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Unit 2 Summative

How do artists recycling materials to create artworks?
Materials are depend on a artists.
Some of them use some metals to
create the artwork, or they also use
some plastic to create it. But all of
those materials are from trash, it
means people already use it and trash
it. So, artists are using recycling
materials to build a base, or they cut
the materials and stick on the artwork.
How does recycling contributes to the sustainability?

Recycling helps to reduce the toxic

waste and environmental pollution.
These can also help human health. By
reducing wastes, we can “protect
natural resources, natural ecosystems,
and encourage biological
diversity.”(Recycling for sustainability)
Recycling help to use sustainability for a
long time.
How artists define their boundaries through art?

There are many boundaries in life.

Artists are expressing that boundaries
by art. Sometime they use abstract art
to express, or create a structure about
the feelings. Also, it can express by
street art too. Defining boundaries are
depends on the artists. Some of them
conceal one’s meaning.
What does it mean to innovate in terms of art?
Innovate in art can be developing new
techniques and new styles, “they were
able to enhance art by making
expression easier, cleare, and more
recognizable.”(Innovation in Art) Also, it
can be creating new artwork by using
their own talent. For example, the pop
art was the innovation of the art.
Because it was new and no one can’t
think about that art.
What are the elements to define boundaries in art?

There are many boundaries in art.

“Boundaries of style, material
boundaries, cognitive boundaries,
aesthetic boundaries.”(boundaries in
art) But usually it composed by shapes,
lines, values, colors, and textures.
However, the elements can always
changed by artists.