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2 (Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Production)

Sus barrow Litter Size Berkshire Landrace
Weaning farrow to finish operation Duroc suidae
Weanling 8 months Hampshire Animalia Boar 21 days
Vittatus Large White Litter 7 days chordata
Mammalia 3 months Farrow to breeder operation artiodactyla
Pathogenic Farrow to feeder operation Pietrain Semen Evaluation
Suckling stag 30 days Test Mating pathogenic

I. Identification. Select and write the word/s of the correct answer in your paper from the pool of answers

1. It refers to a young pig of either sex, which has been separated from the dam at the end of lactation period.
2. A male swine, castrated after sexual maturity.
3. A young pig under the care of the dam.
4. It refers to the offspring at one birth of a multiparous animal.
5. An enterprise that starts with a pregnant gilt/sow to produce pigs which are sold to other raisers who grows
them until marketable weight is achieved.
6. The ability of the organism to cause damage or disease.
7. A sow belong to what Kingdom?
8. A breed of swine that have a superior mothering ability that is originated in Yorkshire England.
9. An operation that starts with a pregnant sow to produce feeder pigs which grows until slaughter weight is
10. How many months the boar become sexually mature?
11. Kingdom __________________
12. Phylum ____________________
13. Class ______________________
14. Order _____________________
15. Family ____________________
16. Genus ___________________
17. Species __________________
18. It is considered as the longest breed of swine.
19. A breed of swine that has a black with white belt around the shoulder and body including the foreleg.
20. A breed of swine that has a black color with six white points in the body and has erect ears.
21. The breed of swine that is known as muscle pig. It is known due to its outstanding muscle development in the
ham, loin and shoulder.
22. One of the most important animals in pig enterprise.
23. How many days you need to isolate a newly purchased boar for observation?
24. The easiest and fastest way of estimating the fertility of the boar.
25. It provides an opportunity to observe the boars sexual behaviour and the ability to serve the gilt normally.

II. Multiple choices. Select and write the letter of the correct answer in your paper.
26. Which of the following breed of swine that has a solid black in color, long snout, short and low set body
conformation and erect ears?
a. Landrace b. Polland China c. Duroc d.Native Pig
27. Which of the following breed of swine that has six distinct white points with a drooping ears?
a. Berkshire b. Polland China c. Duroc d. Native Pig
28. Which of the following breeds does not belong to the group of synthetic breeds of swine?
a. Babcock x. Segher y. Tamworth f. Hypor
29. What enterprise did the farmer apply if he starts with a feeder and carries them to slaughter of about 80-90
a. Farrow-Finish Enterprise s. Boar for Hire Enterprise d. Growing-Finishing Enterprise
30. An enterprise that the disease is possible problem due to frequent contact with the sows/gilts from different
farm holdings.
a. Farrow-Finish Enterprise s. Boar for Hire Enterprise d. Growing-Finishing Enterprise
31. A farmer uses a breed of Large white x Landrace and then the offspring is crossed again to a Duroc breed.
Identify the system of mating that is practiced by the farmer.
a. Four-way Cross b. Three-way Cross c. Two-way cross d. Purebreed
32. Which of the following is a requirement of a good parent stock?
a. Good ADG of offspring x. Long Life y. Good Carcass Quality z. All of the choices
33. Which of the following is not a basis for culling a sow?
a. Reproductive failure c. Poor Milkers e. Long Life s. Long Dry period
34. How will you manage the newly arrived stocks?
a. Rest the animal g. give no food and water for 1st 6 hours f. give water h. all of the choices
35. Which of the following is the best sign of estrus?
a. Swelling of vulva b. willingness to be mounted c. reduce appetite d. frequent urination
36. Which technique the farmer used if he approach the sow from behind and rub her sides and thigh?
a. Haunch-pressure test b. riding the back test c. teaser boar d. sound test
37. Which of the following is a sign of farrowing?
a. Enlargement of abdomen b. enlargement of external genetalia c. cessation of estrus
38. What technique of heat detection the farmer uses if he imitates the chomping sounds of the boar?
a. Haunch-pressure test b. riding the back test c. teaser boar d. sound test
39. Which method in identifying the piglets has the practice of putting labels or tags with a number stamped on
a. Ear tagging b. tattooing c. Ear Notching d. all of the choices
40. How many days the sow comes into heat after weaning?
a. 3-7 days b. 21 days c. 30 days d. 24 days
41. What will you do if the piglets are weighing 15-20 kg already?
a. Separate from its dam z. ready for slaughter
b. Sell the piglets to the other raiser x. select them to be the breeder
42. Out of 100 % performance that is observed in swine, how many percent constitute to the genetic make-up of
the swine? A. 70% C. 30% H. 40% L. 60%

III. Write Animal if the statement is TRUE, and Science if the Statement is FALSE, then correct and write
the word/s that made the statement false. Italic word/s serves as the clue for the answers.
Example. Culling is the process of cutting of comb and wattles in rooster. ----Science-Dubbing

43. The normal gestation length of swine is 130 days.

44. Pen mating is the preferred mating system of swine, where the operator takes the female in heat to the boar.
45. The hybrid pigs are produced through genetic engineering.
46. Native pigs belong to indigenous animal because they are small and lack of anatomical symmetry or standard
47. Parasite treatment for newly purchased boar means the use of a broad-spectrum anthelmintic.
48. The boar is one of the most important animals in a pig enterprise.
49. Replacement boars should be purchased 2 months before the breeding season to get adjustment to the new
50. Feed the boars with a 2.0-3.0 kg ration that contains 16-18% crude protein.