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Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics V

I. Objectives
 Visualize, name, and describe polygons with five or more sides
 Draw polygon with five or more sides.
 Show cooperation during group activity.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Polygons
References: 21st Century Mathletes, pp. 211-215
Materials: Powerpoint presentation, pictures, graphing paper, chart
Values: Active Participation, cooperation

III. Procedure
Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity
A. Preliminary Activity
1. Prayer
Kindly lead the prayer ______.
2. Greetings
Good morning class!
Good morning, Sir JD!
You may now take your sit.
Thank you, Sir JD.
3. Checking of Attendance
(Daily News Report)
4. Classroom Management
Please sit properly so we can start our

B. Preparatory Activities
1. Drill
The teacher will show an illustration of a
triangle and the students will answer the
following questions.


a. How many sides does a triangle have?

A triangle has 3 sides.
b. What are the names of the sides of the
given figure?
The name of the sides of the GEO is
GO, OE, and GE.
2. Review
Name the given close plane figures.






C. Developmental Activities

1. Motivation
Please look under your table, and tell me
what you have got in there.

Table 1: A picture of a road sign.

Table 2: A picture of a kite.

Table 3: A picture of a doghouse.

Table 4: A picture of piattos chip.

Very Good!

What did you notice on the pictures you had?

(The students’ answers may vary.)
2. Presentation
Numerical prefixes are used to describe
things based on their numerical
characteristic. For example:

What is this picture?

A bicycle.
Bicycle – Bi means two, bicycle has two

Another example, what is this picture?

A triangle.
Triangle – Tri means three, triangle has
three angles.

Last example, what is this picture?

An octopus.
Octopus – Octo means eight, octopus is a
living thing with eight arms.
When we are talking about Polygon –
Poly means many, and gon means angle, a
polygon is a close plane figure with many
angles and it’s made up of several line
segments that are joined together.
In a polygon, the line segments are called
sides. And when the two sides meet at a
common point it is called vertex.

Again what is a side?

How about the vertex? It is the line segments of a polygon.

It is when two sides meet at one common

Do you follow? point it is called vertex.

Yes, Sir.
I have here a polygon.



How many sides does it have?

The polygon has 5 sides.
How about its vertices?
It has 5 vertices.

What do you call this polygon?

It is a pentagon.

To name the sides of the polygon,

angles of the polygon and the polygon
itself, we assigned capital letters at each

Identify the given polygon by supplying

the appropriate prefix.

_____gon _____gon

_____gon _____gon

_____gon _____gon

Pentagon octagon

Hexagon nonagon

Heptagon decagon

3. Enrichment
Group Activity:
Give a name for the given polygons using
their vertices.
Group 1

Group 2
Group 3

Group 4

4. Generalization
 How do you draw a polygon?
To draw a polygon we will mark the
points and connecting them consecutively
to form a close figure.
 How are polygons determined as
Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, etc.?
By counting all the sides of the polygon.

 How do you name a polygon?

We can name a polygon by assigning
capital letters and identifying all its
vertices in consecutive order.
5. Application
*Group Activity:

Think of a any 6-letter word such that

letters will not be repeated. Then, draw a
Hexagon on the graphing paper. Label the
vertices with the CAPITAL LETTER of your
chosen word.

IV. Evaluation
A. Answer by True or False

1. Polygon WATER is a possible name of a

2. Nonagon has 11 sides.
3. Heptagon has 8 vertices.
4. Hexa means six.
5. Polygons have at least 3 sides.
B. Write the word or phrase that correctly
completes each statement.

1. A polygon with seven sides is a _________.

2. A decagon is a polygon with ________ sides.
3. If a polygon has ________, then it is a
hexagon. six sides

4. “Penta” means ________.

5. _________ letters are used at each vertex to
name a polygon. Capital

V. Assignment
Observe your surroundings at home. List down
the things that represent polygons including the
number of sides. Draw them in a short bond paper.

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