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by Donna McCallum, AKA, The Fairy Godmother

A guide on how to shift your relationship to money to

enable you to live the life of your dreams
In my work as a Fairy Godmother one of the biggest excuses that I hear with people not
living their dreams is ‘how am I going to make any money?’ or ‘I can’t just be an artist,
I need to pay the bills’.

Somewhere in our societies we have been fed false information that we can’t do what
we love AND make money.

In 2009 I sent a survey to the people on my database who have been through my
workshops and programs and one of the questions that I asked was

“What is the biggest challenge in living the life of your dreams?”

A resounding 85% of people said MONEY.

I was immediately inspired to put my wand to work to write this “Money and You”
eBook to help you understand your relationship with money.

Over the last few years this little eBook that you are reading now has been downloaded
and read by thousands of people around the globe and has created magical money

It is time to SHIFT your Relationship with Money!

What are you waiting for?

Let’s Begin!

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Consider that everything in life can be viewed in terms of relationship. Eg. how you
relate to a person or thing. You have a relationship with your partner, your family and
friends but you also have relationships with other things - your home, your body, your
work, your spirituality, your car etc. etc.

As a human being on the physical plane everything is in relationship to everything else.

And of course you have a relationship with Money.

Money can be a warm and tender lover or she can be a stand-offish ice-queen.
What is your relationship with money?

Most people consider that money is merely something that they get for a job they do
and something that they use to pay the bills at the end of the month.

But money is SO much more – she is a beautiful form of energy that enables amazing
things to happen. She can be a loving and caring partner who takes care of your every
need, want and luxurious desire. At times she can be a beguiling temptress, at other
times she can be a good friend to help you in your time of need but she can also treat
you with the scorn of a jilted lover.

Which of these many faces of money do you experience?

Your relationship with money follows exactly the same laws that apply to ANY
relationship. It takes two to tango and it is the same with money. The way she treats
you is a mirror of the way you treat her.

How do you treat her?

ҬҬ Do you care for her and nurture her and honor the relationship that you have with
ҬҬ Are you careless with her, giving her very little time and attention?
ҬҬ Are you even at times abusive with her?

The interesting thing about your relationship with money, which is different to most of
your relationships with people, is that you are in your relationship with money for LIFE.
It is a life-long relationship and it is one of the most important relationships that you
will ever have.

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Consider the type of behavior you would go through
with a person that you are considering getting into a
life-long relationship with… what are the steps?

You hear about this wonderful person from friends

and family. You meet the person and feel the
attraction. Then the wooing stage of the relationship

Filled with bliss and butterflies you go on dates and learn about each other – your
potential partner’s likes and dislikes and you have those moments of physical intimacy
– mmmmmm. You commit more energy, time and effort into the new relationship –
buying gifts, spending time with each other, positively affirming each other, doing little
good deeds for your partner and many hours in bed together.

Then you have your tiffs and fights as boundaries get crossed and through those fights
and the repairing of the relationship you learn how your partner wishes to be treated.
What is acceptable behavior in the context of this relationship and what is not.

Through experience the rules get set for how the relationship will be run and continued.
And then that romantic moment, when he gets down on one knee, pops a ring on your
finger and viola…. there is a life-long commitment.

You are counseled before the wedding day and learn more about each other, you
have a big party, celebrate with your friends and then the real work begins of keeping
and tending to a life-long relationship that flourishes and grows: one that is based on
respect, admiration and love for the other person.

Unfortunately, as divorce statistics show, having a life-long commitment to a relationship

with someone is a real commitment and takes work.

The 6 steps above are the steps to build any relationship whether it is with your spouse,
a friend or MONEY

The 6 Steps of Building Relationship

1. Meeting and forming an opinion
2. Learning about each other
3. Commit Time, Energy and Effort to the Relationship
4. Create and Learn the rules through trial and error
5. Dream, Set-Goals and Plan the Future Together
6. Keep Growing the Relationship and working on it

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The reason why most people have a poor relationship with
money is because they have never moved past step 1 -
Meeting and Forming an Opinion - in the development of their
relationship with money.

Why don’t they get past the first step?

For most people when they first met money and had their first experience with money
it was a negative experience and at that stage they formed a negative opinion about it.

Would you want to get into a committed relationship with someone that you have a
negative opinion about?

No way!

For this reason 95% of people in the world never move into a Wealth Creating
Relationship with money.

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Meeting and forming an opinion about Money
We first meet money in our childhood years and our opinions and beliefs about
money are firmly entrenched in those formative years based on what we saw, heard or
experienced in our families, with friends and what adults told us and taught us about

There are thousands of beliefs and opinions about money. From the extremely negative
“Money is the root of all evil”; to the scarce “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “There
is never enough to go around” ; to the opinions about people with money “only greedy
people have money” or “Money can’t buy happiness”; the general “Money makes the
world go around”’ or the more positive “Money is a great enabler” or “Money can be
used to make a massive difference in the world”.

If you write a list of ‘money’ beliefs that exist in the world you will probably find that
your list is weighted more on the negative side than the positive.

The problem is that our initial opinions and beliefs about money that are formed in our
childhood govern our relationship to money for the rest of our lives.

Said in another way…

Our beliefs create our realties and our results.


Consider that everything in life could be seen a result eg. you reading this eBook is a
result, the job you are currently in is a result, your home is a result, your current bank
balance is a result. So what gives us our results?

We take an action and then we produce a result. So what makes us take our actions?

Our Thoughts.
If you are anything like me you will have random thoughts popping into your mind

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 06

every second and we are by no means controlling these, so where do these seemingly
random thoughts come from?

They come from our Beliefs.

These beliefs are formed mostly in childhood through what we saw, heard and

If you look at the Diagram, you will see that our Beliefs have a
direct impact on our Results in life.


F S=

The Media

If you are achieving negative results in your life in the area of money and finances it is
because you have negative beliefs about money and because of these negative beliefs
you have not formed a committed life-long relationship with money.

And that’s why you are struggling to build any form of wealth. Sound Familiar?
Read on….

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One of my most vivid money memories was when I was about six years old, and
my father took me to open my first savings account. My father made a big deal of
it, telling me “You are such a BIG girl, to be opening a savings account.”

I remember walking into the green bank, my little hand squishing into my Dad’s big
hand and I felt so special, privileged and adult. Mostly I remember the colouring-
in book that I was given and sitting at home colouring-in the money tree - green
and yellow.

That experience was one of my firmest memories of meeting money, and through
it, I formed the opinion that money is important, it is very adult and that it is
important to save it. It was a very positive, personal money experience.

Belief: Dad will be proud of you if you save.

Result: I am and always have been a saver.

When I was growing up, my father was a successful entrepreneur. My mother

worked for him as his secretary and always laughed that she earned a tiny salary.
The belief that I formed in my childhood mind because of that was that men are
way better at making money than women.

Belief: Men make much more money than women

Result: In my twenties this was the case for me. (At the age of 30, I shifted this

When I was six, my father semi-retired, and he built a home office in the garden.
When I came home from school every afternoon, I would see my parents hard at
work, and they often told me “you need to work hard to make money.” A firm belief
was formed in my mind that hard work = money and before I uncovered this belief
later on in adult life, guess how hard I had to work to make money? Very hard!

Belief: You have to work really hard for money

Result: In my twenties I worked really hard and burned-out twice.

Only in my thirties did I uncover this belief and start shifting it. This is a belief
that still arises for me occasionally and then I use the tools I will teach you in this
module to shift that belief.

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It is now time for you to uncover your early childhood memories about money.

If you can’t remember your early childhood memories then look around in your teens,
but don’t stop until you find at least 2 and then let’s explore them with this exercise

What were your first vivid money memories? Were they positive or negative?
What opinions or beliefs did you form around money at the time?
What direct result is that belief having in your life right now?


What opinion or belief did you create at the time about money?

What is the direct result right now of having that belief?


What opinion or belief did you create at the time about money?

What is the direct result right now of having that belief?

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To unearth some further beliefs that you have about money and wealth answer
these questions write down the first thing that pops into your head.

Money is……

Money is……

Money is……

Wealth is……

Wealth is……

Wealth is……

Wealthy people are…

Wealthy people are……

I can’t become massively wealthy because….

Some of the negative or bad things about striving for wealth or being wealthy are…

The things that scare me most about money and creating wealth are…

The worst thing about money is…

After doing the exercises above you now know what your opinions and beliefs are
about money.
So how do you change them?

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Let’s look at the limiting and disempowering beliefs that you have about money (as per
Exercise 1, 2 and 3 above) and change them into empowering and positive beliefs.

Why would you want to do this?

Because we only tend to be in a relationship and stay in a relationship with people or

things that we are positive about.

How do you transform negative money beliefs into EMPOWERING ones?

It is very simple. Start with the RESULT you want to create in your life in your relationship
with money and then create a more empowering story based on that result.

How do you do that?

You use a simple sentence, in the present tense, in the first person based on the result
that you want.

This is called an AFFIRMATION.

Eg. I am wealthy.
I am smart, talented and successful and I earn over R 100 000 per month.
I am a money magnet and money flows to me from the most amazing places.
I am a vastly fortunate multi-millionaire. Etc.

In previous programs I have taught people about the power of affirmations for
transforming their beliefs about money, however, in 2012 I came across a new technique
that is even better.

I have applied this technique to my own life and had dramatic results. Over the past
few years of seeing the results from hundreds of students who have done this program,
I believe that it is a far more effective way to shift your negative beliefs about money.

It all revolves around using QUESTIONS instead of Statements, to activate the power
of the mind and the power of feeling good.

These are called AF-FOR-MATIONS.

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Afformations were invented a few years ago by Noah St. John as a way of changing
the words in your ‘affirmation’ around to form empowering questions that draw out
creative, helpful and empowering ideas and solutions vs. the “fighting mind talk” or
“bitchy-back-chat” that we usually get when doing affirmations.

If you have ever done Affirmations, then you will know that once you start saying your
affirmation, your mind begins to fight with itself.

For example:
As you repeat the words, ‘I am now and always will be responsible with my money,’ the
contradictory story chatters in your mind.

The bigger, disempowering story will try to squash this new thought by bringing up
evidence, examples, and thoughts about why this new thought is not the truth.
‘Don’t be ridiculous! You, responsible with money? Why do you have $40 000 worth of
credit card debt if you are so responsible, huh?’

This mind-chatter and fighting in the mind causes many people to stop doing their
affirmations after a few days or weeks.

Watch this 8-minute video to hear Noah St John talk about his method of AF-FOR-

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 12

Afformations are about changing your critical self-talk and asking empowering
questions instead.

Eg. Instead of saying the affirmation “I am wealthy” ask the AFFORMATION “Why am
I so wealthy?”

Or instead of “I love earning $10 000 per month”, ask “Why do I love earning $10 000
per month?” or “Why am I earning $10 000 per month?”

When you ask yourself a question, your unconscious mind cannot help but begin to
search for an answer. This is simply the way the unconscious mind works — ask it a
question, it begins to generate answers. And the answers to questions like, “Why am I
so abundant?” are, indeed, useful answers to know.

An afformation is thus an empowering question you ask yourself that triggers your
brain to search for evidence that it is true.

But more importantly, an afformation is a loaded question. Which means that for your
unconscious mind to work on answering, it must accept the premise with which the
question is loaded.

And as you gather evidence that this loaded question is true, you begin to trust and
believe in the idea behind the afformation and big shifts happen.
It’s really quite brilliant.

So: Why am I feeling so happy lately? Why am I making such a good living? Why am
I a money magnet? Why am I earning over R 100 000 per month? Why am I able to
save so easily? Why am I living in abundance?

Go ahead, try some of these out right now, out loud! See what it feels like.

Notice how your brain starts looking for evidence to support them. That’s the beauty
of afformations.

Your brain will support you in changing your beliefs about yourself. You won’t need to
fight it; it will be your ally. Whereas with an affirmation you tend to “fight” the existing
belief with a new affirmation.

Once you start your empowering questions, you’ll be shifting your internal beliefs in a
powerful way.

The trick to Afformations is to ask the question in a WHY form.

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Here are some examples of Money Af-for-mations that I have used at different times in
my own life (with great results) and some that I just think are cool and will spark some
inspiration for you

• Why does money and prosperity flow to me so easily and effortlessly?

• Why am I a money magnet?
• Why am I earning over R 100 000 per month?
• Why is my business turnover tripling every year?
• Why am I saving $ 3000 per month?
• Why is my money working for me?
• Why am I managing my money so well?
• Why am I a vastly fortunate multi-millionaire?
• Why is it that everywhere I go I encounter opportunities to make more millions?
• Why am I always in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people, to
make the right deals?
• Why do projects and clients that inspire me flow to me in such surprising ways
all the time?
• Why am I so fabulously wealthy?
• Why do I have an unlimited supply of abundance that flows to me whenever I
need it?
• Why is my life so fantastic?

How do you test your Afformation?

• Does it start with a “why”?

• Does it make you feel good?
• Does your mind curiously look for the solution rather than rejecting the question

If your mind rejects the question, then find a different way to ask the question that
makes you feel good.

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How do I start applying Af-for-mations into my life?

1. Come up with 2 or 3 or 4 AFFORMATIONS that really FEEL good

2. Start doing them every day
a. Say them out loud to yourself
b. Write them down
c. Put them on post-it notes around your house.
d. Say them quietly when you are waiting in queues

Ask, ask, and ask again; imbue your questions with a spirit of intense curiosity; and
then watch what happens over the next few weeks, months, and years.


Here are a few stories from my clients who have done my Money Magic Program and have had
AMAZING results with their af-for-mations.

Monica Viegas:
“I have been saying my af-for-mation, “Why does money come in so easily and frequently?” since
the Money Magic Program. I do it every day in the car on my way to work. I just say it out loud a
few times and then forget about it.

I never quite knew the strength of these little af-for-mations, but I am so happy and excited to say
that the savings amount in my account has miraculously “DOUBLED” ...... And to top it off my goal
was to reach R300 000 in my savings account by the end of the year, I have now reached it, and I
am currently sitting on Half a Bloody Million ... Whoop Whoop !!!

This is not something I thought I would reach anytime soon. I am feeling really proud that at 25 yrs
old, I have a saving of R500 000.”

Rene Yaffes:
“Yesterday, all day while driving in my car I kept saying my afformations. “Why am I such a money
magnet?” “Why does money flow to me from the most amazing places?” etc. etc. and feeling really
good while saying them.
On my way to fetch my son from rugby practice, while chanting away, I heard my phone ‘tring.’ My
SMS message alert sounds a little like your wand Donna. When I finally stopped and parked my car
so I could look at my message, I couldn’t believe my eyes!! My parents had deposited R10 000 into
my bank account!! Just a ‘present’ to contribute to the kids’ school fees!!
I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Felt like someone was playing a trick on me! Can it be that this
afformation thing really works? All these thoughts and questions keep flooding my mind!!

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 15

Create an af-for-mation for Money now
Get out those post-it notes, write it down. Repeat it out loud while driving, in
the shower or before you go to sleep at night and watch as your life magically
transforms in the area of Money.

Yes – the magic is that simple!

Developing a Money Af-for-mation
Develop 2 or 3 Empowering Afformations about Money.

Think about:

What is the positive RESULT that I want in my life with regards money?
And use the answer to create the Af-for-mation.

Remember an afformation is
* A simple question
* In the present tense
* In the first person
* A question that starts with a WHY

Write them down here:






Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 16

1. Every day going forward, say these Afformations out loud or softly to yourself
as many times a day as you can remember.

Say them while driving, showering, cooking – during all those times when
your mind is idle. Everyone has the time to talk to themselves, so when you
are in idle time, then say these afformations.

2. Write each of these afformations on 5 post-it notes and stick these post-it
notes all over your life – your fridge, car, bathroom mirror, office desk, etc.

3. Use Technology to remind you of your Af-for-mations – put them as

“appointments” on your mobile phone, so that they pop up regularly. Or put
them as your screensaver on your computer or phone. Get creative so that
you are continually being reminded of these af-for-mations.

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 17

Imagine that you met a childhood playmate when you were 5 years old and at that
stage, you didn’t quite get on – she wanted to play with dolls and didn’t want to join
your rough-and-tumble cowboys and Indians games. So you left the experience with a
negative opinion of this playmate.

Fast forward 20 or 30 years and you are on the dating scene, and you meet this gorgeous
blonde bombshell, you have a great time together and then to your amazement, you
find out that this gorgeous woman is the playmate that you had such a negative opinion
about when you were 5.

Now seeing her through 25-year-old eyes, perceptions, needs and desires your opinion
of her is altered.

It is the same with money and it is time to introduce you to the beautiful and amazing
energy that Money is in the world.

Written Exercise:

Imagine meeting Money again for the first time, write down all the reasons why
Money is such a beautiful, amazing energy in the world and all the positive traits
about money and having money.

Write down at least 10 POSITIVE things you can say about money to begin your
re-introduction to money.






Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 18






Through the exercises above you have begun to shift your opinion about Money -
like shifting your 5-year-old opinion of the irritating playmate to suddenly seeing this
person as a potential partner who has many desirable qualities.

Through this Money and You eBook - you have discovered your negative thoughts,
beliefs, and opinions about money that are hindering you from having an amazing
relationship with money.

Keep your awareness open over the next week to any other negative opinions or
beliefs about money that you notice floating to the surface.

As you say your af-for-mations throughout the coming days, you will find yourself
feeling more excited about moving into a positive relationship with money and starting
to take that relationship to the next level.

The next level is…

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 19

Learning about each other
When you go into any relationship with someone you learn things about them and
often in the beginning of the relationship we are fascinated by our new partner.

The next step with money is to get fascinated by her!

When you get fascinated about money, money will get fascinated by you.

Below is a brief synopsis of Money’s likes and dislikes.

Money loves:
• To be respected and honored
• To be with people who respect and honor themselves
• To be spent wisely
• To be lead by you
• To multiply (and she is so good at this)
• To be learned about
• To be saved
• To be invested
• To be spent on good causes that serve others
• To be thought about positively
• To be talked about in positive ways
• To be managed wisely

Money hates:
• To be ignored
• To be misused and abused
• To be promised to someone else when she isn’t even yours to give away

Money loves to be respected and honored. This does not mean putting money on a
pedestal above all else but it certainly means having a healthy respect for and honoring
the relationship that you have with money and what it can do for you.

Many people lament about money and say “I wish I had or I earned more money” but
even when they do get a raise and earn more money, it still seems that most people
come out with no money or in debt at the end of the month. Sound familiar?

The key to being wealthy and having money in your life is to become good at managing
the money you already have.

Once you are able to manage the money you have you will find that magically more
money begins to flow to you.

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 21

As you can see from the list above:
“Money likes to be managed wisely”
Want to have money to support you in living your dreams?
Manage the money you have.

How do you actually conduct your current relationship with money?

Do you spend very little time with her or do you devote quality time to getting to
know more about her?
Do you even know how you spend her?


To determine how you currently conduct your relationship with money you need
to understand how you actually spend her and use her.

Most people do not have a monthly budget, or even if they do, they don’t stick to
it. I used to have no idea what I spent my money on and often regardless of what
amount I earned in the month by the end of the month it would be gone. Do you
find that?

For a month keep a Money Diary.

Keep a pocket notepad or little book with you (or download an app to do this on
your phone) and whenever you spend any money write down the amount spent,
what you spent it on and the method you used to spend it.

$ 29.70 Wholefoods Food Credit Card
$ 7.00 Jumba Juice Food Cash
$ 35 Shell Gas Credit Card
$ 122 Discovery Medical EFT

Do this every day for a month. I find it easiest to do get into the habit of writing it
down whenever you make a purchase. At the end of the month use a spreadsheet
to record all of your spending. Tally up all of the Budget items eg. food, petrol,
clothing, rent etc. and you will begin to have a VERY good idea of what you actually
spend your money on. When people are asked how much they need to live on in a
month they normally underestimate the amount by between 10% - 30%.

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 22

By doing the Money Diary exercise you will:

• see how you spend your money in reality – rather than what you think you spend
it on
• be spending time learning about your money
• bring a daily awareness to money that did not exist before.
• begin to develop an understanding and respect for the money in your life
• spark ideas about how to manage your money better
• be better empowered to manage the money that you do have
• start honouring and respecting the money that you do have.

This Money Diary Exercise is pivotal before you move onto the next phases of
forming a relationship with money so that you know where you currently are.

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 23

I trust you have found this free “Money and You eBook insightful, inspiring and useful
in your quest to improve your relationship with money, begin to create wealth and
ultimately achieve financial freedom.

I first launched this free eBook in 2009 and since then thousands of people have
downloaded it, used the tools and started to see results.

Within a few weeks of launching it I started to receive emails from people asking for
more money tools, tips and advice and also asking about all 6 of the stages of developing
a Money Relationship.

People were asking all sorts of questions like:

• How do I get out of debt?

• How do I start saving when there is nothing left at the end of the month to save?
• What is the best investment strategy?
• How do I increase how much money I attract?
• How can I ensure my kids get educated about money?

So in 2011, I put my wand back to work and created a 9 week Money Magic program
to take people through a 9 week focused, learning program about how to manage and
handle money. This is an online program, so you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Over 1600 people have now gone through this 9 week Money Magic program and
the results have been ASTOUNDING for the participants.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 24

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 25
“I completed Donna’s Money Magic 12 week butt kicking course last month. I started the course
with 4 credit cards and a fat overdraft and zero savings. Now a mere 3 weeks after the course,
I have managed to pay off all 4 credit cards, cut them up, pay off my overdraft and have $2 000
saved. I think 99% of the success is due to a changed attitude towards money, and treating it with
the respect it deserves. The rest is keep a focus on your goals, spend your time doing things that
make a difference to your pocket, and don’t waste time or money on other NIP (Non-Income-
Producing) work.” - Gerda Kollman

“My Successes during this program: I have received more business. I have tripled my income in the
last month! I also got contracted to handle interpretations for a major international NGO. I have also
cut my expenses helping me to save more money and feel more financially secure.”
– Waldir Prado

“I have had such a shift that I got a R8000.00 increase on my salary!!! Whohooo!!!! My af-for-mation
came true and it only took 3 weeks!!!!” – Tanya Haffern

“I never thought I’d be the kind of person who likes to do money things, but I find that I’m excited
about planning and organising and managing. A breakthrough!” – Faye Slater

“I have had the following financial successes after completing the Money Magic program: Paid off my
car 17 months early; Paid off all my credit card debt; Saved more than R60,000 last year. I cannot
believe how far I have come in just over a year!” - Amy Wolfe

“Lucky for me that I’m doing the Money Magic course! I’ve started to think and speak differently, to
see money as A GOOD THING!! My mood (about everything, not just money) has lifted and I feel
better about ME as well.” - Gretel Lampe

Money and You www.fairygodmotherinc.com Page | 26

“I have just paid of both my credit cards and I am getting rid of R30 000 unbudgeted money that I
have recklessly spent in the past. I feel R30 000 richer already. Thanks Fairy Godmother!“ - Anthea

“I realized that I am worth more than I ever imagined and it has given me a boost about the way I see
myself financially. There is a lot more potential than I ever expected.” – Steve Kunn

“I have been on a number of “Money-” and “Envisaging Wealth”-type courses and not been quite
underwhelmed with most of them to date. It was scary to discover I knew more and was more
financially “successful” than the presenters of many of them. However, you are clearly different
and, even in working through module 1, I have had some major light bulb moments.”
- Tanya Nockler-Law

As your Fairy Godmother, who is committed to people

living their dreams....
I want you to experience financial ease and abundance.
I want you to stop worrying about paying the bills at the end of the month
(I remember the feeling and it is really yuck!)

It is no fun to live in debt, or from month-to-month wondering how you are going to
make ends meet or where the money is going to come from.

Or perhaps you are okay with your monthly living but have you ever had the thought:
“Wow, by this age I thought I’d be wealthier by now?”

Are you wondering why it is difficult for you to create wealth, buy assets or make

As your Fairy Godmother, I want to help you create

MONEY MAGIC in your life.
If money has historically been hard for you to manifest or keep, there's nothing wrong
with you - I promise. Chances are that you just haven't been educated about money.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Without real education about money, your chances of getting
and keeping any are slim.

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If you are anything like most people:

You were never educated about money at school or university

The people who did teach you about money weren’t wealthy
You inherited countless false and limiting beliefs about money by the time you
were 7 years old
You’re still struggling to get and keep money in your life consistently

If any of that rings true and you haven’t addressed it, you’ll almost certainly remain
financially strapped for many years to come. Not a pretty picture, right?

As your Fairy Godmother, I am committed to getting you educated and EMPOWERED

in the area of money, so that you can get out of debt, start saving and investing, buying
the things you want and living your DREAM LIFE.

I only run my 9 week Money Magic program twice a year

and I would LOVE to have you on the next one.
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Please Note: This program is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

It is a program to teach you wealth-building tools and skills for you to use to build
wealth over the rest of your life! I look forward to having you on it!

Book Now if you want to transform your relationship to money once and for all!

This Money Magic Program really works!

We have received hundreds of testimonials from people who have applied the Money
Magic program and have experienced financial security, financial independence and
are on their way to Financial Freedom!

Watch and Read more Success Stories Here >>

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