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2015 (insert the year)

Beijing Design Week 2015 Exhibition High School: Chengdu Shude International
Department of the VCE
High School Exam IELTS

2015 (insert the year)

Year End Show Exhibitors Foundation: Beijing Academy of Creative Arts

(insert the year) (insert the year)

Xichang Qionghai Bay Paxton Vacances Hotel University: UAL London college of Fashion
Responsible in managing advertising and
marketing planning of the clothing line

(insert the year)

YifanGao Jewellery
Assisting in crafting new jewelry designs and
conducting market research as assistant
internship employee


- Fluent Chinese and English - Best Intern Candidate (Year)

Communication Skills YifanGao Jewellery
- Knowledge to conduct Fashion Surveys Awarded for Outstanding
- Knowledge on Fashion Industry performances during internships
- Knowledge of Fashion Design
- Proficiencies in using design softwares
- Proficiencies in using Microsoft Office

I’m Hewen Jia

I’m a Personal Clothing Fashion Contour Designer from China

I grow up in China, where I began to study Art Foundations. In particular, I have devoted my time
during college to study and gaining understanding regarding the Chinese Fashion market.

During my tenure in Beijing Academy of Creative Arts, I have conducted several market researches
in both academic and professional setting – especially during my employment as an internship
employee in YifanGao Jewellery.

I also obtain deeper familiarities and understanding regarding the Chinese market setting, as well
as managerial knowledge during my employment in both YifanGao Jewellery and Xichang Qionghai
Bay Paxton Vacances Hotel.

My subsequent tenure as a Master Degree student in the UK had allowed me to gain deeper
understanding on the diverse setting of international fashion industry and had educated me about
different knowledge, works and ideas that are prevalent for international fashion brands. This has
helped in enhancing my professional focus on the creative aspects of the industry and also
broadening my understanding on the technical knowledge and product design.

I am specialising in the design of personal clothing – particularly on the couture clothing designs.
My particular focus is to design detailed clothes which fits to the body curve of the wearer, with
knowledge in enhancing the production processes for couture clothing to produce more refined