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ARIMBO Announces K-POT Airbag Pad System, Changing the Game in Athlete

Protection Equipment

The K-POT Airbag pad with its unique and innovative technology provides superior protection for
athletes while playing sports. Competitors or aspirants need to keep their bodies safe during
sporting events, especially where their genital areas are concerned. The K-POT Airbag pad is new,
innovative and the most efficient way to keep athletes secure while playing sports.

Toronto, Canada, December 06, 2019 --(PR.com)-- The K-POT system consists of an airbag pad on a
front, back and an inner volume and is designed to protect athletes during sporting events. The K-POT is
designed to be a part of clothing such as undergarments worn during sports. The K-POT is now protecting
genitalia and any other body part in danger of incurring injuries.

The K-POT Airbag pad was created by Dr. Chacha Fouanta Yacouba after seeing his friend being injured
badly in the genital area by a ball during a free-kick at a soccer game. His friend was rushed to the
hospital where he was operated on. Dr Chacha was in disgust after seeing his friend in such unbearable
pain. After this incident, Dr. Chacha started brainstorming ways to prevent such injuries from occurring
in the future. It was a chock for him to realize that soccer players don't wear genital protection. Not
because there is none in the market, but because none was adapted.

He researched to find a product that would be able to protect athletes' genital organs efficiently and at the
same time give them all the freedom of movement during sports games. That was the beginning of
K-POT's Air bag pad adventure.

Dr. Chacha has a mission to supply the global market a protective sport wear brand, called, ARIMBO,
with an airbag pad cup for protective gear used to protect the genitals and other parts of the body while
playing sports.

Better Protection

While most protective gears slide out of place during use, the K-POT is integrated into the player's
undergarment and constantly stays in place. The airbag pad deflects impacts and pushes it back outwards,
away from the private area.

Increased Focus

Because K-POT's system provides superior protection, players won't have to worry as much about getting
injured. They're free to focus more on the game itself and helping their team achieve victory.

Multiple Application

As the K-POT is integrated into the undergarments of the players, it can be used for any sport in which a
player may want to participate. It particularly helps with sports like baseball, soccer, handball, rugby,

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American football, hockey, paintball games, etc., and where other styles of protection might interfere
with the ability to play the game.

Email: info@arimbo.ca

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Contact Information:
Dr. Chacha Fouanta Yacouba
Contact via Email
10-9275 Markham Road
Markham, Suite 147
Ontario L6E 0H9

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