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Energía Temperatura

the degree or
intensity of heat
the ability to do present in a
work or produce substance or
heat object.
Energy Temperature

Sistema Calor

part of the a flow of

universe on energy due to
which we wish a temperature
to focus difference
System Heat

Alrededores Termodinámica

else in the the study of
universe energy

Surroundings Thermodynamics

Energía Potencial Energía Cinética

energy due to energy due to

position or the motion of
composition the object

Potential energy kinetic energy

Trabajo Energía Interna

force acting sum of the

over a kinetic and
energies of all
"particles" in the
Works Internal energy system

Energía Temperatura
Caloría Entalpia

amount of energy to measure how

(heat) required to much energy is
raise the produced or
temperature of one absorbed by a
gram of water by
one degree Celsius
given reaction
Calorie Enthalpy

Calorímetro Petróleo

used to
determine the
heat associated composed of
with a chemical hydrocarbons
Calorimeter Petroleum

Sistema Cerrado Sistema Abierto

mass may not mass may be

enter or leave exchanged
with the

Closed system Open system

Motor Térmico Ley de la conservación

a device that is energy can be

capable of converted from
one form to
changing another but can
thermal energy be neither created
into useful work nor destroyed
law of conservation of
heat engine

Fluido Combustibles fósiles

which refers to burning plants or

liquids, gases and decay products

Fluids fossil fuels