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Practitioner Exam Questions

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PRINCE2 Practitioner Resource Book

o Assertion/Reason – each item consists of two statements, an assertion and a reason that are
linked by the word ‘because’. First the candidate must determine whether 2 the ‘assertion’
statement is true or false and then whether the ‘reason’ statement is true or false. If either
statement is false, the answer can be selected from options C, D or E. However, if both
statements are true, a third step is required. To determine between options A or B, the
candidate must determine whether or not the reason is a correct explanation for the assertion.
There is only one correct response to each question, but options may be used once, more
than once or not at all.

Using the Project Scenario, answer the following question.

Lines 1 to 4 in the table below consist of an assertion statement and a reason statement. For
each line identify the appropriate selection from options A to E that applies. A selection may be
used more than once or not at all.

Selection Assertion Reason

A True True AND the reason explains the assertion
B True True BUT the reason does not explain the assertion
C True False
D False True
E False False

Assertion Reason

The Business Case should be The Business Case is an input to the

1 revised if Marketing’s forecast for BECAUSE Project Board in the decision to
increased orders changes. authorize a Stage or Exception Plan.

If the paper supplier changes there

The Business Case includes options for
2 may be a review of, and possible BECAUSE
the delivery of the Calendar solution.
changes to, the Business Case.

The Business Case will no longer The Business Case is deemed no

be viable if the Prepared Calendar longer viable if stage tolerances are
Pack is only available for printing in exceeded during the project.
the first week of December.

The fact that the project’s aim is to

The outline Business Case contains the
try to counter the fall in orders
4 BECAUSE reasons why the project is needed and
should be documented in the
forms part of the Project Brief.
Project Brief.

A useful tip when tackling this type of question is to cover up the Reason column and go down the
Assertions individually, as stand alone statements, marking each as True or False.

Similarly, do the same for the Reasons statements by covering up the Assertion column.

Having established whether each statement is true of false, it is easy to see if a numbered pair is
option C, D or E, as these contain false statements.

You only have to think about the pairs that are both true by deciding if the reason explains the
assertion or both statements are independent of each other.

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