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Document Name Quality Management System Manual

Document No. DC/QMS/M/01 Page 10 of 19

Date of Issue 11-2-2019 Version 1.01


5.1. Management Commitment

DESIGNCO, MORADABAD Management, represented by the Managing Partner (s), is

committed to its customers / stakeholders and ensures availability of resources for the smooth
functioning of all processes, so that quality, safe Product & effective delivery of the product to
customer and society can be accomplished. The Management Process (PR-01) addresses
Annual Projections in terms of Tonnage and value. Annual Budgeting and Purchase Planning.
Management’s commitment is also Demonstrated via daily resource planning meetings and
fortnightly order status review meetings.

5.2. Customer Focus

The focus is always on the customer requirements; the aim is to maximize their satisfaction
(Refer to the Quality Policy / Quality Objectives document). At DESIGNCO, MORADABAD, the
direct / intermediary customer is the Marketing function in the Moradabad Corporate Office,
while the indirect / end customer is the user. Customer focus is evidenced through all
processes, from the Management & Marketing Process, QA Process through Production
Process to the F.G and Dispatch Process. Management is in constant contact with the
Corporate Office Marketing function, and various communication channels exist such as taking
customer feedback, attending the customer complaints and conducting MRM Meetings. Review
of customer requirements (orders received from the customers) and of DESIGNCO,
MORADABAD capability of meeting these orders is carried out by Management, and the
Corporate Office accepts orders only upon Management's recommendation. Continual feedback
is provided to the Corporate Office on order progress, together with requirements for further
information etc. Customer feedback & satisfaction level is sought, analyzed and acted upon

5.3. Quality Policy

DESIGNCO, MORADABAD Quality Policy and Quality Objectives are available in the Manual &
Quality Policy / Objectives documents (Maintained in MR’s file). The Managing Partner (s) has
communicated these (to all staff) through suitable means like displaying on boards conducting
meetings and Training etc.
5.4. Planning

5.4.1. Quality Objectives

The top level objectives are laid out in the Quality Objectives document. These are in line with
the organization's Quality Policy. They are vertically deployed to process level, where each
process has its own SMART Quality Objectives. The SMART Objectives are available with
Process Owners. The SMART Objectives are monitored by the Tracking System, developed at
all Process level.

 To Control Productivity, Efficiency, Rejection, Rework and Wastage through measurable

Quality objective at departmental level.
 To achieve 100% pass rate at final packing level
 To achieve 100% on time delivery
 To achieve 100% customer satisfaction in proactive way by settling the quality
expectation at initial production stage.
 To empower employee skill through continual skill development training program.
 To expand business @10% per annum.
 To control electricity cost
 To control breakdown of through scheduled preventive maintenance plan.
 Quality Objective/ Goals will be re-viewed on the monthly basis at departmental level.
 80% achievement of the planned target will be taken as achieved.

5.4.2 Quality Management System Planning

Quality Management System Planning is manifested through the current documented QMS, the
elements of which are changed by the MR as and when required, as detailed in the Document
Control Procedure (DESIGNCO/PRO/01), and the integrity of the QMS is thus maintained. As
addressed in design and development section.

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