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Stephany Chang CEB080100
Evana Juadi CEB080024
Nurul Ain Abdul Salam CEB080083
Nurul Nazahiyah Arrifin CEB080085
Teh Yee Theng CEB080120
Raja Nur Rafidah Hanim Raja Fakorruzi CEB080091

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In this mega project, our team is being chosen to carry the responsibility of

Environmentalist Unit. Our team consists of 6 inspiring and energetic members, who are

Stephany Chang as a charismatic leader, followed by other highly supportive members, Nurul

Ain Abdul Salam, Nurul Nazahiyah Arrifin, Evana Juadi, Raja Nur Rafidah Hanim Raja

Fakorruzi, and Ee Theng.

The main objective of our unit is to preserve the natural environment for the future

generation. While, some of our specific responsibilities are as follow:

i.‘ to educate citizen to be more aware of the environment.

ii.‘ to increase the awareness of caring for environment of the publics.

iii.‘ to protect the natural environment, especially in the tourism area.

iv.‘ to protect the public health that may cause by the environment.

Recently, we were honoured to do an environmental analysis in Dataran Merdeka. This

analysis is done purposely to know the current environmental management level and what can be

done to improve the image concerning the environment towards this place. The visit took place

on 1st October 2010, from 9 am until 3 pm.

‘ ‘
 p ‘ ‘   ‘ 

About 71% of the area of this planet is covered with water but still the UN estimates that

about 18% of the world¶s population lacks access to clean drinking water and fresh water. Of the

total amount of water on the earth about 97% is in the oceans which are hence not fit for drinking

or even gardening. The other 3% is what all animals, birds and humans depend on. This scarcity

has made life miserable especially in the developing and underdeveloped parts of the world. To

tackle the situation, environmentalists all over the world encourage people to use less water and

conserve more.

By the fact, there are two aspects of water usage to consider. One is conserving water and

using what they have efficiently and the second is to consciously work to reduce the amount of

water that flows into the municipal water system. So, in conserving the water and environment

around Dataran Merdeka, the usage of water consumption can be reduce using Recycled Water

and Capturing Rainwater System build at the building, around the parks and garden at Dataran


In a brief we can create the system to gather and reuse the rain water for watering

the flower trees and plants. Moreover, the combination of recycled water and rainwater capture

will be used and give supplies to all over the gardens and park¶s that need water supply. The

system will used rain and recycled water instead using clean water.

O  ‘

The system can be build around the Dataran Merdeka area which for recycled water

system that can be develop at basement of building near Dataran Merdeka. Meanwhile for barrell

rainwater system can be construct at the building near the parks and garden at the place and for

underground rainwater system under the parks.

 ‘‘ ‘

For barrell system it is less costly and quite efficient too.While for recycled and

underground rainwater system it can cost high cost but operate most efficient and effective as its

can capture more rainwater, produce quality and more safer system than the barrell.



‘ ‘

It is since the first half of the 1960's that water has been recycled as water used in daily

life in such places where the water supply is insufficient to the demand. The wastewater reuse

system in the individual building and specific areas has been developed and spread in the recent

years. It treats the wastewater or rain water and recycles it for reuse as miscellaneous service

water to the individual buildings or specific areas.

The development of recycled water system on Dataran Merdeka can be starting with the

construction of a new recycled water treatment plant (RWTP). The cooling tower can blow down

water that would otherwise be discharged as wastewater to the sanitary sewer. The water will be

collected, treated and distributed to new campus buildings, starting with the recently constructed

parks, garden and buildings around Dataran Merdeka. The buildings and area where system will

be put are constructed with separate recycled water piping and plumbing ("dual plumbing"). The

recycled water is used for watering plants,toilet and urinal flushing, irrigation and other non-

potable uses. This use of recycled water will reduce new domestic water use in Dataran Merdeka


These are used as toilet flushing water, sprinkling water, plant water, cleaning water or

the like whose required quality is less strict than needed for city water. It is expected that the

water demand continues to grow with a rise in the standard of living and economic growth. On

the other hand, it is becoming more difficult to newly develop a water source. As a result, the

demand for the water reuse system must continue to expand for the individual buildings and the

specific areas especially in large cities.

½‘ ‘

Rainwater is something that is in plentiful in most parts of the world and is a renewable

source of freshwater, which can be made potable using basic purification systems to some extent,

solve the water crisis.In Malaysia, there is more than enough rain throughout the year to provide

most, if not all of watering needs for outdoor plants and gardens at Dataran Merdeka. To imply

the system just simply placing a rain gutter system with rain barrels or cisterns to capture the

thousands of gallons of water that normally would run off of the roofs.

The rain water would supply most of plenty of water for the gardens and outdoor plants.

As a result, this helps to cut down on the rainwater flowing into the streets, flooding the

rainwater sewers and flushing lawn fertilizer, pesticides and motor oil into the treatment plants,

streams, rivers and lakes. Rain water is better for the plants as it prevents pollution and helps the

environment because fossil fuels are not needed to purify it and saves money because it literally

falls from the sky.

‘  ‘‘  ‘  ‘

A rainwater tank sometimes called 2  22 or a  2

is a water tank which is

used to collect and store rain water runoff, typically from rooftops via rain gutters. Rainwater

tanks are devices for collecting and maintaining harvested rain.

Rainwater tanks may have a high perceived initial cost. However, we can use of small

scale rain barrels to harvest minute quantities of water for landscaping or gardening applications

rather than as a potable water surrogate. These small rain barrels often recycled from food

storage and transport barrels or, in some cases, whiskey and wine aging barrels are often

inexpensive. There are also many low cost designs that use locally available materials and

village level technologies for applications in Developing Countries where there are limited

alternatives for potable drinking water.

Howe ever, while most are properly engineered to screen out mosquitoes, the lack of

proper filtering or closed loop systems may create breeding grounds for larvae. With tanks used

for drinking water, the user runs a health risks if maintenance is not carried out.

‘ ‘‘‘ ‘ ‘  ‘

´‘ Rainwater tanks are installed to make use of rain water for later use, reduce mains water

use for economic or environmental reasons and aid self-sufficiency. Stored water may be

used for watering gardens, agriculture, flushing toilets and also for drinking, especially

when other water supplies are unavailable, expensive or of poor quality and that adequate

care is taken that the water is not contaminated or the water is adequately filtered.

´‘ In ground rainwater tanks can also be used for retention of storm water for release at a

later time. In arid climates, rain barrels are often used to store water during the rainy

season for use during dryer periods.

´‘ Rainwater also can supplement drinking water supplies may be seen as an alternative to

other water supply options, such as recycling or seawater desalination. Tanks are often

perceived to have environmental costs that are comparatively lower than other water

supply augmentation options.

´‘ Lastly, rainwater collection can be made compatible with centralized water supply by

tapping it using an electro pump. Widespread use of rain barrels also changes the amount

of rainwater reaching the ground in a particular area and draining into streams.

Depending on the climate this either helps prevent erosion, sedimentation and pollution

while reduce the strain on storm water drainage systems; or it could cause rivers to dry up

and ponds to stagnate if the water is diverted to a different watershed. If collected water

is used in the same watershed in which it is collected, rainwater collection actually can

stabilize flow in rivers and provide more regular and filtered groundwater transfer into


‘‘ ‘  ‘‘‘ ‘   

The people need to spot-water the plants or otherwise put the water on the roots. Use

soaker hoses, watering cans or drip irrigation to take care of the plants, trees and flower gardens.

Used the watering with sprinklers and soaking with a garden hose spray instead wastes precious

water, plus its can end up trying to saturate the entire garden area that encouraging weeds and

fungal growth on the plants leaves. Plants need moisture on their roots not on their leaves,

flowers and fruit.

 ‘ ‘‘ 

 ‘‘ ‘  ‘

Capturing Rain Water


‘  ‘ p  ‘O ‘

Reducing waste is an essential part of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. You don't need to worry

about disposing responsibly if you don't create as much waste in the first place. Here are some

simple and effective examples of ways to reduce waste.

‘ ‘‘

The utility of waste bins are many fold. There should be waste bins placed in different

locations along Merdeka Square areas for keeping the various waste products like food

bags, coffee cups, and papers (among other waste items) that they have on a daily basis.

These prevent the waste products from being scattered every where thus keeping the

surroundings of Merdeka Square clean and also forbidding the pollution of water along

Sungai Klang and land resources significantly. These waste materials can then be

recycled to produce new products.

To make it more interesting, put a character waste bin. This will also can enhance the

environment around Merdeka Square and encourage people to start the spirit of saving

environment by reducing waste around the area.

The situation of putting all waste garbage bag anywhere is so not relevant. Because of the

tourist may get the wrong perception over Malaysian and furthermore, its so annoying to see

waste and garbage anywhere not at their proper place.

2.‘  ‘ ‘


This will not only increase the pollution of the environment but also increase the landfill.

Opt for giving these away for recycling. Look for electronics like computers that can

easily be upgraded.


‘ ‘

The commercial waste can easily be collected in the waste bins which come in various

sizes, designs and capacities according to the needs. It will be more useful if they deploy

different bins for different waste materials like glass, plastic bottles, paper, tin and

aluminum. For own convenience they can allot different color bins for different

purposes. For instance, Green means that the bin is for paper while blue is for metal and

plastic. Thus, the bins can easily be identified and the work becomes easier.

From this method, the environment is not only can be taken care, but we can create new

product based on the collection of commercial waste.

4.‘ x  ‘‘ 

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

There are many companies which provide waste collection and management services and

involve themselves in keeping the environment clean and green. They offer large

capacity commercial waste containers ± bins in a variety of sizes to suit the requirements

of all local businesses. They provide clean and dependable waste and recycling collection

and are ready at your call to fulfill your entire requirement at your door step. Waste bin

hold materials that can easily be recyclable among the many waste materials.

‘‘  ‘

Waste management is the collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, and

monitoring of waste materials. The term usually relates to materials produced by human

activity, and is generally undertaken to reduce their effect on health, the environment or

aesthetics. Waste management is also carried out to recover resources from it. Waste

management can involve solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive substances, with different

methods and fields of expertise for each.

DBKL should make them aware on this matter. Like it or not, Merdeka Square should be

the one which that they have to make everything perfect especially in terms of waste. We

should not make the view of Merdeka Square be ugly and unattractive and always think

of how to make it more attractive with the new ideas, or at least to maintain the

cleanliness of the environment.


 ‘p‘O ‘‘‘ OOp ‘

 ‘‘  ‘

As environmentalist unit, we have some recommendation concerning on reducing

pollution in Dataran Merdeka. They are as follow:

i.‘ Currently, there a just a few of dustbins and trashcans in this place. There is

much rubbish too all over the place. So, we suggest that the responsible

parties should place more trashcans and dustbins at this place. This is to avoid

the visitors from throwing away their rubbish. Some visitors are quite lazy to

walk a bit to the trashcans to throw the rubbish. Hence, by putting more

dustbins and trashcans, will ease the visitors to throw their rubbish.

ii.‘ At this time, there is much rubbish all over the place, and the place looks quite

dirty. This shows that this area is lacking of good management system.

Hence, we would like to suggest that, Dataran Merdeka should have a good

management to take care and maintain of this area. Government should pay

attention to this matter since this place is quite favorable by the tourists to

come if they are coming to Kuala Lumpur. Besides, this place is memorable

place to Malaysian as it is the place where independence of Tanah Melayu

being announced. Hence, we should really preserve this area.

iii.‘ Since the Kuala Lumpur residents are very busy working during weekdays,

we recommend that, those residents who are willing to give support and their

energy, can come to Dataran Merdeka on every weekend to help the

management to clean up and preserve the environment in this place. Not only

cleaning the area, the residents can also regard this as community service or

an exercise to stay healthy. To do this, the management can organize cleaning

campaign to create awareness towards caring the environment and to attract

the attention of the Kuala Lumpur citizens.

iv.‘ As Dataran Merdeka now seems like quite dull without many events held

here, we would like to suggest that the management should run a campaign

with the theme of µGreen and Innovation¶. Perhaps they can organize a

competition which requires the participants to create new and innovative

products by using recyclable materials. Management can open the

participation to all, includes local and foreign tourists. This is to create

awareness to care for the environment, among Malaysians and also foreign

visitors. For the winners¶ inventions, maybe the management then can

commercialize them to raise fund in order to take care and maintain Dataran


v.‘ The current look of Dataran Merdeka is quite dull and very common. Hence,

we would like to recommend that the management should build area which

locates public green parks. Here, we can have more of green plants and trees.

This is to make the place even more shady and relaxing to rest. Besides, this

practice is very good to reduce the effect of green house and to help

maintaining the oxygen level in this world. This also can help to minimize the

effect of decreasing the thickness of ozone layer.

vi.‘ Currently in Dataran Merdeka, there are 6 small ponds. But it seems like the

management is not really well-managed of this ponds. The ponds are dirty,

having small mosquitoes inside and quite dark in colour. We would like to

suggest that rather than adding new ponds, the management should focus on

the existing ponds. They must always clean up and manage these ponds. They

must do so to avoid dengue disease and to make this place even more

interesting, plus the visitors still can feel the natural elements of this universe.

vii.‘ The management should also plant more colourful flowers to make the place

even more attractive for the visitors to come. Currently, Dataran Merdeka has

flowers but in our opinion, it is not so many, and sometimes very common and

look dull. Perhaps the management should be more concern on this matter to

make this place more beautiful. In addition, the management should plant

more hibiscus rather than other flowers to let the visitors know about our

national flowers.

‘ ‘

Everyday, the residential and commercial sector, home and buildings consumes a lot of energy.

We use energy to heat and cool our homes and buildings, to light them, and to operate appliances

and office machines. Nowadays, people tend to make effort to reduce the amount of energy that

we use to perform these tasks. This had been done through technological improvements in the

systems we used.

There are various motivations to improve energy efficiency. Reducing energy use reduces energy

costs and may result in a financial cost saving to consumers if the energy savings offset any

additional costs of implementing an energy efficient technology. Reducing energy use is also

seen as a key solution to the problem of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. According to

the International Energy Agency, improved energy efficiency in buildings, industrial processes

and transportation could reduce the world's energy needs in 2050 by one third, and help control

global emissions of greenhouse gases.

From the visit on 1st October 2010 to Dataran Merdeka, we as the environmentalist unit has

come out with new ideas on how to develop the place for tourism attraction in term of

environmental concept.

The first idea is replacing inefficient lighting at Dataran Merdeka. We plan to use Compact

fluorescent lights (CFL) use two-thirds less energy and may last 6 to 10 times longer than

incandescent lights. It will reduce the amount of energy required to attain the same level of

illumination compared to using traditional incandescent light bulbs. CFLs use less power and

have a longer rated life compare to other incandescent lights. There are two types of CFLs:

integrated and non-integrated lamps. Integrated lamps combine a tube, an electronic ballast and

either an Edison screw or abayonet fitting in a single unit. These lamps allow consumers to

replace incandescent lamps easily with CFLs. Non-integrated CFLs have the ballast permanently

installed in the luminaire, and only the lamp bulb is usually changed at its end of life.

Beisde that, we also sugest building and decoration in Dataran Merdeka use LED lamps. LEDs

(Light Emitting Diodes) are solid light bulbs which are extremely energy-efficient. Until

recently, LEDs were limited to single-bulb use in applications such as instrument panels,

electronics, pen lights and, more recently, strings of indoor and outdoor Christmas lights. There

are so many benefit of using LED light such as it may reduce power consumption. Next benefit

is long lasting where the LED bulbs last up to 10 times as long as compact fluorescents. Next is

Durable, since LEDs do not have a filament, they are not damaged under circumstances when a

regular incandescent bulb would be broken. Beside that, LED light also cool, these bulbs do not

cause heat build-up; LEDs produce 3.4 btu's/hour, compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs.

For the landscape around Dataran Merdeka, we suggest used the LED Outdoor Light. LED

outdoor lighting is waterproof LED lighting used for outdoor decoration and illumination

purpose. It has low power consumption, long life time, anti-shock, good reliability and

leveraging the green energy to save power. This LED Outdoor Light consists of LED Garden

Light and LED Underground Light. LED garden lights are patented and are waterproof. They are

energy saving lights and of long life time. They could be used for garden decoration and

illumination. For LED Underground Light, it is made from waterproof materials. They are green

and energy saving products with long life time. They are can be used in parks, squares, footpaths,

gardens, lawns, villas, buildings, etc, as light decorating.

Other than that, we recommend Dataran Merdeka use LED Decoration Light to decorate the

place surounding such as the trees or garden. It is for decoration and illumination purpose. They

are highlighted by low power consumption, long life time, anti-shock, good reliability and

leveraging the green energy to save power.

Beside that, we also suggest that Dataran Merdeka use Solar power light. This lighting absorbs

and reserves the sunlight energy at the daytime by solar panels, and transfers solar power into

electricity energy; It also charges storage batteries continuously under the control of a certain

controller. In the evening, the controller will released the electricity stored in the storage batteries

and illuminates the light source automatically. Only sunlight is needed to serve as the power

source, no generators or cables any more

 ‘  ‘

O‘ ‘O‘

O‘  ‘O‘

 ‘pOp ‘  ‘

The concept of green building is a new approach to save the consumption of energy,

water, and material start from the design of building, construction, operation, maintenances,

renovation until the deconstruction of a building. This concept basically is to reduce the negative

impact of building such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) toxic that released by the paint.

Recently, government of Malaysia is encouraging nation to green building concept. This

message is brought by International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed

at the launch of the Ceiling Queen Energy Board product and "Going Green" seminar, 3 May


As a respond to this encouragement, the renovation and maintenances of building at

Dataran Merdeka should consider to be part of green building concept. There are some methods

in the green building concept that can be used in renovation and maintenances of building at

Dataran Merdeka. One of them is using the environmental friendly paint. Some indoor paint will

release the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) toxic that harm the environment. Thus, we

suggest the renovation and maintenances to use low-VOC and zero-VOC paints. Dulux Paint is

recently launching this green paint to market through the Dulux µGo Green¶ Campaign. Thus, the

person in charge of the innovation and maintenance of building around Dataran Merdeka can

take this opportunity to cooperate with Dulux Paint in using this green paint.

There are some plans in our environmental care unit are also part of the green building

practice. The example would be reduced the energy consumption through LED lights and also

solar power. Although the cost of implement these plan will be high but it gives benefits in long-

term. For the lighting that using in buildings such as in Library Kuala Lumpur, it can change to

the lighting that using the motion detection sensors. The light will only switch on when it is able

to detect the human around that area. This method helps to save the energy consumption for


The rain water capturing system that proposed in our plan is also one of the concepts of

green building. The rain water that has been collected is not only can be used in the garden but

also can be used in the toilet inside the buildings. The flushing system in toilet has waste a lot of

water. By reuse the rain water in flushing system, it helps to reduce the use of new water. There

is an idea in our unit for the flushing system. The flush button may divide into 2 buttons. One is

for small amount of water and another one is for higher amount of water. Thus, users can choose

to press which button according to their needs.

There are some suggestions to extent new parking lots and built more public toilets in our

project. In the process of construction, they may use the environmental friendly materials. The

example would be the toilet may use a natural theme where it is built by using bamboos. This

concept is also a part of green building concept. Besides reduce the harm to environment, it also

gives a good ambient for visitors of Dataran Merdeka through the natural design.

In conclusion, the green building practice is one of the steps to reduce the pollution to the

environment. It is time for us to revise the pollution that we have made to our mother earth. We

need to take action to reduce the harm to environment for the sake of our next generation!