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Task 4

Choose ONE lesson that you will teach and show how you developed it as an INQUIRY based lesson that uses
the 5E cycle. You should teach this lesson, get feedback, and do the usual reflection that is required for all
lessons (see Task 3) (CLOs 1-6).
Lesson Title Phonics
Level of Inquiry Guided inquiry
A brief description of the Students will learn about the letter (Gg), where they have
lesson to write the letter in the right form, and they will know the
new vocabulary of the units.

The Problem or Issue The problem I was facing in this lesson is the special
needs, I did not know how to asses them because the
school was not supporting them will assistants.
Essential Question How to write the letters?
How to say the letter sound?
What are the key words?
Guiding Questions How to write the letters in the right form.

Learning Outcomes (LOs) By the end of the lesson the students will be able to write
the letters correctly, and they will right the key words
By the end of the lessons
students will be able to: from the left to right.

Hypothesis Some of the students will struggle writing on the lines.

Students will finish early.

Prediction I will have to find more work for students who finishes
The outcome or product At the end of the lesson students will be able to write the
of the students’ letters on the line, and they will be able to write the key
investigation (i.e. what words.
will the students be
expected to produce at
the end of their
1- For engagement: students were watching a video about
the lesson where they had to guess what letter are, we
going to learn today, and to guess what is the sound of
2- For exploration: the teacher gave the students cards
with the letter G written wrong and they had to guess
why it is wrong and how it can be done correctly.
3- For explanation: the teacher was explaining why we
have to write the letter G correctly and what is the key
words for the lesson.
4- For elaboration: the students went to their groups and
started writing the letter on their book including the key
5- For evaluations: at the end of the lesson the teacher
does a small activity where she asks questions where
the students will answer for example: Give me words
with the sound G?