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C 297/126 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 15.10.


(1999/C 297/172) WRITTEN QUESTION E-4044/98

by Pedro Marset Campos (GUE/NG) to the Commission

(13 January 1999)

Subject: ERDF funding for the Lorca-Águilas trunk road in the Spanish region of Murcia

The Lorca-Águilas trunk road in the Spanish region of Murcia is being partly financed by ERDF funding.
Section I of the road (0-3,8 km) has yet to be completed, although work apparently started on it recently.

1. Does the Commission know that the construction of this section was held up because of an adverse
environmental impact assessment?

2. Does the Commission know whether changes were made subsequently to enable a favourable
environmental impact assessment to be made?

3. Does the Commission consider that the construction of this section complies with European environ-
mental provisions, in particular Directive 85/337/EEC (1) on the assessment of the effects of certain public and
private projects on the environment?

4. Can the Commission supply information on progress made in the construction of the section of the road
in question?

(1) OJ L 175, 5.7.1985, p. 40.

Answer given by Mrs Wulf-Mathies on behalf of the Commission

(21 January 1999)

The Commission is collecting the information it needs to answer the question. It will communicate its findings
as soon as possible.

(1999/C 297/173) WRITTEN QUESTION P-4045/98

by Nelly Maes (V) to the Commission

(4 January 1999)

Subject: Activities of the European information outlets financed under budget line B3-301

On 15 December 1998 Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control agreed to the transfer of appropriations
amounting to ECU 3 million to budget line B3-301: Information outlets. During the 1998 financial year some
ECU 13,5 million has been included in the budget under this item.

The three main objectives of this budget line are:

< to help finance information and documentation outlets for the public at large in collaboration with the
national authorities;

< to help finance a total of 500 initiatives, including rural information forums, the European Documenta-
tion Centres, the Info Points, reference collections in national libraries and the forums for sustainable

< to finance information campaigns by the International Federation of Europe Houses (of which there are
100 throughout Europe).

1. Can the Commission provide a detailed breakdown of all initiatives financed in Belgian under this budget
line, stating the persons and/or groups who have received financial aid, what was subsidised (leaflets, staff,
information material, the policy areas covered) and the addresses where the partners subsidised carry out their