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27/9/2019 Frequently Asked Questions | RadioDJ – Free Radio Automation Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can i really use RadioDJ freely, even if I’m running a commercial station?
A: Yes, you can use our software even on your commercial radio station without any restriction.

Q: I cannot login to the program/I forgot the login details. What can i do?
A: The default login in RadioDJ is admin/admin, but if you changed the default password you cannot
recover it, so it’s better to use a password that you will remember.

Q: What does AutoDJ function in RadioDJ?

A: Ifrules,
you setup a rotation and enable AutoDJ, RadioDJ will generate the playlist based on your rotation
so you don’t have to worry about making playlists all the time.

Q: What is the difference between Automated and Assisted? Type for search
A: When in Automated mode, RadioDJ will play all the files from the playlist. In Assisted mode, after
each file, the player will stop. This can be useful when doing live shows.


Q: Windows 64 bit is supported by RadioDJ? Awards

A: RadioDJ is a compiled as a native 32bit application, but it will work without any problems on
Windows 64bit.
PHP Scripts


Q: Can i run multiple instances of RadioDJ? VB.NET

A: Sure, but it may be a good idea to have them in different directories and to use separate databases. Video Tutorials

Q: Why RadioDJ is using MySQL database? Pages

A: It’s more like a personal choice that will allow us to make a (php) web interface for requests, stats,
reports etc. Cookie Policy


Features List
Q: Is RadioDJ compatible with other database systems? Frequently Asked Questions
A: Beside MySQL, RadioDJ can use MariaDB, which is also the recommended system because is more
lightweight when it comes about the resources. Getting Started With RadioDJ


Q: Shoutcast/Icecast streaming are available in RadioDJ?
A: Not directly. However, you can use third-party encoders to stream to your shoutcast/icecast server Recent Posts

Teaser Plugin – How to Setup?

Q: I’m using events to add tracks to the top of the playlist, but they are added in reverse order, why is
that? How To Add Hourly Playlists in
RadioDJ When Using External
A: Imagine event actions as commands. They are executed from top to bottom so if first action is telling
to the program to put track A on top and the second action will tel to put the track B on top, that
Music Schedulers?

means that will be on top of track A also. Keep in mind this when adding tracks/playlist on top of the existing How to import Internet Streams In
playlist using events. RadioDJ

Why Sweepers Are Not Added To

The Tracks When A Playlist Is

Q: I cannot start the program. I have .NET Framework and MySQL correctly installed, but the program
throws an error and quits.
Generated By Auto DJ?

How to repair a MySQL/MariaDB

A: It’s always a good idea to copy the error message. It will help me a lot to provide you a solution.
However, in many cases such error was caused by Windows locales setting. As a test, please
corrupted database using
change your locales to English and try to start the program again, or try the solution provided to the
previous question.

Q: How can i use an external mixer with RadioDJ?

A: Please read this article

Q: I requested help using the contact form, but i never got any answer! Shame on you!
A: Most of the support mails i receive have the solution on the forums, so please take 5 minutes and
check the forums.

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27/9/2019 Frequently Asked Questions | RadioDJ – Free Radio Automation Software

Q: Can i contact you for support issues?

A: We would really appreciate the use of the forums, because other users may have the same problem
and it would be easier for them to find a quick answer for their problems.

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