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12739 ENGLISH IV CGT / English Course ID: 58D3-6973

Cyber Homework | Unit 12 Lesson 2

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Unit 12 Lesson 2 34 / 34 points (100%)

2019-11-30, 10:00 pm 3 / 3 exercises (100%)


Grammar – could and had to

2019-09-21, 12:02 pm
15 / 15 points (100%)

I could run a marathon when I was 30.
I could speak German when I was younger, but I have forgotten it now.
I forgot my house key, so I had to climb in through the window.
I lost my bus pass, so I had to buy another one.
I missed the last bus, so I had to walk home.
My suitcase was 50 pounds, so I had to pay extra to check it in.
The cat was really sick, so we had to take it to the vet.

The street was too noisy. I couldn't sleep at all.

The TV broke, so we couldn't watch the soccer game.
There was a red flag on the beach, so the children couldn't swim in the ocean.
There were no tickets for the 8 p.m. show, so we had to buy tickets for the 10 p.m. one.
They were really busy at the restaurant, so we had to wait 40 minutes for our meal.
We couldn't find a babysitter, so we didn't go out for dinner.
When I was a teenager, I had to be back home by 10.p.m.
You could see the cathedral from our hotel room. It was a great view.

Vocabulary – Hotel facilities

2019-09-21, 12:04 pm
10 / 10 points (100%)

air conditioning - air conditioning
balcony - balcony
breakfast - breakfast
flat-screen TV - flat-screen TV
garage - garage
heat - heat
elevator - elevator
spa/sauna - spa/sauna
minibar - minibar
wheelchair access - wheelchair access

Vocabulary – Hotel facilities

2019-09-21, 12:04 pm
9 / 9 points (100%)

Turn the air conditioning on, please. It's really hot in this room.
There's a great view of 5th Avenue from this balcony.
The price is $88 per night, breakfast included.
Please ask for the remote control for your flat-screen TV at reception.
Turn on the heating, please. It's freezing in this room.
Your room is on the third floor and the elevator is to your left.
Ask for extra towels for the spa at reception.
All rooms are equipped with a minibar. Mineral water is free of charge.
The wheelchair access ramp is by the main door.

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