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com Grade Level: VI

GRADES 1 to 12
Teacher: Learning Area: ENGLISH
Teaching Dates and
Time: DECEMBER 12 – 16, 2016 (WEEK 6) Quarter: 3RD QUARTER

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Content Standards
Performance Standards
Learning Infer the mood of certain Identify adverbs in a Use the degree of comparison Differentiate adjective from Organize one’s thoughts in
Competencies/Objectives events through the speaker’s sentence/ paragraph. of adverbs adverbs writing resume
actions/ intentions/utterances
II. CONTENT Make inferences Use Adverbs Organize one’s thoughts in
Teacher’s Guides PELC Listening 8.1 PELC Speaking 10 PELC Speaking 10.1 PELC Speaking 10.2 PELC Writing 10.3
Learner’s Material pages English for You & Me-Reading English for You & Me- English for You & Me- English for You & Me-Language English for You & Me-Reading
pp.155-160 Language Language pp. 138-143 pp.
pp. 133-137 pp. 146-149
Textbook Pages
Additional Reference from
Learning Resource

Other Learning Resources Strips of paper, pictures Chart, worksheets Chart, worksheets Chart, worksheets Chart, worksheets
Reviewing previous lesson 1. Spelling drill # 1 Spelling dril1l # 2 Spelling drill # 3 Spelling drill # 4 Spelling drill # 5 (All words)
or presenting the new 2. Say: Why do you think God
lesson allowed us to be in this world?
(The teacher will be expecting
the word “mission” from the
Establishing a purpose for Flash different kinds of people Ask the pupils to read Group the pupils into 8 and Flash the words using Group the pupils into 8, give
the lesson like soldiers, heroes, teachers, group of words on the ask them to list 3 verbs, metacards. the strips of paper and let
and doctors etc. and allow the board. adjectives or verbs then think them rearrange the jumbled
pupils express their own ideas of an adverb which is suited to letters to form the word;
about these people. them. Write their phrases on resume.
Presenting As you listen to the story, try Allow the pupils to Have the pupils post their Let the pupils use one word to Show a sample of resume
examples/instances of the to note the different moods of recognize ADVERBS from outputs on the board and ask describe noun and the same
new lesson each character. the sentences written on them to read their work. word to modify an action.
the strips of cartolina.
Discussing new concepts Read to the class the story, Talk about words that Discuss degree of comparison Discuss how a word becomes Allow the pupils complete the
and practicing new skill #1 “My Hero” Reading pp. 155- describe verbs, adjectives of adverbs adjective and how it becomes information being asked in
157 after unlocking of words and adverbs. adverbs. the chart.
on p. 158-159
Discussing new concepts Answer the comprehension Have the pupils answer Have the pupils answer Give another example. Discuss what is resume.
and practicing new skill #2 check. P. 159 activities from the chart. activities from the chart. Discuss further.

Developing mastery (Leads Flash the strips of paper with Direction: Pick out the Direction. Compare the Direction. Tell if the word is Answer the resume in the
to Formative Assessment) utterances from the story and adverb in each sentence. following given words using used as an adjective or as an chart.
allow the pupils recognize the adverbs. adverb.
mood expressed by each
Finding practical Say: It is very important that Direction: Read the Direction: Complete the Direction: Accomplish the Everyone must be honest in
applications of concepts we are cautious of what following sentences. Fill in sentences in the worksheets worksheets in your group. giving personal information
and skills in daily living people around us feel and the blanks with the correct by using the correct degree of when writing a resume.
mood based from their adverbs. adverbs.
actions, intentions or .
Making generalizations and What is inferring of mood? What do adverb modifies? How adverbs are used to When a word becomes What are the important thing
abstractions about the compare verbs, adjectives and adjective? When it becomes an to remember when we are
lesson adverbs. adverb? writing a resume?
Evaluating learning Directions: Identify the mood Directions: Underline the Directions: Choose the correct Directions: Identify if the Directions: Complete the
being expressed by each of adverb and draw an arrow degree of comparison of underlined word is used as an details in the worksheet.
the following characters. ( See to the word it modifies in adverbs. adjective or as adverb.
the teacher’s chart) each sentence.
See chart.
Additional activities for For those pupils who got 74% For those pupils who got For those pupils who got 74% For those pupils who got 74% For those pupils who got 74%
application or remediation and below, the teacher has 74% and below, the and below, the teacher has and below, the teacher has and below, the teacher has
prepared activity that will teacher has prepared prepared activity that will prepared activity that will prepared activity that will
make the pupils understand activity that will make the make the pupils understand make the pupils understand make the pupils understand
the concept of the lesson pupils understand the the concept of the lesson the concept of the lesson the concept of the lesson
concept of the lesson

No. of learners who earned
80% on the formative
No. of learners who require
additional activities for
Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners who
have caught up with the
No. of learners who
continue to require
Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?
What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor can
help me solve?
What innovation or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish
to share with other

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