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How to Make a Denim Jacket Your New

Spring Uniform

Have you ever challenged your Denim Jacket to create multiple looks? If not, then
you have not had done justice to the denim jackets. Denim jackets are young and
versatile. Every time you wear them with a different set of outfits it’s like donning
a new avatar. And it’s a crime if you do not own a set of men’s denim jackets

not all piece of clothes could be this stylish giving different looks. Denim jackets
are all-season attire. It can get your fashion game on point when worn with right
outfits. Let’s check out how a Denim Jacket can give the most fashionable Spring

#1 Denim Jackets as Top Layer

As you feel a tinge in the air then it’s a hint of arrival of the Spring. The perfect
season to indulge in a season which offers the space to style yourself the way you
want. With denim jackets come the best of opportunities to look like a suave man.
Denim jackets work best when worn as a top layer over a t-shirt – striped, solid
colored, turtle neck, full sleeves. The duo makes a smart appearance irrespective of
the ambience. Denim jackets have got a beauty to be able to camouflage itself with
the surroundings which let you mingle around. As a top layer, it keeps cosy as well
as the laden you with appreciations too.

#2 Play with the colors of Denim Jacket

We know when someone hears “Denim” the first color comes to their mind is
Blue. But is that it? The Spring season is about colors and clothing. If you do not
leverage to play with the shades of the season, then you are losing points on the
fashion game. To look amazing and different, try new shades of denim jackets for
men. Go for White Denim jacket which looks great with blue denim jeans or even
upon a pair of joggers. Or look out for washed-out denim jackets which would
really go well with dark color light sweaters like bottle green. There are some
denim jackets with pockets down the chest, and this minimal change in the look
would make it an offbeat choice. Well, do not forget to have a black denim jacket
either for the all-black look.

#3 Team it up with Sweaters

How boring is to wear just a simple sweater every day and walk into the office as if
the place was less boring itself. Give those dull sweaters a life and so to your own
personality. There is no fun in walking down the aisle looking the same every day.
Just add a layer of Men’s Denim Jacket with your sweaters. The above-mentioned
colors are sure to give your formal look an edgy advantage as well as add a
considerable amount of energy to the overall look. The blacks and blues would go
many of your sweaters and make them look interesting. Wrap around a layer of
scarves matching the sweater to accessorize the look.

#4 Denim Jackets as Inside Layer

Never thought about Men’s Denim Jackets as an inside layer. Right? Hence,
that’s the point if not many people are thinking about this way then you need to do
that. During the spring season, team up the overcoats a denim jacket which has
corduroy collar. The double collar style is not everyone doing it right. And thus,
the collar itself speaks about the styling! Pull-on the stylish long overcoats like
blue-grey or black, brown shades to be worn as a top layer with the denim. From
the blues, black, white each shade would make you look dashing as ever. Another
combo which is not for the faith hearten is to wear the leather jacket as the top
layer with a denim jacket. Think about it and you will run to buy both of these.

#5 Denim Jacket with Plaid Shirt

The most comfortable wear for spring season is plaid shirts. They are easy to
maintain and at the same time, the smartest attire for a guy. The Double-Denim
with a plaid shirt could be your go-to Spring attire. A combination of red/black
plaid shirt with denim bottoms and a denim jacket is the coolest look to carry for
the evening parties and chill-out sessions. Going for a movie date, then make it
even effortless by wearing a plaid shirt with a hoodie with a denim jacket.

And there are various other ways to dress up smart-casual-semi formal in denim
jackets. They come in varieties, but the catch is to experiment with the looks. But it
would take more than a denim jacket to be worn as a top player. It is time to take
the game a level up. Enjoy some browsing and shopping here- Mufti Menswear!