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Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa

Archdiocese of Good Hope

Festal Vespers Hymns


9 December
St Joachim & St Anna –Conception
Also the Feast of St Hannah, Righteous Mother of St Samuel the Holy Prophet of God –
St Sophronios, Archbishop & Wonderworker of Cyprus - St Stephen the New Light of
Constantinople – St Anthimos, Hieromonk & Fool for Christ of Mount Athos – The
Consecration of the Holy Church of St John Chrysostom in Cyprus in 1091

Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators for the
Greek & English texts that make our Worship much easier
to understand, to participate and to appreciate.
Glory to God for His Great Mercy!




Simeron ek rizis tou David, Vasiliki Today a Royal Cloak of Purple and fine
porfiris ekvlastisasa, tou Iesse linen is woven from the Loins of
vlastanin aparhete, to Anthos to David, and the Mystical Flower of
Mystikon, en O Hristos O Theos imon Jesse is Blossoming: from it will
exinthisen, O Sozon tas psihas imon. come forth Christ our God, the
Saviour of our soul!
St Joachim & St Anna - Conception “NIN APOLIIS TON DOULON SOU...” –
So much attention is paid to the Ever Blessed Virgin Theotokos, that there is a F E STAL AP OLY TIKION –S T J OAC H IM & S T A NNA - T ONE 4
tendency to overlook her Venerable Parents, St Joachim and St Anna, who by
natural means conceived a flesh-and-blood human being whom they named Simeron tis ateknias desma dialionte. Today the bonds of Childlessness are
‘Mary’ and are therefore, the Righteous Grandparents “... according to the flesh “ Tou Ioakim gar ke tis Annis isakouon broken. For hearing the Prayers of
of our Incarnate Lord God and Divine Saviour, Jesus Christ. Theos, par’ elpida tekin aftous safos, Joachim and Anna, God promised
The Spiritual Beauty of St Anna and her devoted husband, St Joachim is briefly ipishnite Theopeda, ex is aftos etehthi that against all Hope they would give
expressed in Holy Scripture, and as there is no greater part of the Divine Plan of O aperigraptos, vrotos gegonos, di’ Birth to the Maiden of God. He, the
the Universe than Sacred Motherhood, St. Anna is granted individual honour Angelou kelefsas voise afti. Here, Uncircumscribed, would be Born of
with the observance of a Feast Day on 26 July. Heharitomeni, O Kyrios meta Sou. Her, and when He had become Man,
Close scrutiny of Sacred Texts by biblical scholars has finally cleared away twenty and by the Angel’s Example, He
centuries of legend and established a more accurate and factual account, commands us to call to Her:
however meagre, of St Joachim and St Anna, for there is no denying the word of “Rejoice, O Maiden Full of Grace, the
the Holy Apostle, St James, who went to great lengths to record true facts about Lord is with Thee!”
the Righteous Parents of our Lady, the Ever Blessed Virgin Mary, which he ✞ Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati, ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
described his Protoevanglia. ke nin ke ai ke is tous Eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
St Anna was of the prestigious Hebrew Tribe of Levi and was the daughter of the eonon. forever, and to the Ages of ages.
High Priest, Nathan, and his wife, Mary, who had two other draughters as well,
named Sovin and Mary, who resided in Bethlehem after they were married, Amin Amen
while St Anna and St Joachim lived in Galilee where their daughter, St Mary, the F E STAL A P OLY TIKION – T H E C ONSEC RATION - TO NE 4
Theotokos, was born. Os tou Ano Stereomatos tin evprepian, Thou hast made the Earthly Beauty of
St Joachim and St Anna were favoured by God, Who answered their constant
ke tin kato sinapedixas oreotita, tou the Holy Tabernacle of Thy Glory to
Prayers with the birth of their longed for daughter, which, according to the Will
Agiou Skinomatos tis Doxis Sou Kyrie be like the Majesty of the Firmament
of God, schanged the course of history and set us on another Path that - if
krateoson Afto is eona eonos, ke on High, O Lord. Make it strong
followed - leads us to Eternal Life.
prosdexe imon tas en afto apafstos forever and ever, and accept our
St Gabriel, the Archangel of God – His Bearer of Good Tidings - told St Anna: "The
prosagomenas Si deisis, dia tis Supplications that we unceasingly
Lord hath heard Thy Prayers, and Thou shalt conceive and bring forth, and Thy Theotokou, i panton Zoi ke Anastasis. bring to Thee there, at the
Seed shall be spoken of in all the world." Intercessions of the Theotokos. For
St Anna accepted the Angelic Annunciation with the words: "As the Lord my God D ISM ISSAL BL E SSINGS ➜ Thou art the Life and Resurrection
lives, if I beget male or female, I will bring it as a Gift to the Lord my God; and it of all.
shall minister unto His Holy Things all the days of its life."
St Joachim and St Anna are an integral part of the Divine Liturgy, always being
mentioned in the Dismissal Prayers of our Holy Services.

Omose Kyrios to David alithian ke ou The Lord swore to David His Truth,
mi athetisi aftin. and He shall not reject It.
Pale prosevhomeni Pistos, Anna i Sofron, Anna besought our Lord in Fervent
ke Theo iketevousa, Angelou fonis
akouei, prosvaveountos afti, tin ton
Prayer for a Child. The Voice of the
Angel proclaimed to her: “God has Festal Vespers Hymns – St Joachim & St Anna
etomenon Thian ekvasin, pros in O granted Thee the desire of Thy
asomatos, emfanos dielegeto. I deisis Prayer. Do not weep, for Thou shall KINDLY USE THE SERVICE BOOK UNTIL THIS POINT, THEN CAREFULLY FOLLOW
Sou, pros ton Kyrion ingise, mi be a Fruitful Olive Tree, bearing the
skithopaze, ton dakrion apostithi. Wondrous Branh of the Virgin, Who H Y MN OF THE EV ENING I NCE NSE

Evkarpos hrimatisis gar, elea will bring forth in the Flesh, the THE CONGREGATION MUST STAND
P SALM 140/141 – T ONE 2
vlastanousa, kladon oreon Parthon, Blossom, Christ, Who grants to the
pagkalon Anthos anthisousan, world, Great Mercy!” Kyrie ekekraxa pros Se, isakouson mou. Lord, I cry out to Thee: hear
Hriston kata sarka, parehmenon to Isakouson mou, Kyrie. Kyrie, O Lord! O Lord, when I cry
kosmo to Mega Eleos. ekekraxa pros Se, isakouson mou, out to Thee, hear me! Hear
Ek Karpou tis kilias Sou thisome epi I shall set upon Thy Throne one from proshes ti foni tis deiseos mou, en to my voice, when I cry out to
tou Thronou Sou. the Fruit of Thy Loins. kekragene me pros Se, isakouson Thee! Hear me, O Lord!
mou Kyrie.
Evgos karpogoni to septon, tin Thian The Honourable Parents, Joachim and
Damalin, ex is proelefsete, O Moshos Anna, hast given Birth to the Lamb Katevthinthito i prosevhi mou os Let my Prayer rise before Thee
arrito logo, O sitevtos alithos, iper who will give Birth past thimiama enopion Sou. Eparsis ton like incense - the lifting up of
olou kosmou prothiomenos. Dio Understanding to the Lamb of God hiron mou Thisia Esperini. Isakouson my hands as the Evening Sacrifice.
gegithotes, exomologisin apafston, en Who is to be sacrificed for all mou Kyrie! Hear me, O Lord!
katanixi, to Kyrio prosagousi, ke tin mankind. They offer to God F E STAL P ROSOM IA – S T J OACH IM & S T A NNA - T ONE 4
simpasan, epofilousan ehousi. Unceasing and Humble Praise.
Toutous oun Makarisomen, ke Pisti Therefore, let us Rejoice, and grant
Ean anomias paratirisis, Kyrie, Kyrie, If Thou, O Lord, should mark
tis ipostisete? Oti para Si O ilasmos transgression, O Lord, who would
horevsomen, en ti Sillipsi entheos tis them fervent Glory for the Birth of
estin. stand? For there is Forgiveness
ex afton tou Thou imon, Mitros the One born to them in a
with Thee.
tiktomenis, di’ is didote plousios, to Marvellous Manner, the Theotokos,
Mega Eleos. through whom the world receives Karpogonousa i stira par’ elpida, The Barren Anna leapt for Joy when
Great Mercy! Parthenon tin mellousan, tiktin Theon she conceived Mary the Virgin, Who
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son, en sarki, agalliasi fedrinete, horevi in turn would Conceive in the Flesh
Heri, megalofonos Anna God the Word. From the Fullness of
and to the Holy Spirit
kravgazousa. Phile mi sigharite, her Joy, she cried out: “Rejoice with
apase tou Israil, kioforo ke to onidos me, all you Tribes of Israel, for I have
Ton egkenismon telountes, tou panierou As we perform the Consecration of the tis apedias, enapotitheme, os conceived according to the Will of
Naou tis Sis Anastasoe, Se All Sacred Church of Thy iidokisen, O evergetis epakousas mou, God my Saviour! He has answered
Doxazomen Kyrie, ton Agiasanta Resurrection, we Glorify Thee, O tis prosevhis ke katodinon, my Prayer and ended my shame, in
touton, ke teliosanta i aftoteli Sou Lord, for Thou hast Sanctified It and Therapefsas kardian, di’ odinon os Fulfilment of His Promise. He will
Hariti. Ke terpomenon tes en afto Perfected It by Thine Absolutely ipesheto. Heal the pains of my heart, through
Ierourgoumenes, ipo Piston Mystikes Perfect Grace. Thou art gladdened the pain of childbirth.”
ke Ieres teletes. Ke prosdehomenon by the Mystical and Holy Servies that Eneken tou Onomatos Sou ipemina Se, Because of Thy Law, O Lord, I waited
ek hiros ton doulon Sou, tas are performed in It by the Faithful; Kyrie; Ipeminen i psihi mou is ton for Thee; my soul waited for Thy
anamaktous ke ahrantous Thisias. and Thou accept from the hands of Logon Sou, ilpisen i psihi mou epi Word. My soul Hopes in the Lord.
Antididonta te tis orthos prosferousi, Thy Servants, the Immaculate ton Kyrion.
tin ton amartimaton Katharsin, ke to Sacrifies, without the shedding of
Mega Eleos. blood. And to those who offer these O ex anikmou pigasas idor petras, He who made waters gush forth from
correctly, Thou render Purification karpon ti kilia Sou, Anna harizete, tin the rock, permitted Thy Womb to
from sins and Great Mercy. Aiparthenon Despinan, ex is to idor, carry the Ever Virgin Mary through
tis Sotiria melli proerhesthe. Ouketi Whom our Salvation will come. By
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of os akarpos, gi parikis ipi Gis, this, Thou were Delivered from
eonon. ages. onidismou illotiose. Gin gar vlastisis, shame – no longer will Thou dwell
Amin. Amen karpoforousan ois ton astahin, ton ta on Earth as barren, for Thou will
onidi aferoumenon, panton vroton os bear the Earth, bringing forth the
iidokise, dia splaghna eleous, Tree of Life. According to His Will,
morfothine to allotrion. He had Delivered the human race

from all shame, by taking on our pantes anthropi, anakenizonte psihin, lamps. This is how we honour
human form and becoming Man, for pros ipsos Ouranion. Consecrations. Thus we Glorify our
He is Rich in Mercy. Creator, by Whom is everyone
Apo Filaktis proias mehri niktos, apo From the morning watch until night; Renewed in soul and is revived for
Life in Celestial Heights.
filakis proias, elpisato Israil epi ton from the morning watch until night
Kyrion. – let Israel Hope in the Lord. ✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the
Ton Profiton e prorrisis ekplirounte. Behold! The Promises of the Prophets Son, and to the Holy Spirit
Oros gar to Agion, lagosin idrite. are fulfilled! The Holy Mount is Tin Mnimin ton Egkenion epitelountes As we perform the Consecration, we
Klimax i Thia fitevete, Thronos O planted in the Womb. The Divine Kyrie, Se ton tou Agiasmou dotira Glorify Thee, the Giver of
Megas, tou Vasileos proetimazete. Ladder is set up – the Great Throne Doxazomen, doemeni Agiasthine Sanctification, asking Thee to
Topos evtrepizete O Theovadistos. of the King is ready. The place for imon, ta esthitiria ton psihon, ti Sanctify the senses of our soul, at
Vatos iaflektos arhete, anavleastanin, the Lord’s Passage is prepared. The presvia ton Endoxon athlogoron, the Intercession of Thy Glorious
i Myrothiki tou Agiasmatos, idi igazi Dry Bush, which Fire could not Agathe Pantodiname. Martyrs, O Good Almighty Lord.
tis stiroseos, tous potamous consume, is Blossomming. The
anastellousa, tis Theofronos Annis, in Treasury of Grace is an abundant S T J OAC H IM & S T A NNA – T ONE 1
en Pisti Makarisomen. Flow of Blessing, which Heals the
Barrenness of Anna, whom we To aporriton tis Angelis, ke anthropis Today the Great Mystery announced
Glorify with Faith. megalion, ke ap’ eonos from all Eternity whose depths
F E STAL P ROSOM IA – T HE C ONSECRATION – TO NE (6) P L AGAL 2 hrismodotoumenon, Mystion Angels and mankind cannot
paradoxon, simeron en tis lagosi tis perceive, appears in the barren
Oti para to Kyrio to Eleos ke polli par For with the Lord there is Mercy, and sofronos Annis vefourgite, Maria i womb of Anna. Mary, the Maiden of
afto Litrosis. Ke aftos Litrosete ton with Him is Abundant Redemption; Theopes, etimaomeni is katikian, tou God, is prepared to be the Dwelling
Israil ek pason ton anomion aftou. and He will Redeem Israel from all pamvasileos ton eonon, ke is of the Eternal Kind, Who will Renew
his transgressions. anaplasin tou genous imon, in en our human nature. Let us entreat Her
Despota Hriste, i Athanatos Sofia, Master Christ our God, as Thou art katharo sinidoti kathiketevsomen, with a pure heart and say: “Intercede
anavoontes pros aftin. Presveve to So for us with Thy Son and our God
vlemmati to So, epifitison ex ipsous, Immortal Wisdom, from on High
Iio ke Theo os prostasia iparhousa that our soul may be Saved!”
en touto to Temeni, ke asalevton look down and visit this Sacred
imon ton Hristianon, tou Sothine tas
filaxon, eos sintelias tou eonos, tous Temple preserve it immovable to the
psihas imon.
de Pistos Hriste en touto, ai end of the Age and forever. And
prostrehontas, tou aprositou Sou grant to those who ever enter that Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of
Fotos, axioson Efsplaghne. they experience Thine eonon. ages.
Unapproachable Light, since Thou Amin Amen
art Compassionate.
Enite ton Kyrion panta ta Ethni! Praise the Lord, all Gentiles! Praise ISODOS/ENTRANCE- “FOS ILARON...” ➜
Epenesate Afton pantes i Lai! Him, all you people! PROKEIMENO N OF TH E D AY
Pale Solomon, ton Naon ikodomisas, Solomon of old, when the Temple was REFER TO THE
zoon emata, is Thisian Si prosigen, is constructed, offered blood of beasts
tipon tou Naou Sou, ou ektiso as a sacrifice to Thee, O Lord. O NO READINGS – FERVENT
Filanthrope, to idio emati voulisi, Friend of Man, that Temple SUPPLICATIONS 
meth’ ou ke nin Se disopoumen, ton prefigured the one Thou acquired F E STAL A P OSTIHA – ST JOACHIM & S T A NNA
Monon Efsplaghnon, opos to Pnevma willingly by Thy own Blood, O T ONE (5) PLAGAL 1
to evthes, pempis en touto ai. Saviour. We join him now to
importune Thee, the Only Anna, i Thia Haris pote, prosevhomeni Anna, named for Divine Grace, cried out
Compassionate that Thou iper teknou evoise, to panton Theo ke in her Prayer, beseeching our Creator
continually send the Upright Holy Ktisti. Adonai Savaoth, to tis apedias and God of all: “O Master, Thou
Spirit to It. idas onidos, aftos tin odinin mou, tis perceive the shame of barrenness –
kardias dialison, ke tous tis mitras, Heal the pain of my heart! Open my
Oti ekrateothi to Eleos Aftou ef’ imas, For His Mercy rules over us; and the katarraktas dianizon, ke tin akarpon, womb to make it fruitful, that we
ke i alithia tou Kyriou meni is ton Truth of the Lord endures forever. karpoforon anadixon, opos to may off Thee the Child as a Gift, and
eona. gennisomenon, doton Si prosaxomen, give Glory and Praise with Hymns
Defte Adelphi, evranthomen fileortos, Brethren, one and all, let us festively be epevlogountes imnountes, ke and sons to Thy Love through which
ke pnevmatikin, sistisometha merry. Come and let us form now a omofronos Doxazontes, tin Sin the world receives Great Mercy.”
fedrinomen. Outo gar Egkenia Spiritual Choir. With oil let us Evsplaghnian, di’ is didote to kosmo,
timonte, outo Doxazete O Ktistis, O brighten our soul together with our to Mega Eleos.