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The process of using a computer to collect data through sensors, analyze the data and
save and output the results of the collection and analysis. Data logging also implies the control
of how the computer collects and analyzes the data.

Bluetooth based data logger projects main idea is to develop an application which can
monitor parameters like temperature, humidity, force etc of a computer. In order to develop
this application sensors are used to analyze the data of computer and out put the result for
further analysis. This application can be used in industries where these parameters are

In Computer environment there is need to maintain certain parameters like servers

status information regularly similarly in chemical and mechanical fields there are many cases
where these parameters are important. In existing system there is no perfect solution for this

In present system this problem can be solved by using Blue tooth based data logger
application where these parameters are monitored regularly and provide option for easy

Many times it is required to monitor physical phenomena such as temperature, pressure,

humidity, light intensity, sound intensity, force, etc. Such physical phenomena can be
monitored by digital systems employing sensors. However sensors generally produce a
change in resistance, voltage or current. All such phenomena can be converted into a change
in voltage levels. Since the sensors and the subsequent signal conditioning circuits provide a
proportionate change in voltage with respect to the phenomena, this cannot be directly
interpreted by a digital system. A sensor is usually an analog voltage and can take any value
between + 10 to -10 volts. However a digital signal has only two states. 1 (ON) or 0 (OFF).
Thus it is required to have additional circuitry between the digital system and analog system
that translates the analog signal in to a digital signal. Such conversion can be performed by
an analog to digital converter. The objective of this project is to develop a weather monitoring
system & monitor parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, etc.
Different sensors are used for different parameter measurement, the output from these
sensors are analog which is then given to a ADC which converts the analog signal into digital
the controller then sends this parameter to the PC where a database is maintained via
BLUETOOTH. This is a cyclic process.
Data logging is commonly used in scientific experiments and in monitoring systems where there
is the need to collect information faster than a human can possibly collect the information and in cases
where accuracy is essential. Examples of the types of information a data logging system can collect
include temperatures, sound frequencies, vibrations, times, light intensities, electrical currents, pressure
and changes in states of matter.

Bluetooth is the international standard of wireless communication. It uses microwave

frequency of about 2.4GHz. Bluetooth technology is optimized for use with WPANs and
mobile. Bluetooth technology uses FHSS as a way to deal with undesired interference.
Bluetooth device can play a role as a master or slave. Master tries to connect itself to
other devices and slave is waiting to be connected from other devices. A Bluetooth connection
can always be made from pair of master and slave devices. A slave can be in two modes, Inquiry
scan or Page scan mode. Inquiry scan mode is waiting for a packet of Inquiry from other
Bluetooth device and Page scan mode is waiting for the packet of connection from other
Bluetooth device. Every Bluetooth device has its unique address, called BD (Bluetooth Device)
address, which is composed of twelve hexadecimal digits which is used frequently while
establishing the link among the Bluetooth devices.





Power Microcontroller Bluetooth

Supply ATMega32 Device

sensor ADC ADC Sensor