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Your CSWP Exam

Preparation Guide

34 TIPS AND TRICKS from CSWPs on how to prepare, practice,

and pass the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional exam
Pass the CSWP Exam on Your
First Try with These Insider
Tips and Tricks
We asked CSWPs (and even one CSWE) how to pass the Certified
SOLIDWORKS Professional exam.

SOLIDWORKS Certification: The CSWP 3 Confirm you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.
You’ll need it for the design table functionality to work properly.
On test day, you’ll have 3 hours and 20 minutes to complete the CSWP
exam, which will cover the following topics: 4 Test the design table functionality prior to taking the exam.
Note: To test the functionality, use an example model and type
in the formulas embedded in SOLIDWORKS when you create a
Advanced Part Modeling new design table in Excel. You want to be sure you know how
Advanced Assembly Modeling to enter in the right information in the table in order to get
accurate results.

TIPS FOR HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE 5 Use two monitors if possible so you can run SOLIDWORKS on one
CSWP EXAM monitor and the exam application on the other monitor. This isn’t
required, but it’ll help you be more efficient by avoiding switching
Use these tips to help you properly set up your equipment and prep
yourself for the exam.
Note: If you use two monitors, set one to low resolution and
1 Make sure your computer consistently runs properly. Don’t use a
run the exam application on that one.
computer that’s unreliable because the last thing you want is for
your computer to crash during the exam.
6 Start and run SOLIDWORKS before launching the exam application.

2 You must have SOLIDWORKS 2015 or later.

7 Eat, drink, and use the restroom prior to beginning the exam. The
exam times out after 3 hours and 20 minutes and most people
Note: If you’re using an older version of SOLIDWORKS
need every second to take the exam.
(anything before 2015), you won’t be able to open some of the
testing files. If you don’t have a compatible version, you’ll need
8 Take the exam when you have 3.5 hours of uninterrupted time
to reach out to your reseller for an upgrade.

1 | Your CSWP Exam Preparation Guide www.solidprofessor.com/individuals

16 Hands-on experience is key. The more you can familiarize your-
TIPS FOR HOW TO STUDY AND PRACTICE self with the features and tools beforehand, the less time you’ll
FOR THE CSWP waste trying to find the right functionalities during the exam.

You’ll need hands-on practice to successfully pass the test. Use 17 Take the CSWP for free! You’ll save big bucks by earning a free
these tips to organize your studying efforts. exam voucher. Here’s how:

Become a SolidProfessor member.

9 You’ll need to be proficient in using limit distance and limit angle
mates for the exam, so make sure you practice these techniques. Complete the Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional
Learning Path.
10 Practice modeling objects from drawings. You’ll need to be able to Note: You can earn your free exam voucher — while prep-
quickly read drawings and use the basic tools.
ping for the exam — in just 11 hours.

11 Get comfortable creating and working with configurations (both Email vouchers@solidprofessor.com to request your
manually created and generated with a Design Table). free voucher.

12 Practice working with variables. You’ll be asked to update parts

and/or assemblies multiple times by changing a dimension value. TIPS WHILE TAKING THE CSWP EXAM
If the same dimension is being updated in multiple questions, you
Use these tips to improve your efficiency and productivity during
might find it faster to use a variable for the impacted dimensions
the exam.
so each question can be modified quickly.
18 Read the questions and prompts thoroughly from start to finish.
Note: To do this successfully, determine if you can set up the Don’t assume you know what’s coming.
variables faster than you can update each dimension individu-
ally for each question. Note: Understanding the problem’s expectation from the
beginning will save you time in the long run.

13 Take an expert-led CSWP Prep Course with guided video tutorials

and practice models. 19 Write your answers down on a piece of paper. There are a lot of
questions on the exam, so keeping track of your answers in
another location will help you enter the right value into each field.
14 Take the SOLIDWORKS CSWP practice exam.
20 Before you begin modeling each part or assembly, skip ahead in
15 Take the SOLIDWORKS Skills Gap Assessment to quickly evaluate the exam to see how the part will be updated in upcoming ques-
your strengths and weaknesses. It will show you what you’re tions and which dimensions will change. This will give you a better
already great at and what you should focus your time on while understanding of how to efficiently set up your design intent.
you prep for the exam.
Note: If you go down the wrong path at the start, it’ll be more
challenging and take longer to update the part in future questions.

2 | Your CSWP Exam Preparation Guide www.solidprofessor.com/individuals

21 It’s OK to invest your time in the first model. Every other question 28 Set variable values to easily make adjustments using the
builds on the first model, so it’s normal to spend a good portion Equation Manager.
of your time there.
29 Be aware of parametric history and how features will affect one
22 Save your models for each individual question with unique another downstream.
names. Save frequently so your progress isn’t lost.
30 Before committing to an answer, verify that you can find all the
Note: This will save you a lot of time if SOLIDWORKS freezes or listed dimensions.
you need to double check a previous answer.
31 If you’re stuck on a problem, work from the largest shapes to the
23 Use the Measure Tool to quickly find and correct mistakes you smallest. Don’t get too wrapped up in finding the perfect way to
might’ve made. build a model. Once you have an idea, be confident and start
24 Round your answers to the same number of decimal points as
the prompt. Example: If you have to model a block with a hole through it,
don’t worry about making them both in a single sketch if you’re
Example: If the prompt rounds to the nearest one-hundredth uncomfortable with that technique. You can make it as two
(e.g., 68.18), your answer needs to also round to the nearest separate features.
one-hundredth (e.g., 129.10).
32 The easiest way to increase your speed is to use keyboard shortcuts.
25 Use the unit of measure required by the prompt. Example: Type Ctrl+ D to instantly create a drawing from a part
or assembly.
Example: If the prompt asks for your answer in millimeters,
you must convert your answer into millimeters.

26 Account for all variable value changes between questions. Don’t

assume the values will remain the same. 33 Check the Results Summary page in the test prompt at the end of
the exam to see if you accidentally left any answers blank.
Example: In one instance, you might be asked to provide your
answer in millimeters and in another instance, you might be 34 If you have time, cross reference each of the answers you entered
asked to provide your answer in meters. into the fields with the answers you wrote down on paper.

27 Use the correct coordinate systems when you’re working with


3 | Your CSWP Exam Preparation Guide www.solidprofessor.com/individuals


Ctrl + Z Undo

Ctrl + Y Redo

Enter Repeat last command

Ctrl + X Cut

Ctrl + C Copy

Ctrl + V Paste

Delete Delete
Keyboard Shortcuts That’ll Increase Your Ctrl + B Rebuild
Efficiency in SOLIDWORKS
Ctrl + Q Forced rebuild
One of the easiest ways to become more efficient during this timed
Ctrl + R Redraw screen
exam is to use keyboard shortcuts. When you’re taking your practice
exams, prep courses, and skills assessment, practice the most popular S Open shortcut bar
shortcuts below. By the time you’re ready to take the exam, you’ll be
Ctrl + click items Select multiple items
able to launch commands quickly instead of searching for them in
the toolbar. Shift + drag Move item

Ctrl + N New
Arrow keys Rotate model
Ctrl + O Open
Ctrl + arrow keys Pan model
Ctrl + D Make new drawing from part or assembly
Ctrl + R Redraw the screen
Ctrl + A Make new assembly from part or assembly
Spacebar Orientation
Ctrl + S Save
F Zoom to fit

Shift + Z Zoom in

Z Zoom out

4 | Your CSWP Exam Preparation Guide www.solidprofessor.com/individuals

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