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- Introduction as to who Chris D’Elia is and who his audience is

- End with info on Chris

- Talk about the use of character footing and relatability of running into women who are
always stressed out
- Body language
- Mocking “you wouldn’t even know what happened even if i told you” - explain where
that’s coming from
- Punctuation inside quotation marks
- Make “running around all day” clear that he disagrees with the woman’s claim
- Do a close analysis of “ive literally been running around all day”
- Girls WANT to seem stressed out
- Analyze “hey girls relax”
- Organize
Head your paper: (not on every page, just the first)

Your name

Insert → page number

Last name, page number
Times new roman 12 font
Punctuation inside quotation marks
Subset of a larger work is in quotes
Large work is in italics
Refer to Chris D’Elia as D’Elia
Passive voice vs active voice
Passive - not as direct, form of the verb to be, makes paper harder to read if there’s a lot
of it ex) She read the book.
Active - clear, direct, ex) Sally read the book.

Dear Alexandra, your paper is not too bad i think you have a good amount of rhetorical
devices listed. I would try and focus more on what D’Elia uses rather than what the girls in his
jokes are using but i think you only did that a few times. I think the main points I have to say are
work on your intro and conclusion and try to organize your paragraphs by picking a 3-4
rhetorical devices he uses and then write paragraphs with a topic sentence, examples, and
explanations of each example in each one. Sorry if I did too much or sounded mean at all I
promise your paper isn’t bad I just wanted to make sure I could offer as much help as I can and
you for sure do not have to take all of my advice. Also text me if you need any further
explanations. Good luck with the rest of your essay writing and have a great week :))
Synthesize your argument
- avoid summarizing main points
-​ show how your points fit together
- pull out the unifying idea

- Prove that your argument matters
- Keep asking yourself this question until your answer seems meaningful

Address counter arguments

- If your thesis is doing its job effectively, it will be arguable
- Consider the opposing arguments and expalin briefly why they are not
- “While some may say *blank*...if you do *blank* you can see
how/understand how”

Broader Arguments
- Place your argument in a larger text
- Discuss the arguments wider implications
- What influence your argument has on others

What to Avoid
- Introducing a new idea
- Including substantial evidence (new information)
- Restating the thesis and doing nothing else
- Including irrelevant details