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ameliarosev68@gmail.com · amelia_vogel@my.uri.edu

EDUCATION  B.A. Criminology and Criminal

Justice Major

SECOND YEAR, university of rhode island
 B.A Computer Science
 Minor in Leadership studies and Digital Forensics
 Dean’s List
 Phi Eta Sigma honors society
 3.54 GPA

MAY 2018
HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, woodson high school
 Art honors society
 3.6 GPA

JULY 2019 – AUGUST 2019

PR AND MARKETING INTERN, the Orthopaedic foot and ankle center
 Made flyers and posters for the opening of a new office.
 Managed the social media accounts.
 Worked on different ways to advertise the practice.
 Organized patient data to figure out how they were finding out about the practice and using that to figure out where to
focus on advertising.
 Designed banners and postcards for the Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Center.

CAMP COUNSELOR, The appletree school
 Manage the children during fieldtrips.
o Responsible for a group of children
o Watch over, keep track of, and entertain them during fieldtrips
o I make sure that the kids don’t wander off and they are kept inline and involved.
 Responsible for assisting the teachers with lesson plans and fun activities to keep everyone engaged throughout the day.

2015 – CURRENT
AFTERCARE PROVIDER, the appletree school
 Manage groups of students until their parents come.
 Watch kids that range from 3-12 in age.
 Required to be responsible, patient, well organized so I can manage over 15 to 20 children at one time.
 Make sure that the kids behave
 Required to mediate conflict and reprimand according to the school rules and regulations so that the children learn what
they were doing wrong, how to correct it and learn from it.

TEACHING ASSISTANT, Temple bnai shalom
 Create and assist with material being taught.
 Help organize and gather supplies for various activities.
 Help in teaching the kids Hebrew
 Keep a watch on the students and made sure they were behaving and staying engaged in the curriculum being taught.

 Best Buddies
o Hang out and create friendships with mentally disabled people
o Someone that they can count on and consider a friend.
 Plant Nursery
o Planted different types of plants
o Moved and organized the plants at the facility
 Dog Raisers
o The organization raises and trains service dogs


 Excellent time management skills  Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project

 Work well with children, students, and others  Excellent artist and photographer
 Athletic, competitive, and focused  Excellent organizational skills
 Basic Spanish oral and writing skills


 Spanish
o Took five years
o Can understand, read, write and speak some Spanish.
 Leadership Institute
 Sports
o Track
o Cross Country
o Soccer
o Skills gained
 Debriefing techniques
 Active listening
 Inclusivity
 Adaptability
 Conflict resolution
 Public speaking
o Lead a group in an activity and debrief, helping them reach their goal of being a more cohesive group.
o Shadowed a facilitator during a retreat