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A. How do pictures remind you of your being a Filipino?

-This pictures remind me of being a Filipino for having a cheerful personality and being respectful to
elders. Because it is our culture, and one of the culture of Filipino is to be family oriented. Being a
Filipino we have also a characteristic that will reminds us for being a religious one and fun loving it's
because this is the strength in addressing life, even in up or down situation. We have deep faith in God.

B. Are you proud of being a Filipino? Why or why not?

-Yes, I'm proud of being a Filipino. If we tried to compare the characteristics, practices, culture, tradition
of Filipino and to other nationalities, a fact that every country has its differing values and stereotypes,
and the Philippines is no exception. We Filipinos firmly believe that our country has the best values in
the world. Although we have been colonized by several countries, many core values from our ancestors
remained intact and are still honored to this day. Filipinos are not perfect, but we have great
characteristics and qualities every one of us should be proud of.

C. Imagine that you change your nationality. What would you change in you aside from your citizenship
and origin?

-I would love to be a citizen of Thailand. Aside from having a rich cultural heritage, Thai people are very
welcoming and hospitable. I would like to explore more about their natural and man-made wonders, like
wise the exotic foods that made the country very popular in the world. And of course, I would choose to
be a Thai citizen because Thailand is a country of inclusiveness and free descrimination. Equality is
everywhere and respect for one another is dominant regardless of gender or social status.

D. How extensive are the effects of being a Filipino in your selfhood?

-Very extensive indeed. Growing up I feel the so-called Filipino spirit running through my veins. With all
the triumphs and reselience that I have witnessed wuth my fellow Filipinos these past years. I must say
that I am proud of being a Filipino and I am proud of my identity. I am always guided with the Filipino
culture, customs, traditions and principles. Being a Filipino is the biggest reason foe being who I am
today. Because my parents and guardians are Filipinos then I have also adapted the traits and behavior
of a Filipino like being respectful, hospitable, joyful, and family loving. If I was not a Filipino then I would
likely to be disrespectful and does not value family that much like other nationality.