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Heena Chung

1220 East Avenue, Napa Valley, CA 94559 —E-Mail: chungheena@gmail.com —Skype: heena.chung — 707-831-9551


As an IB DP/MYP History, DP Psychology and TOK teacher, I believe in the power of discovery to
motivate students to be lifelong learners. My goal is to create an environment for discovery, enabling
students to learn through inquiry, reflection and collaboration. In the process, I learn a lot about the
way my students learn, which allows me to continuously refine my curriculum and teaching methods.
I apply the same approach of mutual learning when I collaborate with colleagues or train other
teachers as an educational consultant. These experiences have taught me the importance of lifelong
learning, a lesson I strive to teach to my own students.


Gyeonggi Suwon International School (IB) Suwon, Korea 2018-Present

Courses Taught: IB DP & MYP History, IB DP Psychology, TOK and EAL
Co-Curricular Responsibilities: Green Club co-Sponsor; Debate/Forensics Coach

Shanghai American School (IB/AP) Shanghai, China 2010-2016

Courses Taught: AP Economics (Macro and Micro), AP US History,
AP World History, Asian History/EAL
Co-Curricular Responsibilities: “Lushan Experience” Program Leader, Me to We Sponsor,
Roots and Shoots Sponsor, National History Day
Leadership Responsibilities: Department Head, Project Based Learning Leader, G9 PLC leader

School Leadership at Shanghai American School

Promoting collaboration as a teacher leader
I held several leadership roles, such as leading the Project Based Learning (PBL) initiative in HS,
chairing the Social Studies Department, and leading our G9 Professional Learning Community (PLC).
I learned the importance of maintaining norms by using protocols to promote a culture of

International Christian School HK (AP) Hong Kong, SAR 2008-2010

Courses Taught: AP US, AP World History, Asian History, Middle East Studies
Co-Curricular Responsibilities: Philippines Service Trip
Leadership Responsibilities: Department Head

Seoul Foreign School Seoul, Korea 2005-2008

Courses Taught: IB DP History, Asian History, Western Civilization
Co-Curricular Responsibilities: Philippines Service Trip; Junior Class Advisor; Forensics

Middle School 390, NYC Region 1, CSD 10 New York, NY 2002-2004

Courses Taught: Grade 7-8 Humanities and EAL
Leadership Experience

Educational Consultant 2015-2018

Promoting the value of learning to learn to other teachers
Collaborated with leading Project Based Learning (PBL) experts and Korean educators to promote
PBL in Korean public schools.
• Designed and facilitated a series of workshops on curriculum design, instructional strategies
and assessments that support PBL.
• Collaborated with Korean educators to design PBL curriculum used to train Korean public
school teachers nationwide.
I learned the importance of recognizing cultural and contextual differences, and the importance of
culture building when training teachers and students not accustomed to inquiry and collaboration.

Education and Certification

New York University, The Steinhardt School of Education New York, NY 2004
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
New York State Permanent Certification

Columbia University New York, NY 1999

Bachelor of Arts, East Asian Languages & Cultures, History

Language and Technology Skills

Languages: Fluent in Korean, Proficient in Mandarin

Technology: Learning Management Systems/Platforms: Managebac, Schoology, Moodle, Wiki,
Blogs, Google for Educators; padlet, flipgrid; Administrative tools: Powerschool, Atlas


Tony Cartmel, Upper Secondary School Principal, GSIS; cartmelt@gsis.sc.kr;

Jonathan Borden, former High School Principal, Shanghai American School; jfborden@gmail.com