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UNIT 1 (1.2)
Status of the word After ‘of’

Really quick review, how many kinds of words are there in Arabic? Ans. ‘three’.
 1) ‫ٱسم‬
2) ‫ف ِعل‬ 3) ‫حرف‬
• ‫ٱسم‬  is a Person, Place, Thing, Idea, Adjective, Adverb & more.

• ‫ف ِۡعل‬  is a word stuck in the past tense, present tense or future tense.

• ‫َح ۡرف‬  is a word that makes no sense unless another word comes after it.

 Of these 3 we are studying the ‫ٱسم‬

 The ‫ ٱسم‬has 4 properties. The 4 properties of the ‫ ٱسم‬are:

 The hardest of these 4 properties is: ‘STATUS’.

 That’s why we are studying ‘Status’ first.
 There are 3 types of ‘STATUS’ or 3 ‘forms’ of ‘STATUS’:
1) DOER STATUS 2) DETAIL STATUS 3) – We study today

 More examples on DOER / DETAL STATUS before we study 3rd type:

 e.g. sentence  “The Messenger of Allah Taught Us”

 Who is the ‘Doer’? – ans: ‘Messenger’
 Whats the detail? – ans: ‘of Allah’? X  WRONG
 Imagine ‘of Allah’ is not there, and phrase is:
“The Messenger Taught Us”
 “Taught” is a ‫ ف ِعل‬so it can’t be a ‘DETAIL’

 The ‘Details’ are of the ‫ف ِعل‬


 DOER = DOER of the ‫ف ِعل‬


 DETAIL = DETAIL about the ‫ف ِعل‬


 So you are asking questions and the questions are to do with the ‫ف ِعل‬
 e.g. “I ate an apple yesterday outside the house quickly”

Bayyinah TV - Arabic with Husna – UNIT 1 (1.2) Notes by Musarrat Bano m_bano@hotmail.com
 ‫  ?  ف ِعل‬ans: ‘ATE’
 Who ate?  ans: ‘I’  rephrase: Who is the Doer of the ‫ ف ِعل‬of eating?
 ‫ ف ِعل‬is the ACT. Who did the ACT? = DOER
 When I say, ‘When did I eat?’, ‘Where did I eat?’, ‘How did I eat?’, ‘What did I
eat?’ } what word kept coming up over and over again?
Ans: ‘EAT’  So even the DETAIL questions are about the ‫ ف ِعل‬.

 e.g. “The Messenger of Allah Taught Us”

 Turn ‘of Allah’ phrase into a question - ?
 e.g to turn 1st part into a question – would be “who taught”?
 Ans: would be ‘Messenger Taught’

 e.g Who did the Messenger teach? Ans: ‘Us’

 ‘Taught Us’  this part of the sentence was turned into a question.

 Phrase ‘Of Allah’  turn into a question – what would question be? Ans: ‘Whose
Messenger was he?’ – question & ‘Of Allah’ = answer.
 When I ask ‘Whose Messenger is he? Did I mention anything about ‘teaching’?
ans: ‘No’.

 My question – when I ask about the DOER – did I say ‘Who Taught’? ans: ‘yes’
 When I ask ‘Who is the DOER’? ‘Who did the ACT of Teaching’?
So the word ‘Teaching’ came up.

 Create the question behind ‘Us’ – ans: ‘Who did the Messenger teach?’
Did the word ‘teach’ come up again? Ans: ‘yes’

 So DOER question and the DETAIL question have to do with ‘Teaching’.

 When I ask question ‘Whose Messenger is he?’

- Did the word ‘teaching’ come up? Ans: ‘No’
- So the phrase ‘OF ALLAH’ is not a DETAIL of teaching, it has nothing to do
with teaching, that’s why it’s not going to be a Detail, it is going to be
something else.

* Learn the powerful skill of how to ask questions. *

 e.g. sentence: “Islam Teaches Us Respect”

- What’s the Doer? Ans: ‘Islam’
- What’s the ‫ ف ِعل‬/ the ACT? Ans: ‘Teaches’
- What are the Details? Ans: ‘Us’ & ‘Respect’
 How do you create questions out of this sentence?
- e.g ‘Islam teaches’ : What’s the question? Ans: ‘Who teaches? / What teaches?’
- e.g ‘Us’ : turn to question?  ans: ‘Who does Islam teach?’
- e.g. word ‘respect’ – What’s the question?  ans: ‘What does Islam teach us?’

 ‘Us’ = Doer or Detail? Ans: ‘DETAIL’.

 ‘Respect’ – Doer or Detail? Ans: ‘Detail’.

Bayyinah TV - Arabic with Husna – UNIT 1 (1.2) Notes by Musarrat Bano m_bano@hotmail.com
 e.g. sentence: “Our Parents Will Pray For Our Success”
- What’s the ‫ – ? ف ِعل‬ans: ‘Will Pray’
- Whose the Doer? – ans: ‘Parents’
- What’s the question behind the DOER? Ans: ‘Who prays for your success?’
- What do they pray for? Ans: ‘Our Success’ – this is DETAIL.

 Now the 3rd STATUS.


 e.g. sentence: “The Messenger of Allah Taught Us”

- What word came After ‘of’? ans: the word ‘Allah’

 e.g. sentence: “Islam Teaches Us Respect”

- Is there any After ‘of’ here? Ans: ‘No’. Only DOER & DETAIL Status.
- You don’t have to find all 3 every time.

 e.g. sentence: “Our Parents Will Pray For Our Success”

- ‘Our Parents’ – In English is there another way to say this?
- Ans: ‘Yes, parents of ours’
- What word would have the AFTER ‘OF’ STATUS? Ans: ‘Ours’
- Any other AFTER ‘OF’ STATUS in this sentence? Ans: ‘Success of Ours’
- So word ‘Our’ would have After ‘of’ Status.

 e.g. sentence: “I Was Eating Too Much Chocolate”

- ‘I’ – Doer or Detail? Ans: ‘ Doer’
- ‘Was eating’ = Doer or Detail? Or what? Ans: ‘‫’ف ِعل‬
- ‘Was eating’ – ‫ ف ِعل‬because in the PAST TENSE
- ‘Too Much Chocolate’: ans: ‘Detail’. Question would be: ‘What was I eating?’
- What’s the question behind ‘I’? ans: ‘Who was eating?’

 e.g. sentence: ‘My Teeth Began Aching’

- Is there another way to say ‘My Teeth’? ans: ‘Teeth of mine’

- Word ‘My’ – Doer / Detail / After ‘of’ STATUS? Ans: ‘After ‘of’’
- Because ‘My Teeth’ is secretly what phrase? Ans: ‘Teeth of mine’
- You have to discover the ‘of’ sometimes.
Sometimes spelt out, sometimes not spelt out.
- Word ‘Teeth’: Doer / Detail? Ans: ‘DOER’

 ‘My Dentist’: e.g. sentence: “My Dentist Gave Me A Root Canal”

- Are there any words with any Status? Eg. Doer / Detail / After ‘of’
- My – After ‘of’ Status (Dentist of mine)
- Dentist – DOER – Doer of giving me the root canal.
Gave – ‫ ف ِعل‬Can’t be Doer / Detail. Can’t have any Status
- Me – Detail
- A Root Canal – Detail
Now make all the questions, out this last sentence:
- ‘Dentist’ – question behind ‘Dentist’ is: ans: ‘Who gave you the root canal’
- ‘Me’ – What’s the question? Ans: ‘Who got the root canal?’

Bayyinah TV - Arabic with Husna – UNIT 1 (1.2) Notes by Musarrat Bano m_bano@hotmail.com
- ‘A root canal’ – What’s the question behind this? Ans: ‘What did the dentist
give me?’
- ‘Who GAVE me the root canal?’  Answer to that question gave me the
DOER. The word ‘Gave’ was there.
- Who did he GIVE it to? Ans: ‘Me’ – Is the word GIVE there still? Ans: ‘yes’
- What did the dentist GIVE me? Ans: ‘root canal’ – is the word GIVE still there?
Ans: ‘yes’.
- Whose dentist was he? Did word GIVE come up? Ans: ‘No’.
- In the DOER question and DETAIL question the ‫ ف ِعل‬comes up.
- Who did you GIVE? / What did you GIVE? / Who GAVE?
In the AFTER ‘OF’ question the ‫ ف ِعل‬doesn’t come up

- The AFTER ‘OF’ has nothing to do with the ‫ف ِعل‬

- That’s really really important.

 Now im going to give you 3 words & test you on these words in the next session.

 From today on:

 we will never say DOER STATUS we will say: ‫ رفع‬STATUS

 we will never say DETAIL STATUS we will say ‫ نصب‬STATUS

ۡ َ

 we will never say AFTER ‘OF’ STATUS we will say ‫ جر‬STATUS


 Im going to give you the English, quickly give me the Arabic:

 DOER STATUS……………..ans: ‫ رفع‬STATUS

 AFTER ‘OF’ STATUS………ans: ‫ َج ّر‬STATUS

ۡ َ
 DETAIL STATUS…………...ans: ‫ نصب‬STATUS

Bayyinah TV - Arabic with Husna – UNIT 1 (1.2) Notes by Musarrat Bano m_bano@hotmail.com