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Hello everyone! My name’s Truong Minh Tien, and I’m the leader of this group. My group has six
members. This is Viet. This is Huong. This is Dung. This is Trung. And the last, this is Phuong
Anh. And our group’s name is Crazy People (Đồng thanh nói). Today our group will tell you about
Cheo- A traditional singing of Vietnam.

2. What’s Cheo?( )

Do you know what Cheo is?. It is a satirical form of singing, often include dance, traditionally
performed by Vietnamese farmers in northern Vietnam. In the past, it usually performed in a village
square or the courtyard of a public bulding, but now it can be performed in a big traditonal festival
by professional performers. Cheo stage art is one of the great cultural heritage of the Vietnamese
folk treasure.

3. Cheo’s History( )

Now I will show you the history of Cheo. Hoa Lu – Ninh Binh is considered as the original land of
the Cheo, and its founder, Mrs Pham Thi Tran, was a talented dancer in the royal palace of Dinh
dynasty. However, Cheo officially appears from the Ly dynasty , flourished in the Tran dynasty.
The development of Cheo has its milestone when a Mongolian military soldier was captured in
Vietnam in the 14th century, he brought Vietnam a Chinese dramatic art- it’s now Cheo.

4. Cheo’s General Features( )

Cheo belongs to the genre of drama. Hat Cheo is the stage singing, it can be sung by one person or
many people on chorus. Especially, if someone want to learn about Cheo, that person must know
how to sing Cheo first. The melody of Cheo is very suitable for the Vietnamese natural voice
language. Cheo reflects the love, the frienship and also the mercy of human. Cheo is an unique art
of Vietnam with long-lasting vitality.

5. Musical Instruments Used( )

There’re lots of musical instruments have been used in a Cheo performance like Cheo drum, dan
Nhi, dan Bau, dan Nguyet, flute,etc. But do you know, Cheo drum is the most important and the
main musical instrument of all the Cheo plays. The drum is a part of the ancient Vietnamese culture,
people in the past often use it to pray for rain and perform Cheo. There is a saying "without drum,
without Cheo" indicates the important position of the drum in Cheo. In modern Chèo, other
instruments are used to enrich the accompaniment such as Vietnamese 16 chord zither, Vietnamese
36 chord zither, vertical flute and so on.

6. Some Cheo Plays( )

Cheo is popular so there are lots of Cheo theatres in Vietnam like Nha hat cheo Viet Nam,
Nha cheo Ha Noi,etc. There are also a lot of Cheo plays have been performed too. I can
show you some plays like Lọ Nước Thần, Cô Gái Làng Chèo, Quan Âm Thị Kính,etc.
7.Ending: We are so happy with your listening. Many thanks to you!!!