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Name of Student Thesis Topic

** completed in last 24 months

Alex Zannoni Brief Therapy and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Amanda Kenny ** Issues in Rural Hospital Care

Amanda Weeks Provision of self-management programs for people suffering from chronic illness through the primary care sector
Angelina (Sabin)
Health promoting strategies for children and adolescents from familes with parental mental health problems.
Anne-Louise Carlton Models for regulating the emerging complementary medicine professions

Annie Cantell-Bartl The experience of parents whose child has Hyperplastic Left Heart Syndrome and the implications for professional care

Antionette Mertins A critique of integrated patient care across acute and primary care services
Drug and Therapeutics Committee (DTC) performance indicators in Thai hospitals: developing, evaluating and
Araya Sripairoj **

Atsu Dodor Stigmatisation and risk perception of Tuberculosis: Effects of TB control in developing countries

Belinda Garth Communication in the medical consultation: perceptions of doctors, children with cerebral palsy and their parents

Bernadette Ward Rural health

Bin Xue Business opportunities and strategies for international healthcare organisations to enter and operate in China

Catherine Cairns An exploration into the 'As If' quality of empathy and transference in the therapeutic relationship

Chaojie Liu ** Training Needs for Community Health Services in Urban China: A Pilot Study in Chengdu

Cheryl Gibson An investigation of meaning in work as a protective factor in professional burnout

Christine Bakarnis Older People and the Health System

Christine Morley Postmodernisnm and Social Change: Implications for social work practice with the legal system
Colin Baker Integration of IT in Health Care Planning
Ethical challenges in the Australian alcohol and other drug field: Identifying opportunities for workforce development
Craig Fry
and ethics advocacy

Creina Mitchell Analysis of Marternal and Child Health Data

A Clinical Trial and Case History approach to Investigating the Interface between traditional Chinese Medicine and
Daniel Lee
Conventional Medicine
Deborah Gleeson Policy capacity in the health and human services sector
Local council's role and effectiveness in the development of health communities, especially for marginal families with
Diane Edwards
young children.
Divya Ramanathan An Investigation of Art Therapy in Management of Chronic Pain

Elizabeth Furler (Liz) Primary health care and indigenous health during the Whitlam years

Elizabeth Hanna (Liz) Environmental Health and Primary Health Care: Towards a new workforce model
Critical theories of Bert Hellinger and his approach to working with couples in terms of intimacy, blending, alliances loss
Elisha Lawry
and separation

Emma Hughes Health Promotion and the Convergence of Technologies of Regulation and Technologies of the Self

Emma Patten The role of knowledge and family values in determining sustainable environmental practices and behaviours.

Fiona Reidy Ageing in the Community

Health Workers Perception of Euthanasia

Frank Luzza An Investigation into the Stresses and Coping Strategies Associated with Adapting to Parenthood
Frederick Hayes
Identifying "Safe" Work Settings for Men's Health Promotion

Genevieve Howse Regulatory Strategies in Public Health

Glenda Verrinder Sustainability and Health: Setting the Bottom Line for Public Health

Gregory Rice Evaluation of Health Research Impact

Heather Cameron The experience of hope in death and dying

Heather Hill ** Ways in which Quality Clinical Care can Reaffirm the Identity of a Person with Dementia

Heather Marriott Comparison of student-teacher relationship in Buddhism and with psychotherapeutic relationship

Helen Rawson The sexual and reproductive health of Asian teenage girls living in Australia

Hongwen Zhao ** Governing the Health Market: Towards an effective regulatory Strategies in China

Hui Yang ** Priorities and Strategies for the Development of National Health Information Systems in China

Ian McGrath Development, implementaiton and evaluation of design criteria for web-based patient information systems

Ian Woodruff Allied Health: Development of Cost Effective Services

Isabelle Ellis ** Provision of rural and remote primary health care

Jacqueline Behan The Role of Nurses in Screening for Skin Cancer

James Smith ** Local Government Public Health Planning

Jane M Addis Myths of Partner Choice

Jean Parson Managing cultural change in collaborative health strategies

Joan Stewart Depressing in nursing home residents - incidence and approach

Jo-Anne Colwell Comparison of cognitive behavioural therapy and psychodrama interventions with adolescents at risk

Judith Ayre Transpersonal Theory and Objectives Applied to Process/Experiential Therapy

Julie Collette Organisational Change in Primary Care Institutions

Judith Dwyer Governance and the health system: Health authorities and health care providers

Karen Goltz Reconstructing the Moral Career of a School Health Promoter

Karen Mardegan An Alternative Approach to Health Education Delivery

Katherine Simons Post-natal domiciliary- kicked out or cared for?

Kevin Messer A student centred couselling/educational model of support/ interventions to assist funded integration students

Lina Abboud The experience of pregnancy, labour and hospital stay of ethnic women living in Melbourne

Lindsay Carey ** Pastoral Care & Bioethics: The Role of Australian and New Zealand Chaplains in Clinical Decision Making

Lisa Delaney Developing a Better Coordinated Primary Health Care System

Lisa Gold Economic evaluation of new public health interventions

Louise Flynn Traumatic bereavement and continuing bonds: An investigation of the bereaved's experience

Louise McFadden Cross Border Amalgamation of two Australian Rural Hospitals.

Lynette Talbot ** Personal & Community Factors in Social Capital

Lynn Holt The history of public health methods and current application

Madeline Brett Adult sibling relationships, attachment and parent child relationships

Mandy Ruddock The Injured Australian Football League Player - Perceptions, Coping and the Outcome

Maree Stanley Narrative therapy and learning

Margaret Way Evaluating Outcomes of Nutrition Policy and Practice in Victoria

Margo Sheahan Barriers to comsumer participation in Australian private health care: A naturalistic inquiry

Mark Gilheany Podiatric Surgery: Outcome Trials

Mary Kennedy-Jones Health Science Graduate Attributes: What do Employees really want?

Melissa Buultjens Becoming a mother: The lived experience of motherhood and postnatal depression.
Maureen Willson Organisational Culture and Acceptance of Change in a Rural Setting Compared with a Metropolitan Health Service

Michael Groome An Examination of the Moral Development of Health Science and Nursing Students

Michelle Kealy Maternal health and recovery following caesarean section: A qualitative study
Michelle Williamson Women's perceptions of pap smear examinations experience and the influences these have on participation in cervical
(Shelby) screening programs.
Mile Glamcevski Asian Counselling in Educational Environments

Milena Canil Development of Health Legislation

A Longer Working Life for Australian Women of the baby boom Generation - Women's voices and the social policy
Monika Merkes **
implications of an ageing female workforce

Monique Cohenka Marital Adjustment in the Jewish Community

Nava Fernanda Physical Activity, Body Image and Diet in children

Ofer Katzir The expressions of existential concerns, through art therapy of cancer patients.

Panagiota Garoufalis Specialist outpatient waiting lists: Analysis of current guidelines and development of new strategies.

Patricia Avery Does effective life-coaching require a theoretical approach similar to psychotherapy modalities

Patricia Dobson (Pat) Development of a Cancer Support Group Network across Victoria

Patricia Fenner The facilitative environment for art therapy

Patrick Gleeson Nurse Initiated Primary Care in Victorian Rural Hospitals

Paul McCauley A further study of Donald D. Wincott's theory of "the potential space"

Pauline Stanton ** Changing Employment Relationships in Victorian Public Hospitals

Issues affecting the implementation of an evidence-based care model for sprains and strains injuries in the Victorian
Peter Nagel **
workers compensation context.
Prue Bagley Public Health Infrastructure
Redwan Rahman ** The State, Private Sector Healthcare and regulation in Bangladesh

Robert Gillett Casemix funding policy - beyond technical efficiency

Rosemary Bryant Statutory nursing regulation and its relationship to clinical competence

Rosemary Watts ** Discharge Planning in Critical Care

Sally Fawkes Future Health Imperatives and their role in forging robust health promotion strategy in Australia

Shane McIver The impact of yoga and ayurveda on body shape and body image

Sharon Marston An Investiagation of the Effectiveness of Emotion focused Therapy for Depression

Sharon Willcox ** Health Insurance Regulation

Simon Fraser Change Management of Human Resources in the Relocation of a Large Hospital

Sophie Vasiliadis A profile of adolescent problem gambling: Risk and protective factors

Stephen Polgar Composite Brains: Towards a Theory of Neural Reconstruction

Stuart Rowley Organisational Change in Primary Health Care Institutions

Susan Miller The Treatment of Behavioural Problems in Adolescent Boys

Suzanne Corcoran Older Victorians - their current and future transport needs

Vicki Tsianakas ** Women and Reproduction: Perceptions and Experiences of Afghan Women

Vicky Mason Evaluating Community Health Services

Virginia Dickson-
Methodological issues in sensitive research
Swift **
Vivienne Williams The role of the T.G.A. with complementary therapies in Australia

Wen Feng Performance evaluation of health care facilities with property-right reform
Xiao Ma Training needs assessment of health promotion professionals in China

Yan Zhang** Improving Antibiotic use at Pekin Union Mecical College Hospital
Zhiping Gong
Developing casemix classification for acute hospital inpatient in Chengdu, China
(Justin) **
Zoran Georgievski Photographic Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy