twirling us around.
"Thank you so much," he whispered.
"No. Thank you, I don't know what I would do with out you."
He smiled at me and kissed my lips before pulling back
"I don't know what I would do if you weren't in my life too," he said before
smashing his lips back onto mine. I smiled into the kiss and kissed him back.
Everything was perfect.
My life was getting back on track and that's all because of Damon......my love.

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*Rose's POV*

"Lexi, everyone's here. Will you speed up a bit?" Xavier asked as he walked in the
small room.
"Hold them on a bit...I'm almost done," Lexi replied. I sighed out of frustration.
Lexi has been taking hours on doing my hair and makeup.
Xavier nodded his head and looked at me with a smile.
"Lover boy is worried that you changed your mind and your going to ditch him," he
chuckled. That made me laugh. Of course Damon would think like that if I'm late.
"Tell him to not worry," I chuckled.
He laughed and walked out of the room.
"Ok! All done," Lexi squealed. Finally!
She turned me around to look me up and down then gasped as water started to form in
her eyes.
"Oh my god, you look beautiful."
I turned around and looked myself in the mirror. My eyes widened when I saw the
girl in front of me.
This girl was happy and full of positive energy, she's not the same depressed and
tortured girl in the past. She is the free Rose......Me.
I smiled at myself, I looked different in a good way. The white dress I was wearing
was beautiful and my hair fell down in wavy curls. My makeup was cute and simple. I
looked nice.
Today's the best day of my life. Today is the day I become Mrs.William and the day
were from now on I get to spend the rest of my life with the person I love. Today
is the day I'm getting married to Damon.
I'm so excited and also nervous in the same time.
If a couple of years behind someone told me I was going to marry someone I loved
then I would have just laughed in their face but now it's actually happening.
I bet mom would be so proud of me.
I closed my eyes to prevent tears from falling out. This is my big day.
I turned to Lexi and she smiled at me.
"Thanks Lexi, I look great."
"Your welcome honey, beside you always look great," she laughed.
"Is the bride ready?"
We turned around and saw Liam was standing there with a huge smile.
"Yes she is," she said while pushing me towards Liam.
I walked up to him and hugged him.
"You look gorgeous muffin," he winked while pulling away.
I blushed and smiled at him.
I put my arms around his and he started walking out the room and towards the big
doors. Since I had no one to walk me down the aisle Liam offered to be the one to
walk me down the aisle and I gladly accepted.
I started to get nervous when we reached the doors. Once The two men that were
standing by them opened them the music started playing. We walked slowly by the
doors and my eyes widened.
Everybody I knew was here. There was some people I didn't know but I assumed that
they were either relatives or friends. When we walked closer I lifted my head up to
be caught with blue beautiful eyes.
He was so sexy and handsome, his tuxedo held his perfect body and his hair was
combed to the back. When he saw me he smiled a huge smile and I could've sworn I
saw tears in his eyes.
It was like time has stopped. Damon and I all alone staring at each other. His eyes
went up and down my body a several times which led to a blush on my cheeks.
We walked closer until I was right in front of him. He took my hand and Liam walked
away. He looked into my eyes and smiles.
"You look gorgeous flower," he whispered. I blushed and smiled back.
"Thanks, you look handsome as well."
We turned out heads to the priest as he started talking. I didn't really pay much
attention because I was too busy looking at Damon.
Damn he was hot!
"Do you, Rose Kelley, take Damon Williams to be you lawfully wedded husband through
sickness and in health for richer or for poorer as long as you both shall live?"
The priest asked.
I looked at Damon and he had a worried face on.
I smiled and replied.
"I do."
Damon's face turned into relief and he smiled at me.
"Do you, Damon Williams, take Rose Kelley to be you lawfully wedded wife through
sickness and in health for richer or for poorer as long as you both shall live?"
"I do."
There was a loud applause and everyone cheered.
"Then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may ki-" Damon grabbed me and turned me
and smashed his lips onto mine before the priest could continue.
Everybody started laughing and cheering.
I moved my lips against his and he deepened the kiss. We pulled away and I blushed
knowing I kissed him like that in front of everybody.
"I love you so much Rose," Damon whispered.
I smiled up at him as I tried to hold back the tears.
"I love you too Damon," I said back. He smiled at me and pecked my lips before
carrying me bridal style and twirling me around. I laughed and squealed as
everybody else started laughing.
Everybody went to the dance floor and started dancing. After the song was done a
slow song came up and Damon pulled me up and we started dancing.
His eyes stared into mine as if he could read right through them.
"This is the best thing that ever happened to me," he said.
"This is the also happiest moment of my life," I whispered.
He smiled at me and twirled me.
I laughed and he took me back in his arms.
"I'm glad you ran into me that night," he said.
"Me too, if I didn't then we wouldn't have met."
"Yeah and I'm glad you did flower," he said.
"I'm also glad that I ran into you Mr. Billionaire," I teased. He grunted and
smirked up at me.
"You better be, Mrs. Billionaire."
We laughed and I laid my head on his shoulder thinking it is indeed the happiest
moment of my life.


5 years later

"Troy William! Come over here," I yelled.

My four year old son came running in the kitchen.
"Yes mommy?" He whispered.
"Did you make this mess?" I asked while pointing to the plastic box of Nutella on
the ground with chocolate everywhere.
He looked at it and his blue eyes widened. He immediately shook his head.
"No I didn't mommy," he pouted his lips which made me awe in the inside.
I put my hands on my hips and gave him a pointed look.
"Then who did?" I asked raising a brow.
"I don't know, maybe daddy did it."
"But daddy's at work," I said and his eyes widened even more and he looked to the
"Sweetie it's ok, next time don't lie ok?" I asked.
"Ok," he said giving me a small smile which showed his dimples. My little boy was
the cutest thing I ever laid eyes on. He had black hair like mine and blue eyes
like Damon's. He had these cutest dimples. I could tell in the future girls will
die to be with him.
The day I gave birth to him was also one of the best days of life. All the pain
vanished when I laid him in my arms. Damon and I loved him so much. Damon loves to
spoil him but I always tell him not to because he will grow up spoiled but he's the
sweetest boy ever.
I placed my hands on my stomach when I felt a kick. I looked at my huge belly and
Yes I was pregnant with my second baby. I don't know what the gender is because
Damon and I wanted to keep it a surprise and I'm on my last month. I'm supposed to
give birth in two weeks.
Damon told me that he wanted the baby to be a girl, he said that he wants a girl he
can also spoil. I rolled my eyes at that one.
It doesn't really matter about the gender. All I care is that our baby will be
healthy but I can see from now if we do have a girl then she's going to become a
daddy's girl.
I cleaned the mess that was on the floor and walked to the living room where Troy
was watching tv.
"Are you ready kids?" Troy sang with a smile.
"Ay ay captain," he continued to sing.
"I can't hear you," he squeaked. I laughed at him, he is the most adorable kid
"Ay ay captain...oh who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob square
pants!" He sang. I laughed again and started tickling him. He giggled and laughed
begging me to stop.

After half an hour I turned my head when I heard a ringing sound. I grabbed my
phone and saw Lexi was calling me.
"Hi," I said.
"Hey Rose."
"What's up?" I asked.
"Nothing really but I'm heading over to your place with Zoey. She's been nagging
for days that she wants to see Troy," she laughed. I smiled at the thought of Zoey
and Troy. Zoey is Xavier's and Lexi's daughter, ever since Zoey was born they had a
connection. I could tell that Troy really likes Zoey and that they are really close
friends. Maybe even closer than friends in the future.
"Yeah and Troy has been doing the same thing," I chuckled.
"Well I'll be there in a while, see you."
"Bye," I said then hung up.
I looked to my right and saw Troy looking at me in a confused expression.
"Aunt Lexi and Zoey are coming," I said.
His eyes widened and he smiled showing his missing front teeth.
"Really?" He jumped.
"Yes really," I smiled while running my hands through his hair.
"Yay! I'm going to go get my toys ready," he said excitedly before jumping off of
the couch and running to his room.
I laughed and shook my head.
After 20 minutes they arrived. I got up and opened the door for them.
Lexi hugged me and I took Zoey in my arms.
"Hi Zoey."
She smiled at me.
"Hi aunt Rose."
"How are you?" I asked.
"I'm good."
I put her down as she ran to Troy's room.
"Hey girl, how's the pregnancy going?" Lexi asked.
"A little hard, the baby keeps kicking and I can't sleep at night," I chuckled.
"It's all worth it."
I nodded my head.
"Yes it is."
We sat on the couch and talked, Xavier and her married right after us and had Zoey
a couple of months after me. It was the best moment of my life and now I love my
I'm not the broken girl anymore. I'm strong and happy and that's what matters most
and it's all because of Damon and my little boy.
After a couple of hours Lexi and Zoey left. It was 8 PM and it was Troy's bed time.
"Come on Troy, it's time to sleep."
He put his toys away and pouted at me while yawning.
"But mommy, I'm not sleepy," he said while yawning again.
"Still. You need to sleep so you can grow up into a big boy," I said.
He nodded his head and climbed into bed and I tucked him into bed.
"Goodnight baby," I kissed his forehead.
"Goodnight mommy," he yawned and fell a sleep.
I walked out of his room and turned the lights off.
Once I made it into the living room the door opened and Damon and Liam walked in.
They both smiled at me and I smiled back while hugging Damon and kissing him.
I pulled back and hugged Liam too.
After we married, Liam and Damon got along and became good friends. I was happy
when I found out.
"Hey flower, how was your day?"
"It was good, how was work?" I asked.
"Tiring," he kissed me again and I responded before pulling away when I remembered
Liam was here.
5 years into marriage and we still love each other so much. He's still romantic and
he tells me he loves me everyday.
We walked and sat on the couch.
"Where's Troy?" Liam asked.
"He's asleep."
He nodded his head. We started talking but I gasped when I felt pain and something
watery flow down my legs.
"Oh god," I muttered and groaned when I felt contractions.
Liam and Damon turned their heads toward me.
"Is there something wrong baby?" Damon asked while holding onto my hand.
"M-My water broke."
Damon's face held shock all over it.
"I'm going into labor," I gasped.
"H-how? I-I mean.... Still two more weeks," he muttered.
"Damon!" I yelled. His eyes widened.
"Oh my gosh. I'm going into labor," he freaked out.
"Damon!" I yelled and he looked over to me.
"No no. You're going into labor," he said.
"Look, will you just take her to the hospital," Liam said.
Thank you!
"Right, hospital!" He said and grabbed the keys and ran out.
"Damon!" I yelled as I felt pain.
He ran back and carried me into the car.
"Sorry, it's just I'm nervous," he said.
He's acting like he's the one giving birth.
"It's ok, just please take me to the hospital," he nodded his head and told Liam to
stay with Troy.
He drove super fast until we reached the nearest hospital.
I screamed when I felt another contraction.
He got out of the car and ran up to me and picked me up running into the hospital.
Nurses came and took me to a delivery room immediately. Damon looked so nervous but
I could tell he was excited to have our new baby.
After a while of painful contractions a doctor came in.
She smiled at me and a couple of nurses came in as well.
"How far are you?" She asked.
"9 months." She nodded her head.
I screamed and tears fell out of my eyes when the pain got worse. Damon stood by me
and I held onto his hands.
"Ok when I tell you to push you push," she said. I nodded my head and screamed
again when I felt another pain.
"It's ok baby, you can do this," Damon whispered while wiping the tears off me.
I pushed and cried out of pain. She told me to push again and I pushed.
"I swear you'll never touch me ever again Damon William!" I screamed as I pushed
again. Damon didn't say anything because when I was giving birth to Troy I said the
same thing but I didn't keep my promise.
After a lot of pushes I was about to faint from all the pain but I new I was almost
"One more, you can do this," the doctor said.
I pushed one more time and relaxed when I heard sound of cries.
"It's a girl, congratulations."
"A girl?" Damon and I asked.
"Yes, a healthy girl. What would you like to call her?"
We looked at each other and smiled.
"Julia William," we said together.
"Lovely name," she cleaned her up and put her in my arms. She was beautiful just
like Troy. All my pain vanished when she was placed into my arms.
"She's beautiful," Damon said as his eyes got watery. I smiled at both of them and
kissed her hand.
"She is."
The doctor walked out to get something, leaving us alone.
"Thank you so much flower," Damon said before kissing my lips.
"For what?" I asked when he pulled away.
"For making a family for me. For loving me," he said and I smiled at him.
"And thank you for loving me too Mr. Billionaire."
He smiled at me and held Julia in his arms.
My life was great and wonderful. I couldn't ask for better friends or family. I
grew up to be a strong woman and that all started when I ran into Damon.
Running into Mr. Billionaire.
Ever since I updated the epilogue I've received many comments asking what happened
to Ally, and I mentioned what happened to her but not detailed but if you were
reading too fast or just skimming then of course you're going to miss that part,
but I don't blame you though lol >~<! So for the people who didn't read what
happened to her then I'll just say it now. Ally's flight was delayed and the police
caught her. She then went to jail and Damon was devastated but having his mother
back in his life kind of made him feel a little better and he had to accept the
fact that his sister was the traitor
So this is the end of Running Into Mr.Billionaire! I'm so happy and sad that it's
complete. I remember I would just write it out of fun and I never thought it was
ever going to reach 100 but it reached more and it became a part of my everyday
Thanks so much for everyone who reached the end. If you want to keep up with me and
my books then go join the Facebook group and follow me on my other social sites.
All the links are in my bio.
I'm sad that I won't be able to write more Running into Mr. Billionaire chapters
but I guess everything has to come to an end
Please comment and vote and tell me how this story was.
I love you guys so much for all the support.
You guys are amazing.
Hugs and kisses.
- Raneem

Mason's Impossible Prey

Hey lovelies! Ok so I wanted to let you guys know that I published my new book!
It's called Mason's Impossible Prey, I feel like my writing has improved so I'm
going try to make this story better. Please go check it out. I would appreciate it
a lot. I also want to thank all of you guys for the support even though my first
book sucks. Thank you so much for reading my horrible writing. :)
Mason's Impossible Prey

Tiana Sparks isn't your average ordinary werewolf, she's sassy and feisty and
doesn't give up for what she wants but that's not the thing that makes her
different, it's something else, something special. All her life she heard about
mates and the wonder of having one but she never gave into those thoughts. She
doesn't believe in having a soulmate nor someone to spend the rest of her life with
because she doesn't need a man. At least, that's what she thinks.
Mason Wood is a known feared alpha due to his cruel reputation and cold ways. He
doesn't accept outsiders in his pack nor does he spare them. Whoever crosses his
territory without his permission doesn't come out alive or ever seen again. Mason
might be cruel but that doesn't mean he's a bad alpha and because of that he
doesn't want a mate. He doesn't want someone in his way nor someone that will
distract him from leading his pack.
What will happen when Tiana accidentally crosses Mason's territory or when she
finds out that the big bad alpha is her mate? Will they both deny the bond or will
one of them give in? Well, they both definitely don't want one so there's one way
to find out.
Find out in Mason's Impossible Prey


Hey guy!
I would love to thank all of you guys for all the support and love that I got on
this book!
I know that there are lots of mistakes in this book and I'm truly sorry. For the
people who thinks that I rushed the ending and didn't show what clearly happened to
Alley then I apologize! As I said before I have these exams that are really
important coming up and I had no time to update at all. At first I thought that I
wouldn't complete the book until I'm done with my exams but that would take a long
time and I didn't want to leave you guys hanging so I tried as best to finish this
story before I start my exams and that made me speed up things.
I feel like I didn't do a good job on the ending including lots of mistakes so I
promise that once I'm done with my exams which will be in the summer I will go over
it and edit it! I will maybe fix the ending and show what really happens to Alley.
Once again I hope you guys understand why I did this! Also I wrote this to thank
you guys! You guys are like the best friends I ever had and lots of people made me
covers that I wasn't able to put it as my cover or on one of my updates so I
decided to put them all here and thank you guys!
Thanks once again and I promise in the summer I will edit and fix Running Into
- Raneem

Authors note
Hi everyone!
Well these days I'm trying to think and plan my next book I'm going to write in the
summer but I'm kind of confused.
I know a couple updates ago I said that I was maybe going to write a book called
'your weapon is my love' but I've been thinking and I kinda change my mind. I'm
Well I'm actually thinking of writing a werewolf story instead. I'm still not sure
but if I am, it's going to be called 'Mason's Dominant Claim'. It's going to about
a girl name Tiana and a guy name Mason. I'm still thinking and not 100% sure.
Anyways I wrote this because I want your guys opinion. I want to know what you guys
would like to see me write so please comment and let me know if you would want a
werewolf story or the one I mentioned a couple of updates ago.
And to tell you guys my opinion, I am really looking forward to writing 'Mason's
Dominant Claim' but I would still like to know your opinions! So.....COMMENT!!!!!!
And if I do write 'Mason's Dominant Claim' then it will be about a girl who becomes
a rouge after her pack was attacked. She accidentally crosses Mason's territory and
figures out that he's her mate. He will be cold hearted and she will be sassy! Lol
don't judge me! I still thinking but I hope whatever I write it will be good so
- Raneem


Hey everybody!
I wanted to let you all know that my twin sister is going to write a new book
called Fangs Vs Claws and I want you all to go check it out and vote and comment on
her introduction! It's going to be a great book and she's going to start writing it
once I start writing Mason's Dominant Claim which might be in the summer.
She's new at this and needs as much support and I wanted to let you guys know so go
on her profile and check it out. Also she has this book which contains poems she
writes herself so check that out too and let her know if they are good.
Her name is TwinziHasan
Thanks so much!
- Raneem

I'm not perfect

People keep commenting saying I have bad spelling and lots of spelling mistakes.
People keep telling me that my book has lots of mistakes. And I know, yes it does.
I don't mind at all when you point out those mistakes but I do mind when you start
to criticize and judge my book because of the mistakes.
As I said before, this is my first book. This is the first time I write something
like this so I didn't expect to be all perfect. Nobody's perfect and I hope you
guys understand that.
What do you guys expect from me? I'm only 16 and it's my first time. It bothers me
that people keep judging my book because of that. I feel like I just want to take
it down but I know that there are good people and taking it down will make nothing
Another thing I'm sad is that today I searched on the internet Running into
Mr.Billionaire because I was curious what would come up and I saw that there is
this website where I think you read books and it has the word Africa in it(don't
know that name). And I saw that there was someone who put a book called Running
into Mr.Billionaire and it was my exact same writing.
I don't know if the person claimed it as there writing or if it was something else
but it was my book. I was shocked and disturbed.
I mean why would someone steal other people's writing? It's not fair or nice. So
please don't do that.
Anyways, guys I want you guys to know is that I'm still young. I'm still learning.
This is my first time and I'm not perfect. I'm only human so please hold on. I
promise I will fix those mistakes but once I have time.
Anyways thanks for the positive people who are nice to me and supports me. I love
you guys and thanks to you guys I reached 1M reads.
- Raneem