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1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 175/101

Wednesday 10 March 1999

The following spoke: Mr Sindal, on behalf of the PSE Group, Question 6 by Mr Hindley: Visa-free access for Hong Kong
Mrs De Estevan Bolea, on behalf of the PPE Group, Mr Escolá passport holders
Hernando, Mr Kronberger, Non-attached Member, and Mr Pa-
poutsis, Member of the Commission. Mr Verheugen answered the question and supplementaries by
Mr Newens, deputizing for the author, and Mr Cushnahan.
The President closed the debate.
Question 7 by Mr Newens: The EU banana regime
Vote: Minutes of 11.3.1999, Part I, Item 22.
Mr Verheugen answered the question and a supplementary by
Mr Newens. Mr Rübig also put a supplementary to Mr Ver-
24. Nuclear sector-related activities for third heugen which the latter agreed to answer in writing.
countries (debate) Question 8 by Mr Kaklamanis: ‘Euro-tax’, social dimension of
the EU and environmental protection
Mr Adam introduced his report, drawn up on behalf of the
Committee on Research, Technological Development and
Mr Verheugen answered the question and a supplementary by
Energy, on the Commission communication on nuclear sector-
Mr Kaklamanis.
related activities for the applicant countries, the countries of
Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States Question 9 by Mrs Stenzel lapsed as its author was absent.
(COM(98)0134 − C4-0314/98) (A4-0088/99).

The following spoke: Mr Van den Broek, Member of the Question 10 by Mr Papayannakis: Abduction of Öcalan
Commission, Mrs Muscardini, draftsman of the opinion of the
Committee on Foreign Affairs, Mrs Plooij-van Gorsel, drafts- Question 11 by Mr Alavanos: The Öcalan case and the
man of the opinion of the Committee on External Economic Kurdish problem
Relations who also spoke on behalf of the ELDR Group and
Question 12 by Mr Theonas: Conditions of detention and
who put a question to the Commission which Mr Van den
threat to the physical and mental integrity and life of Abdullah
Broek answered.
Since it was now Question Time, the debate was suspended at
this point. It would be resumed at 21.00 (Item 26). Mr Verheugen answered the question and supplementaries by
Mrs González Álvarez, Mrs Pailler, Mr Theonas, Mr Marset
Mrs Bloch von Blottnitz asked for an assurance that the Campos and Mr Wurtz.
Commission would be present for the continuation of the
debate. Question 13 by Mrs Thors: Coordination between the EU and
the Council of Europe as regards policies for mutual assistance
in criminal matters

Mr Verheugen answered the question. Mrs Thors put a

IN THE CHAIR: Mr GUTIÉRREZ DÍAZ supplementary to Mr Verheugen who agreed to answer it in
Vice-President writing.

Question 14 by Mr Seppänen: Pensions of members of the

ECB Executive Board
25. Question Time (Council)
Question 15 by Mrs Hautala: Rules applicable to ECB officials
Parliament considered a number of questions to the Council and Executive Board members on incompatibility and finan-
(B4-0144/99). cial relations

Question 1 by Mr Corbett: Cost to the taxpayer of the abolition Mr Verheugen answered the question and supplementaries by
of duty-free sales Mr Seppänen, Mrs Hautala and Mrs Eriksson.
Question 2 by Mr Watts: Duty-free sales Question 16 by Mrs Theorin: Global solidarity
Question 3 by Mr Cushnahan: Duty free Mr Verheugen answered the question and a supplementary by
Mr Verheugen, President-in-Office of the Council, answered Mrs Theorin.
the questions and supplementaries by Mr Corbett, Mr Watts,
Mr Cushnahan, Mr Cassidy, Mr von Habsburg and Mrs McIn- Question 17 by Mrs Izquierdo Rojo: Participation of Libya in
tosh. the forthcoming Euro-Mediterranean Conference in Stuttgart

Question 4 by Mr Rübig: Increase in parliamentary powers of Mr Verheugen answered the question and a supplementary by
control through the next amendment of the Treaties Mrs Izquierdo Rojo.

Question 5 by Mr Habsburg-Lothringen: Responsibility of Questions 18 to 40 would receive written answers.

The President closed Question Time.
Mr Verheugen answered the questions and supplementaries by
Mr Rübig, Mr Habsburg-Lothringen, Mr Corbett, Mrs Sand-
bæk and Mr Medina Ortega. (The sitting was suspended at 19.05 and resumed at 21.00)